The Greatest “Disclosure” Event Ever to be Released to the World – Today in Belgium – by the Keshe Foundation


The Greatest “Disclosure” Event ever to be Released to the World – Today in Belgium – by the Keshe Foundation

The World Peace Invitation and Release of Technology

Following the meeting of the Keshe Foundation with the world ambassadors invited to Brussels on 21 April 2012, our invitation now goes to the nations of the world through their ambassadors and their leaders

To attend a gathering on 6 September 2012 at the Keshe Foundation Center in Ninove, Belgium (or in any other place the nations may choose).

As your Excellencies have been aware, we invited representatives of every country to the first presentation of our technology on 21 April 2012.

The ambassadors of some nations attended this meeting and others chose to ignore the call, due to pressure from other nations, and decided not to attend or withdrew at the last moment.

With this second invitation (to take place on 6 Sept, 2012) we directly and unequivocally invite the leaders of your nation to appoint qualified individuals who can take part in the upcoming meeting at the Foundation on 6 September on behalf of their governments.

The reasons for this invitation and the meeting are as follows:

On 21 September 2012 the Keshe Foundation will release the first phase of its space technology and the gravitational and magnetic (Magravs) systems it has developed, to all scientists around the world simultaneously, for production and duplication.

From that point on, international borders will cease to have any real significance.

This is because, once the first flight system has been built and put into operation for the public, the time of travel for example from Tehran to New York will be about 10 minutes maximum.

The new airborne systems will enable every individual to make the same length of journey in the same time and at hardly any cost from any point on this planet.

The craft will not be detectable with present radar technology.

The energy crisis will be resolved at a stroke, and once the technology is put into practice the powers that control energy supplies and through them the present financial structures will find their hands empty.

The world water shortage will be addressed and resolved by presenting this technology to the public soon after the release of our energy and space technology.

How we have done this?

For the past six years we have used the international patent system to make sure that every nation and major scientists around the world have a copy of our patents in their possession.

(Please check the European patent and international servers downloads for number of downloads.)

Thus we have prevented any possible blocking of this technology by any individual or group and now most nations are in possession of our patents for energy generation, medical systems and space travel.

In this way the methods used in the past to prevent international development have been circumvented and now all nations have the same opportunity to work together to see that this technology is developed safely.

The principal point is that our technology is intended to be freely available to every government for the benefit of all its citizens.

Through the systems we have developed every nation can have access to as much energy, water and food as they need, as well as to new methods of health care and of transport, all at very little cost.

According to its charter the Keshe Foundation and all its technologies are owned by the peoples of the world.

The patents are the assets of every individual on this planet and cannot be claimed by any one person or organization or nation.

This means that all income generated by the technology belongs to the nation that makes use of it.

We will release the list of countries invited to the meeting on 6 September 2012 and the full e-mail addresses of those who receive invitations, so it will be up to you as a government to make it known who from your nation will be attending this meeting.

By the time this email arrives at your embassies a copy will be posted on the Foundation forum and website so your citizens will be aware of the offer that has been made to you.

Then it will be for you to make your response known to them, as well as to the Foundation, and we will gather the names of the delegates appointed and let your officials know where and how to meet.

Following this meeting, the presentation on 21 September 2012 will be the first step in the Keshe Foundation’s teaching program to share its knowledge and put it into the hands of the people worldwide.

Once these new technologies and their benefits are known to the general public, the leaders of every nation will need to decide how they are going to implement them for the betterment of everyone.

At that point there will be two choices:

Either we all work together to change the life of everybody on earth for the better through the correct patterns of conduct, or

The advanced nations of the world will see in the near future a flood of immigrants in tens of thousands flocking to the major cities.

We are prepared to present the technology to your representatives in any setting, so that they can understand its implications and the changes it will bring about.

From now on, we can make sure that no child or adult will die of thirst or hunger and that no nation will be attacked by another,

Because the potential military applications of the new technology are so horrendously destructive that we will have no choice but to accept that fighting over the resources of the planet is a thing of the past.

There has been nothing wrong with protecting national assets, but now, as the leaders of small regions of the Earth, it is

Your responsibility to see that its resources are available to be shared, and that with the help of our technology, everyone’s basic needs for energy, water, food and health care are met.

The Keshe Foundation takes no account of color, nationality, religion or political affiliation, thus our call is going out to every government to appoint a team of scientists to come and see our technologies at first hand.

Then they can decide whether or not to make use of them.

If you ignore this invitation, your nation will soon have no choice but to follow the lead of the nations who have decided to develop them.

We call on your nation, to start the process of world cooperation as soon as possible because once these systems are in operation, the frontiers that separate one country from another will have no meaning.

We have set the scene for a change of course for humanity and in the coming months we will see it through.

In the near future people will come to realize that we are here to serve each other, and not to be served, as all resources will be available to everyone, at the same time, and in the same measure.

M T Keshe

The founder and caretaker director of Stichting the Keshe Foundation (The Netherlands).


Further reading:

To view an ‘intro video’:

Please, take the time to check out this statement from the Keshe Foundation concerning war with Iran:

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173 Responses to The Greatest “Disclosure” Event Ever to be Released to the World – Today in Belgium – by the Keshe Foundation

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  2. Doreen Agostino says:

    To all Light servers, from dim lit to burnt out, re-charge your heart Light, and prepare for 2013 March Equinox – Real Ending of Precessional Cycle – George Kavassalis disclosure

  3. ron says:

    Still waiting for full release of information. If he disclosed what I do not believe he has, to myself and other even more knowledgeable engineers we might be able to make this project real and not make believe stringing none technical foolish people into to parting with money by feeding them the you would not understand rubbish, while promising them unlimited riches like other conmen. prove me wrong put up or shut up. His problem is that once released will be debunked and his source of money dry up or like myself and other engineers if I could make/prove it to work would put all the information into the public domain before governments suppressed it, the whole world losing out long term.

    • OzzieThinker says:

      I believe, Ron, Keshe is very much part of a hollow power bargaining game being conducted between Iran and Israel prior to the launch of the global federal Messiah – Barak Obama. Humanity will be given a major genetic upgrade in and around 2084CE. From that point existence will change and science, as we know it, will cease to be relevant and die. Ensure you live another 71 years and all will be revealed.

  4. OzzieThinker says:

    Ahem….I come red faced and bowing in apology. The e-mail I used turned out false as I don’t regularly use it & I have now been given access to the Keshe Foundation forum with the correct one!

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  6. tasha says:

    how and when will we know if this will become our “reality” cause i was thinking i wanted to go on a vacation … somewhere =) nd being able to “time travel” there. perfect timing!!

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  8. john says:

    From the Keshe Foundation regarding September 21st:


    Only invited representatives of governments are allowed. Outside nothing will be seen. Please,
    let the guests participate in peace.

    Too funny. You would think such a life altering event would be open to public scrutiny. But, of course, when you’ve fleeced gullible people out of $40 bucks the past three years for a book on theoretical science that you’ve claimed over the past 3 years to now be practical, it makes sense to remove the public from such scrutiny. Why? Because from the start this man has been nothing more than a scam artist. Wake up Jean. Another false prophet.

    • I think, therefore I am a delussional kool-aid drinker says:

      “Only invited representatives of governments are allowed. Outside nothing will be seen.” In addition, these very important government people are sworn to an official, “secret squirrel oath” not to reveal who they are or what they witnessed.

      The Kashe Foundation is NOT selling plasma generators, they are feeding you BS for free. Those promoting Kashe are using the exact same methods anti-Conspirators use against truth-tellers. They just changed the words but the method and purpose are still the same; to discredit the truth-teller.

      Kool-aid drinker, delusional, stupid, who would believe that, grow-up -vs- you’re negative, I feel sorry for you, dark energy, cynical, we don’t need anything but feeling, we will send you love to help you.

      Some sheeple didn’t wake up, they just joined another herd.

  9. john says:

    Well Jean, today is the 21st. I waited patiently the past 11 days in anticipation of the “greatest disclosure of all time”. Yet, once again, that scam artist at the Keshe Foundation remains under a rock. Hey, has there been any new disclosure date set by this fraud? LMAO! Please…in good conscience…stop leading people to false hope. You should be ashamed of yourself and your new ageism. I doubt you’ll publish this one too. Maybe you’re in on the scam? Hugs.

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  11. ron says:

    It would not matter how much of little you took of this type of energy source( were it to work) and would have no bearing on what other people were using at the same time from separate supply units. as supply is infinite from earth field as it travels through space.

  12. Nora says:

    90,000 watts does seem a little excessive and downright scary! 😀

    • ron says:

      90,000 watts (90Kw) is the max amount said to be available subject to conditions, but you only take what you need. you have 14,000 (14Kw) available in the average uk house but only use about 5Kw + at any one time max.

      • Nora says:

        Thanks for explaining that – makes more sense now. If we only take what we need at any given point there should be plenty to go round.

  13. Nora says:

    There’s a guy called Patrick Flanagan working on the same technology.

    He’s been doing it for a while. Maybe he and Mr Keshe can get together.

  14. Trev says:

    I’m sorry, but as an engineer myself, I have to agree with Ron.
    I’m excited and HOPE that it’s for real. But I fail to see what is preventing him from displaying full technical proof of operation.

    • Jean says:

      Have you looked at any of his books? Also, he has another article about a conference in Africa coming up in October, I think. I’ve posted it . . . please check it out. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  15. dagger27 says:

    🙂 .. much love to you Jean … & gratitude 🙂

  16. dagger27 says:

    To Ron …

    No one wants to challenge the ‘reality’ you have chosen for yourself. The bolts & knots manual you seek is already within you. Divert your attention and intention inwards rather than here.

    Science and ‘philosophy’, (using your choice of terminology), are intertwined. You can’t advance in one while negating the other. Once you acknowledge that, you will realize that the foundation have decided to delay the release of detailed do it yourself manuals till negotiations with governments are concluded. .I believe they have a time cap on that.

    I also understood that all will be released, either in a controlled fashion and with the consent and assistance and contribution of Governments, (being the desired way forward of the foundation), or, in the absence of consent, they will be released directly to the global general public.

    As for other ‘skeptics’ out there ,, If your intention is genuine, then have patience and wait to see what happens next, hoping it’s all true for the benefit of humanity. No need to indulge in super negative remarks here, as they are counterproductive. Jean has made every effort, relentlessly i have to add, to explain the big picture, with grace and patience & love. If it resonates with you then that’s great. If it doesn’t, then I am really curious about your motivation to keep responding endlessly. I hope it’s not fear!

    For none genuine skeptics: Hope you earned your days keep today. Glad you’re getting something out of this. the ascension is ongoing with full force. nothing you or your masters can do to stop it.

    No energy bills Soon!! can’t wait!

    cherio 🙂

    • Jean says:

      Love your Comment! Well said, and thanks for your support! Hugs, ~Jean

      • ron says:

        ” Divert your attention and intention inwards rather than here.”
        Inwards will not help find out anything about the truth of if this information stands the test of science. how or what I feel about it does not matter only the FACTS matter to if it exists or not, a lot of people will be left with egg on their faces if it does not, or nothing is disclosed which I hopefully wrong inwardly believe. only time will tell.

  17. hmm says:

    This is that part of the internet where everybody wears tin foil hats. Come on the spelling mistakes alone should be enough of a give away. This is just some guy living in a basement that likes all the attention so he’s made up this fantasy story. There is no meeting, there is no technology, stop replying.

    • Jean says:

      Excuse me for suggesting that this shows your parochialism. The writer is brilliant and he is not writing in his own language, but trying to write in English for your benefit. Could you do as well in his language/ Your ignorance is like that of so many and is apalling. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • ron says:

        Bit over the top, but he does have a point all hype and no information to back it up. I have always wondered if the tin foil hats do actually work against whatever it is they are stopping but again would like to see proof by twins one wearing hat and one not to see if the hats have any effect. Without this I would consider it an act of faith to their effectiveness. as in this project.

        • Jean says:

          Ron, have you watched the film video, a lengthy interview of Keshe, which I recently supplied? I’m watching it now . . . and I suggest you might find it of great interest.If you do decide to watch it and have any thoughts to share, I’m sure we’d appreciate hearing them . . . Hugs, ~Jean


          • ron says:

            Could you please tell me and others… does it give full technical facts about exactly how these particular things work?( nuts and bolts approach) if so I will watch,( and may build one!) if it just says how good and wonderful it is and how it helps mankind ect without explaining the way then I feel I would be wasting my time as I will be enlightened but none the wiser.

          • Jean says:

            I’m sorry, but if you are not curious enough yourself to check it out, then you don’t deserve to know what he says. He has published books – have you even looked for them? I’m listening, and I’ve just put up a post about it, but unlike Keshe, it seems you want to be spoon fed. I find you sound to me like a very spoiled human being. You could perhaps use a little enlightenment!

          • ron says:

            I not spoiled far from it! I am very practical and have no time for fanciful thoughts when it comes to scientific and technical projects. my mentor when at school was a very clever senior engineer who had things such as projection TV (black and white) 1×2 meters picture! all equipment was hand built modified from other things. He spent time in a Japanese prisoner of war camp, and worked in many parts of the world. I used to go to army surplus stores to find parts for him in my early teens and help him build things from scratch. The one thing he impressed on me was ”keep your feet on the ground” facts not silly pie in the sky ideas which may work or not. I have worked in the repair and servicing and design of all sorts of electrical and electronic equipment ( computer related last 20 or so) over the past 50 years, meeting many people in all fields of science, trying to understand their work by asking them as technical questions as possible trying to understand answers given. Keshe would be a very interesting person to meet and speak to about his work on a technical level not to say for one second that have anything near to his intelligence or expertise but would know within a few minutes what was what about him and his work. I have a feeling that he has rubbed a few engineers up the wrong way by fobbing them off instead of answering their questions truthfully giving the IMPRESSION of a bullshitter or looking down on them .this has the effect of isolating yourself from the engineering community and not being taken seriously. I have been asked by very rich business men of my opinion of projects proposed and have told them I think this man is genuine or he does not know or is not and not to back him. I have also sold electronic equipment from manufacture to the military If the buyer from a particular government asks a question about the device and you do not give an exact answer which is questioned by his scientific adviser or are lacking in knowledge you loose the sale. So bottom line is HOW does it work!
            There is no point in watching a film unless it gives this answer in full. So could you or another reader let me know. Many thanks.

  18. Mark Hildesley says:

    Prana. I hope the forces that cause sharing, caring and peace prevail in this release.

  19. JC Therese says:

    This shall be a make or break oppurtunity, I just hope that there is enough peace conscious people out there to let this be something of a productive and evolutionary step. This is the greatest news I have heard all year long and I cant wait to see how this shapes the world. I hope the forces of light are working alongside those trying to make this public. Love & Light to all 🙂

  20. Philip H says:

    Is the electrified plasma in the gravity (or anti-gravity) engines within torrid fields?
    With or without torrid fields, do your fields negate inertia, subsequently negating G forces within the craft? If inertia is Zeroed out, a zero point drive (also nicknamed jump drive) would allow interstellar (and possible inter-dimensional) travel.

  21. Mick says:

    Just wondering …are we going to see designs for devices that will enable change or is it going to be a philosophy ?

    • Ohnwentsya says:

      I think perhaps the point is that only a change in philosophy(worldview, paradigm) will allow the plans for actual devices to productively be released and used.

      As long as the majority remain slaves to the idea of hierarchy and control, then that hierarchy and control are able to act to contain change and progress-for the moment.
      The more of us get beyond the tricks, the easier it will be to co-create solid physical changes.

      The tech in use by govt’s and militaries is nearly always 20-30 years AHEAD of the tech people see on the street. (remember when we all read about the SR-71 so excitedly like 3 years before it was completely decomissioned and canceled?;-)

      Odds are govt’s are aware of Keshe’s discoveries and just don’t want the rest of us to have access-not that the tech is unreal, it’s just a power balance issue.

      Thankfully, we have Anonymous;-) so all will prolly turn out well (Hacker ethic-“Information Wants to be Free!”) the power dialectic is shifting to power-within from hierarchy and Anon are a fabulous example of this(imho)

      They’ve released a lot of political secrets-maybe we need a petition to get them to start digging for the REAL gold;-)

      (Having a wonderfully silly vision of V from V for Vendetta sailing by on a levity device-that’s a graphic that needs to exist!)

      • Mick says:

        You cannot fly half way around the world in ten minutes on a “philosophy”.
        Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof …otherwise it’s just more talk.

  22. Gerry Rank says:

    I am with Ron on this one.

    Having dissected the site’s information in all areas from Keshe, there is no tried and true samples, workflow and/or proofs of their claims.

    These shoes can make you walk on water… Ok, great! Then show me a video of you walking on water with the shoes.

    I am all for scientific advances, and I truly hope that these findings are true. But let us break it down into greater understanding, and with that understanding and evidence will come more ‘techies’ to generate and spread this wisdom – if it is indeed wisdom.

    • ron says:

      At last somebody that puts what I was trying to say and point out simply. All the waffle on the Keshe site says everything, and nothing of a technical nature about the project that would want an engineer to tell fellows about it. I have no self importance, I am just pointing out to get the people who could make the world governments listen (engineers and scientists ) will take no notice until the technical information is released and stands up to scientific scrutiny. I would not waste my time here if I thought he was another crank but the information must be released before all credibility is lost. When this happens “they” will get rid of him one way or another.

      • Ohnwentsya says:

        Hi Ron,
        Have you read David Wilcock’s book The Source Field investigations? Once upon a time I was a physics major, and well versed in the technical, but of late I have had some health problems that limit my technical brain use:-/ so I have been unable to look up the studies he reports on or evaluate them effectively.
        IF they are as valid as they *sound* from his writing, then some of the studies quoted should give the technical background for the sort of things Keshe is proposing. Some were only published in Russia, but I assume since Wilcock was able to write about them-they must have been translated at some point!
        I have been pestering my less brain-challenged friends to read the book and discuss it with me, poke holes in things that I missed etc but have not yet had any do so. He does provide adequate citations at least in the few I looked at carefully, to look up his sources and evaluate the science. The book came out in paperback this summer so used copies under $10US should be possible to find (it is about $10 on amazon new) and is an interesting read-probably even more so for those who CAN carefully evaluate the sources and the science in more detail.
        There is an enormous amount of research in the book, so just for that it is worth reading imho-but it is the only place I have seen any hope of finding a real scientific reference for the science Keshe is promoting-short of the Russian science publications where some of the research was originally published;-)
        My intuition tells me a lot of the physics is quite possible-the only trouble thata really concerns me is the one mentioned frequently-the power of the moneyed interests who have always suppressed these things.

        The question seems to me-will the positive changes come fast enough to allow Keshe and others like him to get these things out and into production soon, or will we work slowly to create change from the bottom up-but still in the end get to the same tech just in 10 or 30 years instead of 2 or 3? My intentions and prayers are of course for the faster, happier course;-) but I will not lose hope or determination should the “Idiots in Charge” prove able to drag the feet just a bit longer Again.
        Just as from Tyco to Copernicus to Curiousity-the path will unfold as it should, whether fast or slow…;-)

        • ron says:

          This is the whole point of my replies all the research has allegedly been done by keshe no need to do again. Releasing it in full here would let everybody have the information allowing people to build the devices so the big companies and military would no longer have the power and hold over the people. very simple thing to do for him if this his only agenda. the none discloser and waffling makes me wonder, if not WHY not?

          • Jean says:

            Ron, you’re asking us to do your research for you, and I find this to be incredible! Go to Keshe’s website. Communicate with them directly. Why us? This is plain crazy! Hugs, ~Jean

          • ron says:

            I am not asking them to do any research for me, just pointing out they have it all (allegedly) wanting everybody in the world to have it and then not releasing it… very strange.. If I had this information ( verified and tested working, not just saying it did) and wanted as they say everybody to have it free I would not patent or anything else just send copies to people embassies of all countries and universities all over the world by email and fax and normal mail. Also put on websites hosted in different counties. This would all be done in a very short time no warning so could not be suppressed or intercepted.
            This or similar not being done suggest another hidden agenda or wanting money not to release which make him like the rest IF this is the case.

      • I think, therefore I am a delussional kool-aid drinker says:

        Why hasn’t Keshe been capped off by the CIA mafia since his disclosure has the potential destroy the elite’s energy cartel and their entire world? And… Keshe’s like a tripple death magnet; Iranian, scientist, and disciplined in nuclear something — Yet, he lives. How can this possibly be? There’s only one answer that makes to most sense. He’s not a threat. That’s what I conclude. His purpose was a no-brainer only because…(must refrain – someone may find it offensive).

  23. Ron Chapman says:

    G’day Jean,
    Luv ya work. Your grasp of the truth appears to be spot on. We are indeed on the cusp of great change which will see the removal of the Darkside and disclosure of the truth to humanity. As that happens (and the Keshe revelations are a tiny insight into that) it will become apparent to all that we live and have our being in a sea (matrix) of lies which includes virtually all conventional (ie mind controlled) wisdom about science and everything else. Those who cling to their false, mind controlled paradigms will find it difficult to accept not only Keshe’s revelations about plasma technology but much other truth about life, the universe and everything. So be it. After all, this is a free will world in a free will universe.
    Those interested in discussion of the wider aspects of the end of Kali Yuga and humanity’s progress through the 4th dimension and into the 5th may find information on the Abundant Hope website of interest. The url is:
    Love and Blessing to all,

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  25. This, the Keshe Foundation is what we all have be waiting for and we know that they are up against the most destructive forces on earth, being the OiL Giants, Big Pharma, Industrial Military Complex, Weapons Dealers, etc. so All of us need to send forms, set to go on this sight, and spread the word!! We cannot sit back and hope that someone else will do the needed work to inform our friends, family and communities. I am so excited and have been wondering when this
    was going to take place, well here we are!! The time is now, please help in any way you can, they
    will need our help.
    In Love and Light
    Yvonne 🙂

    • ron says:

      I would be happy to spread news to many people I know but ONLY when I have verified it to be true and workable.. so far all I see is how good it is and what it will do without a shred of technical details or evidence which from my own high level of technical and others knowledge I will be able to come to my own conclusions. until then I cannot recommend or pass on for fear of losing my and others credibility no matter how good this all seems to be and hopefully is, as I have seen things like this come to nothing when all revealed. All science is repeatable under test conditions and must be demonstrated to be believed trusted and approved.

      • david pirie says:

        Why not simply explore the Foundation’s site, view it all and determine at that time whether you wish to keep this information to yourself or discuss it with others? If you feel you “don’t have the time”, well then, I know of nobody who’s gonna force-feed it to you; hopefully, your curiosity & professional interest lead you to treat yourself to a true (potentially) mind expanding exploration!

        Peace Light Love a dave

      • Jean says:

        Ron, I’ve already responded to your other comment. Let me suggest that your background is largely intellectual, but there is a whole other area of our beings we are being invited to use: our hearts. HeartMath at Stanford has now proved that our heart has brain cells, and that it has far more energy than our brains, which are usually involved with our egos. The new paradigm into which we are moving is all about living in our hearts, not our heads. (These two words are sort-of casual words we use to express the difference.) Our brains have been split, and are now being rejoined, as we move from a Duality consciousness into a Unity consciousness. Eventually, for those of us who are able to make the paradigm shift, we will literally think from our hearts and use our brain in service to our hearts. Our lives will no longer be lived in fear and separation in service to self, but will be lived from a place of love in service to others. It’s all quite amazing, really!

        What you see happening around you is the collapse of civilization as we have known it in order to make space for the new, higher vibrational earth. As a species, we vibrate at the same level as earth, and those of us who raise our vibrations along with her will simply travel with her into the new paradigm. The indigenous people understand all this and remember it as a part of their history. They are our key to making it through. . . They have understood the quantum field for centuries, but not perhaps by that name 🙂 They understand how to use it to create. They understand it is the connection between God and Science.

        If you have any interest, I have incredible videos by Nassim Haramein an award winning physist here on my blog that you would likely enjoy. Here are some links:

        – Nassim Haramein: We are the Center of Creation – thanks to R.
        Posted on July 14, 2012
        This, I believe, is what Drunvalo teaches. ~J Uploaded by SupremeMasterTV14 on Jun 14, 2011 • EE1194; Aired on 21 Dec 2009 This is the second part of an interview with Mr. Nassim Haramein, a pioneering physicist who further developed Einstein’s knowledge into … Continue reading →

        – Nassim Haramein – Sacred Geometry & Unified Fields – FULL VERSION – I can’t wait to watch this! Thanks to L.
        Posted on July 12, 2012
        You simply MUST WATCH at least the first 15-20 minutes of this! This is such a wonderful presentation: you will laugh and laugh! Hugs, ~Jean Uploaded by imzaiaTV on Nov 24, 2011 At the Nexus Conference in July 2010, physicist Nassim Haramein presented … Continue reading →

        – Nassim Haramein: ‘Earth-sized space-ships crash into Sun [2011 ©]
        Posted on March 17, 2012
        I’ve been following Nassim for several years. His work is so exciting! This is the video mentioned in John Kettler’s post, ETs/EDs–Overview On Stargates ~J Uploaded by KnewWorldNoing on Nov 15, 2011 Original: Nassim Haramein has spotted Earth Sized UFOS and he think … Continue reading →

        – Nassim Haramein with New Energy Movement AMAZING! – and we can understand it!
        Posted on March 10, 2012
        Give Nassim a chance to begin to open a door for you . . . he is here for us right now! ~J

        – Nassim Haramein – Science behind the Unified Field & Its applications
        Posted on February 11, 2012
        Posted in Science and technology (including the connection between science and spirituality), Spiritual

        • ron says:

          The touchy feely side of things ( for want of a better way of putting it) has its own place but this idea/device is pure science and must be proved to work. your method of approach likens to thinking about why your car will not start one morning in the cold. but does not matter how much you do so it still wont work, nor will you get any closer to finding out why. But if you know how it works then you can check things and will quickly find out what is wrong and how to fix. this is science and each time you do it and find correct answer will always work the same. The device being talked about must work like this so when it is explained will be understood until then nobody will take notice of an undemonstrated un publicly proven idea.

    • david pirie says:

      Well said!
      Light Love a dave

      • ron says:

        looking and reading the site is like a very good novel or work of science fiction. what I and other technical people want to read is the instruction, service or workshop manual.

        • Jean says:

          Ron, I would suggest you go to the Keshe site for this. We here are not involved any longer in the intellectual aspects so much as we are involved in the ‘feeling’ aspects of our lives, from which we cleverly have been shut off for far too long. It is our feelings that affect the quantum field, and as we come to understand this, we use our brain in service to our feelings, not the other way around. What this means is that we do not necessarily look to others for how to live and direct our lives, because the answer to this lies within each one of us. We do not need an instruction manual, because it lies within each of us. When we clear our traumas, we then have clear and direct access to the quantum field, to the field of human consciousness, and eventually we will have it to the akashic records, as well – although some already have accessed these records. It’s like the 100th monkey idea: when enough people figure it out, we will all just somehow ‘know’ it, because it will stored be in our general consciousness as a species . . . I hope I’ve shared my thoughts with some clarity, but if I haven’t there is a rather large book/reading list here on my blog.

          For specific info about Keshe’s work, I would suggest, however, that you check the Foundation’s site.


          • ron says:

            I was referring to the Keshe site not your blog, about lack of hard technical information against self serving statements, without a shred of hard factual proof.

        • david pirie says:

          Thinking you might need to move up in ranking in YOUR paradigm – if this foundation is being spurned internationally due to refusal of the “Bosses” to allow their powers to be usurped, how to you manage to see yourself in such a fantasy of self-importance – I will wish you clarity!

          Peace Love Light a dave

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  27. Reblogged this on The Flooring Craftsman and commented:
    This doesn’t have anything to do with flooring but I find it very interesting

  28. OzzieThinker says:

    This is quite bizarre. Can the scientists be trusted though? Look at the problems Lloyd Pye has had with his starchild project, although he has said once the ‘fear erodes’ we will see a domino effect towards reason. How will it be distributed to enable free use? A lot of people will want access.

    My fear is there is not a single government in the world that isn’t corrupt to the core. I used to network with many politicians and diplomats and they are all in it for the money or “prestige” [same thing]. However, I think the global “heart” is ready for this with the terrible situations that have been commercially engineered around the world.

    Unquestionably fantastic news. I believe the light forces are strong enough to pull this off.

    • Jean says:

      Please make sure to read my follow-up post: The world peace invitation and release of technology: The 2nd international presentation: How to become an axis of evil . . . I REGARD THIS ARTICLE AS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE ANNOUNCEMENT ITSELF! ~J Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • OzzieThinker says:

        Reading a few of the comments here there seem to be three defining “camps”. The first are those who are ignorant and either interested or skeptical. The second are formed by engineers with some understanding of current thermo-technologies. And the third seem to be claiming they are not just “aware of” but “use” these technologies as part of a ‘secret’ society.

        NASA knows exactly how UFO’s work. By UFO’s I mean the super speed non terrestial craft. They know that these crafts can convert into a form of light energy and then back to matter. In light form the weight of the each vehicle is almost zero (theorically less than a proton) and hence travel at speeds higher than warp is not only possible, but plausible. David Icke has acted more as an ‘information conduit’ than producing anything original, but his coordinated opinion is that an upright “intelligent” reptile being exists [in quantity] somewhere on or in this planet. Corroborated by “abduction” accounts where these things “appear out of thin air” it suggests that Icke is right in his conclusion of their residence in the 4th dimension – or pure light form. Nicolai Levashov in his compelling book “Russian History Behind Distorted Mirrors” questions whether Hu-man Beings could make the transition to higher dimensions to access the [destroyed?] stargate network (mentioned in the Vedic texts – Perun and so on). The deeper question is, are all Human Beings the same Annunaki-Ape genetically modified stock or do “we” consist of a number of original sources?

        I also have exposure to technical thermo-dynamics and believe that a paradigm shift in thinking could produce amazing results. If inspirations like Tesla and Rife can stumble across things to “invent” why can’t someone else? Indeed, the very fact it never existed before doesn”t mean it can’t exist. If that were the case we would still be living in caves – or according to “popular history” at least. I do not just wish you good luck. I wish you tenacity and skill to beat the dangerous [commercial/political] elements who will wish to ruin or marginalise what you are about.

        • Jean says:

          OT, I think science is on our side and that we will succeed. Humanity is at the end of The Age, the end of a 26,000 year cycle, and we are getting ready to make a huge leap in consciousness. This is what happens at the beginning of a New Age, so we will have the ability to win this battle in which we are engaged. Our bodies are changing from carbon-based to crystal based. Our DNA will soon begin to function properly. The high vibrational energy coming from the sun and from the photon belt through which we are presently travelling is helping to awaken people and to make the difference. This is just a very simple statement of the changes we are experiencing as people, and I have not even mention the healing of trauma that we are going through – since it is not possible to live in the higher dimensions with such wounds. . . I do hope you will follow our efforts – and perhaps join us! Hugs, ~Jean

  29. Mick says:

    I work with Superconductors and wonder if this is some type of scam. Cynical as it may be …experience would say this is BS…I know our Government (NZ) wouldn’t even reply to your type of offer to show them new tech.
    How do I get a copy of what you release ,when it happens ?

    • Jean says:

      Mick, I think you need to investigate this subject more deeply to understand that it is not BS. Past experience is not going to give you answers any longer. There is a shift taking place on the planet, and the changes are beginning to appear all over. I hope you will read the other article I published The world peace invitation and release of technology: The 2nd international presentation: How to become an axis of evil . . . I REGARD THIS ARTICLE AS FAR MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE ANNOUNCEMENT ITSELF! ~J – because it will help remove the BS picture you presently see . . .

      As far as getting a report, I’m following the story, and I hope to continue to report it, but I am not in direct contact with Keshe. You can always check at their website. Hugs, ~Jean

      • Mick says:

        Can you recommend any links to “investigate” ? Thanks in advance.

      • I think, therefore I am a delussional kool-aid drinker says:

        I investigated The Kashe Foundation and what they are selling is not plasma generators, or Magrav(?) powered flying saucers. If one is confussed about the real purpose of this article then ask yourselves, what are the goals of the NWO and methods used would accomplish their purpose? If anyone has logical arguments pertaining to my statement, I’m open – educate me. If, on the otherhand, your argument is ad hominem, then don’t waste your time because I have no intention of enteraining nonsense.

        • OzzieThinker says:

          This is plausible and possible, but knowing the antics of the NWO it is more likely to present “hot air” prevelent at alternative media sources such as infowars dot com. This is not to say “all” contributers to infowars are “NWO plants” but a chunck of them are and Alex Jones ‘Zion funding’ is beyond question.

          I have many educated friends in the engineering space and I once worked for Rockwell. Keshe now has a reputation and many are waiting for “something” to happen. All are waiting for hot air to kool or something big to materialise. As this would wreck commerce “as it stands”, I could only see the NWO vigorously and violently using any means to shut down operations. Therefore, I would like to be part of this and side with Keshe as it is about time someone stood up to the NWO SOB’s.

          My advice to all those associated with Keshe is the only way you will pull this off is to upset the applecart. You can forget “profits” or prophets for that matter because Zion will be dead. It is also important to add, and you may already be aware of this, that if some of the “string pullers” are not of this place and can see beyond infantile human nature, you may also create an “other worlds” catalyst.

          Let me know where I need to be and I’ll be there.

    • david pirie says:

      I would hope the same sources that bring us these messages will continue, so perhaps we should all of us, subscribe and follow “2012 Scenario” and Jean’s blog!

      Peace Love Light a dave

  30. Alex says:

    Any updates on this?

  31. Ryan says:

    This is amazing. Advanced energies is possibly the most interesting topic to me in the world. In 2007 I went to a small college for Alternative Energies only to find that if you have a working non-fossil fuel energy device you will not get a patent, you will be demeaned by the science community and even possibly murdered for your efforts. If this article is correct then we supporters for clean renewable energies are in for a true treat. I am both elated to read this and frightened to see how the trillion dollar energy companies will battle to eradicate this technology.

    • Jean says:

      No, they will go along and make the shift into the new energy . . or be shut down. Times are a changing, Ryan, so be patient and start informing yourself on all of this. What exciting times we are living in! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Linda MC says:

        Jean listening to all of this gives me new hope, I’ve been reading about and following the Keshe for months now and trying to figure out how it will be put into affect. Reading peoples discussions and your answers on this makes me a believer. But when will this happen in the US? Please I want to know.

  32. Jean says:

    I removed your initial comment because like this one it doesn’t merit publication. Your words are negative, but you give no facts to back up your statements. What you utter is merely a dark opinion, and that isn’t good enough for us here. Sorry! Hugs, ~Jean

  33. Jean says:

    Yes, and your name says it all : ObamaDaNigga! Please, don’t come back!

  34. ron says:

    The major world governments will never let you release this information because it reduces their power over the people. The worst thing that could have been done is to apply for any sort of patient. When you apply for a patent and it has any sort of military use the said government will take it from you with threat of imprisonment for even telling anybody about it. The ONLY way to get this information to the people is to put on the internet in many places in full as quickly as possible before they make you and it disappear forever, as has been done to people that try to release this sort of information in the past. which is why it has not heard of before. So put up, release the information straight away or as I believe will happen you will quietly disappear and be debunked like those before you that tried to help the world. That is of course if as everybody reading asks is this another load of rubbish? Prove them wrong release worldwide without delay and stop being naive in what they tell you.

    • Jean says:

      This is your opinion only, and let me say that in my opinion the major world governments are soon all going down, so I think they won’t have too much to say about the whole thing. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • ron says:

        Let me put this another way without being negative to what I hope you will truly achieve with your plan.
        If I were the head of a multimillion corporation/s or country/government that made its fortune from supplying energy of the present type and being totally ruthless in business, do you really think with all my wealth and power I would let you put this on the market? (playing agent provocateur, IN A REAL WORLD not wanting to stop you, the very opposite) I would order my “people” make this thing disappear by discrediting or any means possible legal or OTHERWISE , and the people concerned with it. This is why I urge you to release all this information into the public domain NOW before it is too late.
        Through my work as an electrical engineer I have met people of the sort I am talking about and seen them in action. These people would make the villains in a james bond film seem like nursery school teachers! Whilst to the outside world kind considerate people. you are a threat to their way of life/power/wealth which they will not allow at any cost. Putting this as mildly as possible as on a public board and to make it clear, your wellbeing and everybody concerned with the company is at risk until the information is fully in the public domain.( that is unless the sceptic in me of these things says it is not true, which I do not believe but have seen no proof otherwise)

      • david pirie says:

        So correct again, Joan – you’ve nailed it for them! Fear not, timorous Seekers and Wonderers (you Wanderers as well)!
        The Evolution Revolution is upon us and has come too near to fulfillment to be stopped!
        IT IS! It’s a done deal! The manifestations are out there already, obvious to those of us, like Jean, who have freedom from the “blinders” we have all worn since we were 6 years of age!
        There is one thing that ‘blinders’ cannot hide, and that THING is the Divinity of Humanity,
        or as we say, “human spirit”.

        As these changes become ‘bigger’ or ‘more important in scale’, the Light of Truth will burn through the ‘blinders’ afflicting us – these truths will become obvious to even the permanently blind (probably = to 60? or 80? percent of humans over 40 years of age).
        Among those of you under 40, HOPE still exists for ALL – try to move fear from your “diet”
        because we are what we eat. Keep on a regimen of optimism, hope, Love of Family and Trust in the Divinity of Gaea and Creation.

        Namaste a dave

  35. Scott says:

    I am positively convinced the us already has this technology I. Some form or another, gravity control tech has been done since the late 50s imagine how much more has been learned I’m 60 years. If they did not have it, then they surely would already from Capturing keshe in Canada and stealing his knowledge. Keshe has admitted the us and many other governments have known about his work for years, they just don’t want all nations to posess this knowledge. This kind of physics has been suppressed over the years extremely well, but I believe they are loosing their grip of control and I am surprised keshe is still alive and able to conti ue his work
    He has a good plan for bringing this out in the open I hope it works

    I am a member of the keshe forum and follow the goings on in the organization.
    Even the members have not heard any feedback yet on the meeting on sept 6th, but it will come forth when they have sorted it out.

    • Jean says:

      Scott, the fact is that they don’t have it – if you read some of the info, you will see why they don’t want the rest of the world to have – because then they lose their power. This is oversimplified, of course, but you can get the idea. . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Scott says:

        I have studied and researched advanced and suppressed tech for several years. There have been thousands of “black budget” projects in the works for many decades.
        I know trustworthy people that have been ob the inside of these and am convinced they are real. I understand the physics behind many of the discoveries these organizations have brought forth. The US is only one of the many nations that have been involved with these technologies. I think keshe is working from a more basic understanding of what matter really is and when you fully understand the fundamentals, you can start to play and create some wonderful as well as very dangerous things
        Part of the reason this tech has been suppressed is because of the dangers of terrorists and other mentally disturbed people that would not hesitate to use it for harm and their own psychotic agendas. Most people are good but there are still a lot out there that are not and they are the ones that are truly keeping this technology away from everyone else.
        That and the fear the controllers of them. It’s a double edged sword. Most of us deserve it,but a lot should never have it. There is a lot to think about with the release of this tech, it’s not as simple as many seem to think.
        Try and think what could happen to jobs, security for our families…etc you have to know fully the good AND bad aspects before just saying “give it to everyone”
        Not everyone deserves it.

  36. Scott Anderson says:

    2/3rds of the world economy runs indirectly off the oil sector. Any change has to happen over a century not a few years otherwise chaos will ensue the world. The energy is nothing new and the Keshe Foundation is not the inventor nor the first to disclose information. Magnetic Field Energy generation systems have been quietly used for some time. Sadly the laws of Physics have to be rewritten to allow for full acceptance of the field. But expect major resistance as it becomes a major risk to the old ideals and 2/3rds of the world economy. The goal will only be obtained when realized the process has to happen over a longer period of time.

    • Jean says:

      Sorry, Scott, the changes to the planet are coming – rapidly. We are at the end of a 26,000 year cycle, and there is going to be a huge shift in our consciousness level, very, very soon! I think you maybe need to do a little catching up. There’s a huge amount of info to take in . . . 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • david pirie says:

        Dear Jean – i would like to know (i am a tech-primitive, computer-illiterate person) how we might establish 1-on-1 contact! We obviously have mutual understandings of our
        possibilities (on many levels) as a species in our Cosmos!

        How can we “meet” in this “E-world? I have finally been able to fold my tent on my anger,
        confusion and guilt, I have (temporarily?) been able to put aside my “mission” of info
        gathering on now permit myself the comfort of knowing I have all the fact-gathering done
        and it is time for me to bask in the security of the comfort of knowing many Truths!
        I am, assuredly, not knowing of all Truths, but I’m in Peace at this point and looking to share.
        Peace unto you. Love Light
        Namaste, Jean a dave

        • Jean says:

          Dave, I appreciate your wanting to be in contact, but at the moment I’m so busy I probably don’t have the time. I have emails sitting on my desktop from close personal friends that arrived a couple weeks ago, and I haven’t even had time to acknowledge them. I’m sorry, but I ask you to understand my situation. This is a one-person blog, and I have a one-person life, which involves two dogs. This means that if I don’t do it, it doesn’t get done.

          There is much interesting info here for you – hopefully a sort-of history of these times and the discoveries we are making about our ‘real’ history, etc., and I hope you will avail yourself of it. . .


  37. holycross1 says:

    Over the last 40 years of this life. I have heard so many tell me why they are the ones to follow in pattern. My mother was one of those. She was wrong. She tried killing me several times while in a drugged stuper growing up. I thought of her as a safe place. That makes me stupid. I woke up and here I am alive and working hard at trying to make my family thrive in ways that I don’t understand. Because I have lost faith in everyone that has been in a place of authority in my life. Mom was an addict everyone loved. She was a great dual personality. My Stepfather? He had his hands full with his wife. The preachers? They loved being moral but wanted to touch my sister. The school authorities? They wanted sexual favors for letting my sister have success in school un abated. She quit school. The police? they took bribes and helped make sure the worst people were protected while they terrorised everyone else. The folks across the street raised their kids to perversion. And I was raped. The responce? Keep it to yourself.
    My Father? we were kept from each other, its late and the distance is great. We could build on something great only with the kind of tech you illude to.
    Haveing said that.
    I have read so many false hope filled statements that never came to “light”, that I want to believe, but I can’t. I just can’t do it anymore.
    I am supposed to believe all these people who want to say “Man is bad, man is wasteful, man should pay” are any better then me? Then my family? Because my ignorant self righteous leaders might not do whats right according to what you blogged?
    They don’t represent me! They have never had a selfless thought! I don’t see race or country anymore then you illude to seeing. But I will watch my family suffer and parish if my “Leaders” don’t do the right thing?
    Maybe I am reading it wrong. But Its clear that I want to believe in this as good. But help me my unbelief. I just can’t give you my energies. As all the ones I have had to say they would be there, never were. All actors building a congregation on a “pie in the sky” lie. But evil at the core in denial.
    I will not wait for, or hope, for you to be there when you say you will. I must do for my family. Myself died a long time ago. The me that writes you now is full of fear, yes. But would believe for this if I could believe it.
    If I am one that needs to be removed then make it quick. I don’t want my kids to see it coming. Karma has made me pay over and over for the actions of others. I suffer for my actions in previous lives to, I am sure. All while living in the “free world”. What a joke.
    It would be nice if what you say comes to pass for many. But I am not able to give much more then this pitiful excuse for you not to fall short or even fraudulent on your words. That would be a great crime.
    Forgive me for not pretending to be happy about this. Forgive me my unbelief. I wish I could.

    • Jean says:

      I want to reply, but I can’t right now. YOur words demand more than a quick answer, and I haven’t the time. Let me say, I’ve almost been where you are . . . and I can tell you that all you have is hope . . .

      Love and hugs,

    • DavidG says:

      The only cure past mysery is the happiness of now. You have already been forgiven and your lesson here on is forgivness. I wish you the very best, your message touched me deeply.

    • Linda says:

      Know that you are not alone. There are other wanderers who do not have a place in this world. There Is a place for you. Keep seeking. It will not be found in the prince of this world. But there is a Door. You are not alone. You just don’t see your fellow travelers. But we are here.

    • Ohnwentsya says:

      Please check out and if you can, do the exercise at the link. I have also experienced much of what you describe and my heart hurts for your state of suffering. Consider that rather than paying for past bad actions, you may have in fact CHOSEN to experience much suffering in this life, either to accelerate your growth, or to as the Buddha did, take on and heal others karma-you never know completely on “this side” but have to trust that you have the strength and Love within you to overcome, to heal, to reach that Joy that now seems so illusory and lost.
      No matter whether M. Keshe is providing what is promised, or not, you do have the power to heal and help co-create a joyful and loving world where the things that happened to you and your family are only bad memories from the old world.
      LOVE is everywhere, in everything-we have only to wake up to it, accept it and allow it to heal our (often deep and seemingly intractable) wounds.
      There are so many of us, and the numbers grow every day! LOVE is more powerful than murder, rape, hierarchy, control, war-all of those things are just FEAR manifest by those who have lost their way, and imagined they could be separate from God, Universe, Oneness of All.

      Deep in your heart, beyond and behind the pain, the fear, the awful memories there still lives a shining child, filled with Love, Light and Hope untarnished by life’s harshness. You can find that child, feel that connection with Unity and Creator-even if at first the feeling is so faint and difficult to reach. Keep reaching for it, it is there.

      I have not watched the movie “What Dreams May Come” for years, but while writing this, I felt a tug to tell you to watch it, if you can find it maybe at the library? It is a story about the power of Love to overcome all the horror, pain and negativity-not abstract Love as we often seem to refer to it, but the love of an ordinary man for his family, and the love of ordinary children for their parents-that love you feel, or at least act upon even if you can’t feel it all the time-for your family is a lifeline you can follow back to all that is good.

      As my Mom always says “don’t let the bastards wear you down!” because that is what brutalization, poverty and the daily horrors we face in colonized society are-a planned effort by the cabal to wear us all down so we give up and don’t reach the new world they know is coming to end their ridiculous reign of cruel and stupid.
      Love and Blessings,

      • Holycross1 says:

        I have ,since last I wrote, found some peace in the madness I constantly see in the world around me.
        I can’t say I have found a child. A corpse of the one I could have been maybe.
        It almost seems more fitting to bury the kid and leave the grave unmarked. I feel like he half died the first time Mom tried to smother me at one. My sister was the guardian that pulled her from me in time. I survived in flesh, but I feel like I really died that night and every other time she directly tried while growing up. The blood shed at one point almost finished me at 6 or 7. I have lost so many years in my memory its hard to nail down anymore.
        The truth is not always so easy to nail down on what safe really is, or feels like. I have felt what seemed like stillness with no cold or warmth. Even fear was at a distance. But it felt disturbing in a way that is unique and exquisite in it sown way. Not that it was bad. but it was “void” for lack of a better word. But I took it for what it was. That has happened since my early 20’s a hand full of times.
        Its not something I look back on with longing, but curiosity? Those times lasted all of an hour at most.
        But I have a tendency to want to forget I existed then, and get on with my existence now. But just like I never bury that young self in that unmarked grave, I can’t forget. If I forget then great. But it flashes back in bytes. It does not want to be left alone. I can’t explain why.
        But lately, after dealing directly with some health issues that blindsided me, and making adjustments to correct what I thought were healthy lifestyle choices. I have found my mind clearing up. And the clutter of thoughts that I have no memory of being without, ever, has let up enough to let me see my state a little better.
        My family is readjusting to me. My kids are not as afraid of me. Even though I have not been abusive. I have been an emotional firecracker. My wife has been afraid I would drop dead from emotional heart issues. LOL.
        I made my family fear me I guess. I am happy to say that I am getting it under control.
        But I have still no idea what “right” is. I have no gauge or concept of what it feels like, or looks like from any POV I have held.
        In spite of all that. I have been meditating more in whatever way is natural to me at the time I feel the need to. I have found a way to feel alive a little more each time.
        I am a creative type of person. And I try to express myself as honest and real as I can in what I create. Because I feel like what I create will give another like myself something to grab onto and survive.
        I still think I would have been spared a lot of pain that I have endured and will endure, had I died as a child. If given a choice to go back, I would honestly choose to end my life as a child in the flesh.
        But I didn’t die. I survived for whatever reason. I don’t have to know either. But if it happened to me, then its happening to others. Its a silent hell where no one ever hears the screaming to know that help is needed. Not the neighbor’s, teachers, cops, caregivers. Nobody.
        But if I can create something that give some comfort and escape from the reality they are dealing with..Then that’s what I will do if possible.
        I think this “free power” would help change the landscape if its real. And if it really gets to be used.
        But I realize now that I don’t need to give this my energy or focus. Because if its what the article claims it is. Nothing will keep it from eventually becoming a reality for all.
        But my energy just feels like it needs to be flooding the reality of those caught in the hell storm’s that try to cripple and destroy very stubborn lives that refuse to be snuffed out and silenced by whatever forces are at work.
        I am not “fixed” by any means. But I feel like I have an important brick to add to what ever it is being built for mankind. A life ring for the ones drifting unnoticed and tossed by the waves of imposed circumstances, if you will.
        I am not up to the task in my mind. But in my heart, I am being directed that way.
        I won’t be rehashing this old comment again, as I need to move on. But I felt I needed to address it for some reason.
        Not out of the woods yet. But then I don’t think I was ever meant to make it out without bringing others.
        Peace and Safety.

        • Jean says:

          Friend, I read every single word you wrote – and I really, really resonated with your words. My life was also difficult. I think you wrote it for the reason that it is healing to share your experience with others. I don’t why or how it works, but when we share, when we realize there are others out there like us, who have had simply terrible experiencesand survived them, when someone ‘hears’ us – maybe for the first time in our lives, and we understand that we are not alone anymore and that we can survive the most horrible of experiences – and eventually thrive, it becomes an act that heals.

          I’m glad you found us, and I hope you will return and find a place for yourself here with our little family!

          Love and hugs to you,

          • OzzieThinker says:

            I have located Keshe’s forum/blog and have made a request to to participate in discussions. No reply has been forthcoming in the best part of a month. I am still intrigued by the alleged discovery of the Vimana lodged in a stargate in Afghanestan. That was reported Feb 2011 originating from a Russian propaganda stream, but I think it is significant and the general “feeling” is the basis of the story is largely correct. Some significant changes are suggesting the “pot” is about to boil and I am not sure Keshe’s involvement with Iran is a healthy thing. Deep questions such as, are “pure blood” Israelites large grey/human hybrids (i.e. large grey/neanderthal/annunaki)? It is known that the US already possesses many super technologies, but most in “cooperation” (sic) with ET’s. As the Israelites stole the annunaki doctrine and rebadged it for their own control purposes, I do not see progressions heading towards new age enlightenment. They appear to be going the other way. There is paranoia that the sheeple are waking up too fast, but as the majority are as dumb as ever the theatre is comedic. It would still be good to talk to Kashe directly.

        • ohnwentsya says:

          Thank you for sharing your experience with us. It is often hard to find and walk your path when spirit feels fractured by trauma such as you have experienced. It seems from your words that you have found and are walking your path, as many of us who have experienced the depths of what 3d/duality can be, you create your own healing thru bringing healing toward others in need.

          I feel like many of us who have experienced trauma and horror did choose our path, even to the deepest of dark experiences because once we can contain it, we can heal it, we can be the living channel between Source/Creator/Void and all living beings who still suffer.

          It is not an easy path, I honor you for your strength and determination in staying to walk it, and extend that line of healing and hope to those who are still lost in the darkness such trauma can create.

          As long as there are angels who choose to stand in their strength and truth, and reach back to aid those who suffer, none shall ever be abandoned, even as we were not. The Universe is made of love, and even in the depths of duality, separation, and suffering there are always threads of that love within us, and extended to us from those who care.

          When the experiences can be contained in the stillness, in clear awareness of the open heart, eventually the pain dissolves and only love and awareness remain.

          Sometimes the path to that place seems endlessly long, but I feel we are all getting closer every day-there is help and healing in abundance for us all now, so even as you reach back to those still suffering, reach up to those further along the path to receive the healing extended to you even as you extend it on to those further behind.

          Blessings to you on your path, you are not alone. We are all surrounded by so much love now, even tho the ability to feel the love, the joy and all of the good things we read about often feels broken by trauma, the love is still there and as we walk our paths and work to heal and spread healing to other living beings, the love and the joy will penetrate beyond the walls built by living nightmares.


  38. ickytwerp39 says:

    It became obvious to me some time ago the US and Israel are bluffing concerning any Iran attack.
    “Quite a poker face you got there. You look like you’ve got a scorpion crawling up your leg”

    Rough quote from George Burns in some movie

  39. Peter says:

    Could someone please post the plans for the coke bottle generator? I would like to build one here to see it work for myself.

    • Lann says:

      In order for the Coke bottle generator to work, you’d have to get some of the KT liquid from the Keshe Foundation. That’s what they used to start the process.

  40. Jeff says:

    How wonderful this could be! The spirit of Tesla would rejoice. Yet I have the same concerns as reaper. Here in the US, our “powers that be” are working full throttle to turn our nation into a dictatorial, micromanaged and completely evil police state. I am personally experiencing this at my workplace, it is very real. They want Borg drones. What would they do with this technology?

    • Lann says:

      Yes, the “Conspiracy” is real. Have you been following the activities of the “good guys” lately? Much activity is happening to shut down the evil Cabal.

      I believe “they” (Cabal) do have this type of technology and have had it for about 80 years. However they cannot use it in view/knowledge of the public or they’d lose their power positions. The “cat would be out of the bag”. So, they are caught in a very narrow usage of it for public means. However, underground and space usage is wide open for them.

    • david pirie says:

      Think not like this, Jeff! It is not in the US that this is being done – it is being done in every village, town, province, prefecture, burg, nation – in every nook and cranny of our planet! and prolly other worlds as well!
      i am a dave

  41. Mary says:

    I love this man…we all want the same thing…peace…the energy and spirit of war is over….this will be monumental!
    Thanks Jean for posting!

  42. David says:

    Why not show us an example of this technology in a video. Kind of like, put up or shut up. Sounds more like 2012 garbage to me.

    • Jean says:

      David, if you would look beyond your nose a bit and visit their site, you will see they have some mind-boggling videos about the work they’re doing! Must everything be handed to you on a silver platter? Hugs, ~Jean

    • Jean says:

      David, there are some incredible videos at the Keshe site – have a look for yourself!! I can’t ‘give’ you everything – think out of the box a bit, please. . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • ickytwerp39 says:

      Howdy ,David!
      If Thomas Edison thought like that, we’d all be watching gas television!
      Rough quote from Grandpa Munster
      I am on a ROLL!

    • Lann says:


      Patience, the weight reduction videos and energy production videos are coming this year. Keep visiting the Keshe Foundation website for the latest offerings. In the mean time, study the tech info on the site and, if you have the means, get Mehrans’ books (especially the 1st one) and discover how it’s all done.

  43. Isobel Howse says:

    Our thoughts and emotions create our future, so lets be very careful of them. I’m completely confindent that someone of the calibre of Keshe has every reason to have decided on the path that has been described so let us support it wholeheartedly.

  44. I know for a fact that the UK government declined to send a representative because I e-mailed the Keshe invite to the ambassador in Belgium on 4 September and got an immediate ‘failure of delivery’ notice back. Suspicious that the message was being deliberately blocked, I e-mailed Keshe to see if anyone else had reported anything similaar and I immediately received the following response from the website coordinator, C de Roose:

    “We have recived a no as answer for this invitation of the event on 6 September the Ninove .
    And yes it is getting blocked by the Ambassador.”

    So – surprise, surprise – the UK government is not even pretending to show any interest in this event – just a complete lock-down.

  45. Pingback: A Quickie… Some Links of Interest… | Kauilapele's Blog

  46. Rene' Descartes says:

    May God bless him in his endevor and protect him. The fact is that when good people have an issue with bad people, the bad people normally wins. However not all the time. Lets pray his time is now to succeed

  47. Carol says:

    This feels my heart with joy ~ My soul with bliss ~ All I can say is Let It Be

  48. reaper says:

    Do not understand why they would make this tech available to all countries—As we all know, this world consists of war like people and we will only be repeating history which occured during the time of Atlantis/ ancient india and such….Why not manufactor and doll it out to the peoople of the world intead of countries whixch will use it to control people, charge peole etc—-looks like a catch 22 situation here—-the intention is good but i worry about the agenda in the end…

    • James Freeman says:

      reaper, you are giving the perfect definition why the United States should not recieve the technology that Mr, Keshe has to offer.
      Did you mean that the govrnment of the US ( that fits your discription of a dictatorial, tyranical, imperial power), should be left out of this fantastic equation, but that the citizens of the United States (which do not represent our tyranical government), should have every advantage of the peace and prosperity that Mr. Keshe is offering us?

    • Lann says:

      Yes, this question has been answered in the Keshe Foundation Forum.

      Just a few points which relate to this:
      – Mr Keshe is not interested in manufacturing various devices for the people of the world. His goal/dream is to explore space. He is leaving the creation of products/services to the nations of the world to develop as they see fit.
      – Keshe Foundation is making this available FIRSTLY to the leadership of the countries of the world so they have no excuse to their citizens not to develop it and provide it to them when the citizens see that it is available. SECONDLY it will be available to every individual, or group, private or corporation etc. to develop as they can or wish.
      – Releasing this tech to every country AT THE SAME TIME, greatly levels the playing field of power/control. It also makes every country much more independent, so the political/economic controls, which are now in place, are swept away. It will be a “whole new ball game”.

      • Lann says:

        – Some individual or group may try to take revenge or advantage of another or others, but when everyone has a “big gun” then the offender is very much less inclined to take action. Besides, when the would be offender has everything they need and want, the desire to take from or harm another person/group lessens or disappears. That’s just human nature.

    • Viet Hoang says:

      What the letter and invitation is for, is to make everything public. No favors, no corruption and no hidden agenda. With no motives or with nothing hidden, truth will reveal those who are out for blood and greed. Then we will come to find out those who have been in the smaller circle, and have tortured the people of earth. Because the majority of the people here on earth truly care about the other people on earth. I’m so tired of being so sad that a little have alot and alot are dying without. Greed will never outshine Love. Feeling very hopeful today!

    • david pirie says:

      more Faith in the Purity of Truth is needed here, reaper – untrap yourself – reject your programning and ‘see’!

  49. Isabel Morris. says:

    Am thrilled and cannot wait for this technology to be freely available everywhere…been waiting a long time for this !!! Thank you so very much….may your projects be Divinely blessed and brought to fruition.

    • Lann says:

      Divine protection and blessings to the Keshe Foundation and all their efforts/endeavors. May we all find ways to support them and push them forward.

  50. Yvette says:


  51. Roberto says:

    The powers that were are playing a dangerous game that could well blow up in their disrespectful faces. Plasma tech is here it’s at and Keshe has played it smart by releasing it to the whole world.
    The capture of the plane should have sent a message, but unfortunately the arrogant ones think they know better, After Arrogance, the next letter is Blindness.

    Let us all visualize this technology being released and utilized by the whole world:-)

  52. This will be excellent if all goes according to plan. From what I remember this was supposed to be released a couple of times but not sure why it did not. When free energy goes commercial it will have very real positive serious and long term effects on the world. Very exciting.

    • Lann says:


      Very exciting.

      Imagine how we could live in the future…

    • david pirie says:

      Astrosurfer – It’s my understanding that this WAS released, as mentioned, this spring – the Govts. controlled by the “club” were ordered to ignore the invitation, and those attended were ordered to continue denying reality under threat of death or worse!

      None of these technologies are actually ‘new’, simply suppressed for decades!
      (-_-) ( ^_^ ) ~(-_-)` (-*-)

      • Thanks I sort of had that understanding of that time frame but hearing you say it makes me feel better. I meant that it was supposed to be released a while ago. Very sure much of what was supposed to be has been suppressed or derailed. Very possible this is the case. I am excited because if this happens this time round the technology cannot be remain secret. I read that Mr O made a statement and said this technology was investigated 4 years ago and its no good. Its probably a case of not wanting to put one of the other ridiculously archaic technologies at risk of not working. If you look at how much potential there is in free energy one is left dumbstruck to find the need for our dependency on oil. We don’t need it!

        • Jean says:

          No, I think Obama knows the technology works, but for whatever reason he isn’t going to put that info out there. Without free energy it is possible to control us, and that’s what they are continuing to attempt to do. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  53. amosouldeer says:

    Which countries took part and, more to the point, which countries declined to particvipate and what are their resperctivre reasons ?

    • Lann says:

      I’m very sorry to report that I am 99% certain that my country, Canada, did not participate. I have the same opinion about USA.

      As far as “reasons” go, I think that USA already has similar or better tech. Canada may have similar tech but, more likely Canada,( who abused Mehran and stole from him last summer,) would have to make an apology and perhaps restitution before they showed up to receive this tech properly.

      • david pirie says:

        I’m not sure who is missing who’s point: it may be I, but it may be that you feel the secret
        govt. of the USofA (read “Cabal”) already have some highly sophisticated technologies that have been suppressed for decades, which is very probable.
        Keshe’s purpose is simply to bring these to light. The US & Kanada have NOTHING but powerlessness and graft as “technology”; we all gotta get it out of our minds that these “governments” are anything more than franchises of the “Club”, just as our revered “big 5” banks (+ all the newer “boutiques” of banking) are simple franchises of that same club, cabal, illumin…’, worldBUNKbank, bis, clubofRome,imf goons with their reptile controllers!
        I hope our brothers & sisters will soon realize THAT IT IS ALL ONE & THE SAME.
        We can only win with Truth Light and Love – That is what the Keshe Foundation is all
        about – We SHALL overcome. i am a dave

    • Linda MC says:

      Hi amosouldeer, my horrible president obama in the USA has declined this wonderful technology. I do hope we can still receive it as millions in our country do not like him and do not want him as president any longer. We welcome it.

  54. Allen says:

    Dear Sir, On the surface this sounds amazing and good. However, to think that a nation could be invaded without the consent of its people is not good. No one would want an influx of immigrants or invaders from another nation without having some kind of security and plan to deal with it. A lot of talk and explaining will need to happen so people do not react out of fear. New technology…. Yes. TakIng care of the basic needs of all…. Yes. But allowing people to travel and just drop in at that speed without knowing and preparing….no. Not a good thing.

    • We are all one big family we need to stop thinking of race or country and just the earth as whole.

      • we should all be working together put people back to work by building the starship entrprize like in star trek. polulation does not need to be rudeced we can terraform mars and makeit like earth.

      • Jean says:

        People are now saying words like yours . . . over and over, and it is so heartwarming to me to read them all. This attitude will be our salvation as a species. Thank you so much! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Lann says:

        Thank you Victor Wormwood. Well said. Please continue sharing these thoughts.

    • Lann says:

      In my opinion, I ask the question, “If a less developed nation receives this Keshe knowledge and has the ability to build these craft & energy devices, then they have the ability to supply themselves with all they need. Then why would they invade another country?”

      I can think of one reason they would invade another country. Payback/revenge.

      On the other hand, the developed country which is being invaded would have the same tech and be in an even stronger position to protect itself or perform it’s own attacks. So, then the “game board” remains the same as now.

      So, all nations should just spend the time caring for it’s citizens and forget the abuses of the past.

    • david pirie says:

      Saaay WUTTT ! ??

      Try again; your message is missing content; perhaps you could try with some positivity added in your next attempt. A wee bit of miscomprehension seems (to me) to have inserted itself in your unconscious. I weep; I pray!
      Peace Light Love
      i am a dave

  55. Sky Angel says:

    Superbly wonderful news….:)

  56. worthyart says:

    Yes, wonder what will come of this — and WHEN?

  57. ExtrovertedOne says:

    The proof is in the pudding, meaning put up or shut up. We’ll see what happens on the 21st, won’t we? Hopefully, the light forces will be protecting this man enough so that this tech can be brought out safely. It sounds promising, though.

    • Alex says:

      All I can say is that Keshe better show up to the party with more than just an empty coke bottle and a volt meter.

      • Jean says:

        Alex, excuse me, but you are a real cynic! Can you please leave it at home and not put it here. We don’t need that kind of thinking here. It is negative energy and does absolutely no good. It is not helpful. Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

      • david pirie says:

        I gotstosay that I concur with Jean here – she’s bang on.
        This causes me to mention the Beatles – All you need is Love – and Light!
        May Peace be your Future – think ‘YES’ !
        i am a dave

      • I agree with Jean, this type of negativity is not needed or welcomed!

      • Anders says:

        Oh, how compassionate and understanding of you all… If you don’t want to associate with negativity, you don’t have to read the comment or be affected by it. You can allow people to speak negatively, and if you want to be positive, then be positive. What are you afraid of? Are you going to forget how to be positive if you allow negativity to exist? The only thing we have to fear is fear itself. Being negative toward negativity is absolutely counter-productive and hypocritical.

        • Jean says:

          Anders, believe me, I’m not afraid of anything. I just don’t want to be around negativity. I’ve had my fill of it and it’s not being counter-productive. Instead, I’d say I”m taking care of myself. Why would I want to involve myself with negative people? Why would I choose to spend my time with them?

          You see, there is a different between disagreeing with someone nicely, who has different ideas from you, nicely and being around negative people. If I can help it – and sometimes I can’t,I’m not going to knowingly inflict such people on myself. I will leave you to consider these thoughts.


        • ron says:

          This is not about negativity it as about verifiable truth in statements which can be proved as correct by referencing their source and not taking things on blind faith as people have done with religion over the years, and look where it has got them. tell me something scientific then give me proof and I will believe you.

      • Mick says:

        extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.

        thats not cynical ,thats sensible .

        If I was the possessor of means to help humanity ,I would post it on the net in as many forums as possible ,then no one could stop the avalanche of dissemination.

        • ron says:

          This is exactly what I was saying in a nutshell if not WHY no,t he gets all the credit ( but not money apart from all the press and tv interviews and fame) the world gets the free energy. unless there is another adgenda or putting it bluntly CON TRICK!

  58. byron says:

    I really want to see who attends this meeting, Our time is runny short to save this planet from the pollution of man and his wars. The only thing I disagree with is the use of anything nuclear in our future.

    • Lann says:

      The Keshe Plasma Reactors DO produce “nuclear activity/radiation”, but it is very low level, short term and contained within the reactor. There is no danger of leakage etc. The way in which we access nuclear energy is the key to having a safe source of energy.

      • derickwrite says:

        If you are right, it means that ancient ATLANTIS technology is making a comeback.

      • Mick says:

        how do you know this ? can you back up your claim with evidence ?

        • ron says:

          There are always very small amounts of radiation when generating plasma but not in the intensity and sort from a normal reactor. but we will only know when we get the full specs of the system its existence of which I am beginning to doubt, as I believe are a lot of others for many reasons. One of which is that his own government have not taken the information from him for their own use then preventing him telling anybody else by whatever means possible.

  59. from Dr Ornish “love & Survival” speech

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