In Response to the Oracle Report Today – How did Mother Earth speak to you? September 25, 2012

The Oracle Report for September 25, 2012

If Mother spoke to you today, and you would like to share it, please feel free to do so – 

I was oblivious as I started to walk my dogs this morning early, something that is totally routine for me. Suddenly, as I approached the little nature conservancy right next to my home, I heard something I do not remember hearing before – every living thing in the marshland seemed to be vocalizing – and doing it with great joy! I tried to video it, and while the sound is good, the video is not, so I will not share that here.

At the end of my walk, as I approached the entrance to my home, I saw the most beautiful celebration of the sun rising for another day, so beautiful that I stopped and photographed it with the thought that I would share it with you all. As I rounded the corner, the sun hit a small flower bed that I have enjoyed every single day this year and added to it a glory that I have not seen before. It seemed he was blessing Mother and celebrating with her. 

There is no doubt in my mind that Mother Earth spoke in joy to me today and shared that everything is right in her world, and that we are all doing just fine!

Love you all,

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26 Responses to In Response to the Oracle Report Today – How did Mother Earth speak to you? September 25, 2012

  1. Eileen says:

    Hi Jean
    What a fabulous idea to ask everyone to share this way. I hope you do not mind me joining in. 😉
    Yesterday morning I had a visit from a pigeon ( which made me laugh as the Oracle Report pic was of a dove 😉 ) … this pigeon looked very like a juvenile which had landed on our window sill a few weeks ago. Anyway … it reminded me of a dream I had a while ago in which I a pigeon was inside a building and I helped to set it free. In this dream I also saw the numbers 777 … and this synchronicity led me to joining with some people down in Avebury to do some energy work during the summer ( I am based up in Scotland) …
    In the morning after that energy work I woke up to hear that we had `joined the rose and the star’ … I knew that I was on the roseline … and was told that Avebury was the star .. when I looked it up on Google maps there is a star in a field ( from a crop circle in 2005) … if you check google maps you will see it there too.
    Then this morning Gaiaportal said spoke about `Gaia Star’ … so it was pretty magical really.
    Love your photos .. where you live looks very beautiful.

    • Dee says:

      Eileen, this is very cool. Synchronicity always feels “just right”, doesn’t it? Thank you for sharing your dream and how it led you further. xoxo Dee

  2. wendy says:

    Dear Jean, I went out on the lake w/my husband yest. and as I was watching the clouds (as I am wont to do) I saw dragons everywhere I looked! Everywhere!!! It was amazing. I don’t know what it meant, (any suggestions?) but there was no question that it was a theme for the day. As clouds do, they all morphed away. A sign perhaps, that the reptiles are not able to hold their power anymore? Or are dragons a good thing?? By the way I love your articles, they help keep me focused on the good things that are happening–thanx!

  3. Dee says:

    Jean, thank you for sharing your lovely garden photo. And thank you to all who shared your special moments with Mother nature. Tuesday was a beautiful autumn day here in southeastern Pennsylvania. I am truly blessed to live in this beautiful place. Hardly a day goes by where I am not greeted with absolute beauty. We have two little chipmunks that have made their residence in our garden (in a ground hole) and I get to watch them scurry around putting away their stores for winter. A pair of rabbits visit us daily as well. Our sugar maple outside is home to two species of squirrel…the little red squirrel and the gray. We are blessed with so many birds…mostly sparrows but also Carolina wrens, Cardinals, blue jays. A couple of weeks back, while my husband and I sat on our porch we witnessed a bald eagle swoop down on the Delaware to catch a fish! Most evenings we also enjoy the flight of the geese and the ducks as they come in for a landing on the shoals of the river. And, thankfully, the skies of late have been free of chemtrails. Every time I see a beautiful blue sky with fluffy white clouds, I remark to my daughter that that is what a sky is supposed to look like…just so she knows. The autumn leaves are beginning to show their colors and in about three weeks they will be at their peak! Our Mother Earth is truly wondrous! Love to All…xoxo Dee

  4. Suzy says:

    Thanks Jean, I love you photo of the flowers. I will have to be content with your photo for the moment as we have been having some wind and rain lately. We might have a few nice days to come though before winter hits us properly!

  5. thais says:

    Hello everyone …. Gaia is speaking for every person on this planet. In fact she always spoke, it was always so generous with all of us, providing hospitality, food, etc.. We are we somehow waking up, becoming more sensitive to issues related to Gaia. Our connection is bigger now and so Gaia provides this beautiful spectacles. Now he knows that most of us are in connection with it. Kisses to all

  6. Christina says:

    I love to read your experiences with Mother Earth. I wonder what is happening. Has our perception changed? Has Mother Earth changed? During the last weeks I feel so much affection to all the plants in my vegetable garden, to all the seeds that are sprouting. I have never admired the colors of my peppers more than this month. What a joy!

  7. Dawnb says:

    Hell everyone, I visited a friend today and a very long legged spider crawled out from behind her fire place, I offered to catch him and put him outside but she said he lived there! During the night I had a very vivid dream I was given a small tawny owl to keep safe from from “the dogs” who I actually only saw in the distance.The plumage of the little owl was beautiful and I held it safely and gently until I could let it go.

  8. Nora says:

    In recent days, I and my friends have been discussing the extreme weather conditions all over Mother Earth and how we shouldn’t worry too much even though tragedies have happened (sending love to those who are suffering) – it is just M E just doing a necessary cleansing of herself.
    This was brought home in a big way yesterday afternoon while we were having an impromptu discussion of the Law of One round my kitchen table and suddenly out of nowhere a mini tornado/hurricane swept a path of destruction through the village. It was over in less than 10 minutes yet the amount of damage was unbelievable. No one was hurt physically even though roof tiles fluttered down like autumn leaves. Garden sheds disappeared completely and fences too were left in bits. After about half an hour people appeared on the streets to access damage and even though many did not know each other before, the camaraderie began as people checked on each other to make sure everyone was OK. Within 2 hours work had commenced to make repairs and within 3 hours roof tiles had been replaced and secured for the night. I am always amazed and delighted to see us humans pulling together as one at times like these and look forward to the day when we don’t need a disaster for it to happen. I think we are getting there!
    We were lucky, our house sustained minimum damage, one tile off the roof and fell to the ground unbroken, a small tree got an early pruning and we inherited three quarters of someone’s shed! 🙂

  9. susan says:

    I saw a hawk trying to attack a pigeon. The pigeon was able to get away and hid under some brush. Meanwhile, a flock of crows were attempting to drive the hawk away… symbolic I’d say!

  10. Kathy says:

    I really enjoy your ‘Oracle Report Today”. I read it early this morning and was wonder what Mother Earth was going to say to me. After breakfast I was looking out the back door and saw 4 (four) hawks flying high in the sky together, moving towards the south. My thought was ” Fly Free and Fly High – Kathy”. I will try to do this. Thanks for the heads up for today.

  11. Rachel says:

    Jean, for me, crows have been helpful and also just general encouragement for several years now, ever since I did a spirit quest in Sedona. For days now, the crows have been swooping in front of my car, cawing at me from trees, hanging out on the street watching me — it’s all been very amusing, sweet and fun. Today the crows continued, and the moon seemed a size bigger than usual and was very visible all day. The moon always makes me smile and it seemed to me that it was bigger just for me. I know that sounds silly, but that’s how I felt. All in all, I have felt VERY encouraged, amused and touched for days now. I am very grateful for all of it. Sometimes it seems like we’re all Han Solo asking the Millennium Falcon to hold together just a little longer until we all hit light speed. This was a wonderful affirmation that yeah, it’s gonna hold together. 😉

  12. Walt says:

    Jean, as I was watering my back yard and feeding my Koi fish all of a sudden 3 beautiful hawks flew 3 circles over my yard, they were indeed beautiful creatures and I extended my love to them, it almost brought me to tears, we are so close to the Golden Age, the signs are everywhere, stay balance and keep up your great work, Namaste

  13. melody says:

    I had two lovely encounters today, one I went to a park near my house and a male peacock was one the side of the road. I went for a run/walk and took a break and down to meditate as I was I could suddenly hear birds all singing. It was quite when I started. It brought a smile to my heart. Later I sat down to read and I heard this funny noise it was two huge woodpeckers climbing the tree.

  14. alfoss1540 says:

    Beautiful Jean! May I share this in the OracleReport Facebook page? Here was my Comment: I just communed with Nature for the past 1/2 hour (or at least the part of nature that fell off my tree in front and had to be swept into the street before the street sweeper came.” And for those who love a crisp, bright fall morning, it was sublime.

    • Jean says:

      Yes, please. I wanted to send it to her, but I can’t remember her name, so I can’t find her email address. I think her work is simply terrific! Thanks and hugs, ~Jean

  15. Arka says:

    Jean, soo beautifull… As if Gaia was showing you a “path” (we can see the steps of a path iin the sky).

    yes Gaia has “spoken” to me too. During my daily walk on the beach, big birds who fly away whenever someone or something moves toward them, well , they didn’t today. Those birds stayed at some 7-8 feet from me. I looked at them and they looked at me, without moving an inch…. Very unusual. And that reminded me of the Oracle report.

    Hugs to all!

    • Jean says:

      People’s comments are bringing tears to my eyes! Do you realize the wonderful connections that are happening on a daily basis with Mother? They are so vitally important for humanity’s healing and awakening at this time! Wonderful! Love and hugs, ~Jean

  16. pete spencer says:

    Jean, Love your thought for the day and it made me question my day. I am aware that a force that had been spoiling my plans for the future over the past 8 weeks was suddenly freed up today. I had simply allowed the events to unfold without my trying to force matters along and today was like the dam breaking. Everything I had been waiting for came in a beautiful flow of synchronicity today.

    This is really happening, can you feel the energy coursing in your being? with love to you all

  17. Cameron Sherman says:

    Living in North Central Washington, US, we have had wildfires sparked by Mom herself with a really spectacular lightning display a couple of weeks ago. The downside was that most everybody in our valley has had to stay cooped up indoors due to the hazardous air quality. The tribe of ‘wise old owls’ in our area having been setting our intent high to have clear skies for our 2nd annual Family Gathering this coming weekend. Lo and behold, this morning I stepped out of bed and walked outside and for the first time in two weeks we were blessed with sunlight, blue skies, and fresh air. LITERALLY OVERNIGHT! It was beautiful, and I feel I will be spending the evening staring at the stars that I have missed so much! I wrote a small poem and posted it directly to my facebook within minutes of walking out my front door. Here it is: “Our manifestation of clean respiration has diverted the air that inverted, the sky is clear since we cancelled our fear, and focused on love and the skies above! A blessed morning to all!!!” Love and light and blue skies to you Jean!

    • Jean says:

      Love your poem, a beautiful manifestation of JOY! Thanks so much for taking the time to share it with us! WOWOW Miracles are really happening, aren’t they! Love and hugs, ~Jean

  18. Debbie says:

    Jean…NICE! love your garden. When I was young and traveling in Europe for the first time, I was thrilled by the gorgeous flowers – from the yards of the grandest homes to the tinyest balconies in what appeared to be projects…………….I thought to myself then and I still do…………this is a beautiful thing that almost all people share a love for and lifted up by no matter what country you visit……………flowers! One look at my blooming hibiscus tree and different colored rose bushes never fails to lift my spirits.
    Easy to be joyful!

  19. kimwblog says:

    Hi Jean – my experience began yesterday and also today. I was sitting outside in the sun and as I opened my eyes a white owl flew overhead, then last night I could hear an owl (same one?) hooting outside my window. Then this morning as I was walking my daughter outside to her ride for school there was a hawk sitting on a park sign in the field in front of my house. We looked at each other and I heard the words, “everything is well and as it should be”. Most awesome. Namaste.

    • Jean says:

      These Comments and the sharing is just blowing me away. My eyes keep filling with tears – our connection to Mother is so important, and so many of us are getting it now. . . Love and hugs, ~Jean

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