How Poor Leadership Threatens Israel

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Is Netanyahu’s Iran War Hype a National Security Threat to America?

…by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor  … and   Press TV
Source: Veterans Today
eptember 13, 2012

Bibi – Giving us all the finger

There is no bigger threat to a nation’s national security than horrible leadership. And by that I mean the criminally negligent kind, where trials, imprisonment and yes executions should be a deterrent.

But unfortunately they are not, so we have the boot of the criminal elites on our collective necks.

On trial today will be the Israeli militant leadership duo of Bibi Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, the Butch Cassidy and Sundance Kid of the Mid East.

Ah…if only they could be actors in a fictional movie. But alas they are very real in the damage they do and the piles of victims they dream of. Under the Nuremberg precedent of ‘waging an aggressive war’ they would be hanged, and deservingly so, as would have Israel’s other terrorist leaders.

“Oh, you exaggerate here Jim Dean”, you say. I don’t think so. Those who measure their ‘security’ by the numbers of their dead neighbors, are the deadliest of neighbors themselves.

As an American, because my country is somewhat joined to Israel at the hip in this slow motion train wreck, I feel a responsibility to not only to distance myself from it, but expose the disastrous defense and foreign policy justifications for it. They do not protect America, but put her at great risk.

I did not want to write about the NAM convention (Non-Aligned Movement) right away because I knew a lot of others would. As an older journalist I have learned to sometimes live with a story for a few days, observe what other commentators are saying, and not saying, and look for things being missed.

The NAM convention is over and it’s memory will pass, even with most of those who read about it. All of us who write in the geopolitical arena face this huge challenge. How to we help our readers gain a deeper understanding regarding the roots of these world events swirling around us, and also remember it all on demand so the knowledge can actually be put to work?

Uri Avnery

At Veterans Today we admire Uri Avnery not only as a great writer, but also our preeminent source on all things Israeli. At eighty six years old he is our father’s age to those of us in our sixties.

He carries around an extra generation of personal witness experience on the Palestine saga. We know we cannot be good teachers if we cannot continue to be good students. So when Uri talks, we listen.

Uri’s contribution to history began when he was fourteen as an Irgun helper on his bicycle. After fighting in the 1948 War he went on to becoming an early Knesset member and journalist, surviving a few assassination attempts along they way.

As further proof of his courage he crossed over the lines during the first Lebanon invasion to meet with Arafat to attempt an exit of the PLO and end the horrible killing going on. He did this while Sharon had all his best commandos hunting Arafat with orders to capture or kill. The story could easily have ended a different way but many lives were saved through the negotiated settlement.

Uri – Begin- and Sadat

In Uri’s recent March of Folly essay he barbecued Bibi and Barak for their disastrous public handling of the NAM meeting in Iran. His advice to them would have been to say nothing.

But for these two Israeli militants-on-steroids, why do that when they had an opportunity to make a bad situation worse?

These dummies actually called on the UN’s Ban Ki-Moon not to attend the conference despite all past UN General Secretaries having done so. It was a gaff so stupid, even for the likes of Netanyahu and Barak, it staggers the mind.

So my contribution to the NAM conference will be to put them in the court dock today as threats to Israeli security itself. Israel’s own military and intelligence heads basically agree with me, and one has even had his passport taken away for saying so publicly.

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One Response to How Poor Leadership Threatens Israel

  1. DrinkDeep says:

    slightly off topic (or region), but What Fresh Hell is This?

    Security Message for U.S. Citizens – Travel to Jammu and Kashmir
    U.S. Embassy New Delhi, September 14, 2012

    This is to alert all U.S. citizens in India, or planning to travel to India in the near future, of statements made by regional leaders in Jammu and Kashmir calling for U.S. citizens to “immediately leave”. Embassy contacts in Jammu and Kashmir report that they are taking special security precautions in light of these statements.

    Does this mean Americans are considered a liability in this area, and they hope to ward off trouble by getting them all out? Very peculiar –

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