A Quickening Going On: Get On the Train that is Coming

As you know, I only publish channeling once in a while, and this is a piece I’m publishing – not because it speaks absolute truth and has total accuracy, but simply because as I try to grasp the huge changes coming this month, I resonate with it. Please, don’t expect perfection,  just see if the general feeling works for you . . . maybe not, and that’s okay, too. Thanks to A.


The Pleiadian Network
Current Channelings from the Pleiadians

OCTOBER 1, 2012

Good evening, we are here. Give us a moment. It is September the 30th, 2012, it is a full moon in Aries. Let us begin.

There is much going on in the world, but we will take a moment to see if we cannot put a little spin on what you are going to have occurring in the next few weeks. You have your elections going on here in America but there are other things going on in the world as well, some are economic, some are geopolitical, foreign relations, these kinds of things. Now it would be really helpful for everyone to keep in mind that there is a quickening going on globally, actually within the entire solar system of Sol, and this quickening is affecting everyone at the cellular level.

What we mean by that is you…many of you are unaware of where the energy comes from that keeps you alive. Some of your scientifics will tell you it is in the food you eat, some of your scientifics will tell you it is in the oxygen you breathe or something like this. We will tell you from our perspective there is a beam of energies that comes in through the top of your head, and it is that beam of energy that enlivens you, enlivens your physical body. All physical things on the planet have this beam of energy. The Egyptians showed it as hands coming from the sun, and it comes from your sun. Your sun is the neighborhood distributor of this energy, and it is all part of a conduit system if you will, that comes from – we are not even sure where it comes from. In other words, where is the final point that you would say all this energy comes from? We would say Prime Creator and for us, even for us, even that is not well defined, but it is an energy that moves through reality. And one of the places that it comes to is the center of the galaxies that you live in, we live in as well. And the Milky Way Galaxy has such a conduit of energy inflowing into it.

Now your scientifics think that it is outflowing out of it. They see this stream of highly charged particles coming out of the Milky Way Galaxy but also, if you can imagine, every vortex has a reverse vortex. And so if you are seeing this stream coming out, what’s streaming in? And we are here to tell you there is this streaming in and that same streaming in is now coming into the sun, and from the sun to all the planets – all the planets, whether it is Mars, Venus, Earth, Jupiter, whatever. And it is that energy that animates physical reality whether you see it as particles, matter or living beings. And from our perspective again it is this energy that projects reality into existence, and that is why we say it is not a solid place because it is not. If you could remove this energy what you think is solid would vanish, would literally vanish, like a mirage, like an image on a screen in a movie theatre or something.

And so if you can imagine this energy is now really starting to amp up and come at you at a faster pace with more and more and more of the life-force energy that comes from Prime Creator in it. In other words it is more amped up. And what you will be discovering, each and every one of you, is that there are blockages in your atmosphere, there are blockages in your physical body that have been put there to slow down this energy. Some of it has been done in your food, some of it has been done in your diet to create calcifications in certain parts of your physical structure, particularly the pineal gland. And these calcifications are sort of like barriers, but what we are here to tell you is that the energy increase is softening and removing these barriers.

And so what you are going to be discovering is an increase in your psychic abilities, and we have talked about this many times, but you are now going to see it. You are going to be waking up a little more in the know than yesterday. And that is why we say don’t look back so much because the back that you will look back to, what is behind you, will really be a you that was not as energized as the you that is here now. And that is true of everyone. And so if you are going to look back on how people were a year ago, five years ago you’ll be looking back at how they were before they were energized. And so really it does not serve you.

You have all known someone, you have all ideally known someone who has had a change of heart, who has come around on something, who has gone from a nemesis or even an enemy and converted them into a friend. You have all seen this. Classic example in more recent years would be Hillary Clinton joining the Obama administration. What happened, how did that occur? How did this person who one moment was so upset and angry and fighting turn around on that? Could it be that she is also changing? Absolutely. All of you are, and so when you walk around in your normal environment and see the people that you interact with, whether they are your coworkers, the people on the train or the bus or cars or the people at the PTA meeting or whatever, see them all as having their own awakening occurring. And some are really having some struggles with it. Some are struggling with how they used to think, what they used to feel, what they used to say. And so you would do them a great service to not dwell on what they said or did in the past.

Why did Obama come in and not go after the improprieties of the Bush-Cheney administration? Because he knew you did not have time for that. Now it is unfortunate that those who would be obstructionists to him did not work with him to move forward. We see that changing in the next cycle, the next election cycle because people are going to realize ideally that to move forward you must move forward together. You see there are many that want you to move forward but want to leave others behind. They want to move forward by stepping on others, but they are learning. They are coming out from behind their closed doors and their curtains and they are now being seen for who they are, and when that light is brought to them they change. In other words, yes they are caught, but they are changed by being caught. They are shamed to a certain degree.

And you might think, “Well, wait a minute some of these people have no shame.” You will be surprised who will be feeling shame for their actions and will be looking to atone for previous actions. You will be surprised.

And so as you see the election unfolding, definitely be aware that there are some who would like to steal the election, some that who would like to cause mayhem and chaos, but also know that the average everyday person is waking up and will see it for what it is. And there will be a rallying behind the idea that these improprieties cannot stand. They cannot stand. And in places where you would least expect to find allies, you will begin to find them, whether it is Republican Governors who will all of a sudden put the kibosh on their attempts to block the votes and such, or whether it is, whatever.

You will be surprised, you will say, “Wow that judge just made that judgment? How could that be? He’s bought and sold by the Koch brothers.” Watch.

We tell you this because everyone is important. Everyone has a stake in what you are doing. Everyone is here for a purpose and that purpose is not to go backwards, that purpose is not to skip this cycle, that purpose is to get on that train that is coming. There is a wonderful ending to the Harry Potter movie series where all of the players are now older and they are putting their children on the train going to the school. That is kind of where you are at, where you are going to see players on the platform that earlier you would have said would never be there. How would Malfoy ever be there? But he is. He is because he made a decision to do the right thing and you will see that.

We want you all to imagine that those who are the darkest are really getting the most of this energy to waken them up. It is a very interesting time because you all wonder about the dark, and yet we will tell you it is part of a plan that you are all involved in. You are all allowing in it. We have said many times in the past, you are not victims. You are not victims, you are players in a cosmic drama. And there is going to be, we’ve said it recently, the wrap party where everyone comes together and the good guys and the bad guys all get to compare notes and comment on each other’s performances.

And you have a performance coming in a few days now with the two candidates for President. It will be interesting how that will unfold, because it is very difficult to tell a falsehood at this time. And those who tell it will know they are telling it, will know they are telling it, will know they are being caught telling it, will know that no one in the room believes them. And those who hear it will know it like a flatulence in an elevator. It’s supposed to be a joke.

Now, as you speed up more and more it will be even important not to go back a day, a week. There will be times when it will not even be important to go back an hour – always looking forward. We use the analogy of skiing down a hill. As you are skiing down this hill and you just pass a tree, is that tree at any time interesting to you anymore? No, why because it is gone, it is gone past you, you must focus in front on the next tree that is coming. If you turn around and look at that one you may hit the one in front of you. And it is going to get that fast, that quick as you approach 2012, December of 2012. So you are very close, two months, three moons away, not far, not far at all. And ideally many of you are feeling it, this quickening. Your bullsh*t meters are working very, very well – you can really tell when someone is pulling your leg very quickly. And to those of you who are not, you will.

And with that we will depart. It has been our pleasure.

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53 Responses to A Quickening Going On: Get On the Train that is Coming

  1. Nora says:

    This one is easier to see! Not heard of Merlin before (only in Arthurian legend of course)

    • Nora says:

      Good find Amosouldeer. Thanks.

      Haven’t read it all yet but I particularly like this extract

      “22. What other names were given to the British International Bankers in history?

      ANSWER: They were called Fruggers, Knights Templar, Gisors, Tuscans, etc., and today they are called The Crown. [The Myth and The Reality, by The Informer, Page 6]”

      They’re called banksters now amongst other things of a less polite nature! 🙂

    • kibitzer3 says:

      Very interesting link, amosouldeer; thanks. I applaud the coming out of good information, and the explication of the truth of things.

      However, anent the Constitution, and the mentality of the bulk of the Founding Fathers raised up at that time for that specific purpose, of creating a document for the ages extolling the Freeman, as opposed to the ‘high and mighty,’ I have come across this quote from James ‘the Father of the Constitution’ Madison about another of the Founders, Benjamin Franklin; commenting how he, from time to time, “expressed his dislike of every thing that tended to debase the spirit of the common people. If honesty was often the companion of wealth, and if poverty was exposed to peculiar temptation, it was not less true that the possession of property increased the desire of more property. Some of the greatest rogues he was ever acquainted with, were the richest rogues…This Constitution,” he went on, “will be much read and attended to in Europe, and if it should betray a great partiality to the rich, will not only hurt us in the esteem of the most liberal and enlightened men there, but discourage the common people from removing to this Country.” So the fledgling Republic was to be, in the minds of its founders, a haven for The Common Man, and free enterprise, entitled to the fruits of his labor. Not to be yet another trap into servitude, by either king or pope or other potentate, and erstwhile Master.

      It was an experiment. It went well, for awhile. It has been taken over, by unsavory characters – who have been just that: characters, in the ongoing human drama, between the Light and the Dark. Allowing us to hone our true characters. And then – now – move on. Some up. Some back, for more seasoning in the pot of 3D life.

  2. amosouldeer says:

    If you want to raise your consciousness, kibitzer3, you’ll need to seek out and hear your heart, not look into the past or listen to your head (left-brain); Both past and future are created from the present, which contains them both!

    • kibitzer3 says:

      Ummm – okay.

      Feels like I ruffled your feathers with the Obama thing. Speaking of which: I trust that you didn’t mean your response as an excuse for the trashing of the Constitution??

      Just to make it clear: I have no ‘favor’ with the Bush admin that preceded the Obama regime, either. Both have been involved with trying to do away with the Constitution, as an impediment – a rock in their shoe – to a totalitarian takeover; Bush (the Bush clan, & the majority of the Cabal) from the Right, and Obama (the Soros & Co.’family’ of criminals) from the Left, both desiring a New World Order, just from their different political perspectives, of either fascism/’corporatism’ or socialism/communism. Which highlights the importance of the Constitution being preserved, at all costs.

      At all costs.

      And then we move on.


      I believe that all manner of evidence points to the fact that the Bush faction – including the Neocons – were involved in 9/11, e.g. So I have no specific animosity towards Obama the man. Just with what he is doing. And I believe that he can STILL move to the side of the Light. If he sees it.


      And as for questioning my ability to listen to my heart…well. I’ll let my response to your good advice go at this.

  3. Nora says:

    Did the Bushes change their name from Scherf?http://www.proliberty.com/observer/20070405.htm

    • Anon says:

      I read various sources of information some months ago about the Scherf family and claims that Bush Snr was not born in USA, but in Germany. If true, and it certainly seems likely to be so, then those who wish to argue against Obama’s right to have become president (if he was not born in USA) must also argue against the validity of Bush Snr’s presidency too. Water under the bridge? Maybe, but that doesn’t make it right (if it’s right you really care about). So if folk really want to tar ‘illegitimate’ presidents with the tar brush, they can better go after all who need tarring, or it wouldn’t be just and fair now would it?

      • Nora says:

        There seems to have been a lot of research gone into the Scherf/Bush enigma. Seems the rabbit hole is actually a warren.
        Needs to be a lot of house clearing from way back imo.

      • kibitzer3 says:

        For the record: the issue of being a NBC or not is not where your parents were born, or necessarily where YOU were born (depending on ‘jus soli’ considerations). It’s whether your parents were U.S. citizens at the time of your birth or not – both of them.

        But I agree, Anon: Bush Snr’s eligibility is in question, too, for the above-stated reason. So all the more reason that we leave the illusion behind, and ‘go for gold’ – the Golden Age. Just barely out of reach right now; beckoning us on, out of our role-playing, and into inheriting our true natures, as sons and daughters of the One Source.

        And I agree with you too, Nora, that there “(n)eeds to be a lot of house clearing from way back” (including the U.S. ‘corporation’ thing, Anon). No, we don’t need to/should not get caught up in it all. But we need to learn as many lessons as we can, from this experience that we have been involved in, before we move on. It’s all a matter of consciousness-raising; on our way to higher realms. To fully learn what can happen, when one loses The Vision. Without which, ‘the people perish’.

  4. Nora says:

    The trap is to believe that voting makes a difference. Maybe it did once. Maybe it will again sometime in the near future. At the moment though I feel that whoever gets in will be controlled by the cabal unless and until the cabal is rendered powerless. The electorate is being deceived into thinking that they make a difference. They can make a difference but not in that way. We need to step out of the matrix and not buy into “their” ilusion.

    If as has been stated many times that O has no right to be potus and something is actually done to remove him from office legally, then wouldn’t that make all the executive orders and any other legislation signed off by his administration null and void? If this is the case (and I recognise it is hypothetical) then wouldn’t that be a good thing?

    • amosouldeer says:

      Voting confirms the illusion that you (still have?) choice. At the same time many people admit that it’s more often a case of them voting against and excluding a given candidate or party, rather than ‘for’ someone or some ideal. Is this your idea of democracy ?
      Name one highly placed individual (e.g. President) of (local, national or international) governance that has EVER served the true interests of the population…
      Yes, ‘history’ speaks for itself; but when are YOU going to begin to speak for yourself, people ?

  5. amosouldeer says:

    Exactly, Anon!
    ‘Ascension’ involves self-mastery of thought and of Being. It has nothing to do with feelings of anger, blame, judgment or victimhood (which are all issue of ‘lower frequencies’), the pursuit of which can never transform into positive action and the increase in one’s vibratory level that is a prerequisite to acceeding to “another, higher level of reality”.
    And so there’s really no need for us to go on an’ on Anon about it ;o)

  6. Anon says:

    “Who gave their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, to their dream.” – The dream to steal the lands of an idiginous peoples, and determine to deprive them ever since. Some dream!

    However, that being said, let’s remember or learn this, The United States of America is a corporation! When will this fact sink in? A corporation is not a land, nor a nation, nor a people.

    Play with words, fantasies, ideals all you want, but your country remains in the hands of the British monarchy via the USofA Inc. run from its secure haven, aka, Washington D.C. (a private nation state similar to the Vatican and the City of London), where the Laws of the rest of the land have no power. Unless I’m incorrect, of course?

  7. Anon says:

    There is a common quotation, which perhaps has some relevance here:

    “Keep your friends close. Keep your enemies even closer.”

    I have no fixed opinion on Obama, I really don’t know what to make of him. I swing back and forth, dependent upon what I’m reading about him. For this reason, I shall sit on the fence, if I may. (I’m not eligible to vote anyway…)

    However, there can be no doubt that Romney is dangerous, so for me, it would be a case of ‘better the devil you know, than the devil you don’t know’, if I were pondering over a voting slip!

    My point is this: If Obama has been and still is on some kind of razor-edge in order to keep his ‘molecules intact’ and his family safe, perhaps even the planet intact (who knows) – and if he has more to offer on the Light side (who knows) whenever the chance arises, then isn’t he likely to have to do just as that quote states, and keep his ‘enemies’ very much closer than his ‘friends’?

    I read an analogy recently, that I feel summed-up exactly what’s happening, globally, at the moment, it went along the lines of, “it’s like a poker game that has not yet finished, so none of the hands have yet been revealed.”.

    Lets hope the exact right timing and opportunities do come along which would allow Obama to shine his light, if indeed he has any intention of doing so.

    • kibitzer3 says:

      With all due respect, since you say that you’re not eligible to vote anyway, I am presuming that you do not live in the U.S. A little helpful background to this matter, if I may.

      Essentially: Obama was never eligible to run for the presidency in the first place (it is a bone of contention that has been going and is going on in the b/g as we speak). The Constitution requires that a candidate for the presidency – that alone of all the federal offices (since amended to include the Vice President; logically) – be, quote, “a natural born Citizen”. What does that mean? It means what it meant in the minds of those gathered in the Constitutional Convention who put it in there. It is clear, from reading various bits of reference material, that it means that the person needs to be, at a minimum, born of U.S. citizen parents – plural. (That’s called, in legalese, ‘jus sanguinis’ – born of the blood. There’s also the requirement of being born ‘jus soli’ – of the soil.) It was a game of pretense that this requirement was fudged and overlooked in the lead-up to the ’08 elections – from both sides of the political aisle in the U.S. The presumption is that the Republican Party had, and have, their own reasons for wanting that requirement watered down. (In fact, both political parties were involved in a number of tries leading up to the ’08 elections to get a constitutional amendment going through Congress on this very issue. All never made it out of committee.)

      You, not being an American citizen (apparently), may not understand why this is such a big deal to a lot of Americans. But I’m sure you can understand the concept of living by the rule of law. If a people don’t live by the rule of law, they are subject to the rule of men – that is, despotism. (As Hitler said: “I am the law.”) And the Founders of the American Republic were particularly sensitive to that sort of issue, just having come out from under the rule – the arbitrary authority – of the king of Great Britain. And so they should have been. And so should we, in our day and age.

      So, Obama’s eligibility has been in question from the git-go. But since the Republican Party chose to go along with the charade – as I say, for their own purposes – nobody could mount an effective assault on the usurpation. In the American system of jurisprudence, a private citizen does not have ‘standing’ to take this sort of matter to a court of law. The ‘aggrieved body’ would be the Congress; and, as I pointed out, there was collusion going on there. So both the Congress of 2008-2010 & the current sitting Congress are guilty of a conspiracy to defraud the American People; and justice will be served, one day, when this nightmare is over.

      Some citizens say, Come on; it’s water under the bridge; let’s move on. But they aren’t as sensitive to this matter as some of us are – we, who believe passionately in the founding of this nation, as ordained by a Higher Power; with special souls raised up to get it off the ground. ‘It’: government of, by, and for The People – NOT by Royalty or Religion or elite of any kind; and not for special interests. America is a living experiment in self-governance; and as such, has a major role to play in human affairs. And it is not doing a very good job of it, right now, and recently.

      There’s more. But I ask you to consider: Is it really from the highest – from a spiritual context – that a candidate for that office would have slipped through the constitutional requirements – would have been ALLOWED to slip through the constitutional requirements? And kept all of his records sealed, so that the public couldn’t check out just who this man really was, and is?? That sort of thing is not from the Light. It is from the Dark. And I, for one citizen, won’t have it. Nor will a lot of others.

      So this matter is not over yet. This matter, of a major deception pulled on The People of the last, best hope of Earth. Before we leave the drama behind – and all the lessons therein – and move on. Off of the stage of 3D life, and onto another, higher level of reality.

      But having gotten as many lessons out of the 3D stage – the stage of polarity; the play behind the Light and the Dark – as we could. And given the experience our best shot.

      A ways to go, with that one, yet.

      P.S. Some say that the other candidate is no better. But at least the Constitution is not sullied by his candidacy. The Constitution; and the Founders of this special nation. Who gave their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor, to their dream.

      We should be willing to do no less. If we would not break faith with the Founders. And with the Source behind their Sacred Undertaking.

      • amosouldeer says:

        Were we to condone the continuation of reactive, dualistic and ‘exclusive’ polemics, which would assure the continuation of humankind’s imprisonment on a fear-based 3-d polarity plane dear kibitzer3, one woiuld be tempted to zask: “Are these the same “Founders” who were responsable for the disingenuous genocide of the indigenous population ?
        Let us not be dupe to the evident complicity and unicity that underlies the ‘apparent’ difference between Democatic & Republican party politics. It should come as no surprise that both the Bush family & the British Royal family funded Hitler’s WWII effort – ‘they’ (or rather the hidden Elite that put & maintained them in position up until recently) are all in the same team.
        The illusion of ‘democratic’ choice is pure…illusion!
        Drama feeds the illusions of powerlessness, separation and victimhood that are required for duality. All of these issues are mere distractions that are designed to occupy your attention and energy to the detriment of, and preventing you from, assuming and furthering of your genuine empowerment through other means.

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  9. Roberto says:


    Thanks for the article. It had some really interesting points. too bad some many went after the political angle. Yes, we are quickening. And yes, the Cabal are also gods, just like we like to think of ourselves. a game is not possible without two sides. In the past we have ALL played both parts.
    to maintain otherwise is to lie blatantly. People do not develop spiritually when life is too smooth.

    The so-called bad guys and girls are an integral part of what is needed to push on us hard enough so we decide to change our minds. Times are a comin’ on and they will push all out buttons and uncover all our hidden motives and all our nasties that we have kept hidden from sight for so long so we could righteously point the fingers at the Dark Side, the Bad Guys.

    How convenient for us to have scapegoats to blame it all on. If we truly want to go on to the next dimension, it seems rather obvious that we need to put aside our judgment of these bad guys, and recognize they are part of the catalyzing agent, If we take a different attitude and be grateful that they have pushed our faces into the dirt hard enough to make us wake up, then we’re on the road to getting smarter. If they’re still bad guys that upset our emotions, then we conveniently sidestep our own part in this game called life.

    I see what Obama has done as part of his need to survive and keep his family alive. Not one of you on this blog knows what he has to deal with and it really doesn’t seem that you much care.
    too bad. With some support from Congress and the media he could have done many things, and still can with another opportunity. In other words, there is definite possibility for change. He’s not crazy, although the media like to pain him in as disastrous terms as possible, because he’s a dangerous man – he could stand on his own two feet at any moment and say like Gandolph,
    “You shall not pass!” We are not going to war! We are going to handle the situation with reason and a sense of responsibility to the people who put us in office. the people do not want war. The only ones who want war are the profiteers, and they have clearly aligned themselves as a gang and taken over the Republican Party.

    The other fellow has teamed up with the most unsavory characters possible. His potentiality for change… well, it’s difficult to break the habit of bullying. He will trim off all benefits to anyone but his super rich buddies, just like he trimmed hair of the high school student against his will.

    Please put emotions aside and look at the men. They are NOT the same. And one is not just as bad as the other. That idea is also media implanted.

    We do NOT want a war with Iran. Romney has made it clear that he goes along with the Israeli leader that war is inevitable. Look before you vote but get out there and vote and make sure you help preserve the right to vote for others.

  10. Nancy Cummins says:

    I totally agree with James Freeman on every point he makes. I just don’t buy into the fantasy of Obama being of the light. Those who do are setting themselves up for a huge dissapointment, not to mention all the damage he has and is doing to America. I also don’t believe Romney is any better, people better open their eyes and get out of fantasyland. Both republicans and democrats have shown us this time around that our vote don’t count, they change the rules in midstream, lie, take away delegates, whatever it takes to get their way and now they don’t even try to hide it. How much more do they have to do to get the American people to see?

    • Jean says:

      To all who commented on this post and wondered why I would put it up: I don’t disagree with your political ideas, but that was all most of you seemed to lock onto. I seldom post channeling because to me it seems most of it is wishful thinking or simply ignorance of ‘real’ truth, and I think there was much of that going on here. Instead, though, I believe I said it was the feeling of the post that captured me, the idea of a Quickening, the idea if new beginnings and new energy.

      Yesterday’s energies were very tough for me. There is a lot going on behind the scenes in my life, and it seemed that no matter what I tried to do, I hit a brick wall. I gave up and took the dogs to the dog park, but couldn’t even stay there because even the dogs were fighting with one another! It wasn’t safe! Remember how the Oracle told us to be careful driving? I really knew what she meant, and when I got home with the dogs, I didn’t go anywhere after that . . . it was a terrible day, energy-wise for me.

      When I read this post, though, as well as today’s Oracle Report, I hoped things would go better, and they did. It seemed like things finally began to come together in a good way, although yesterday I simply couldn’t see a way forward. The FEELING, the Quickening, of this post gave me hope. . . sometimes it’s more about the feeling than the facts – for me, anyway – and although I knew the facts were off-the-wall, I didn’t care. I could let that go and take what for me was the ‘good part.’


      • Nora says:

        Dear Jean, I’d just like to say that I never question why you post anything. I come to your blog and believe whatever I see is meant for me to see by the Universe to teach me something about myself which is relevant at the moment I am reading it. Your posts are a catalyst if you like. It is all part of learning to discern what the “truth” is in any given moment. I hope that makes sense.

        So sorry you felt you were having a bad day and hope today is better for you and your dogs. 🙂

        With Love

  11. James Freeman says:

    Jean, you are a spiritualy gifted writer and I always look foreward to your articles but it completely baffles my mind as to your blindness when it comes to the actions of president Obama. It would appear by his ruthless imperial ways toward envading foreign countries and also that he has taken a dictatorial tyranical stance toward the American people by restricting their God given right to be free in their actions.
    I am open minded and will admit that I am wrong if you can show me, for example, why the ‘National Defense Authorization act, that he signed into law on New Years eve, does not look sneaky and overriding our constitutional right to a fair trial.
    I am not trying to be offensive, but his actions seem to be very clear, and by the way I will never vote for Mitt Romney either because if either one of them get elected I am afraid that the present police state, that seems to be escalating, as well as more wars in foreign sovereign countries will be escalated even more.
    Why is it that US citizens are being led to believe that there are only two presidential candidates in this race. This statement is absolutely false and not a fair and honest practice.
    The lies that are being told to the public are very much comming from the dark cabal, so please Jean be open minded and fair in your assesments of Barack Obama.

    • byron says:

      James I have always judged people by their honesty and what I can find out about them but when I come to BO there are too many lies and a covered up history there is nowhere to even start an evaluation for me. I never really wanted to feel this way and if there was a way out I would gladly take it. When channels say BO will announce the disclosure of aliens I picture armed drones dropping pamphlets.

  12. Paulo says:

    Thank you very much for posting this. It was so important for me!

  13. Nicki Tompkins says:

    I am finding it hard to believe that the Pleiadians or any Galactic has nothing better than to talk to us about the coming election or discuss any of the Politicians. Why are they focusing on America??? Aren’t there other events happening around this World for them to discuss? Why are they focused on these events instead of on what’s to come?

    Why do they care about our elections, which are a farce? Why don’t they tell the truth about the Corporation(s) around the world posing as governments? I wouldn’t have even read this if Jean hadn’t endorsed it. I don’t understand why so many are getting caught up and expending their energy on such distractions instead of focusing on what will move us into the higher dimensions and Golden Age..

  14. may says:

    I agree..wonderful to hear until, as usual..the political thing starts up..rubbish! This site used to not be so..I am close to being out!

  15. melody says:

    Jean, Here is an article I found fastinating as well as enlightening. I found I had compassion for as some say “team dark” It a long interview but very interesting to say the least. => http://www.greatgenius.com/hidden-hand-channeling-lucifer

    • amosouldeer says:

      Yes melody, despite some inevitable unrealized predictions, HH invites the reflection with a view to understanding the overall ‘logic’ underlying this duality experiment, (that has been perpetuated for millenia), whereby enabling ‘materialised spirit’ to once again return home to Source through the process of spiritualising matter.
      No Light matter ? ;o)

    • arunja says:

      That is indeed a fascinatintg 70 pages long question-and-answer session that lasted several weeks and was, i guess, conducted in 2007/8, Melody.

      I did not know that this text was still around and am thankful you provided us with a link to it. A few days ago, wanting to reread some sections of it, i noticed it had somehow disappeared from my bookmarks.
      Many thanks!

    • DavidG says:

      Melody I read that article some months ago and like you had a feeling of compassion for the ‘Other side’. I lost the link however and struggled to find it again so i doubly thank you for posting it here.

    • Nora says:

      HH has several factual inaccuracies that can easily be checked ~ not just the predictions that failed to happen. Much of it is taken from The Law of One and other things that are easily accessed by anyone who has time to research. There’s been other posters pop up from time to time around the internet saying they are insiders and giving almost verbatim accounts. Do they have delusions of grandeur/get high on some sort of power trip? Are they really who they say they are? I am suspicious of any “sources” that cannot be independently verified. Are they psy-ops and/or fear porn? Who knows?

  16. byron says:

    I was following this message like it was really coming from our alien friends then, They upset my stomach with the Hitlery thing, Team Oboma is leaving no stone unturned to get the votes he needs to completely destroy our country and there is talk of replacing Bidden with the evil queen so is this announcement for her arrival. Are we being told not to worry about eating because the sun will feed you. The FDA is recalling tons of food items but allows poisons and carcinagens everywhere you look. Jean you are a sweetheart but I do see Team O right in our face. The only picture of Hilary I see is when she was clapping and laughing over Gadaffi’s murder. This election is about choosing someone who will do the least amount of damage and not who will repair anything. I am also calling foul play with the deer deaths. Lame stream media is saying vitamin D is not good to stop colds. That is a Big Lie. I am so glad to see so many people on this site awake. 12/ 21 /2012 everyone will start to wake up IMO.

    • amosouldeer says:

      Your voter of confidence here, byron, is the only ‘vote’ worthy of confidence anywhere, and that includes voting to empower any of ther above-mentioned US national poli-trickians ;o)

  17. Terry says:

    If we follow the “logic” in this article, we can all move forward into one of Obama’s concentration camp like his like minded predecessors, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao, did to their citizens. Remember, it is Obama’s supporters, Soros, T. Turner, M. Strong, B. Gates, A. Gore, etc. that believe human beings are worthless eaters and 90% of them need to be terminated.

  18. amosouldeer says:

    Anybody, be they Pleiadian or Martian, who seriously expects you to accept that American (& for that matter all other) politics is anything less than a sham, a diversion to create the illusion of ‘freedom of choice’ and/or of ‘democracy’ in the minds of the sheeple, is patently acting in the interests of the hidden power-base Elite.
    The outcome of all national elections are preordained.
    These Pleiadians apparently believe that Planet Earth is restricted to the US; not a very promising indication of so-called cosmic awareness!

  19. Nora says:

    I was with it up until Hillary Clinton was mentioned. 😦 Then it went downhill. Are these Pleiadians running Obama’s campaign?????

    ‘And you might think,”Well, wait a minute some of these people have no shame.” (They got that bit right!!)
    You will be surprised who will be feeling shame for their actions and will be looking to atone for previous actions. You will be surprised.’

    I stand ready and willing to be surprised, but I ain’t holding my breath, and I think I’ll walk, but thanks anyway! 🙂

  20. Pingback: Channeling: “Pleiadians, A Quickening” | Exopermaculture

  21. Debbie says:

    This strikes me as RUBBISH! A nice piece of propaganda conceived of and put out by Team Obama…I am not buying it AT ALL………..now, here is the flip side….I believe that electing Romney would be the worse possible scenario for America….but I don’t need some phony, manipulation by a so-called channeler to tell me Obama is a better choice….he’s almost as bad, but Romney’s alliance to the Zionist Mobsters make him the most repulsive one of all………and if all this change is coming -why wouldn’t Romney be just as likely to wake up and see the light? Yep, quickening or not, my BS meter just went through the roof…
    and teh comment about Clinton changing and joining Obama…….biggest giveway of all….Clinton is 100% evil to the bone, and no one will convince me otherwise!
    Enough with the channeling! already.

    Jean…maybe you could give some blog space this too…totally suported by main stream media reports across the country…


    food shortage being manipulated? no wild game to fall back on?

    • Jean says:

      I also ‘heard’ that bit about Obama, too, but generally I liked the sound . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Debbie says:

        Jean…I just stumbled onto Paris Tosen…do you know him? This is the BEST explanation of the powers that be wanting to have war with IRAN at any cost and what we should do to stop it…I think people here will find him very easy to understand.

      • Maggie says:

        Jean…I just read this to my husband. We loved it. IF there was something we didn’t like we just ‘let it go’ and keep the rest. A word or a name or a sentence doesn’t invalidate the whole deal. I get why you posted it and O know there will always be people that look for and find SOMEthing they don’t like….I feel that the fault finding has become a hobby for some these days. Thats ok…every one will have a chance to find love and peace in EVERYthing…sooner than later.
        Thank you for posting! I know you dont ‘get used’ to the negativity that gets tossed at you…you are a very sensitive soul and I send you big warm hugs!!
        You are greatly APPRECIATED!!

        • Jean says:

          Thanks, Maggie, I appreciate that you are willing to look beyond the obvious. There is so much more to understand than that which always seems obvious. . . Love and hugs, ~Jean

    • Terry says:

      Zionist – look who put Zero (Obama) into office: Rothschilds – can’t get more Zionist and communistic than that dark cabal.

    • kibitzer3 says:

      “Feed them Light. Feed them Truth.”

      A good man. Thanks, Debbie, for this link. (And the previous one.)

      • Debbie says:


        thank you for taking the time to watch….I wish everyone could hear his words…maybe we could stop the next world war before it takes off….

  22. Energy says:

    Jean, the idea that looking forward and realizing that people that have made even huge mistakes can change is a very attractive feeling. I observe those ideas as good and worthy to watch for and appreciate. I would appreciate if their approach to fair mindedness would censor the bad on both sides. When they call out the Republicans and not the Democrats, the Catholics and not the Baptists or Muslims, the Blacks and not the Whites, the straight and not the gays…well, it makes me think they can’t be fairminded when they only see evil or corruption out of one side of the spectrum.
    I do appreciate the article because I get caught up in the past at times. An article or writer doesn’t hae to be perfect for me to learn from them.

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