My sense of this announcement is that this is positive news. The military will be on our side. I think these folks are coming at this bass ackwards. ~J

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  1. Id must test with you here. Which isn’t one thing I normally do! I enjoy reading a put up that can make folks think. Also, thanks for allowing me to remark!

  2. Steven says:

    How do 8000 troops get up and leave without anyone SEEING THEM?
    It has now been some 10 days since your hysterical report and, nothing! It’s fakes like you that turn people away from us! So much for your very reliable sources.

  3. Disavowed 1 says:

    You better listen to this Lady, I knew this movement was imminate last Monday.

    God Speed

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  5. jim bob says:

    First of all their aren’t any infantry Marine’s at Fort Campbell. “0311 Marine’s” are only stationed at “Camp’s, Exp: Camp Lejeune, Camp Pendleton . Not Fort?? Fort are Army, and believe me there is a big difference between Army and The Marine Corps. I Don’t know where you get these people but they need to pull over until the Quaalude’s were off. You would think they would cheek their source’s. God, “how stupid can this be?” “Really” come on man?

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  7. jim bob says:

    Really ?

  8. Larry Cox says:

    I see a bunch of ducks out of water. Do any of us really know what to make of this?
    Has anyone ever successfully forecast anything based on observed troop movements?

    The stories and counter-stories are flooding the news sites. And my current opinion of this is that about 80% of it is developed traffic. In other words, tests for reactions of various different publics. Low grade marketing research.

    The complex “organism” that often gets referred to as “the Cabal” is a reality in my opinion, but not a well-understood one.

    ET is also very much a reality in my opinion, and likewise is not well-understood.

    Those who want earth to survive as the home to a civilization based on high spiritual ideals have strength in numbers.

    Those who want earth to be another factory planet in a long string of factory planets have strength in financial resources and willingness to commit atrocities.

    The “good guys” CAN win, but it will take a level of persistence seldom seen on earth. If we come through on this, we will all earn our own star in the heavens (so to speak). If we fail it will just be another failure of will in a long string of failures. So why not try to succeed?

    Hopefully, more beings in “high places” are taking this “let’s go for it” approach to life. This is NOT the time to clam up if you have data that would help us understand the real situation better. This IS the time to suppress the urge to spew if you are being told stories by sources that aren’t trustworthy or who you know in fact are working for the enemies of life.

  9. Matthew says:

    Does it really matter what you say in case of a dramatic event? “Oh my God” or “Oh my Allah” or “Oh my Krishna” etc…
    SOURCE has many different names in many different countries and it is the ultimate joiner whoever or whatever you are and is not under the hegemony of the USA!
    Nowadays, I am not even sure if there is a “Western Culture”? It all looks like coming from the Ancient Egypt and the worship of SUN God.
    Not to mention what “Western Culture” have done to the WORLD!
    USA have 700+ Military Bases all over the world… Why?
    How can I say “God bless USA”? If I say that, then I would be giving approval to this insanity!
    I know it is not the people’s fault… we “the People” have been taken for a BIG ride for centruries:(
    But, I still choose to say “SOURCE BLESS HUMANITY” 🙂

    • danny says:

      Totally agree with you here Matthew, this world is the only home humanity have at the moment but if we continue in the same insane ways as we have up to now then humanity as a whole wouldn’t last for much longer and we don’t deserve to either IMO.

      We have to wake up and start to see as in John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ dream that all the people living in peace and there are no countries or divisions. It is also time to realize that humanity has always been fed with indoctrinations of hate and fear by the few heartless minds who is in the control seat.

      As a human being I am ashamed of what ‘we’ as a collective have done to mother earth and mother nature, we say we do everything for self preservation but it is a blinkered one way view and turn this into greed. We were taught to be successful in our lives yet no one are reminded that we come with nothing and leave with nothing and it’s alright to mindlessly to hoard as much possessions so as long as we live. WE MUST STOP THIS MADNESS.

      We are much more than human, we are all an eternal immortal soul experiencing life in a tiny physical vessel mind consciousness we now know as a ‘human’ and we literally ‘being’ in every single moment of ‘NOW’ as yesterday and tomorrow are nothing more than an idea or a concept that we believed in and make real.

      I urge all to go beyond their body and to realize your divine greatness within your soul and allow your brilliance to come out, I urge you all to see another as another self as we are all come from the same source which is the universal divine consciousness. Not only we are the fractal part but we are also the total sum at the very same time.

      Life in a human body is like tiny part of the ocean trapped inside a bucket and if you’re to pour yourself back to the ocean you’ll see how small you have made or believed yourself to ‘be’.

  10. Matthew says:

    Fear vs hope! Dark vs Light… Does it really matter?
    Whatever wil happen, will happen… and we will only know after it happens 🙂
    Sometimes, I feel sad when people comments “God bless USA or America”.
    USA is not the only coutry that has to be blessed by God! In fact, God is not the right term…
    SOURCE would be more meaningful to me. Therefore, I would say:

    • mhenrydunn says:

      Fear vs hope – does it matter?

      Well, if fear vs hope and dark vs light doesn’t matter, then nothing does. As to the Name of the divine, the infinitude of God requires an infinitude of names. As Sri Chaitanya said long ago, “Various are Thy names, O Lord. In each and every name Thy power resides!” He is God, He is Krishna, She is Mahalakshmi, He is Allah, She is Mary, He is Rama, Yahweh, Jehovah. And yes, Source, if you like (though to me it’s a rather drab and prosaic term….but hey, that’s just me).

      One thing is certain. The word “God” has deep and irrevocable resonance in the Western psyche. I will wager that if a tsunami a thousand feet high suddenly roared toward you on the shore, that the spontaneous cry of your soul, the words that leapt to your lips in that moment of imminent death would NOT be – “Oh my Source!”

      As to invoking Her blessings on the U.S.A., it is of American troops we are speaking, on American streets, in a uniquely American crisis of freedom – which will have echoes across the world, even as it did in 1776. And it is my experience that God likes specificity in prayer! And so I’ll say it again – “God bless the USA!”

      (and everybody else, too, of course!)


  11. Ana says:

    I was talking with a young man today whose brother is stationed in Virginia. I told him about this video which I had just watched prior to talking to him. He told me his brother said there were some depoyed up to DC – maybe a couple of hundred. He also said his brother told him something was up – but he did not know what.


  12. mhenrydunn says:

    I see two possible scenarios….God, of course, sees many many more! But from my groundhog’s eye view of the planet, it’s like this: if the elections are held, there is a good chance that no matter how far out in front Obama is in the polls, the vote-suppression effort and electronic vote-rigging by the GOP may succeed in stealing the election, in which case people will riot, knowing they’ve been had. The key factor will be (as in the stolen 2004 Ohio result which gave Bush his 2nd term) the unprecedented disparity between the exit polls and the official results. If the elections are not held, and a militia/military coup/constitutional restitution takes place, the blue states and the Obama coalition are likely to see it as a Tea Party coup, in which case people will riot. But if a coordinated mainstream and alternative media effort gets the truth out about NESARA, a return to the constitution, distribution of the global settlements, and a revelation of the crimes of the cabal (911, etc.), then there is a chance that things will settle down fairly soon. If the new financial system goes online during this period, and global debt forgiveness is announced, then things will settle down even more quickly!

    As to these troop movements, who knows? I agree with Jean that, at this point, the troops are on our side, and will not cooperate in any suppression of the civilian population. As to Obama supporting an attack by Israel on Iran, or this being a lead-up to WWIII, all the evidence says no. Obama just gave an unprecedented snub to Netanyahu, with the U.S. ambassador to the U.N. walking out just before the Israeli PM’s war-mongering speech. Our military leaders have made it clear they will not commit our men and women in uniform to this insane scheme. The radical Obama-hating right wing will need to see shocking evidence of the complicity of their heroes in Cabal crimes, just as the GOP-hating left will need a similar wake-up to the complicity of certain liberal heroes. How it falls out for Obama remains to be seen. If he’d lived up to the liberals’ expectations, he would be dead by now, like JFK before him. If he’d completely caved to the cabal’s agenda, we would probably all be dead by now. I’d like to believe he’s walked an excruciating razor’s edge with great skill, waiting for the moment when the great change was possible. That’s what I’d like to believe, because my intuition tells me he is a wise soul. I could be wrong. We’ll see.

    Meantime, God bless the USA….the real one, the people, the children, the land, and the hope of freedom.


    • NoTingles says:

      What a great post Michael; well written. I agree with most of what you’re thinking and while I know there is a lot going on and being done on our country’s behalf, but geez the waiting is getting to be excrutiating!

    • Stunned at Sunset says:

      Excellent post, as always, Michael. I agree with every point you’ve made. Refreshing!


  13. Alex says:

    I think what may be being reported is just a standard shift in global military policy, which is quite normal. I have been reading information that suggests that the US is starting to shift towards a build up in SE Asia in an attempt to stem the rising military influence of China. The idea is to proceed with economic and trade ties with China whilst perusing an arms build up with the goal of being a physical deterrent. This is probably what we are seeing. As far as congress leaving, that is not unusual, this year they left earlier, but in many election years they can simply not get agreements on anything when both sides are wrangling for the election. No one wants to tackle controversial policies during an election season. This year we have a very controversial cycle because of the budget issue that needs to be tackled. This also at a time when the freedom aware individuals are maneuvering to get a vote to audit the fed passed in the senate. War with Iran is unlikely. The US does not want it, at least this administration does not. Obama is not bowing to pressure from the Israeli and Zionist influence that has permeated are banking system and media. The fight that is coming will not happen until after the election and it is my belief that it will happen in congress and the senate. We have good people rising through the ranks of government who are very truly set to returning us to a constitutional government. They very well understand the corruption that has permeated our country. On the grass roots levels we are winning the victories we need to have the support to make the changes in the future to bring our freedom to bear. WW 3 is always a possibility however too many people are awake now and more and more are waking up every day.

  14. White Feather says:

    My initial feeling is that U.S troops may be used to quell protests in other countries…I hope that is NOT the case…

  15. Anon says:

    My internal guidance says that this information, this video content, is not truth. I don’t say the person delivering this is not sincere, just the information is not truth. We don’t know, of course, until we know…

  16. Martha says:

    Here’s the link from another of her recent vids that tells re China having to defend Earth from harmful UFO invasion while US is deployed in ME….This may add some “fuel for thought” as multiple things going on at same time. Enter Hopi Prophesy…
    & YES! I knew something was up upon hearing our “lawmakers” (what a farce!) vacating DC early—wondered if it was in preparation of Days/Nights of Darkness at month’s end (Oct.) or to not be in DC if the civil unrest in Europe [where they’re storming the major government bldgs.] were to ignite on this side of the pond….

  17. Yvette says:

    IAM resonating with you Jean ~~}o{~~

  18. Obama is predicted to win the election. There’s a lot of nut jobs out there ready to wage civil war. It stands to reason the military will be deployed for martial law to protect citizens. This has already been in the works for quite some time. This woman is just spreading fear. All is well and proceeding accordingly.

    • Jean says:

      My belief, which has some factual basis, is that the elections will not take place, that there will be a caretaker government put in place until we can return the country to constitutional law. . . right now we are still operating under maritime law. . . I think the militias will begin the process of taking back our country, which is what is prescribed by our constitution, and then the military can step in and support our troops. I believe this is what is going on, but I’m not saying I’ve got the whole truth. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  19. Raine says:

    I sure hope so Nora!

  20. S.L. Ladd says:

    If the “rats” are headed for the hills, they still can’t hide. The Revelation says they can’t. God will find them no matter. Darkness tries to hide, but light exposes every time and the truth always wins in the end.

  21. dkb8848 says:

    Last tactical deploying now… Drake


  22. Jay Spontain says:

    Fort Campbell is an Army base. Wht are 8,000 Marines doing there? This story smells of disinformation to me.

  23. Don says:

    How soon.WHERE do we get TRUE UPDATES as to WHATS GOING ON??

  24. arka says:

    “Headed for the hills” says Raine… That thougt pro pts the image of rats running up the hills when required by Nature. And “Ready to move forward” ? How about moving upward so our awarenees expands and can see the 360 degree picture . When moving forward, you can’t see what’s going on in your back and you keep being fearful…

    Last note: this lady of the video is in fear. She is attracting her own negative outcome…. So obvious to watch the Law of Attraction…

  25. Raine says:

    That would explain why congress headed for the hills!

  26. Raine says:

    At least maybe things are really getting started……I think we all are ready to move forward!

  27. Nora says:

    Martial Law? Maybe just house cleaning. World War? Definitely NOT!

    Peace & Love to all.

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