A Timely Story – from James Gilliland at ECETI, September 15, 2012

English: Jesus resurrected and Mary Magdalene

English: Jesus resurrected and Mary Magdalene (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once upon a time there was a man who fell in love with a woman who was but 14 years of age. Some say it was a prearranged marriage, others say that’s just what keeps the prophets young. They had many children some made history in a big way; others contributed to one of the greatest stories ever told. There were many reasons for this union not to occur. Relatives, holy men, friends all had their input but the universe had a plan. One of the children turned out to be a very wise and holy man. His wisdom and knowledge superseded some of the wisest of men. He had his friends, family and disciples.

One day this man met a woman. She was a hotty, dressed provocatively, wore ornate jewelry, exotic makeup and could dance like no other women. She was of the royal family, well trained in the Egyptian mystery schools and her exquisite beauty was unsurpassed. Her family said, why are you hanging around with this Jewish riff raff. He has strange ideas and beliefs, no business holdings and we don’t trust that enlightened smile there has to be an agenda behind it. The friends of the young holy man said why are you hanging out with that woman spending all your time with her, you have God’s work to do—she is a distraction. The other holy men chastised him for open displays of affection warning him she would be his undoing and destroy his entire mission. In each case none of the families knew of a greater plan. They did not know what each soul needed for completion, some even felt very threatened or even jealous of the time taken away from them or any additions to their family or select group of friends. It became a territorial issue for both families and friends. None the less: history did take its course, the universe had its way. That man and woman were Joshua bin Joseph, “Jesus” and the woman was Mary Magdalene.

The moral of the story is no one knows what another needs for completion within their soul or the ways of the Universe, the big picture. That being said, there is your business, God’s business, and other peoples business. Other people’s business is God’s business. Judge not unless you hold the full knowledge of God and the Universe. We no longer have the luxury of moving from our own bliss, our own place of power to project or displace unresolved energies on others. It is going to take all the energy we can muster to hold our own center during this challenging time, which is the quickening times ten. It is time to surrender all judgments, allow and be fully aware of our own energies and what we are transmitting to the world around us. Love is the ultimate power; it is love that is most needed in these times. The whole planet is in process, learn to observe and heal from within. Only the ego needs to be right and withhold love. A great Master once said love and joy are the most powerful sought after emotions in the universe;

it is your natural state. Why do you give it up and allow others to steal it from you?

Be well,
James Glliland

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4 Responses to A Timely Story – from James Gilliland at ECETI, September 15, 2012

  1. Marty Christian says:

    I found this very beautiful and inspiring.

  2. nicholas fowler says:

    very profound in its simple wisdom. and very very true. if all religions vanished and the only we have spirituality was embedded in the truths above, we would be well on our way to evolving closer to God, Source, as I call it. We need nothing else, nothing at all than what James has said here.

  3. Yvette says:


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