First Contact Is Not Happening Soon, and That’s a Good Thing – by Cameron Day

Most of you likely have already read this new article from Cameron, which I received on August 1st. Even though I’m late publishing it, I want everyone to have the opportunity to read it, and I also want to acknowledge the terrific work Cameron has done for us here. Many thanks, Cameron! Hugs, ~Jean

Source: via email
August 2, 2012

The last couple weeks have seen a lot of stories in the “new age” circles on the internet about imminent “first contact” occurring as soon as August 4th during the 2012 Olympics.  Predictably, once the original story was seeded, several “channeled messengers” started appearing supporting that idea.  Alongside this are the “fear porn” aficionados who are predicting a “false flag” attack or even faked alien invasion scenario to happen around the Olympics.

One of the stories making the rounds is that the Queen is negotiating a pardon for her crimes against humanity, and that the “galactics” have given a “hard deadline” of August 4th after which, they will take matters into their own hands.  No mention, however, is made of the numerous “hard deadlines” that have come and gone in the past.

I would be amused if this wasn’t so harmful to so many people’s psyches.  For long-time readers of this blog, I have a question for you.  What happens when a large group of people get their hopes up, only to be let down because the promised event did not occur?  The answer:  A major low-frequency energetic release!  When a person invests the energy of anticipation and hope, only to be let down, they end up feeling disappointed, fooled, betrayed and usually somewhat embittered afterwards.  All of these emotions are great food for the ankle-biters.

Of course, the energy of being afraid of a false-flag attack is also great ankle-biter food, especially if it is combined with hatred towards “the elites” who plan such things.  Much better is to simply know that these small-minded, psychopathic “elites” will do anything to hold onto their worldly power, pity them, forgive them and work towards co-creating something positive with other like-minded people.

You Spin Me Right Round, Baby…

There is so much “spin” (distortions & disinformation) around the idea of “ET Contact” that it could consume a person’s entire life to begin to unravel it.  This is by design, of course, so rather than attempt to untie the “Gordian Knot” of spin and disinfo, I will do my best to cut through some of the major aspects of the sub-conscious conditioning that surrounds the “ET” meme.

Let’s start with hostile ET invasion scenarios.  The first reason for these scenarios is to frighten people so that they will wish to remain isolated so as to avoid the nastiness of invasion and attack.  Many people think that these fear-based scenarios are also designed to make people think that ALL ETs are hostile.  However, there is a hidden level to these scenarios, which usually goes unnoticed:  The major sense of relief that billions of people will feel when an apparently friendly ET race makes themselves known to us.

Just imagine it for a moment:  ETs show up and they look like us, are highly physically attractive, talk in friendly tones, and offer us energy technology and assistance cleaning up pollution.  Most of the people who were conditioned in FEAR will now feel RELIEF and deep acceptance of the new arrivals.   To put it another way, fear-based ET movies & TV will actually serve to make any seemingly benevolent ETs look like a gift from God in comparison to the images that have been placed into people’s minds from those forms of “entertainment.”

However, what is not mentioned in any “official disclosure” scenario is that the “secret government” will be putting their ET allies on display, the beings that have been secretly feeding them technology and manipulating them for many decades.  These are highly Service to Self oriented ET beings, and not the kind of positive ETs that humanity really wants to meet.  In order to pacify us as quickly as possible, they will bring out the human looking “Nordic” type ETs that are extremely physically attractive in order to appeal to the pre-conditioned human affinity with beauty, and they will say all the right things to instill a sense of trust in people’s minds.  In short, “disclosure” from the government will probably be bringing us very attractive, controlling, manipulative ETs with an agenda to keep controlling the human race even after a global consciousness shift.

Next, the channeled messages that “our ET brother/sisters would land tomorrow if only our warlike government officials would stand down” has been seen in subtly altered forms every year for at least the last 15 years on the internet, often with a request that people “vote” for ET contact with their consciousness.  One of the key areas of manipulation in these messages is the familiar theme that ETs will bring advanced technology and help us end all of the pollution and energy problems on our planet.  This fosters an incredibly strong desire in compassionate people for these ETs to hurry up and make their presence known!  This is one reason that human-designed advanced technology is so strongly suppressed (along with the monetary reasons).  If we actually cultivated the brilliant human-engineered technologies that have emerged over the last 100 years, we would have NO NEED for “ET saviors” to get us out of any mess.

We also have the spin that the ETs being channeled are our “helpful big-brothers & sisters” who want so very much to reign in our corrupt leadership and make peaceful contact.  This is the meme that has been accepted in the new age channeling circuit, and anyone who questions this meme is looked down upon as “close-minded” or “choosing to live in fear.”  I prefer to look at the biggest picture possible, and that includes being aware that parasitic ETs already have a high level of control over the planet, and have had this control for eons of time.

Most people won’t or can’t acknowledge that the “alien invasion” happened so long ago as to be almost totally forgotten, and that the invader is now residing in our own minds, wrapped around the Human Ego, pushing buttons in order to elicit a low-frequency energy “hit” at will.

Why would these parasitic beings that have hidden themselves from us for so long risk exposure?  Simply because a major consciousness shift is underway, and in order to “manage” the situation in their continuing favor, they will need humanity to surrender its collective free will to a “superior” ruling class of ETs.

So in the “big brother/sister” who reigns in a corrupt global elite scenario, the ETs won’t be seen as allies to the secret invaders who benefit from the manipulation of human consciousness, but rather as long-lost brethren, our familial saviors who unseat the human global elite and free humanity from global tyranny.   I recommend being very cautious towards any beings who claim they are “negotiating” with the current ruling class on this planet.  It is much more likely that they have been in close contact with these supposed elites for a very, very long time.

Where Are The GOOD Guys & Gals?

This brings us to what role the truly benevolent, Service to Others beings will play.  In general, they prefer to take a cautious, somewhat removed role in our current situation.  This doesn’t mean they aren’t helping, but that they have to be careful to avoid aiding the Service to Self being’s plans for humanity, while subtly countering those plans.  Free will is extremely important to highly evolved, positive beings.  The positive ETs are VERY aware that human free will is being constantly manipulated so that we give unconscious permission to be enslaved, and they are not willing to put themselves in a role where humans will want to abdicate their sovereignty to them.

Because of the pre-programmed human tendency to give away individual and collective power to charismatic leaders, the Positive ETs are very reluctant to swoop in and “rescue” us from our current situation.  This would only serve to further disempower humanity, because it is difficult to convince someone who wants to worship you and give you their power that they need to own it for themselves.  The last thing a highly evolved, positive being wants is to be worshiped.  At most, they would only want to be benevolent mentors that help us empower ourselves, while always respecting our free will. 

So the positive ETs hatched some very clever plans.  Plans within plans, of which I am only aware of a tiny fraction.  Part of the plan was to send in brave (or foolish) beings to incarnate as humans, in order to effect change from within the human group consciousness.  This part of the plan has been fairly successful, despite the dark side’s nearly constant attacks against such beings.  Another aspect of the plans are for these “sleeper agents” to help reveal the secret machinations of the ruling elite and their ET/ED overlords.  This is also proceeding nicely, although we could certainly be better informed about the parasitic extra-dimensional ankle-biters.

One of the key tenets of the Positive ET/ED plan is that humans need to embrace their own sovereign power, and not give it away to any other being.  However, humanity has a long way to go in this area, which is why positive ETs will most likely NOT be the first ETs to reveal themselves.  It would be smarter for them to wait for the parasitic ETs posing as benevolent beings to make themselves known first.  This will allow for humanity to learn key lessons in discernment and owning our own power, so that the positive ETs can make themselves known to us in a capacity more akin to wise advisors, rather than saviors.

What About The Olympics?

My not-so-bold prediction is that the London Olympics will come and go without any type of ET contact.  I also submit that the only “false-flag attack” at the Olympics has already happened.  It was a subtle attack on the consciousness of those who were willing to decipher all of the “illuminati” symbols, numbers, etc. in order to trick those intrepid researchers into spreading fear and dread around the games.  Please always remember that our minds and emotions are the battle ground for this war, and that the opponent wins whenever we are in fear, anger, judgment or any other low-frequency emotional state.

This is not meant to denigrate the dedicated researchers who worked hard to analyze the hidden messages embedded into the Olympic games.  It may very well be that their research and exposure of a potential attack at the games stopped it from happening.  However, my instincts tell me that there was some sleight-of-hand going on with the Olympics being so deeply drenched in “illuminati” symbology and numerology.  It was so blatant that it feels like it was done to distract and consume energy, which it certainly did.   It also feels like it was done so blatantly in order to convince “conspiracy buffs” that something big and bad was going to happen, so that they will be embarrassed and discredited when nothing happens.

What IS Going to Happen with Disclosure?

When the day comes that the ETs who control the global elite decide to make their appearance, you can be assured that they will present themselves as highly spiritually evolved, loving beings.  They will probably dazzle us with technology and most likely subtly suggest that we should let them lead us into a “golden age.”  If this potential occurs, that period of time will be a tremendous test for all of humanity, and the main lessons to be learned will be discernment and owning our own power.

Will we be able to see past attractive looks, high technology and sweet sounding words in order to see the true intent behind Service to Self ETs?  Afterwards, when truly positive, Service to Others ET/EDs make contact with us, will we be able to discern that they have our best interests in mind, much more so than those who made contact first in order to gain a competitive edge?

Positive Higher Dimensional Beings ARE Helping Us

Now that I have established the core aspects of my perspective on this very convoluted topic, I want to touch on a couple other points.  The first one is that the liberation effort underway to free Earth from eons of dark side control has gone through many upheavals.  Plans have had to be reworked over and over again, because the dark will fight as long as they possibly can, using the hostage human race as their major leverage point.

Nonetheless, we have scored some impressive victories these last few years.  I am personally still optimistic that the ankle-biters, the negative ETs who are aligned with them, and all of their consciousness suppressing technology will be fully removed so that the true light of higher consciousness can emerge from within every soul incarnated on the planet.  If we can achieve that goal before the negative-posing-as-positive ETs can reveal themselves, then the “negative first contact” scenario that I outlined above isn’t likely happen, because it would have very little chance for success.

Whenever “first” contact occurs, we should be able to discern who is making contact with some basic analysis, coupled with trusting our intuition.  If it occurs while the world is still in its current state of major turmoil and suppressed consciousness, and the ETs present themselves as the natural choice to lead us into a golden age, then we need to be very wary.

If instead, we experience a modern renaissance where people are waking up in larger and larger numbers, free energy technologies are being unleashed and human consciousness is aligning towards cooperation rather than competition, then we receive direct communication from ETs with encouragement and a bit of helpful information, and the tone of the communications remains consistent, we can be fairly certain that we are communicating with truly Positive ETs. This is one possible scenario where positive ETs would make public contact before the negative side.

As things stand at the moment, ET disclosure isn’t something that I am rooting for.  I would much rather achieve the removal of the low-frequency and fake-channeling broadcasting systems that are currently suppressing the true beauty of the human soul from achieving its full expression.  I want to see that beautiful self-awareness flourishing in humanity before any kind of “official” outside contact is made, and I only want to interact with Positive, Service to Others oriented beings.

Truly positive ET/ED beings will want to establish a helpful, but non-intrusive relationship.  They will offer advice and information, but very little technology.  They would rather see us develop on our own merits and skills, and would never want us to feel dependant on them.  Instead of handing us technology that only they can provide, they are much more likely to point to our own pre-existing inventions that were never produced, with perhaps some guidance on how to improve the existing designs.

The difference is subtle, but unmistakable.  The negative enslavers would seek to actually deepen our enslavement, fostering dependence on their technologies and “enlightened governance” while the positive liberators will always seek to inspire us to achieve our full potential, in our own way, and to be self-governing.

My request to the community at large is that we focus on solutions in awareness, consciousness and technology, in that order.  Higher levels of awareness leads to expanded consciousness, which makes the technological solutions to our current problems easy to understand and implement.  We truly do NOT need ETs to intervene, and the type of “we’re here to fix your problems” intervention that many people are wishing for is not likely to come from positively oriented beings. 

We need to own our own power, express it in balanced, loving ways, and create solutions right here and now.  We must stop wishing for someone else to fix our problems, because we CAN solve them on our own.

Much Love,
Cameron Day

p.s.  This article could have been much longer, and I may write a follow-up later that addresses density shifts in relation to ET contact.  However, I want to get this article OUT and being read by as many people as possible.  Please forward it to your lists and to those who still believe that channeled beings are waiting for just the right moment to intervene and fix our world for us.

Als0, Click Here to read another interesting commentary on this situation at Zingdad’s site in words from Adamu, Can We Trust the Galactics? . ~J 

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25 Responses to First Contact Is Not Happening Soon, and That’s a Good Thing – by Cameron Day

  1. Ori says:

    Even i wish with all my heart that disclosure and first contact will occur very soon, i need to consider Cameron’s article as a sobering fact. It even explains a very vivid dream of mine from last night. The plan of disclosure is definetely underway, i can feel it. From the beginning of this week my dreams became very unusual and vivid. I am most of the time in the mothership, see motherships or huge fleets fly by etc. In yesterday’s dream i witnessed a massive fly-over, an actual landing of many ships and the first contact occuring. I happily received the beings and was just happy. But little later i noticed those beings emanate cold and indifferent aura/presence. After i woke up i thought what was that all about, why don’t i feel the loving, caring warm energy from them that i so used to feel whenever i am with them. I guess that was the analogy to Cameron’s point of view.

  2. Nicki Tompkins says:

    Jean, thank you so much for posting Cameron’s thoughts, which truly resonate with my own and have for some time. I’m still working through a loving creator who has let us suffer for so many years. I have much to learn and need speed reading.

    I do want to admit that I am grateful for the channelers, which have brought me to this point of moving past them. They helped me raise my vibrations because of the wonderful emotions I emoted while reading them, but I haven’t been so sure they’re channeling who they think they are for quite some time. They’ve been another life-changing step in my journey.

    Love y’all,

  3. susan says:

    Hi Jean
    James Gilliland posted this and said eceti is aligned with this thinking. Me, too… and I think most of us who read your blog…. please share if it resonates with you! ❤

  4. BrotherJay says:

    Finally a voice of reason. I think what bothers me the most, is that there are people who genuinely believe that they are lightworkers and are doing right by continuously re-posting/re-blogging this stuff.. They believe that they are performing a service. They believe that they are “awake”, yet they can not see what they are doing & how they are being used & how they have become pawns of the cabal by willingly spreading their disinfo. Their brains have become programmed with stock new age quotes that won’t allow for reason nor logic. It’s sad to see.

    • Nicki Tompkins says:

      Dear BrotherJay,

      I’m one of those you’re talking. I thought I was doing a great service by sharing channeled information to my friends, but it divided some of us. However, I have moved forward and continue to learn to raise my own vibrations, listen to my higher self, all things that I may not have learned without the channeled information–what a great stepping stone on my journey. I used to be a bible thumper to some degree, but now I am strictly a Truth Seeker.

      What surprises me, however, are those that I love and respect, who are still sharing the same channeled messengers that they have for years and it only took me several months to see through them, which has led me to Chris Thomas, Nassim Harramein, David Wilcock, Michael Tsarion, Drunvalo Melchizedek, Greg Braden and a few others, but just keeping up with these wonderful teachers is quite a handful.

      I do want to give extras kudos to Jean, who has been SO instrumental in my personal growth and discovery, for it’s this very blog that led me to all the teachers I mentioned above.

      I am so grateful to all of you who share your heart in your comments. Love y’all, Nicki

  5. Roberto says:

    From my post above:
    The author of THE POWER OF HABIT is Charles Duhigg.
    It’s a very well written, easy to read book.
    One of the reviewers on Amazon, said that it was a really good book but it didn’t tell you how to do it. Unfortunately, that is a common attitude in a culture where people are expecting someone else to do it for them. The whole business of the “Messiah” started in Mesopotamia long before the Bible was written with Enki’s son, Marduk. He schemed and plotted to take over as the head god (there were many and they all craved worship, except for Nin Hirsag [nicknamed Mamie] because she was the master geneticist who created The Adam) on Earth. If we on planet Earth seem to be having problems with an epidemic of narcissism, we come by it honestly, it was in the Annunaki genes that were spliced with the homids of the day. We also have to deal with the sadistic psychopath, Jehovah, who was one of Enlil’s sons. Next to Yahovah Marduk was an angel.

    We also have lots of reptilian genes which kick in when we feel threatened in any way or when we are traumatized. This activates or turns on basic survival instincts. I trust that everyone who tunes into Jean’s blog has read Cisco Wheeler’s and Fritz Springmeier’s accounts on the techniques of total mind control. If you haven’t read their reports, it might be difficult to imagine what kind of adversaries you are dealing with. we think that the enemy is outside of us, but the only real enemy we have is the one in our own mind deeply embedded in the coding of our DNA. This is what we are working to expose and bring out into the open. These programs are our only barrier to rising up in frequency and moving fully into the higher dimensions. Just reading the Total Mind Control data will being the programs up and then you can look at them and own them and it’s done.

    All the best,

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Roberto, I’ve added both your suggested books to our reading list. Hugs, ~Jean

    • Nicki Tompkins says:

      Hey Roberto, I love both of your comments and looked at the book you recommend for my Kindle Fire, however, the interview with the author is quite different from your description of the “Messiah, Marduk, etc. Are these 2 separate books, and if so, please tell me the other one–I am eXtremely interested in learning about this on a deeper plane.

      I have read one book by Chris Thomas, The Annunaki Plan v The Human Plan and my heart resonated deeply with his insights. I intend to purchase more of his books too.

      Thank you for sharing on such a deep level.

      Love ya!

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  7. arunja says:

    excellent suggestion, Debra, one i have also often offered in the past.

    re the topic at hand and after reading Cameron’s excellent piece, what came to mind is that the rather hyped reactions to the August 4th message really show us, in my view, that we at this pont in time are not yet collectively acting as true sovereign beings.

    and this, attaining a solid degree of sovereignty is imperative, i think, before we even consider welcoming visitors to earth from outer space. our focus needs to go inside, for each of us in order to attain that calm and centredness that is needed to meet all that is going to happen in the near future.

    we have to do the work within in order to truly come into our own…i might sound like a broken record but this is really of crucial importance…..

    • Jean says:

      Arunja, I am with you all the way on this! Thank you, thank you – just keep hammering this idea home! It is so important. . . . Love and hugs, ~Jean

  8. Debra says:

    I urge everyone to read the Nag Hammadi Library “The Apocryphon of John”, this describes the “ankle biters” fleas/scum we are dealing with. May the Light obliterate the darkness!

  9. susan says:

    Exactly my thoughts and feelings!

  10. Yvette says:

    Word! We have all our suppressed technology here & ALL Our Funds too,releasing the Truth Being United In the Truth & Trusting that our evolutionary rise is this year..Galactic alignment is real & globally predicted WAKE UP NEO!!!!

  11. WishUFree says:

    I SO agree @worthyart! I always had that weird feeling inside me about the public first contact. Since I have already had my own personal contact, I have told myself for years now that when the time comes, I will KNOW, I will FEEL what is true and what is not. Still, as much as I would like to see it happen, I would not want to have to go through the negative event just to get there! I think that is why there is so much push right now from the “ET’s” to get our permission to land, etc. I can say with great relief, that none of these plea’s ever felt right. Thanks Jean for this blog of yours, I appreciate all you are doing to futher the cause of true liberation! Hugs from Mt. Shasta! 🙂

  12. Roberto says:


    Thank you very much for your very well thought out and succinctly expressed opinions. You state the basic questions that are in people’s minds and also the many, far too many, “channeled solutions” coming from, at best, questionable sources. This last battle is a war of the mind. We must take care to discipline our minds so we are not out on a limb hanging on to every wiggle and wrinkle of info that comes out.

    The power is in US, unless of course we choose to tie it up in endless conjecture and looking for the latest morsel of gossip, yes, it really is just gossip that is passed around on the internet. But the danger of gossip is it can become real by gathering thought energies of masses of people. That’s how reality is created. All so called “channeled” information comes through the consciousness of the individual passing it on. Even if there may be some portion of truth hidden in its folds – that’s what sucks people in – the message passes through the filters and belief systems of the channel. Who are they, really?

    If I believe and pass that tidbit on, it gathers momentum and a certain amount of reality. We must recognize how powerful each one of our thoughts are in creating the reality that we experience.

    We, as a people, have been suckered into one war after another, lied to, cheated, stolen from, and murdered in massive numbers down through the ages solely because we gave our power away to con artists who promised us a better life: “All we had to do is fight this last battle and then there will be peace”… that never happened. The powers that were always found a new enemy, (actually the intelligence agencies in each country were controlled by the same people who systematically created crises so that when one war ran down a new one was starting somewhere else). The bankers and industrialists – the Illuminati – bankrolled both sides and supplied munitions, materials and mercenaries to both sides and profited. The people and the individual nations lost in every case.

    Example: look at Syria today. There are no rebels against the suppressive government. That’s a fairy tale made up by colluding governments who want to topple the head because he’s no longer playing ball, just like they did with Gaddafi, and Saddam Hussein. They were too independent. There are paid mercenaries slaughtering people and our press prints the false reports. We hear the story the regime wants to tell because they own the media and control opinion. In other words, this is just GOSSIP magnified.

    Understanding our complicity in how we allowed this to be done helps to free us from the pattern. As long as we look outside of ourselves for the solutions or “to be saved” by someone or something supernatural, we’re suckered back into the same old game that has been played thousands of times.
    I believe that right now we need to free ourselves from the patterns of our naivety and gullibility. When you find yourself confused, don’t wonder! That program is part of your DNA.

    We are involved in a very convoluted and treacherous game. The prize is us. The players we are dealing with do not suffer from any pangs of conscience. We need to understand that they do not think or feel as we do. They long ago sold their souls and have no moral restrictions or feelings of empathy. Emotions are very powerful energies. The ETs who took over this planet and the greedy, ghouls they enlisted to carry out their plans, who call themselves the Elite feed on our emotions. This is why they constantly manipulate events and our every day lives with shootings and massacres and catastrophes to shock us so we live in constant turmoil, struggle, pain, loss, doubt and every kind of emotional upset.

    If you want more information about how this game has been played for the last few thousands years read William Bramley’s book THE GODS OF EDEN. The articles from Fritz Springmieir are also revealing. When you know the facts you can set yourself free. If you’re in the dark about how your own mind works, you’re a pushover. Arm yourself with knowledge and steer clear of “channelers”. Keep your own counsel. Be free! Read THE POWER OF HABIT.

    It is my opinion that we have already made the shift, but we have not fully undone, i.e., given up accessing the programs that created this reality. We need to disconnect ourselves from their game and focus on the future we want to experience.

    • Debbie says:

      Cameron – a very sensible approach, indeed. Thank you!

      And Roberto, yours is a good post, too!

      I think the mass arrest rumors had us all very excited hoping, wishing, thinking that maybe, just maybe these people WHO WE KNOW FULL WELL HAVE BEEN TREASONOUS, THIEFING monsters would see some justice: the Bush Family, The Clinton, The Obamas, Cheney, Rumsfeld, The Queen, The Pope, Kissinger, Henry Paulson, Geithner, Bernanke, the entire Bilderburg Group, Bill Gates….on and on….we know in our hearts these are the people who have doublecrossed us and continue to do so. Romney wouldn’t be running if he wasn’t already “vetted” as a bonafide crook…..oh, how we longed to see them rounded up and put in the fema camps they built for us, strip them of their precious power and bloody wealth and maybe even hang them upside dead ala-Mussolino from a street lamp post…

      I stumbled on the writings of Christopher Story from 2010…a well respcted British journalist who gave us the lowdowm on Operation Stillpoint and it sounded as if the evil ones were about to get theirs through the international criminal court case…it’s amazing reading…just google it. And then 8 months later the good man was dead…..a familar story.And what happened with all of that? The people who should have gone to jail are still running the horror show. The CIA topples the little countires causing massive, horrible deaths and then Hillary shows up and is magically the signatory power on all the country’s wealth….burning and looting their way across the Middle East….running their monster drug trade…stealing billions from the US Taxpayer coffers…ah yes, it’s quite a party.

      So, one hting we should all be certain of right now is that ANY ETs BEING PRESENTED TO US FROM ANY GOVERNMENT – ESPECIALLY OUR OWN…will be 100%, the ETs from the dark side, the Ets who have given their technology 100% for destruction; bombs, HAARP, Scalar, chemtrails, Monsanto GMOs, Big Pharma bioweapons, bioweapons diseases unleashed created in petri dishes and unleashed on mandkind….yes, that is what the government’s ETs have give the world…death and destruction….and they loved every second of it…actually they get their “juice ” from it.

      There is no stopping the Initiation of this world, it is happening, we’ve had our hard lessons, we are waking up quickly, and our discernment is sharpening. There is no making-nice with dark cabal and the dark Ets behind them, they are all psychopaths, every one of them, they have no empathy…they prefer our suffering and they want to keep it that way. Obama may thing as he put it blatantly “Americans are so stupid”….but he may be surprised once we are fully awake and an entire country sees once and for all that he and everyone else in the political arena have done nothing but lie to us, steal from us and plan our enslavement and early demise…..smiling and singing Al Green won’t help him, he won’t charm his way out of anything….and ditto for all of them!
      My suggestion is “flip the bird” to politicians – especially any wanting to introduce us to their lucerferian ETs, flip the bird to anyone who wants to talk about giving any of the psychopaths a chance to mend their ways—that ain’t NEVER gonna happen because you can’t make a deal with the devils and not suffer…..turn off the channelers…they are praticing mind control for the dark side even though their words SOUND flowery, sweet and oh so loving…..Jean has already evolved beyond that with her blog…and we all evolve with her….
      The good days are here now because we are finally awakening!
      When the good Ets get here, I feel sure we will know it….

        • Jean says:

          Debbie, it was Chris story who clued me in right after the Haiti earthquake that it was manmade, that the CIA had bills it couldn’t pay and they made their payments through Haiti – that’s why Haiti has always been kept under such strict control and on its knees. When the CIA couldn’t pay, they blew the place up – a warning, I guess. Chris Story had a lot of courage . . . have you ever seen a video of his? Such a nice person . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Jean says:

        Debbie, I like what you say about the channelers! I think they are keeping us from evolving! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • Alex says:

        Not enough people actually listen to channellers for them to even matter. In my opinion Jean you can not stop us from evolving at this point. Our change is so massively underway those that resist it will be like the houses cars and boats caught up in th Japanese tsunami last year. Utterly helpless to prevent it. Audit the fed is moving forward. Each day more of the lies are being exposed and more and more of us are waking up.

        Can I ask you a question Jean? Can you feel deep down inside, when you close your eyes that we have turned the corner and our birth into a purer more loving world is with out a doubt a certainty?

      • Another Lightworker says:

        Thanks for sharing this Debbie! I have kept my thoughts to myself over the channeling and disclosure deadline posts, but I have reached a point where I consider channeled messages no more reliable than newpaper horoscopes. Many channelers are well meaning and sincere but their ‘deadlines’ come and go, over and over, with the hype and resulting let down feeding the same old system of control. At some point it all becomes a unintentional sick joke, even though people continue to pile on the bandwagon over and over. Keep trying to kick that football, Charlie Brown? So what are we left with? Letting go and letting the universe unfold as it has always done, according to a wisdom that is beyond our current limitations.

    • Jean says:

      Thanks, Roberto, for your well thought out comment! Also, thanks for the book suggestions. . . Can yo give me the author’s name for the second book? I’ll post it on the book list. Hugs, ~Jean

  13. worthyart says:

    Once again I am removing myself from a place of ‘come fix it’ expectancy to the place of mindful detachment. This makes so much sense to me. I feel I have been traveling towards this plane of thought for a while now. Thank you for this confirmation Cameron!

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