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Thursday, 13 September 2012 16:54
Thanks to A.

Written by Kerry Cassidy

I am being told there are at least 3 confirmations of something going on off the coast of San Francisco, involving US Navy Ships and an unknown number of Chinese vessels.  I am being told this involves the arrest of possibly around 600 bankers.. who may be being held in a US ship… under arrest by the Hague.  The arrests are being carried out by the U.S. military.

At this time, regardless of the fact that I have more data I am being asked by at least one source not to go into any more detail than that.  Apparently there are a number of operations going on at this time.

At least one source has suggested that this may actually be a cover operation for something more far reaching.

I have 3 verifications from my sources in addition to the original sources… confirms from their 3 sources.

Anyone with additional info preferably from someone in connection with the military or intel is welcome to contact me at  or on skype at snowjaguar

Note:  I contacted Clif High about the above info and he directed me to the following site where he insists all vessels must be detectable at sea to other vessels using a transponder called an AIS.  He says there is no sign of either large U.S. Navy vessels or any Chinese vessels in those waters off the coast of San Francisco according to this site:


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7 Responses to NAVY SHIPS and CHINESE VESSELS REPORTED OFF COAST OF SF – developing story

  1. john Stiller says:

    Remember this no matter how evil a person is if that person dose something good good will if a good person dose something evil we all make mistakes Walk a day in kerrys shoes would you survive till midnight allways be good think carefully and try not to prejudge shun evil in any form that is what it is
    do good every day

    all the best john stiller

  2. NoTingles says:

    What if…the reason for the reported ships not showing up on AIS is because they have turned off their transponders and set radio silence? If I was the commander of one of those ships, and we were doing what Kerry reports, I think I’d turn it off.

    Remember this, Kerry is just the messenger. I don’t agree with her opinions, or “takes” on things a lot of the time, but no way would I condemn her as a disinfo agent for bringing the messages. That would boldly implicate her in some kind of conspiratorial or deliberate act to sabotage the liberty movement. I don’t think that’s her aim, and due to the seriousness of charges like that, I would have to have more than just a hunch to base it on. Messengers relay messages from someone else, this means they are neither right nor wrong. If it doesn’t pan out, it doesn’t mean the messenger was wrong.
    Also, according to the Global Voice Midweek Update (9/12), it came out from a listener that Kerry would like to do interview, to which Drake gave an affirmative answer. I don’t know how true it is, but that’s what was said.

  3. Nora says:

    Kerry has updated her blog. Seems she was threatened.
    I have checked the link re the ships and as I type there is one vessel Hong Kong registered in vicinity of San Francisco. So who knows?????

  4. Lance says:

    Way back in about March or April, Drake called into her show and offered to come on. As far as I’m aware that never happened.

  5. ExtrovertedOne says:

    When it comes to the things that Kerry Cassidy says, I would be very skeptical of what comes out of that woman’s mouth. Ever since she took over Project Camelot, the information she has been putting out has not exactly been very reliable. I’m thinking that she has some sort of weird agenda of her own and for some reason, she seems to be spewing out the disinformation quite liberally.

    • Nora says:

      I agree. Some of the things on her website could be regarded as “fear porn” and/or disinfo imo. I take the “info” there with a pinch of salt.

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