Birth 2012 Catalyst – Issue 5 – Barbara’s Report – This is the first time I’ve run across this site – very interesting. ~J

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Cocreating the Future of the Catholic Church – by Byron Belitsos, Managing Editor



We held up last week’s Catalyst a few days so we could report on a historic development: Barbara’s highly successful keynote speech to the largest organization of Catholic nuns in America that was subsequently reported in the New York Times. Her video above shares what Barbara calls “the most remarkable experience of my life” and my feature article below provides details for the event. According to Barbara, the 900 “evolutionary nuns” who heard her unprecedented talk are now arising as some of the most inspired feminine cocreators of our time.

Big events and big hubs are also on our agenda this issue. In particular, Stephen Dinan reports about what may be one of the biggest December 22nd events in the world to be held in Mexico, and we also profile Earthdance founder Chris Dekker who is spearheading a December 22 event at the large hub that is forming in Byron Bay, Australia.

Our next Catalyst will come your way a week from Saturday. We’ll be rolling out important new tools for hubs, plus reporting on hubs outside of the U.S. If your hub or Birth 2012 group is overseas, please email any news or stories you may have to me at

Barbara Inspires “Evolutionary Nuns” as Vatican and Nation’s Media Looks On

Barbara Marx Hubbard’s prophetic relationship with the risen Christ has always been central to her role as an author and leading evolutionary thinker. Barbara often shares how her “birth epiphany” experience in 1966 arose as she sought “a story for our time” that affirms the biblical narrative of Jesus’s birth. Following on her recent work with Unity Church as reported in the Catalyst, Barbara’s lifelong teaching about Christ incarnating in us and in all creation through the evolutionary process was shared with yet another significant faith community. The occasion was her keynote presentations last week to the Leadership Conference of Women Religious (LCWR), representing 57,000 Sisters in the United States and beyond. We are proud to report that her catalyzing role for the women was front and center in the news coverage of the LCWR Assembly provided by both theNew York Times and the National Catholic Reporter.

The NYT story depicted the nuns as standing at a historic crossroads because of the LCWR’s recent confrontation with the Vatican.

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4 Responses to Birth 2012 Catalyst – Issue 5 – Barbara’s Report – This is the first time I’ve run across this site – very interesting. ~J

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  2. FF says:

    This lady gives me the creeps… and it aint halloween yet!!!

  3. Lenore says:

    Barbara walks a similar path to Bailey and Blavastsky…..Lucis Trust….they changed the name from Lucifer Trust to Lucis Trust cause folks got nervous about the rational Blavatsky gave for using the name……Lucis Trust is associated with the UN and much more(google it)….so…just to put a twist on things….it’s thought that this movement over the succession of incarnations, became a catalyst for the NWO thinking….and Bailey, Blavatsky, and Annie Besant……poster girls for the agenda…..some feel they’ve consciously, or unconsciously, (how that’s possible I’ll never know) advanced the agenda of the Luciferian Doctrine…’s really had to say, and everyone has to reach their own conclusions after researching it….. 🙂

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