A Message from Alpha Life Trends – Karyl Jackson, September 13, 2012

Source: Alpha LIfe Trends

… Illuminating your Divine Journey through
numerology and astrology …


…. Our new sense of commitment to our future grants us freedom from the past .

The days from September 9th through September 15th, begin an important week in which we make a commitment and decision to open the door that holds our new direction. We have been formulating our goals and aspirations and making important decisions to take aim at our point on the horizon. We are breaking free from the past entanglements and are finally able to move forward. The events facilitating our breakthrough and freedom have been culminating and now the circumstances are in place and ready to push us into our rightful direction.

Sun connects with Mercury Monday morning, which gives us the pen to sign on the dotted line, to leave the past and to see the Sun shine the light onto our new sense of purpose. Our new sense of commitment and agreement with the new directions brings all of our efforts and desires together. We sign on the dotted line and the door opens to move us forward.

Wednesday morning Moon connects with Venus, which gives us a positive glowing feeling inside, letting us know that we are moving in the right direction, that our steps are emerging to show us our path. Letting go of the past entanglements grants us the freedom that we want and desire. Out of the snares of the past, we can move freely and begin a new phase of our life.

Saturday evening Sun connects with Moon to bring a New Moon into our sphere as it officially provides and announces that our commitment is now ready to open the doors to our freedom and new directions. The New Moon at 23 Virgo, becomes the degree that brings the change and shift of attitude, that aligns our inner and outer circumstances, as the right path emerges. This path brings forward a strong understanding as we know that we are moving forward into our new direction, which allows the doors to open. Situations and events usher us into our new environment. This New Moon signals the time to bring in a new spark of enthusiasm as we connect with our spiritual blueprint. This week becomes the important journey out of the past and into our future. The New Moon on September 15th at 23 Virgo give us the new beginnings that hold the new feelings of freedom.

The long walk during this week sees many situations leaving our life and become key stepping stones as our new future begins to shine and pull us forward. The time from Monday’s aspect on September 10th of Sun connection to Mercury to Saturday’s New Moon on September 15th becomes the ultimate passage into freedom.

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