RED ALERT: Mega States Will Participate In FEMA Earthquake Drill On Oct.18 – What is the gov hiding?

Published on Oct 11, 2012 by 

Alert ~Mega States Will Participate In FEMA Earthquake Drill On Oct. 18 -What is the gov preparing for?
More Videos with additional details:

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5 Responses to RED ALERT: Mega States Will Participate In FEMA Earthquake Drill On Oct.18 – What is the gov hiding?

  1. Kathy says:

    Every time they do a drill the powers that be cause an earthquake or something else!! Yeah what are they planning this time

  2. Nora says:

    Set an intention for what you would like it to be. Go with a loving scenario. Stay away from fear. LOVE will get you through. It is the STRONGEST force in the Universe. BE STRONG BE LOVE.

  3. byron says:

    The government knows that earthquakes are increasing and what a better way to cull the population than teach people to get under something that will crush you and your poor school children under ther desk when they could live if the layed next to it. Insurance companies do not want injured survivors to be parasites needing care for years and they wrote a book called Duck and Cover which proves they do not want any survivors. Put ‘Triangle of Life’ in your search engine and you will understand. Lay next to your bed next to a couch or get the hell out but for Gods sake do not get under anything unless you want to die.

  4. maureen rose says:

    I think that the Universe is going to magnetically pull our planet with great power as the planets fully align in the Milky Way Galaxy. This SHIFT of pull will move the Earth to its greatest capacity and the tectonic plates that are being slowly moved now (note: earthquakes of magnitude this year) will lose their (tension) ability to balance the core plates of our planet. I, for one, am preparing for a BIG one, i live 30 mins. from San Francisco, Ca.

  5. For those who want an answere to why these drills are happening,according to my medicene cards, I ask the cards why and they said the Hawk knows and he says ” What is called for here is an intuitive ability to disern the message carried within the cry of the Hawk. The shrillness of hawks call, pierces the unawareness, and asks you to seek the truth ” What I am getting here is the government is getting hungry and they need to create fear to feed on, Peole should know what to do,but they don’t need the government to make everyone ask ” What do they know that we don’t know?’ That always scares people,because they don’t know. The government has ways to play mind games and they are good at it. It sounds like the Hawk knows . Love and light to this situation…..Honestangel2012

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