Ben Fulford: Frenzy of murder, attempted murder and threats of mass terror are all part of cabal death throes, August 21, 2012

On August 10th, Dr. Michael Van de Meer, AKA Dr. Michael Meiring, died in his sleep in extremely suspicious circumstances. Dr. Meiring was a very private individual who had to change his name to Van de Meer a few years ago after getting unwanted publicity when his legs were blown off by a bomb he says was placed by agents of George Bush senior and his Nazi cabal.

Dr. Van de Meer died immediately after being sent $750 billion worth of bonds from the same batch as the $134.5 billion worth that was illegally seized from two Japanese diplomats in June of 2009. He was planning to cash them on behalf of their Asian owners in order to finance a new international economic planning agency. De Meer was in robust health and full of plans for the future in a conversation with a White Dragon Society representative that took place only hours before his sudden death.

Meanwhile, the self-described “illuminati grandmaster” going by the name of “Alexander Romanov,” was taken into protective custody last week by the Japanese police following a murder attempt. Japanese underground sources confirm that a group of Japanese hit men are actively trying to kill him. Romanov was a 20-year veteran drug smuggler who risked his own life to inform the Japanese police and this writer that a nuclear missile had been smuggled into Japan for use in a mass murder attack. The Japanese police were either hopelessly incompetent or else in on the crime because they failed to take action even after Romanov told them exactly where the bomb was being kept (inside a compound owned by former Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone). The fissile material in the bomb was later used to create several smaller devices that were used for the 311 tsunami and nuclear terror attack on Japan.

The trail for all of these attacks, as well as the current mass murder in Syria, leads to the P2 fascist lodge. It appears to be no coincidence that former black pope Peter Hans Kolvenbach chose to retire in Syria.

e-mail was sent to this writer with photographs of: a British monarch upside down and with the face erased, a British Royal Seal held upside down by Japanese imperial mirrors, a map showing planned terror attacks on Japan, England, Israel and Ecuador as well as pictures of various snakes. The mail has been traced to the Nazi Satanist pope Malevolent. Through their actions, the P2 are precipitating a course of events that, if not stopped, will result in the destruction of Rome and its seven hills by forces linked to Rome’s ancient enemies, including descendants of the Carthaginian diaspora.

These murders and threats come amid signs cabal control is disintegrating at an accelerating pace on multiple fronts.

The public can see it in the Julian Assange case where the cabal ruling the West has dropped all pretense of accepting international norms. It is also visible in Syria where the cabalists are publicly supporting mass murder by Al CIAda terrorists but are losing. The Euro is also continuing its slow motion implosion despite all efforts to announce otherwise. Even the IMF is now officially calling for an Iceland style solution (bust the banks and arrest corrupt bankers and politicians who accepted their bribes). Now the most brainwashed people in the West are failing to explain the contradictions of their so-called leaders.

There are also signs that the Saudi regime, one of the most brutally repressive in the world, is in deep trouble. MI5 sources say that ARAMCO (the main Saud family owned oil company) facilities were shut down by a powerful new virus related to Stuxnet (tentatively called Gauss). The fact that the US increased purchases of Saudi oil by 20% last year and Japan was also forced by the nuclear terror attack to import $120 million a day of mostly Saudi oil is a sign the cabalists and their Satanic Saudi allies are desperate for cash flow. That is why they forced the Japanese and Americans to buy so much extra Saudi oil. The attack on ARAMCO should thus hurt.

Sources from ancient enemies of the Wahab heretic Saudis also say that no Saudi king is now expected to last more than a year in office.

Furthermore, Neil Keenan’s liens against the source of cabal power, the central banks of the West and their puppet states in Japan and South Korea are now set to be refiled as early as this Friday, Keenan says. The new liens have way more evidence backing them than the original Keenan lawsuit ever did and can be seen here:

Keenan says he has the backing of the pentagon and most of the US law enforcement establishment as well as Interpol. If this is true, it would be an absolute game changer.

Even if not, events in Asia are moving decisively against the cabal and their puppets. The Japanese underworld and all major Yakuza gangs have now agreed to stop working for the cabal and take action against their puppets.

In addition, the recent sacking of the North Korean number 2, General Ri Yong-ho, has meant that North Korea is no longer under cabal control. The new North Korean regime now wants to establish friendly relations with Japan and the rest of the world, according to senior North Korean sources. We can also confirm that Kim Jong-un is the son of Megumi Yokota, who was spirited away to North Korea at age 13. That is why he is pro-Japan, senior North Korean sources say.

This means that a split has now emerged between the North Korean government and the Chosen Soren (General Association of Korean Residents in Japan).

Chosen Soren agents were involved in the Aum Shinryikyo subway sarin gas attacks as well as the 311 nuclear and tsunami mass murder.

A White Dragon Society representative is scheduled to meet with a Chosen Soren representative this week to try to persuade them to stop working for the criminal fascist Western cabal. If that happens, cabal rule in Japan will disintegrate almost overnight and Nakasone and others will confessing their sins and asking for forgiveness on the NHK national television network.

The cabalists are desperately trying to fan tensions in the region in an attempt to forestall the inevitable. For example, the Chinese activists recently arrested by the Japanese authorities on a disputed Island turned out to have been paid large amounts of money by cabalists to carry out that stunt, according to Japanese and Chinese sources.

The South Korean cabal puppet regime is also trying to stir up trouble with provocative war games and other stunts. Here is a message to President Lee Myung-bak: Have a happy retirement; you are going to spend the rest of your life in jail for the murder of former president Roh Moo-hyun. The team of assassins your government has been using is no longer willing to murder on behalf of the Western cabal and its flunkies. Your only hope is to surrender now and stop working for the cabal

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23 Responses to Ben Fulford: Frenzy of murder, attempted murder and threats of mass terror are all part of cabal death throes, August 21, 2012

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  5. Barbara Mcguire says:

    I am keeping hope and faith in Ben and all who are working for the freedom of the world. We deserve to be free. All the people do. Love to all.

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  9. jkmccandless says:

    Thank you so much for giving us the whole truth and not editing it. I love it when Ben keeps us apprised of what is happening.

  10. Julia says:

    Thanks Jean for posting this. Do screen out the ugly messages. They are not real people, just paid poopers. Those of us that are real appreciate all that you do. Stay safe & stay positive! We love you & send you light & protection!

  11. Christina says:

    You must have an immense endurance and courage, Ben, to keep working in such stressful conditions. Thanks!
    It’s like they are trying to cause tensions everywhere. Living in North East Greece, I know they are trying to cause tensions between the Greek and Turks, who have been living peacefully together for years. During Ramadan this month, during a service in the mosque in the city Xanthi,
    the service was being disturbed by so-called Greek motorcyclist, who were riding their motorcycles around the mosque, shouting insults against the Islamic religion, fortunately without consequences. When some Turks were asked who these people were, they answered they knew they were their own people who had abundantly been paid to do so. In the same way a lot of lies are circulating the internet about happenings between the Greek and Turkish border police, while no thing has happened.
    Hope thes are some of the end-games.

    • Jean says:

      Christina, thanks so much for giving us this input, for sharing with us. I do believe they are getting frantic, and we are very much at the end of the game for these folks, and that is why we are seeing such craziness. You cannot imagine what is coming at me now on my blog that I simply don’t publish – all so very sick.or, at the very least, totally uninformed, It’s all meant to confuse the issue and create more fear 🙂 . . . Hugs, ~Jean

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  13. Anne Randall says:

    Jean, thanks for posting Ben Fulford’s report. Looks like at last, we can look UP and know that our “redemption draweth nigh.” Ya Hoo!

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  15. Would anyone care to address Kim Jong-un’s call for “sacred war” if a single round from joint US-South Korean war games fell into North Korean territory.

  16. LAF says:

    Makes me delirious with hope. Go Keenan!!

  17. wendy says:

    Thank you so much, Jean, for always posting Ben Fulford’s reports! Very appreciated! This one is a very encouraging report!

  18. lainski1 says:

    wow! great report!! sounds like we are making great strides!!

  19. Laura says:

    Reblogged this on Here and Now.

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