Why Creative Healing? by ‘EnergyLady’, Lia Strell

If any of you live nearby, I’m sure this is a day you would enjoy. Lia is one of those people who isn’t waiting to live her dreams: She’s already begun! Hugs, ~Jean

As Creative Healers each of us become more responsible for ourselves and our planet. No longer can we remain uninformed. The more of us who create compassionately, the more we can offset the mess we are in. This is not politics. This is not religious. This is pure creativity. We are shaping our future. We need many flowers to bloom!

energylady | September 2, 2012 at 9:24 am  URL: http://wp.me/p1GCgw-6A

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3 Responses to Why Creative Healing? by ‘EnergyLady’, Lia Strell

  1. Vista, zip code
    92084 is in California~

  2. WOW this is Super and indeed is changing the mind set’s of a lot of Humanity , not only in the US and Canada but around the planet ; we are shape shifting the thoughts of many humans to think outside of the Box .

  3. julie says:

    Sounds great. Do you happen to know what state this is in?

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