No ‘Red Line’ for Israel – by Gilad Atzmon

Source: Veterans Today

Israeli news outlets reported today that President Obama rejected an appeal by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to set a specific “red line” to stop any further Iranian uranium enrichment.

According to reports, in an hour-long conversation on Tuesday, Obama deflected Netanyahu’s proposal to make the size of Iran’s stockpile of close-to-bomb-grade uranium the threshold, the crossing of which would trigger a US military strike on the Islamic Republic’s nuclear facilities.

But it seems that, this time at least, President Obama has decided against launching a world war on behalf of the Jewish State and its powerful lobby.

“We need some ability for the President to have decision-making room,” said an American official. “We have a red line, which is a nuclear weapon. We’re committed to that red line.” The meaning of this is simple: America just doesn’t buy the Israeli intelligence reports regarding Iranian intentions.

Israel is not happy. Apparently, the Israelis want to see Iran wiped out – and soon and its officials have already confirmed that such an American guarantee falls far short of the Jewish state’s security needs.

Ynet  reported today that prime minister Netanyahu told reporters this week that “the Obama administration had no ‘moral right’ to restrain Israel from taking military action on its own if it refused to put limits on Iran.” Ynet adds that “the remarks were followed by reports claiming that Obama snubbed Netanyahu’s request to meet during the United Nations General Assembly session in New York this month.”

So it seems that for now, the Obama administration has come to its senses – it has said NO to Jewish pressure.

Of course, this decision is far more likely to be political than ethically or morally driven. Amid the presidential election, Obama has been quick to perceive a window of opportunity that may prove to be a game winner. Obama lets the Republican party and their presidential candidate Mitt Romney operate as Netanyahu’s Sabbath Goyim.  Obama clears the stage to Romney who foolishly and voluntarily pushes for another Israeli war, he lets Romney be a Zionist mouthpiece, the one who scarifies America and American soldiers for Israel.  Consequently, Obama presents himself as a reasonable, sensible and responsible leader– all in all, a ‘real American patriot’.

But, by now, one thing should be clear. Israel, as we now have long known, lacks the military capacity to destroy Iran’s nuclear project and needs America to take care of it. Netanyahu and the Jewish Lobby were convinced they could, ahead of the election, pressure Obama into such a suicidal mission. They were wrong.

We’ve long known that the arrival of Obama did not bring peace. Like those before him, he has surrounded himself with rabid Zionist warmongers. But we can only hope that the penny has now dropped – even if we also know that the penny isn’t worth all that much anymore.

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4 Responses to No ‘Red Line’ for Israel – by Gilad Atzmon

  1. Stunned at Sunset says:

    Brother Daniel, sister Martha,

    It would be difficult for me to explain the nature of the “effects” that your are observing without sounding pedantic but I’ll try to help you both understand the cause of these consequences that you see and experience.

    It isn’t that our President is at once an independent thinker and a manipulated unfortunate of the NWO folks. Nor is what you see a consequence of such an “either/or” decision-making process. Examine Bibi Netanyahu’s dilemma to understand the nature of these events.

    Bibi wants to savage Iran–not because Iran represents a clear and present danger to Israel but because HE and his followers insist on maintaining hegemony in the Middle East. Hegemony would give his brand of political control the fundamental empowerment to do anything that they want to do regardless of the consequences to those around them. They would, say for instance, be able to “finish off” the Palestinians and establish the Jewish State within the fictitious boundaries defined by the Pentateuch. The hidden, dark agendas of the Kazakh Zionists would then be fulfilled and THAT would be a “contributing factor” of great importance in the establishment of the New World Order. But Bibi hasn’t been permitted to DO that because of “intervention.” A number of initiatives, actions, and much labor have gone in to disrupting his program of terror and conquest and these acts of intervention–while they are not always publicly reported in the Lame Stream Media–have worked to keep him in check.

    It is the same with the President. His overlords have had an agenda in place for decades now that would bring down the vitality of the American Economy such that they could establish a Totalitarian Police State. They have labored feverishly and spent much of our hard-earned national wealth on building up the resources (both human and material) to establish this beach head. To date, they have not been able to erect such a set of conditions that would permit them to implement a program of coercion and terror. It goes back decades. For just this present exercise, you will remember how Treasury Secretary Paulson claimed there would be “riots in the streets” and that the government would have to establish “martial law” subsequent to the banking collapse of 2008. Yes, they tried to do it back then as well. However… mysteriously, the riots never occurred, Congress voted to fleece us to save the banksters (who are nothing more than high-paid “soldati” in the NWO Crime Syndicate), and life continued albeit in increasing poverty.

    Today, there are a number of actions being taken, hundreds of subordinate projects being executed, and millions of people laboring to obstruct and bring down the New World Order Cabal. It would be difficult for them to orchestrate a coup in a world whose planetary population continues to awaken and gain a return to Universal Consciousness. Should they attempt to show their hand by direct intervention, once again, that intervention would be met with fierce resistance in the International Community and they KNOW this. These people are a “Crime Syndicate similar to “La Cosa Nostra.” They have no collective leadership and are influenced in their actions by regional and local events that, very often, disrupt their attempts at International cooperation. America has its crime bosses and each region has its “family.” Europe has its crime bosses and each European country is governed by ITS family.

    If you read Atzmon (i.e., The Wandering Who?) he explains that the ONLY international phenomenon that anyone can really point to and say “Yes, that’s a global mentality.” is this notion of the Jewish State. The Kazakhian Jews have an International perspective on their agenda that takes the form of “Zionism” and, for that, they have a specific prescriptive script that they are following. The other “syndicates” that support them in their plans have THEIR OWN devils to deal with and cannot uniformly cooperate with the Zionist agenda. And, what is more, of late, the International Crime Syndicate has come under a withering attacK by over 130 nations who ARE working cooperatively to bring them down.

    So, you can’t look at this phenomenon using traditional values with which you’ve become accustomed to using to evaluate and assess the events occurring around you. You have to understand that notions of “Loyalty” and “Treason,” “truthfulness,” and “falsehood,” and all of the other dualistic “good and bad,” “right and wrong,” factors that we’ve been taught to use won’t work to help us understand what is going on here.

    The President isn’t cooperating with Bibi to start up World War 3 –not because he is working FOR the light but because the Light has interceded in the affairs of mankind by a general consensus of the ONE. The President is working WITH the Light by virtue of the fact that the LIGHT has left him little room and no choice to do otherwise. Observe the political machinations of the Netanyahu government. They are losing the support of their people. They are suffering from the same intercession but on a scale that renders them unable to carry out their heinous agenda of dark, negative, domination.

    Those of a negative polarity in the service to self will not surrender to those of a positive polarity in the service to the other. This is because they really believe that they can achieve “Unity” employing their paradigm in every bit as an effective way as we can using ours. Their problem is that–if you count the spirits of the Universe who have chosen Unity–the numbers work against them. They are in a minority and so, the majority will no longer accept their paradigm as one that they wish to review, understand, and experience.

    This “vision” of the ONE is powerful. It works to obstruct men like these in their willful intervention and subsequent violation of the Law of Confusion. In THIS Universe, the ONE will always ensure BALANCE is achieved and maintained. So, the people who have done nothing but distress us all will gradually be confined to our collective will as more and more of us adopt a positive and constructive “vision” for the future.

    The President doesn’t seem to act out his role as a figurehead of the NWO order and neither does he appear to working in the Service of the Light because YOU and our sister Martha here have, long ago, left their influence and are thinking something other than the thoughts they have labored to force us all to adopt. They seem “disconnected” from your traditional notions of value because they are! YOU and our sister–all of us have changed; not them! YOU and Martha want a better world to experience within the confines of a Third Density experience and there are literally MILLIONS of us that agree. As our paradigm for peace manifests itself, more and more of those of negative polarity in service to self will be exposed, neutralized, and removed from power.

    Sister, Martha…your decision is a great idea! I intend to do it myself! We must all learn to quietly cut the mooring lines that have kept their “Ship of State” tethered to our lives and let it float away–out into the deep–where the power of the ONE controls the fortunes of all who navigate the Universe!

    Love and Light,

  2. Daniel Xie says:

    SO what is the truth? Obama is set up to be a puppet IMO. Yet he refuses the Dark Cabal whenever they want to start WW3.

    What is the truth about Obama? Is the Dark Cabal fracturing? Are these lightworkers claiming Obama was good all along actually right? I don’t get it anymore…..

    But then again, I thought that RP was the “lightworker” all this time…..

    • Martha says:

      Yes RP was & is consistently on the side of Light & of preserving the Constitution & America’s manifest destiny….At election I’m writing him in to make a statement to the Cabal & before God, that my vote was always to be cast for Ron Paul….the only true candidate with America as a Republic & for the good of we the people.

    • Lenore says:

      it’s possible Obama is a sleeper….and is just staying alive until the moment arrives…..of course all things are possible…but if anyone of us were confronted with what he has been, can you imagine what it would take to stay alive in that position….

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