A general Comment and overview from SaS concerning the downward spiral of the cabal, September 16, 2012

There are two aspects of this controversy that many, in the Lame Stream Media, have overlooked. As this issue is “revealed” to us, there are two classical poles of contention, on the one hand you have “The West” with all of its many alliances and undisclosed, private compacts engaged in “business as usual.” From this perspective, we observe that political elements of each regime continue to fascinate us with their abject stupidity and amoral depravity. Banks continue to rape and pillage their own people as well as those of their client states. War is ruthlessly raged against a defenseless and undescribable body politic with little in the way of tools and tactics that can be deployed against the machinery of conquest other than their own fragile bodies. Disinformation is spread like a fetid salve upon the wounds of public awareness.

On the other hand, a tsunami of opposition and courageous resistance is building against these interlopers. There are 196 countries in the world today. Of those 196, we read that some 140 nations have begun to follow the “Non-aligned” movement. Of the 56 remaining countries, some 30 nations seek neutrality, leaving the infamous “G20″ to argue the fate of the world amongst themselves. Of that group, the countries aligning themselves in opposition to the NWO such as Russia and China are gathering a host of worried subordinates to their influence. This leaves roughly the “G5″ (The United States, the U.K., France, Germany, and Italy) to do most of the dirty work of the Cabal. These countries have been cut off from the currency exchanges and are now being isolated from the commercial trade markets. Granted, my observations are crudely categorized and I’ve little in the way of verifiable references to underwrite my assertions but, I am certain that most of you can see the same thing that I’m seeing in the way of “patterns of development.”

The United Nations is wholly owned by the Global Crime Consortium and represents their interests in securing hegemony and world domination. Most of you, I think, will agree to the veracity of this assertion. Given this obvious fact, what do you suppose was the effect the meeting of the non-aligned nations had upon this Global Crime Consortium? Why abject terror, of course. The meeting did far more damage to the NWO folks than meets the eye. It went even farther in its scope and purpose than just moving Iran into the light as a victim of contrived circumstances. It not only offers some protection to Iran as a major player on the International stage, but that meeting of the non-aligned nations signaled the beginning of the end of the influence and efficacy (if indeed it ever had these aspects) of the United Nations–BLOW NUMBER ONE. It also endorsed a common commercial trade strategy that would permit its participating nations to employ to circumnavigate all these idiotic “free trade” agreements negotiated by cabalistas over the years. These agreements are not free in that they ultimately award control of the signatory’s national gross domestic product to … yes, the same G5 bullies that have been consuming vast quantities of the world’s limited resources (for free) for the last several decades now.

The Non-aligned movement is a “shot across the bow” of the cabal’s one remaining dreadnaught of coercive influence: International Trade. Let me give you an example of how it works. You’ve all read Ben’s columns wherein he would often explain how Japan shipped all that product to the U.S. in exchange for U.S. dollars. Saudi Arabia was coerced into agreeing to a similar “trade agreement.” So were many South American nations, African nations and many of the nations of Indochina, Australia, and New Zealand.

Given the fact that the Federal Reserve has held the interest rate for banks borrowing money from it (the Prime Rate) at Zero (0) percent, what does that make the U.S. Dollar worth on currency exchanges throughout the world? That right! You guessed it! Zero. China took the first bold move to permit non-aligned nations to engage a completely different financial exchange paradigm that is based on real value instead of “perceived” value. There will be other programs in the near future that drive more nails into the coffin of the NWO. So, you see, the meeting of the Non-aligned Nations in Iran was something very much bigger than a “breadbox.” It was the beginning of the end of “This System of Things.” From there on out, everything that the NWO attempts will be frustrated because the balance of all the illegitimately accumulated wealth that they now have in their possession will be jeopardized by any insane, outrageous, or contentious action on their part. Their wealth exists primarily as electronic figures in a system of automated management unique to just the countries that they control. As their influence continues to evaporate, the resources required for them to maintain their dominance and hegemony will dissipate as well.

They’re all in trouble now and they know it. They can threaten and flex their rotting hulk of a military machine all they want. Their resources cannot be replenished so they would have to fight any war that they wanted to start with only those resources that they have in their inventory. Without the ability to replenish those resources (for free through the currency exchanges) they’re toast… or, to put it the way I think Poofness would put it: “They’re the grass and the Non-aligned movement is the damned lawn mower!

Love and Light,
SaS :o

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26 Responses to A general Comment and overview from SaS concerning the downward spiral of the cabal, September 16, 2012

  1. I personally blog also and I’m publishing a thing related
    to this particular post, “A general Comment and overview from SaS concerning the downward spiral of the cabal, September 16, 2012
    | 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth?”. Would you mind if perhaps Imake use of a little of your personal suggestions? Thanks for your effort -Teri

    • Jean says:

      I’m sure you are welcome to publish anything you like from here. Everyone does it . . . We are delighted to have you spread the word. . . Hugs, ~Jean

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  3. Stunned at Sunset says:

    General post,

    Listen, everyone, this is a very lively discussion and one that is important for all of us to participate in and offer alternative views. “Voting” is, for many Americans, a civil liberty and Constitutional guarantee that is woven into our traditions and cultural memes so-much-so that we often talk about it as though it were inviolable but, alas, it has ALWAYS been the first target of any corrupt political agenda. From voting fraud managed by big political machines in the cities, to coercion and intimidation tactics used against African Americans under the infamous “Jim Crow” era, to the now devious and manipulative phenomenon associated with “electronic voting” here emphasized in this video:

    I’m afraid that I have to agree with amosouldeer and Nicki Tompkins in this regard; the cabal has rigged more than just the markets. Perhaps OWS protesting staged in a 200-foot radius around a polling station in cities, towns, and villages during the election process might get a message to the landed aristocracy that time is running out for them. Perhaps protests on the steps of each state house and town hall across America prior to the election might emphasize to the ruling elite that we’re all on to their game. That too would be moot because, unless the event is widely known among the voting constituency, it would be a momentary disruption of cabal-controlled social activity at best.

    What to do, then? Well, if you MUST vote, use a write-in ballot, absentee ballot (which must be viewed and recorded, or vote for an odd-ball regardless of that person’s political persuasion. Get all the political memes out of your head. Those pesky memes about how nasty and dark Communists and Socialists are–all that nonsense. Look what clinging to the meme about the American way has gotten us? A public and “in-your-face” corrupt “two-party” political system that is based on fraud, lies, and coercion. I mean, look at what they did to the campaign of Congressman Paul this summer! They had no shame! And, when the Paul campaign attempted to use the courts to find “justice” they got none because the courts have been bought off just as well.

    No … traditional methods of civic intervention are not going to work. What is going to work is what you’re already doing NOW.

    “Nobody Special” is an American Citizen, “amosouldeer” is a European, there are many others who come to this blog to learn, chat and exchange views from all over the world. That communication is spreading the “Truth” with a ferocity that is empowering the agents of “Change” who are already engaged in the most important struggle for individual, community, and national integrity that any civilization has ever witnessed on this planet. The change has to come from many different sources using many different methods but, importantly, the “Change” has to come ALL AT ONCE!

    These discussions change the dialog between US and the cabalistas in more ways than you can imagine. Armed with the “Truth,” we buy different products, we work to eliminate debt in our lives, we choose different banks with which to do business, we listen to different radio programs, we change our religious viewpoint and support different spiritual regimes, we take different courses in our schools, we contribute to different social causes, we buy and read different books, magazines, and newspapers. Tied to these actions toward “Change,” we DRIVE our automobiles in a different way, we stop excessive consumption, we stop using our cell phones to communicate using traditional methods more effectively such as the written word, we meet with others of like mind at social engagements held on a smaller and more personal level, we are aware of the corruption so pervasive in our lives and tediously work to avoid it and its corrosive influence on our intellectual and technical acumen.

    You see? There are hundreds of different ways in which a knowledge of the “Truth” ultimately works for “Change” and it is this change that deprives the cabal of cash flow; it compels their second and third level management to re-direct their resources to the production of different products disrupting their devious nutrition programs, it confounds the authorities as their vaccination programs collapse because their anticipated participation levels just aren’t there, it under writes cultural movements that change the way people live–like the Whole Foods and Organic Foods movements. Our attitudes as modified by the “Truth” change our preferences for music, recreation, entertainment, and even the clothing we choose to wear! War-mongering movies do really bad at the box office, peace-promoting movies do fantastically well. Actors whose lives are directly affected by our changing preferences begin to move with our cultural disposition just to survive and keep their careers intact. Markets for violent, conflict-bating, dark games, toys, and everything else are gradually destroyed. Our attitude can hit them where it really hurts, in their pocketbooks!

    The “Truth” also encourages us to work the “underground” markets of our social infrastructure. We buy Organic; we buy physical silver; we use supplements instead of drugs; we stop using harmful drugs for recreation and destroy drug market cartels from the inside out as they fight amongst each other for diminishing market share. We learn defensive techniques that protect us from the Cabal’s clandestine programs of baiting, coercion, and entrapment. We learn to survive on less and “less” affects the markets–it affects the taxes collected and depreciates the funding available to the cabalistic authorities to expand and support the “police state” model. Soon that model will become “unaffordable” and it will collapse beneath the weight of its own avaricious requirements for more “stuff,” more power, more corrosive influence!

    Yes, our changing thoughts create changes in our ideas for the future. These new ideas work to build more equitable ideals. The equitable ideals combine to build different social attitudes which empower movements for change–actions that speak very much louder than any words that we could voice against the machine. It takes time to renew our trust for one another. It takes time to engage in collective activities that are equitable and considerate of “the other.” Time is required to implement “Change” as is evidenced by the thoughtful preparations and careful implementation of plans devised and advanced by our courageous resistance.

    We’re doing a whole lot more to bring down the Cabal than we think. Don’t get caught up in the Cabal’s “Instant Gratification” meme! You guys and gals are doing just fine! Your power is growing! Can’t you all “feel” it? Right now, the Cabal is desperately flailing at the collapsing wreck of a paradigm in which they’ve imprisoned themselves. They chose that wide and “easy” road our spiritual leaders have always cautioned against taking down through the ages. They’ve no where to go; nothing can be done to turn it all around and there is no where for them to hide.

    No … all of you are doing just fine and what a force you’ve all turned out to be–a powerful force to reckon with to be sure! And, at the root of all that power are the clarity, honesty, and integrity of all of your thoughts drenched in the sustaining nutrient of “Truth.”

    God bless all of you.

    Love and light,

    • earthchicky says:

      Thanks SO much, SaS! Every time I hear from you I FEEL the LOVE!

    • amosouldeer says:

      There’s no need to be “afraid” of agreeing with us, SaS ;o)) (big hugs.
      Why do people vote ? Because it is a ‘democratic right or responasibility ? Fine – but first show me wherte is the Delmocracy ! In the US, Britain, other European countries I’ve looked far and wide & the only thing barely approaching it is ‘beginning’ to evolve in Iceland.
      Definition of ‘Democracy’ : ” A system of government BY THE WHOLE POPULATION, usually through elected representatives. Now show me any of the above or other countries that, following countless ‘democratic elections’ throughout numrerous decades actually fulfills this criteria. There are none, so the notion of ‘democrazcy’ has been infiltrated into the human psyche; a kind of mind-controlled subliminal ‘truth’ which is anything but!

      “I’m going to vote for v”X” because I’m against “Y” and “Z” “. But X, Y, and Z are all part of the SAME team; the notion of “choice” is a manufactured illusion designed (very successfully up until now, if I may say so:) to delude the masses. Henry Ford was serious when he sais that “You can have any colour you like…as long as it’s black!”. Apply that to the political puppet-show.

      The same applies to this pious declaration (of anything BUT independance!): “I must fulfill my civic duty” baloney. This notion of civic duty has again been programmed and remains unchallenged to this day. Personally, I need no “rules & regulations” in order to love my neighbour as “myself”…and this is where we get to the crux of the matter. for if (and let’s be honest here, just between you and me!) you do not whole-HEARTedly accept and love yourself, you are forever seeking saviours and salvation ‘beyond’ yourself; EMPOWERING OTHERS in place of constructing, by transmuting centuries of indoctrination & social/religious conditioning into total self-acceptance. It is not a question of loving another IF they love you; what is required is to LOVE ONEself, for it is only by doing so that you (finally?) realize that these others ARE non ‘other’ than yourself!

      So what’s the real issue here ? Cowardice ? Are you afraid to assume respônse-ability for what your INNER (Higher) Self always/already knows to be ‘just’ ? or would you prefer to continue to pass the can and THEN complain about the failure of those elected to ‘justly’ represent you ? How much longer are you going to continue to eat humble pie when your heart is telling you that it is (in all senses of the word) tasteless? When/are you going to DARE to be true to yourself – without which you cannot logically/reasonably expect ‘others’ to be true to you & your interests at heart.

      Do something constructive: DO NOT VOTE! EVER AGAIN!
      Get IN there and love yourself…then get OUT there and “love your neighbour”.
      Start creating from the bottom up. Stop paying taxes that pay for debts and private corporatibve profit. BE what you want to BE; live what you wish to live.
      Recognize your power to fulfil yourself in the interests of All.

    • Nicki Tompkins says:

      SaS, I love your vision. I believe it’s hard for many to break the habits we’ve been taught as children, yet I am so ready to break with those lies and traditions knowing the Truth now. I cannot go backwards.

      I am grateful to see how many of us are aware of the corporation posing as a US government, which is not the only one on the planet, among the other comments you made regarding money and voting. It’s all a ruse to keep us busy and willing slaves. Well, I’m not willing anymore.

      I believe our time is best spent as you said, spreading the truth, but also to envision a world without government (control) and money. A world where we give and love one another freely and unconditionally.

      Love you back, SaS!!!

    • Nobody Special says:


  4. amosouldeer says:

    Dear Kate, your America is a Corporation in which only the Boqard of Directors has the right to vote. The idea that you live in a ‘democracy’ and have real democratic ‘rights’ is a pure illusion that you and others continue to invest countless amounts of time and energy nourishing ‘other’, elitist interests, giving them your power on a plate.
    Has any (so-called) election EVER resulted in longterm, satisfaction on behalf of the majority of any known contemporary civilisation? When ? Where ?
    So please wake up ‘individuals’ of the world, wherever & whomsoever you are, to your OWN empowerment. It’s time to climb out of the pram!

  5. jb says:

    Oops… i made an error. The essay in question is “A general Comment and overview from SaS concerning the downward spiral of the cabal”. Sorry for the confusion. : )

    I read your 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth? essay….totally enjoyable! However, I don’t understand what you meant by “30 of the 56 remaining countries seek neutrality”….

    They seek neutrality in what? And do you have a link to support that claim?


    • Stunned at Sunset says:

      Hi jb,

      Thank you for raising this issue. It’s always good to request some clarification in any discussion as it helps form opinion and encourages alternative ideas that have relevance and import.

      As I had explained in the essay: “Granted, my observations are crudely categorized and I’ve little in the way of verifiable references to underwrite my assertions but, I am certain that most of you can see the same thing that I’m seeing in the way of “patterns of development.”

      So, the process that I used was somewhat subjective. The dichotomy between those of us who are struggling and those of us who are usurping the 99% has, in recent times, become so polarized that one wonders at the chasm growing between those two poles!
      A decade before, the “Cabal” ran the planet. In recent months, however, a number of nations have decided to stand up to and against the tyranny. However, there ARE countries who, for what ever reason, wish to stay out of the fracas and remain quiet about their position. If you’re not actively associating yourself with one “pole” or the other, chances are you’ve nothing to contribute (you want to stay out of the conflict) regardless of your reasons. It’s neutrality by default and those remaining countries should be left alone.

      These are lose estimates to make a point in a format that doesn’t permit exhaustive study but you’ll note that the “remainder” in the calculation represents “26” countries. That would appear to be a roughly believable figure very close to the number of troublemakers pursuing hegemony in the Gulf of Arabia (reported to be 25) They’ve committed material, military assets, and human resources to a flagrant violation of the territorial integrity of the targeted nation… something they would be howling before the UN Security Council for relief! The non-aligned nations made a statement of their “position” by their presence at the conference and by their reported support for the Swiss who are spearheading the re-alignment of the International Financial System.

      I apologize if my rough estimates were not as accurate as you may have expected and, of course, am very sorry if they caused confusion. Of course, you are welcome to submit an opinion against the point of the essay if you have reason to and it would be a supposition important for all of us to consider; my point being, that the Cabal seems to be losing ground at a phenomenal rate–it is NOT just a claim made by journalists such as Wilcock, Fulford, and Drake. When you look at the patterns emerging, there seems to be supporting evidence that this is the case.

      Kind regards,

  6. jb says:

    I read your 2012: What’s the ‘real’ truth? essay….totally enjoyable! However, I don’t understand what you meant by “30 of the 56 remaining countries seek neutrality”….

    They seek neutrality in what? And do you have a link to support that claim?


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  8. Nicki Tompkins says:

    Your votes, in any capacity, whether it be federal or local does not count. The so-called government is a corporation, incorporated in 1871 in England. You will find the year your cities and counties were incorporated by the signs posted in such.

    Just as you cannot vote for a corporation/company in which you are not a board member or shareholder, you cannot vote for any office in any corporate government position.

    We should spend our time by waking up the masses to this fact. The jig is up and the cat is out of the bag–let’s not play this game anymore!!

    • amosouldeer says:

      Er, let’s vote on that, Nicki; all in favour raise their right hand ! 🙂

    • Sam says:

      What about the 13th amendment? Most of these politicians would be declared non-Americans.

    • Nobody Special says:

      I strongly disagree with you, at least, for my own situation. I live in a sparsely populated, rural North Georgia mountain community. Unseating a corrupt Sheriff who has held office for some decades too long is, I feel, worth casting a ballot for. Each person has to make his own decision about voting.

      • Jean says:

        I think folks are talking about voting on the national level, but it’s important to remember as you suggest that voting on the local level this year is vital. . . if we even get to elections 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Nicki Tompkins says:

        Is your town incorporated? If not, then I agree with you that your community unseated the sheriff, however, if your town, county, and state are incorporated like the alleged Federal Government, then we have no vote. They are voted in by shareholders-George Soros and his gang, congress and the electoral college. You can’t vote for a company office unless you’re a board member or shareholder. Same applies for the Corporation posing as a government of the United States and there are many around the world.

  9. Nobody Special says:

    I understand you not voting in the federal elections – I may not, either; but, DO go to the polls and vote in your local races (which are held the same day, on the same ballot). Now, more than ever, what happens at the ‘ground level’ matters. The office of Sheriff is extremely important as regards fending off NWO/globalist /Fascist control tactics.

    • amosouldeer says:

      I live in France and do not vote anywhere. Democrat or Republican; Labour or Conservative; Socialist or UMP; etc.; all of their respective (highly placed) representative bat for the same team, and all of their teams function à priori against the interests of the people, with the possible exception of Iceland, in which ther people have begun to empower themselves.

  10. amosouldeer says:

    Yippee, this is good to hear Debbie ! Does this mean that 99% of Americans are going to refuse to vote in – this NWO/Cabal-inspired elite – in the oncoming elections ?

    • Earthchic says:

      And that would make you happy WHY?

      • amosouldeer says:

        I remain indifferent (on a purely ego/personality level) but it would be an indication that 99% of (your) American population were finding authority from ‘within’ instead of seeking it without. It would also herald the breaking of a millenia-long mould of mass-conditioning to slave mentality.
        Yes, that would make me, and anyone else concerrned with Love and Liberty, very “happy” indeed ;o)

      • Kate says:

        I agree with you Earthchic. These rumblings of “Let’s show them – let’s just not vote!” are almost certainly prompted by propaganda BY THE CABAL, for heaven’s sake. Do you think the Romney faction are going to “just not vote?” OF COURSE NOT. Please people don’t be manipulated in this fashion.

        There was a race when I was young, I forget which one but it might have been the Nixon/McGovern race. The Republicans PURPOSELY made the campaign so ugly that many of us coming out of the “peace, love” era of the 60’s just refused to have anything to do with it. And look what happened. Nixon got elected, JUST LIKE THEY WANTED.

        Don’t be fooled. For heaven’s sake, this is insane. It doesn’t matter that the elections are rigged, that “your vote doesn’t count,” that both parties are crooked. This boils down to Obama or Romney. Do you REALLY think there’s going to be no difference in the outcome? Then you’re not paying attention. NOT AT ALL.

  11. Debbie says:

    Okay…please see Jean’s other story today “US NUCLEAR ARSENAL TO SEE COSTLIEST EVER UPGRADE”……………….is this just propaganda? because America is broke….where do they intend to beg, borrow steal that kind of money?

    And to add a comment to this post — I think no one wants to see the NWO/dark Cabal defeated any more than 99% of Americans….those of us who see what they are up to hate them with a passion and can’t wait to see the UN/Nato/Israel/American Luciferian reign of terror brought to an end……………everyone here not benefiting from the criminal cabal (which is 99% of us)…are sick of them shredding our Constitutional Rights and building up a police state that is so intense it would make Hitler blush………..

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