Ben Fulford: The Oligarchs Of the West keep churning their wheels but only manage to get deeper into the mud, October 15, 2012

Last week 20,000 bureaucrats, journalists and government officials descended on Tokyo for a WB (World Bankrupt) and IMF (International Masturbation Fund) meeting and accomplished exactly nothing.

The meeting was a total waste of time because neither of these two Western controlled institutions are willing to hand over control to the people and countries of the world. As a result, the 180 or so countries that are kept out of the control room naturally refused to hand over any more money to these defunct, unlicensed institutions.

Although this writer was in Tokyo and even walked within a few hundred yards of the festivities, he did not bother to go because having attended many such meetings over the years, he knew this one was doomed to be a dud. The Chinese made their feelings clear by not sending anybody senior.

As usual, the real news was happening under the surface where a titanic battle against the old world order continues to rage. In one development in that battle, at least $1.3 billion that went missing from the Japanese AIJ pension fund was traced to Lord James Sassoon via Societe Generale and HSBC, according to Japanese security police sources. At the time of this writing Sassoon has not responded to a call made to get his comment on these allegations.

However, it is clear that attempts by cabalists to loot large Japanese institutions like the Postal Saving Bank and the Japan Agricultural Bank have run into a brick wall in recent years, forcing the robbers to look further down the food chain towards the pension funds of medium and small enterprises.

In any case, the Sassoon family, who have been in business in Asia since they made their family fortune trading in opium during and after the opium wars, is widely believed to have continued, major secret influence in Japan and Asia. It also likely that some of the recently stolen money was given to certain Yakuza gangs (who will remain nameless for now) to finance certain political maneuvers.

Also, given the Societe Generale/HSBC link one wonders if this is the funding for the Japan side of the attempt to get the Japanese and Chinese people to declare war on each other. Both Lord Sassoon and Mr. Cohen of the Hoche Group (who has been paying Chinese anti-Japanese protestors) need to cease and desist immediately or else face eventual jail time.

There has also been a new development in the investigation of the attempted murder of this writer that took place in June of this year. According to the Swiss authorities, the murderers have been traced to the following Los Angeles phone number: 3236535194. The number might have been changed by now but you can be sure these people are being traced and hunted down.

There has also been a recent increase in people making both public and private accusations that this writer is either CIA or MI5, which is false.

The Japanese tax authorities have just been through 7 years of this writer’s tax returns with a magnifying glass and have determined that my income derives purely from journalism and no organized violent organization; police, criminal or otherwise, has been funding my operations.

For the sake of clarity and to blow away the clouds of disinformation being put out, let me repeat the reasons for my involvement in secret groups like the Red and Blue and the White Dragon.

This writer, after 20-years as a mainstream corporate journalist based in Tokyo, was put on a hit list after he started writing about 911 and the bio-weapon SARS. There was even a novel (Rain Fall, by Barry Eisler) written in which a character based on this writer was assassinated in what was probably a crude warning.

The fact is, the murder attempts began for real shortly after this book was published. Later, the South Korean secret police heard of an imminent hit and alerted the Chinese who sent a delegate from the Red and Blue to offer me protection. At the same time I was invited to join the cabal and offered billions of dollars and great power as long as he went along with their depopulation plans.

After joining the Red and Blue, this writer suggested they immediately decapitate the cabal by grabbing their top leaders and taking them to a stadium. The Red and Blue leaders instead decided on a slower approached based on a financial boycott. This is why the “Ninja’s” never showed up as threatened be me. Instead, this slow cutting off of the financial circulation they engineered was the ultimate trigger of the ongoing US and European “financial crises.”

The Red and Blue leaders also asked this writer to make contact with any Western secret societies that like them could only be used for the greater good. This writer then started using the Black Dragon Society name in order to contact old allies in Japan of the Red and Blue. After some convincing, the Black Dragon also supported the plan to end Western cabal rule.

At around this time all sorts of people and organizations popped out of the woodwork and contacted this writer including: the CIA, the gnostic illuminati, MI6, Japanese military intelligence, various yakuza gangs, FSB, Scottish Rite Freemasons, French Freemasons, P2 lodge Italian Freemasons, etc. etc. Being in contact with these groups is not the same and being a member or of being in agreement with them.

In the end, it turned out there was a very secret, very powerful Asian umbrella group known as the Bai Lun or Hakuryu (白龍) that had both Deng Xiaoping and Chiang Kai-Sheck as members. This group was contacted via a Chinese noodle shop and they agreed that the English name White Dragon Society could be used as a name representing the consensus of benevolent Western and other world secret societies.

Thus, whenever these various secret groups agree on a certain subject, the consensus is conveyed to the public via the White Dragon Society. The consensus is to start OSC.

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19 Responses to Ben Fulford: The Oligarchs Of the West keep churning their wheels but only manage to get deeper into the mud, October 15, 2012

  1. Lenore says:

    show me the money……..the “kwan” ……otherwise it’s a wonder web spun…..

  2. Nora says:

    I find BF entertaining and take his blogs with a pinch of salt. I laughed out loud and the thought of all this cloak and dagger taking place in a noodle shop!!! Its unlikely BF would be MI5 as that’s domestic spookery. MI6 is the foreign spookery 😀
    He reminds me of the propaganda people who were employed during WW2 ~ Lord Haw-haw and Tokyo Rose. 😀

  3. Larry Cox says:

    I agree with Jean. Unless you want to work as an investigative journalist or a spy, all you can really do is take the data from Ben and the other various sources and do what you can to integrate it. OSC tripped me up, too. I’m glad someone knew what it stood for.

    This post seemed hastily written as there were several typos. Though Ben feels obliged to report what he hears and thinks each week, I sense he is impatient with many of his readers and wishes more of us would stop trying to minutely analyze his articles and start trying to dig up more useful data ourselves.

    • Mark says:

      So what does OSC stand for?

      • Jean says:

        You can Google questions like this:

        Office of Special Counsel Office of Special Counsel (OSC) official agency web site. OSC protects federal employees and applicants from prohibited personnel practices, especially …


      • Larry Cox says:

        Jean needed to Google with a little more focus: The correct answer is “Operation Santa Claus” a Fulford idea for uniting the various global powers to deliver gifts and hot meals to every single child on earth during the period of the “solar new year” which the west knows as Christmastime.

  4. Bly says:

    Now this is really strange. As the previous commenter stated the number than Ben provided is registered to Massimo Mazzucco. This guy is an Italian filmmaker and what some would label a truther. Here is what wikipedia has to say about him: “Massimo Mazzucco (born 20 July 1954 in Turin) is an Italian filmmaker who is known for producing documentary films such as The New American Century and Cancer -The Forbidden Cures. Mazzucco is also the editor of, an Italian news site known especially for discussing conspiracy theories regarding the September 11 WTC attacks.”[citation needed]

    “Historically accurate, narratively captivating, The New American Century is one of the best films about the facts behind the 9/11 attacks.” –Webster G. Tarpley [2]

    I truly do not know what to make of all this. On the surface it doesn’t make sense that this gentleman would be trying to have Fulford killed. It would appear that it is an attempt to smear this filmmakers name somehow.

    While i do think that Ben is definitely someone that we should pay attention to based on his credentials and the gut feeling i have that he is working for the light and liberation of humanity, this is just flat out strange.

    • Jean says:

      Bly, don’t permit yourself to get lost in all this … there are far too many other very important things happening right now . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Bly says:

        I hear you loud and clear Jean. Though at times I still find myself worrying about little things, namely my financial situation, I am blessed with an inner knowing that all is well and in perfect divine order.

        Love and light

  5. Lenore says:

    I also read Ben, no matter what people say about him…I don’t think he’s much more than what he says he is…..he a few rungs above the Brad Pitts character in the movie…”Burn After Reading”…

    I think of that character a lot with all the so call “playa’s” out there telling us “what it is”….
    I think the onion has many layers, from what we can see… seems we see very little….and that makes sense doesn’t ….people who truly have and protect power and reserves never show their hand…or themselves for that matter….there’s just too much at stake….

    So I agree with Gary, it’s entertaining….for now that’s all it is…..because we’re on the outside looking in…..and the windows are tinted…..

  6. Chris (Holland) says:

    I Like Ben….grabbing the cow by the horns 🙂

  7. Gary says:

    Operation Santa Claus, referred to by Ben in a post a few weeks back or so.
    I am not convinced either way as to BF’s info/disinfo status. Talk is cheap. At least it’s entertaining. I will continue on my own path of awakening.

  8. Ashford Miner says:

    A blessing you are Ben, my prayers go to you. I do believe they saved you from death by the cabal of cowards (not just me alone). Keep me posted. An info warrior – Ashford Miner.

  9. Spiritman says:

    If I recall correctly…wasn’t it Lord Sassoon that Lord Blackheath was calling on for help in the House of Lords re the 15 Trillion expropriation of funds earlier this year?

  10. Eagle says:

    411 info states Massimo Mazzuco, E 71st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90001, Age 57, related to Anna. I hope this is not an innocent victim being stalked here. The number could have been used remotely.

  11. larbear says:

    What’s OSC?

  12. lainski1 says:

    I googled the # & it is/was registered to a Massimo Mazzuco, (sounds like a mafia name). It should be fairly easy for authorities to hunt down this person.

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