From Cobra at Portal 2012: Fixing the World

Source: Portal 2012
Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fixing the World

A call has been issued by Hope Girl, the writter of this excellent blog:

The idea is for people to submit their ideas about solutions how we transition from the current financial system into the new era of abundance for everyone:

Deadline for submissions is September 24th: 
This is what she emailed me about this project:

“There is a tremendous amount of wealth that is about to be released to all of humanity. The equivalent would be as if everyone won the lottery at the same time. The problem is, everyone who knows about this money is just thinking about how to get it. No one (at least not publicly) is thinking about what we are going to do with it once we get it. This is part of the reason why the funds have not been released yet. We need a plan on how to release this money into our world without destroying society.  We are working now on creating this plan. I do realize that there are many plans in place that cover all different areas and many individuals and groups working toward the Golden Age of humanity.

 My part in this (which is of my own divine direction) is to give the rest of humanity a chance to have their say at what the solutions should be based on their own knowledge and understanding.  This as you can see, will also get people to start thinking about solutions, rather than negativity, which will help raise their consciousness in a tangible way that people can sink their teeth into to get them actively involved. 

 I’ve put together a pointed set of questions that make people think about solutions and am asking for them to submit their ideas.  I’ve been gathering this data and will continue to do so until the deadline date of Sept 24, at which point I will be presenting this “Book of Answers” by the people for the people to the individuals that I am in contact with that are in positions to implement the change. I will also be publishing it on the internet. The strategy here: people will not accept this engineered financial collapse if they know they have a choice and that there is a better way. This “Book of Answers” is the better way. It could be powerful enough to assist the rest of the resistance movement in making the attempts of the dark agenda obsolete.”

And this was written on her blog:

“Please know the information you submit will be taken very seriously. The most I can say now is that, through Divine intervention and your input, your response to these questions will be presented to entities in charge of implementing these changes. Your help is needed and your response to these questions has been asked for. In addition your input will be posted here on this blog for people to see.”

And my response to her call with a few ideas:

First, the financial reset will not make everybody a sudden millionaire. Total real value of all collateral accounts is between 500 and 1000 trillion $. This means about $100,000 per person. Enough for everyone to have proper housing, food and a fairly comfortable lifestyle, but not enough to spend the rest of your days sipping cocktails by the pool.

Second, release of new technologies must happen along with the financial reset. They can be introduced really quickly with proper funding, so that a few months after the reset free energy machines can be everywhere. This can easily reduce need for human work down to about 4 hours per day or even less. I think most humans will be happy to work a few hours daily because they will discover that eternal vacations can be boring. Also, work of most people will be much more inspiring and creative as they will no longer be slaves to the Cabal.
Third, my post about the financial reset is here:

You can read a very good article about the occult economy here:

And a very good overview of the Cabal and their activities here:

And finally, to cheer you up, an important victory of the Goddess:

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9 Responses to From Cobra at Portal 2012: Fixing the World

  1. Mary says:

    Really, I don’t care who is a fear monger or not…aka cabal…I am responsible for my own thoughts…period.
    Cobra raises a great question none the less….
    What would happen if everyone won the lottery at the same time?
    I would do what I love for those most appreciative of my energy…I think I would cook healthy,delicious organic food for the local old folks home!
    That would bring me joy…what else would be left except to follow our individual paths of joy?

    • Dee says:

      “I would do what I love for those most appreciative of my energy”…thank you Mary. This is, indeed, an insightful way of putting it. And as Jean has suggested, to adjust our perspective and focus away from the machinations of the ‘powers that were’ and concentrate on what brings us Joy and how we can share with others. xoxo Dee

  2. surface dweller says:

    Did Drake have anything substantive to back up his statement ? He is a good man, working for a good cause, but there have been times when his information has not been reliable – the ‘green light’ given in July is an obvious example. I have been following the Cobra site since it began, and have listened to some of the interviews. It is my sense that he is a man of integrity and truth. The fact that there is a concerted effort and smear campaign to discredit him and his work speaks to me of a cabal disinformation program more than anything else.

    • chris says:

      Interesting. Just as I was thinking that perhaps one way to get people to be more accepting of a financial meltdown is to tell them that there’s lots of money in it for them afterwards, I read the story you linked. I have heard mention of something called Nesara, but I have not taken the time to research it well enough that I feel comfortable discussing it.

      It feels like a confusing time. No one is sure who to put their faith in, and it’s hard (for me at least) to tell what’s real and what’s disinformation. As someone who wants to understand things, I’m often frustrated by both the sheer volume, and the constantly conflicting information.

      The best part of all of this, the silver lining, is that no matter who is ‘real’ or ‘fake’, who is being honest or spreading disinfo, the amount of people that want positive change is growing at an exponential level, with absolutely no regard to all of these internet soap operas.

    • Jean says:

      I”ve seen it now, and I’ve known this for sometime. . . he’s likely cabal . . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. Raine says:

    And so how does Neil Keenan’s comments fit in here with Cobra, saying the prosperity packages are not going to happen…..unless I am misunderstanding what the prosperity packages are…..??

    • Jean says:

      You will see that it is coming out what I’ve known for a bit now – Cobra is very likely Cabal. . . I’ll share my thoughts on this – you can’t go into the Golden Age without financial equality of some sort – and there is plenty of money! We will never have peace without financial justice! So, are we entering the Golden Age or not? Hugs, ~Jean

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