Ben Fulford: Japanese finance minister murdered, new Chinese leader missing, climax approaching, September 11, 2012

Posted by benjamin

September 11, 2012

Tadahiro Matsushita, Japan’s Finance Minister, was murdered Monday in an attempt by the cabal to extort more money out of Japan. In addition, upcoming Chinese leader Xi Jinping has vanished from public view after shunning a meeting with Hillary Clinton and refusing to finance her cabal last week. Furthermore, Neil Keenan and his family have all been recently hit by a nasty virus that we hear was spread by Italian agents working for former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. Also last week NATO went on full military alert and was planning to attack Syria and provoke war with China and Russia before it was stopped by a UK RAF whistleblower who alerted colleagues at the Pentagon, according to both MI5 and CIA sources. All of these incidents are part of the final death throes of the Satanic cabal that was attempting to install a fascist world government after starting World War 3.
Multiple death threats have also been directed at this writer along with a raid on my house by Japanese tax police. The time for talk is over and direct action to deal with these mass murdering scum has begun.
The biggest immediate threat now is cabal plans to set off nuclear terror attacks in Europe in an attempt to provoke Muslim/Christian warfare, according to MI5 sources. Message to the P2 lodge: Satan has already left this universe and you are now just a bunch of scared old men about to go to jail.
Remember, if these people are not arrested, if you personally see any of them, you are legally entitled to kill them on the spot because they are trying to murder you and your family and that has been proven beyond a doubt.

Here is the latest from MI5 and other sources on the cabal’s plans for mass murder in Europe.

Their long term goal and the reason they justify their mass murder is that they plan to “merge all religion after a prolonged period of tribulation and war,” according to MI5 and other sources.

The starting point for this will be the Middle East, Peter Hans Kolvenbach’s base of operations. Kolvenbach was recently spotted in Tripoli with Giorgio Balestrieri, a Senior P2 Lodge member and one of the mid-level planners of the 911 terror attack on New York, MI5 says.

The planning for this has all been very long term. During World War 2 the Nazis recruited and trained 750,000 agents for the Muslim Brotherhood to help implement this plan.

These agents were then sent to Saudi Arabia and other places as teachers to raise a second generation of Muslim extremist agents. Bin Laden, who reported to George Bush Senior, was a second generation member of this group.

Another senior agent is Frank Wisner II who was sent by Obama to take control of the contrived “revolution” in Egypt. Wisner’s father was a Nazi CIA who was involved in the Hungarian uprising and other operations. Egypt’s new Nazi puppet leader has been following the script he was given by trying to fan the flames of religious extremism most recently, for example, by berating Syria’s secular government.

In Europe we can see the P2 plot in public now. The key players are the Satanic part of the Vatican, the EU and Goldman Sachs. The leaders imposed last winter on the people of Greece and Italy, Lucas Papademos and Mario Monti, as well as Mario Draghi, the head of the European Central Bank, all worked for Goldman Sachs, which is a Rockefeller front company. Monti and Draghi together with the unelected President of the EU Herman von Rumpoy are all Jesuits. Pope Benedict (maledict) XVI revealed his involvement in an encyclical calling for a ‘new global economic order’.

The P2 and their fake Muslim terrorist allies were responsible for the 7/7 subway terror attack in London. They were also behind the Anders Breivik mass murder in Norway, according to MI5.
The French Freemasons are gearing up now to play their role. A likely target for a mass terror attack designed to provoke the planned Muslim-Christian civil war is Marseille with its large Muslim immigrant population, the MI5 source says. Furthermore, Serbian extremists have been handed nuclear weapons so that they can play their part in fomenting religious strife through mass murder.

After causing all this turmoil, of course the people who caused it are planning to present their solution which is a one world religion controlled by the Satanic P2 lodge.

In Asia meanwhile, the situation is not going at all according to cabal plans. However, we have received warnings and threats of a planned series of strategic assassinations aimed to trying to keep control over the financial system here.

Last week this writer phoned the Ministry of Finance to ask if Japan’s foreign assets had declined after the 311 attacks. The Ministry of Finance replied through their public relations office that in fact they had increased slightly to just under 600 trillion yen ($7.7 trillion). They said they no longer denominate their foreign exchange reserves in dollars. This may be one of the reasons the Finance Minister was murdered last night.

Here is a link showing some of the key fascist players sent to us by White Dragon Society members inside the NSA:
We know who and where they are.

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15 Responses to Ben Fulford: Japanese finance minister murdered, new Chinese leader missing, climax approaching, September 11, 2012

  1. TRUTH says:

    White people are at war with THE Muslim SAINTS and Humanity – AS PROPHESIED!!!

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  3. LT says:

    acording to ben we are legally allowed to killer these guys hmmm…

  4. Kate says:

    Oh, one more comment, for those who are uncomfortable with Fulford – please remember, or realize, that it’s an old propaganda trick to go ahead and feed the truth to someone who comes across as a bit weird or otherwise lacking in credibility. That makes those who are more dignified associate what the weird ones say with untruth. Alex Jones is a good example; many people find his delivery style too sensationalistic, a bit like Fox News actually, so they refuse to believe anything he says.

    Also, some lies are thrown into the mix, as a further way to discredit the real information.

    I personally feel that way about Drake – so I just don’t read/watch his stuff – just too much is questionable, for me to want to wade through it. In Fulford’s case, I don’t hang on his every word, but do feel it’s worth listening to so I’m at least aware of what MIGHT be true. And you have to admit, he’s doing INCREDIBLE, brave work. With all his dedication and the amount of energy he devotes, it would be more suspicious if he DIDN’T look and act a bit scruffy!

  5. Kate says:

    Wow, he called it, didn’t he? The religious-war provocations – US embassies in Egypt and Libya – my thoughts went to how the fundamentalists on both sides are whipped into frenzied hatred…

    Jean, you write “magine, then, how this is going to hit the many, many people who have simply refused to look at the ‘real’ truth?” I had thoughts about that when I read this morning’s revelation in England about the cover-up 23 years ago in the Hillsborough deaths. (The authorities and willing press had, at the time, lied massively to put the blame for the deaths on the football fans themselves rather than on severely botched police and medical responses. This was extremely difficult for the surviving families, as the media turned opinion against them. they persisted in demanding truth for 23 years, while others, who believed the official story, told them to “just get over it.” )

    As soon as I heard the news this morning, I realized – this is a perfect first step for the general, believing public to start waking up to the fact that they’ve been lied to. Recently, it’s been so clear that most investigative reporting is preaching to the choir. This is a break-out case where the sermon will reach a great deal of the population – since it’s about soccer – that is nowhere near the “choir.”

    Step by step, I guess. I remember when i first learned about the Fed and the banking cartel and the staggering amount of evil they’re responsible for. Indeed, the shock was massive, and I’m not even one who had reason to doubt it! When I’d first seen, at, the huge compilation of statements from professionals and witnesses that prove 9/11 was an inside job, I’d had no problem accepting such clear evidence.

    But the difference between now and when I found out about the cartel is the ton of evidence that they’re losing power . So at least the facts aren’t as horrendously depressing as it they used to be!

  6. Lloydrbeard says:

    Hang in there fulford, we got them.and if we dont we all die soon! Either way I dont care! Something big will break soon! Liberty or death! Play time is over cabal! Time to DIE!!!

  7. Marina says:

    When will we learn how to leave in peace? 😦

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  10. FF says:

    Things are never as easy or as clear as we would like them to be. It’s not the “good” (us) against the “bad” (the cabal). Right now there are AT LEAST TWO warring factions striving for world domination, for a NWO: the jewish faction and the chinese faction, and BOTH are satanic. It’s obvious BF is working on behalf of the latter.

    • Why Not says:

      It’s a 130+ nation alliance (all people of planet, including Jews) against a small group of greedy devils. Calling it a conflict between 2 ethnic groups is painfully naive and falsely simplistic.

  11. Daniel Xie says:

    This is gettingtense, let’s hope that Fulford is right about this being the impending end of the cabal…..

  12. Carolyn says:

    Thank you for providing Ben Fulford’s communications. I watched this video, and in one horrible revelatory moment everything I have seen and read and suspected over the last 2 years came together in a shocking and horrifying understanding. After about an hour of bitter crying for all of us poor beleaguered human beings. I move on with hope that finally the Light will triumph. This is not for the faint of heart!

    • Jean says:

      Can you imagine, then, how this is going to hit the many, many people who have simply refused to look at the ‘real’ truth? To even entertain the possibility that there is another truth? My heart aches for them. I’m so glad to hear you could cry and release the pain from your body . . . you are blessed. Hugs, ~Jean

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