The Meaning of Life – by Owen K Waters – left on my blog as a Comment from C. Many thanks :)

This post by Owen makes so much sense to me and ties in directly, I think, with the discussion surrounding the words of the school principal. It resonates very deeply with me!

Also, Tuesday afternoon, the person who works with scalar energy here where I live told me, amidst the huge windstorm we seemed to be having, that at about three o’clock the new energies blew in and settled. Hurray! Hurray for Mother Earth and for all of us! The new paradigm energies are here at last! 


Heartfelt greetings to ALL….Just wanted to share an article I read today after reading all your posts…Sending with much BIG LOVE ❤
The Meaning of Life
by Owen K Waters

Just as there were rules to understand in the Old Reality, there are rules which are best adopted when taking action in the New Reality.

The Old Reality was about gaining courage and developing intellect. The New Reality is about unconditional love and inner wholeness.

Wholeness is personally-inspired integrity without the “shoulds” that others may try to impose upon you.

The frequency of consciousness in the New Reality is heart-centered. Unconditional love comes naturally; you need only let it flow through your heart and allow that energy to be who you are.

When you shift to the expanded consciousness of the New Reality, the universe reorganizes itself around you to reflect that higher reality. Externally-imposed rules are replaced by internal, love-based choices.

To become whole is to become harmoniously fully-functional. In such a reality, you treat yourself and others with unconditional love and care. To care less than that for yourself, or less than that for others, would mean being less than whole.

You are an expression of Infinite Being as it experiences itself from all possible perspectives. Your perspective is unique, as is everyone else’s. That is the point of the whole exercise – for Infinite Being to experience life from as many perspectives as possible.

In order to best support this primary mission of human experience, we need to both celebrate our own uniqueness and support others in their efforts to develop their own skills and talents. Unity is our spiritual nature, yet it is found through celebrating our diversity in the common cause of developing our potential to the fullest.

The One is the All and, as parts of the All, we are essentially the One. At the deepest level of consciousness, we are Infinite Being.

Everyone’s path is unique because that’s the way life was designed. There is no one-size-fits-all philosophy. However, we can learn about the universal laws that will help us achieve our potential in life.

Your mind is non-physical and therefore has higher capabilities than your physical brain. Your mind is immortal and it grows with experience. We are each on our own pathways back to the One source from which we originally came. To get there, we continually grow in consciousness by experiencing life.

The meaning of life is to grow in consciousness.

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4 Responses to The Meaning of Life – by Owen K Waters – left on my blog as a Comment from C. Many thanks :)

  1. Arka says:

    This ties in perfectly with what Inelia was announcing in her last notice on her blog. Yes, now, Humanity has the full capacity to do it, to manifest the change now.

    • Dee says:

      we have the full capacity to manifest the change now…
      we just have to get out of our heads and into
      our Hearts ! xoxo Dee

  2. Bjorn says:

    Thank you Jean. A lot of thought to ponder here, and he makes some great points.

    Even if i thoroughly disagree that courage is something that belongs to the old reality. To me, courage, more than anything else, is the decisive factor as to how far I will manage to take myself down the path of the New Reality.

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