Excellent News from Jim Costa – note SaS story-link at the bottom! :) ~J

News Stories

9/21/12 9:00 AM      Kerry Cassidy’s DAILY INTEL REPORT 09/20/12.    Article
9/21/12 8:00 AM      Jim’s Rant For The Day.        Be Sure The Red Is Read.

If you don’t do anything else this week, be sure to read or watch the
three items marked in red from the past three days.

In a recent article, America’s Enemies – “Bleed the Dragon”, by Major General Paul E. Vallely, U.S. Army (Retired), he says that you can’t deliver a death blow to a dragon; you have to bleed it to death.  All the major news stories this week indicate that is what is occurring.  The Non-Aligned countries are taking down the G5.  The Afghanistan war has been lost by the U.S. the same as it was by the Soviet Union. There is growing doubt that the G5 can create WW III because they cannot resupply themselves due to lack of credit by the Non-Aligned 157 countries. A conservative magazine like the Veterans Today is openly discussing the government fraud.

I know we haven’t seen the fast action taken that we have been hoping for, but I think if we look at the entire landscape, we can see the Cabal in an awful mess, bleeding from numerous wounds..
9/20/12 5:00 PM     THOUGHT FOR THE DAY!

“A government that neither trusts nor respects its own people cannot trust or respet other nations. What is the domestic policy of enslavement today must be the foreign policy of conquest tomorrow.– Michael Rivero

9/20/12 12:00 AM     Benjamin Fulford Audio Update – 9/14/12.    20 Minute Video

9/20/12 11:45 AM     George Carlan – The Illusion Of Freedom.        5 Minute Video

9/20/12 10:45 AM     Mass Arrests, State Sovereignty & The Actual Law Suit Against the Bad Guys.
[Great Analysis.]          37 Minute Video

9/20/12 10:30 AM     Are Americans Being Brainwashed By Their Mainstream Media?
14 Minute Video

9/20/12 10:30 AM     Reality Check: What is QE3? And What It Means For The U.S. Economy.
4 Minute Video

9/19/12 10:30 AM      QE3 Infinity – Ron Paul, Peter Schiff, Ben Bernanke.     8 Minute Video

9/19/12 9:00 AM       Jim’s Rant For The Day.      The Hurt Locker

I finally made myself watch the movie, The Hurt Locker.  Enough said about that.

The amazing thing about that film is that it won an Academy Award, but not just any Academy Award.  It won over the movie, Avatar.  Avatar actually had a real story to tell, albeit not one that the military-industrial complex was happy about.  Avatar used newer graphics and film technology more than its Academy rival.  Yet it lost.  Why?

Personally, I think that we saw motion picture history when The Hurt Locker won.  This was the first time that an advertisement won the award!  I say advertisement because that is all that movie was.  They couldn’t get sane young men to volunteer for bomb sweeping duty, so they created a propaganda film about bomb sweeping, making it look macho.  Those poor fools.  Their asses would be in better shape today had they stayed home from the movies that night and instead watched a nice Preparation Hcommercial on TV.

9/19/12 8:30 AM        Afghanistan: Organized Retreat Of Defeated US-NATO Armies?
                                  “In itself, the 2014 pullout of occupation armies is a big hoax, indeed. It is not the withdrawal of victorious armies. Verily, it is an organised retreat of defeated armies.”

9/19/12 7:00 AM        2012: What’s the ‘Real’ Truth?.          Article
[This is an excellent analysis if you want to know what the score is!]

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8 Responses to Excellent News from Jim Costa – note SaS story-link at the bottom! :) ~J

  1. sleepwalker101 says:

    No doubt you have heard of Tolec? His last message was that the Andromadans were going to get rid of the Draco’s under-sea base which is where the Chinese and US Battle ships are? Just a thought!

  2. Tyler Durden says:

    I tried watching the hurt locker. But it was the worst price of garbage I’d ever seen. I even put a line in a screenplay of mine about it beating avatar.

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  6. mhenrydunn says:

    NEWS FLASH! If this is for real, it doesn’t get any bigger. The U.S. Treasury Dept has filed a foreclosure on the Federal Reserve System, for uncollected debts on more than $14 trillion. See this link at 2012thebigpicture, with accompanying documentation:



  7. DrinkDeep says:

    Happy Peace Day Everyone! bethepeace.com

    Steve Pieczenik has been posting some great articles on his blog – granted, they’re a little tough to stomach, but if one considers him credible (which I do, others don’t) they really lay out some important info.

    Here are a couple – Jean, I’ll follow your lead…if you re-post them I’ll keep sending new ones as they appear.

    Japan’s War Crimes still Torture China (note the U.S. involvement here, both as cover-up and subject)

    Catalonia Financial Resistance: Second Spanish Civil War

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