Ron Paul Speech, Tampa Florida, August 26, 2012

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Ron Paul spoke to thousands of supporters at a rally today August 26 2012, right before before the start of the 2012 Republican National Convention. His rally was loud and informative of his views.


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5 Responses to Ron Paul Speech, Tampa Florida, August 26, 2012

  1. Tigrr says:

    Ron Paul may be the exception …. But — Never forget what the last GOPs in the WH did to America and the World….
    see youtube — CIA Asset Susan Lindauer Can Now Speak 10 years after 9-11
    Romney is likely another hand-puppet for Senior and Cheney, as was Junior and Regan.

  2. kibitzer3 says:

    In a legitimate and high-conscious world, neither the Democrat nor the Republican Parties would be in business right now, and the public would have a wider choice than they have now of a number of political parties, some newly organized to fill the vacuum left by the dissolution of these two entities, laid low by their criminal actions.

    I refer to the role both Parties played in the candidacy in 2008 of the man who in this day and age calls himself Barack Hussein Obama (there is serious question about the man even about his name, let alone so many other things about him). The Democrat Party knew he was constitutionally ineligible for that particular office, as signaled by the way their Nominating Convention Chair Nancy Pelosi worded her statements to the various states’ election officials; and the Republican Party also knew he was ineligible, because both parties had tried numerous times in the five years leading up to that election to get a constitutional amendment started through Congress to allow less than a “natural born” citizen to run for that office. All of those efforts failed even to get out of committee. So TPTB of both political parties obviously colluded in a decision just to quietly do an end-around of the Constitution, and fake their way into their Brave New post-constitutional World, This was not only deceitful. It was illegal. And when BHO finally – under pressure – posted an alleged copy of his long-form BC on the Internet, which has, according to detailed analysis by a number of electronics-documents experts, turned out to be a forgery (and not even a good one at that, according to them, and anybody reviewing their analyses), he committed a crime right there. And not just a minor crime: a felony. Bingo.

    And the sitting Congress itself would be out on its ear right now in such a world of legitimacy and rules – after a march on Washington of The People, Assembled – for being the party of legal ‘standing’ to this serious matter, of the overthrowing of the U.S. Constitution. But I’ll keep this summary of the case, of major national significance, strictly to the issue of the two main political parties. They signed off on this crime, each for their own purposes; the Republicans, obviously looking for a quid pro quo: for the chance to run one of their own ineligible people for that office (or the vice-presidency, now being constitutionally covered by the same requirement), and slipping him/her through the same door as had been opened by the candidacy of BHO. It’s all enough to have had every one of the Founding Fathers turning over in their graves, and calling out for justice to be served – and a similar voice from every citizen who has ever sworn an oath of allegiance to the Constitution of the United States, that it be protected from all enemies, foreign AND DOMESTIC.

    How did we become such a generation of failures to The Dream, of a nation of self-governed sovereign citizens, taking responsibility along with the authority?? Another subject, for another time, perhaps. For this time, I just point out that a) the man currently occupying the office of the presidency of the United States is there under false pretenses, plus has committed crimes while in that position, and so needs to be made to vacate the office forthwith; b) the sitting Congress should have been dissolved, for being an accessory to and after the fact of the original crime, and new elections held by now; and c) both political parties involved in the crime should have been up before a court on, at the very least, RICO statutes. So we could now have been having decent, more clear-cut choices for federal political office, representing the will of The People. Not of special interests.

    If we had done our job, as self-governing individuals; holding the torch of Liberty high, for all humankind to gain inspiration from. Alas. We have blown a major opportunity to prove our worth, in the court of simple human justice..

    Perhaps there is still time, to salvage SOMETHING from this embarrassing debacle…

    • Jean says:

      Let me suggest that Mother Earth is not one bit interested in ‘saving this embarrassing debacle.” She is creating something entirely new and different, and we would make better use of our time were we to envision what sort of a world we want to co-create with her, rather on dwelling on our present problems and issues. When all is said and doen, very few of these people presently in government will remain. Our government will not look the same or be the same – so why are we dwelling on it!


      • kibitzer3 says:

        Fair point. I would just say, briefly, in reply: Because we can learn important things from such things. Things about ourselves; things about the need for higher consciousness & awareness than we have often demonstrated, along the way. But: point taken.

  3. DrinkDeep says:

    Ron Paul hit it out of the park again! 😉

    I’m so glad you posted this…it’s a great speech, and when he said that if he were president, 3000 people wouldn’t have died on 911…holy cow! Enjoy, folks – thanks so much, Jean*

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