The Global Announcement – written by a reader, Michael, who just couldn’t wait any longer :) Thanks, Mike and hugs, ~Jean

Have a read, everyone, and tell us what you think! Is this what it will sound like?

Well, Jean, I think it’s just that I so long to hear the following speech that I just had to write it myself, so I could have the small comfort of seeing the joyous announcement in print, as if it had really come true.  And may it be, yes, let it be!




In case anyone out there is currently drafting a global announcement that will address the gist without freaking everyone out, here’s my take (presumed speaker is President Barack Obama):

My fellow Americans, and my fellow citizens of the world,

Shortly before I took office four years ago, I became aware – as every president since John F. Kennedy has before me – that a shadow government of financial interests exerts a pervasive control over the affairs of this world, and has done so since at least the early years of the 20th century, if not long before.  It was made clear to me at that time by representatives of these interests that the parameters of my power as president would be severely limited by the dictates of this shadow government.  John Kennedy was the last president to directly confront and oppose the dictates of this hidden global regime, and his death has served as a warning to future occupants of the White House ever since.

I recognized at that time that the Constitution that I had sworn to uphold and preserve had already, in fact, been betrayed, and that the republic envisioned by our founders had been systematically dismantled by this shadow government, whose agenda and goals are diametrically opposed to the ideals of freedom and equal opportunity upon which this country was founded.  It was made clear to me, moreover, that this shadow government has controlled and manipulated the outcome of every presidential election since 1968, including the election that brought me into office.

This shadow government has been controlled since the 19th century by the banking families of Europe, headed by the Rothschilds and Warburgs, and their so-called “bloodline” allies in European royal families, represented in this country by the private banking cabal that controls the Federal Reserve System.  The agenda and goals of this cabal were entirely self-serving, with the avowed goal of reducing the population of our planet by the mass elimination of billions of human beings through war, starvation, and disease, leaving a remnant of half a billion debt slaves.

The list of their crimes against humanity is long and shocking, and I know that many among us will simply refuse to believe that such things could happen.  However the evidence is massive and incontrovertible, and indicts members of this cabal of crimes that include the planning and execution of the 911 terror attacks, the deliberate triggering of financial panics, including the financial crisis of 2008 and the Great Depression, and the manipulated fomentation of numerous wars.  Though their influence has been pervasive throughout government, media, finance, science, agriculture, and religion, their core membership is small, comprised of less than 10,000 tightly controlled and disciplined members, many of whom have been subjected to mind control, torture, and abuse since childhood.

I vowed to myself on that day that I would do everything within my power to restore our freedoms, while knowing that I would be required to play a double game merely to ensure my own survival.  The safety of my family was also at risk.  But thousands of Americans in uniform take the same risks on behalf of our freedom everyday, and I vowed to be worthy of their example.

Tonight I am grateful to God, and to the many thousands of men and women throughout the world who risked their lives in the struggle against this dark regime, to share with you the news that this shadow government has been defeated.  Their assets have been seized.  Their leaders are being arrested, in accordance with due process of law, by local law enforcement, with the assistance of U.S. Marshalls, and backed where necessary by military units, in keeping with the military oath to protect and preserve our Constitution against “all enemies, foreign and domestic.”   Massive evidence of the cabal’s crimes has been collected.  They will be brought to justice.  The even more heinous crimes against humanity that they have been tirelessly attempting to execute – including detonation of nuclear weapons in some of the world’s most populous cities – have been prevented.  Their tactics have centered on seizing power during times of chaos – chaos that they themselves created.  Those tactics have been thwarted.

The enormous funds and treasure – numbering in the many trillions of dollars – that they have stolen and abused for nearly a century will now be available for the benefit of mankind.  The advanced technologies that they suppressed are even now being developed for widespread use – technologies that can bring undreamed-of prosperity and peace to our world.  The crushing burden of debt they deliberately created to enslave mankind will be wiped clean.

The primary tool of control used by this cabal has been their ability to control the currencies of the world.  As one of their founders, Nathan de Rothschild put it, “allow me to control a nation’s currency, and I do not care who makes its laws.”  Over a period of a hundred years, they succeeded in seizing control of an enormous cache of gold  – gold which was set aside, after World War II, for the benefit of mankind.  That gold has been returned to its rightful guardians, and will now be used as a Global Development Fund to heal our world.  The ability of the cabal to control world affairs through the printing of so-called “fiat currency” – that is, currency that is not backed by any real asset – has now been removed, and a new system of asset-backed currencies has already been implemented.  Worldwide financial reform – reform that has been decades in the planning – based on total transparency, and the replacement of a debt-based system with an equity-based system, is already largely in place.

This world-transforming change has only been possible through an alliance of 140 nations which banded together to throw off the control of the banking cabal, headed by the so-called BRICS nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, and with the aid of patriotic elements in the Pentagon and intelligence community.  An unseen internal war has raged over the last two years, in a race against time to prevent the cabal from implementing bloodshed on a scale unseen in world history.  A financial war has raged as well.  The U.S. dollar had been artificially propped up by the banking cabal as the reserve currency of the world.  That status now will end, and the so-called “petro-dollar” (by which countries were required by major oil producers to pay for oil only in U.S. dollars) will be a thing of the past.  A natural adjustment of currency values will then take place.

These are earth-shaking and epochal changes.  But I urge all of us to remain calm.  The news I bring – news which is being shared around the world tonight by leaders in other global capitals – is good beyond hope.  An era of peace and prosperity is dawning tonight.  The era of debt and war and financial panics, of hidden agendas and secret societies, is at an end.  The national debt of the United States has been wiped out, as has the debt of every nation on earth.  Credit card, mortgage, and student loan debts will also largely be forgiven or repaid from global funds.  The Internal Revenue Service will be dismantled, and income tax will be eliminated.  America will be restored to our organic constitution.  The United Nations, the International Monetary Fund, and the World Bank – all of which had been either created or thoroughly manipulated by the banking cabal – will be reformed from the ground up.  And an enormous fund amounting to more than a hundred trillion dollars will now be available for the healing and restoration of our wounded planet, for feeding the hungry, healing the sick, caring for the elderly, and for the development of the marvelous technologies that should have been available to us many decades ago.

As if these revelations are not epochal enough, I am also now able to share with you news that many of us have long suspected – that we are not alone in this universe.  The amazing freedom that is now ours could not have been won without the help of the friends I like to refer to as our “off-planet cousins” – near relations to humanity who have refrained from interfering until now, who have stood silent guard while honoring our divinely given free will to govern ourselves.  There is indeed a Galactic Federation, and when we are ready, we may choose whether or not to accept their invitation to join the greater family of free planets – a family to which we are closely related through millions of years.  Until now, the enormously advanced so-called “alien” technologies have been a closely held secret of the shadow regime, but now these too will be available for the benefit of humanity.

Here in America, we will now be able to hold the first truly free elections in many decades – elections by paper ballot – and the interim government now in place will then be replaced by one freely chosen by a free people.  A time of reconciliation and healing will be necessary.  Many grievous shocks await us, as the true nature and scope of the crimes of the hidden government become apparent, and politicians on both sides of the aisle, as well as many prominent figures in finance and media are tried for their crimes.

I, too, will stand before the tribunal of your justice, like any other citizen, and be judged for my part in this hidden regime.  And I stand ready to serve my country again as your president if you should do me that great honor.

And let me urge you all from my heart to forget the divisions that have separated us: red state from blue, believers from non-believers, faith from faith, gay from straight, liberal from conservative.  Let us strive instead to see each other as brothers and sisters, children of one Creator, a family that honors our differences, and cherishes together the one garden of earth we call home.  As many found in Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain, the corruption had reached out to ensnare and taint many thousands who had little choice but to cooperate, for this shadow government operated exactly like organized crime, in which extortion, bribery, blackmail, and murder were the daily tools of control.  We are called to a time of understanding and reconcilation.  Let us seek the truth, and seek justice, but let us temper justice with mercy, and look to our own responsibility, to the part we ourselves may have played in this long and tragic time of hidden domination.

In closing, let us remember the great wisdom of Lincoln, and beginning in this moment, let us create a time of healing and peace,

With malice toward none; with charity for all; with firmness in the right, as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in….to do all which may achieve and cherish a just, and a lasting peace, among ourselves, and with all nations.

Good night, and may God bless you, your family, our country, and our world.

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144 Responses to The Global Announcement – written by a reader, Michael, who just couldn’t wait any longer :) Thanks, Mike and hugs, ~Jean

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    • Jean says:

      I hope you realize that David Wilcock plagiarized Financial Tyranny and never really came clean about it. Hugs, ~Jean

  2. Alveta says:

    Thank you Micheal for putting this out to the Universe. If We focus good intent towards this speech, just maybe it will manifest quickly. This is spot on and says a whole lot. I just hope the world is ready for BIG changes that are necessary in order for Us to live Our Lives as Free Organic Sovereign Beings. May this Divine Plan move Godspeed. Sending my Love to this speech. Namaste!

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  4. Don says:

    Nice try but no way… He’s not an American, wasn’t born from 2 American parents so he never should have been president and NO WAY should he ever be elected again – legally or illegally.

    • Gregory says:

      Actually, he can’t be re-elected again, at least as President. Maybe the rules are different where you are in Dumbfukistan where the idea of having a black man as President really hurts. I don’t feel your pain.

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  8. RUBY says:


  9. Liz says:

    Amazing, brought tears to my eyes how joyous would this be! Much love xxxxx

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  11. Dude this is actually freaking epic. I feel so good now. Thanks man!! I love you. ❤

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  15. Patrick Levell says:

    Reblogged this on All About 2012.

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  17. Reblogged this on ☯ ascendingenergy ☯ and commented:
    I wanted to share this for anyone who has not seen it on facebook or twitter. This can be fact right now if we all focus our intent of this manifesting.
    Peace be with you all.

  18. Love this. I hold the energy of this being fact and, manifesting in the VERY near future. Where we are with the energy of the shift in full swing, there is no reason at all that we can not manifest this, here & now. It’s time for the dark ones to know that we are not going to stand for them “controlling” us any longer. there time has come and, we are ready to step forward into the new earth.
    Thank you for sharing this dear one.

    Peace be with you all,
    ॐ Namaste ॐ

  19. onesoul88 says:

    ! ^ ! ^ ! ^ * ^ * ^ * ° M @ K E ° * ° * ° * ° V i R A L ° * ^ * ^ * ^ ! ^ ! ^ !

  20. debbymanynations says:

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  21. Phil says:

    A well written piece…a few things to note though:
    – Obama is a high Freemason serving the ‘Light’ of Lucifer same as the Cabal he is meant to be exposing in his speech…so, that means he won’t be exposing them or the Papacy he serves
    – The Galactic Federation are Lucifer’s fallen angels impersonating other beings and feeding people messages that are aimed at leading them to their fall…so no ‘real’ ETs will ever be presented to us anytime soon, just some IDs deceivers

    Other than that the speech was good

    • Jean says:

      How do you really know this are facts about Obama? How can you? How says? I think this is merely your opinion, but would like very much to see the facts. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • ohnwentsya says:

        Me too! Especially since Lucifer is a northern European god of Light co-opted and bastardized by the colonizing christians when the locals refused to go along with their programs of assimilation thru intimidation.

        They co-opted LOTS of local gods everywhere they went, tho the later ones became “saints” or “demons” the early ones got higher profile treatment;-)

        I don’t know what my personal experience may say or not about the rest of the Universe but I know angels, I know demons, and I know Federation officers and I have to tell you the latter are really not much like EITHER of the former. The Federation lot always follow a lot of rules and procedures and they are polite and usually easy to deal with. Angels and demons both tend to ignore rules and blow stuff up a LOT more often. 😉

        NONE of them really fit into the narrow rather dull explanations and descriptions that frails/humans have for them-much like the way other cultures and “races” of humans don’t fit into the often bizarre descriptions some other humans have for them(think American ideas about Arabs or Native Americans, or Chinese people for some great examples of this)

        Due to all that, my personal guess is that Obama is prolly not gonna fit the mold either. Another caveat to that is that Masons like every other secretive group from P2 to CIA to the Dragon societies has more than one faction vying against one another. Most who study these things seem to agree that often one faction does actually represent what we on Earth define as “GOOD” or “LIGHT”-ie the good guys;-)

        The idea that Obama was put into place by *both* the good guy faction of the CIA AND the good guy faction of the masons is hysterically humorous-what a checkmate to an awfully long game of chess!!
        (Apparently he has some connection to the Dragon societies as well-funny how good guys,being trustworthy, can actually work WITH one another, while bad guys habitually backstab and connive so they can’t do that nearly as well;-)

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  23. Jana Ilsen says:

    Thank you Jean, Michael and Neil for the words above spoken by President Obama, thanks for an honoust world were people can and may live together again in a very short time to human standards.

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  28. Tom says:

    IF only President Barack Obama COULD & WOULD give such a speech, and could bring about the enforcement actions mentioned, the world truly would be a better place, ten fold!

  29. Arisa Victor says:

    I am sure something very like this is coming soon. This beautifully written speech brought tears to my eyes, and helps me focus on the future we all truly want and need. May President Obama be empowered to deliver a speech-for-the-ages just like this, SOON!

    Thank you, Jean!!! Arisa Victor/Granny Rainbow

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  31. Edwin says:

    My opinion… which is only that… an opinion.

    Is that it is possible… that Obama is of the light. There are so many folks… on so many enlightened sites… that are firmly convinced that to be the truth.

    So maybe it is the truth. However, I have seen little or no evidence of this. What I have seen of his actions… does not make him as diabolical as many of those preceding him in office… but, that does not by default make him a “lightbeing”. Those of the new age enlightenment persuasion… who state that Obama is a “lightbeing”… seem to be basing their opinion on channeled information… or their own connection to source. Which is… not to deny that as being the truth.

    Not at all.

    I just have not seen a collection of actions, real events, accomplishments… by the man that would elevate him into that category.

    If he is a light being… he is yet to prove it to me.

    There is still time. He may come out tomorrow… and tell us that he has been prevented from making the changes that he really wanted to make. That he has indeed been under extreme duress and his family under threat of death… if he were to attempt to make such “of the light” changes… as he would like to make.

    Is Obama a “lightbeing” or not? Are you sure? How do you know it to be true?

    I would like to hear… and to see your evidence… exactly why you believe what you do.

    I cannot say for sure… what say you?

    Is there more… to what you believe…

    Than I believe it… because I want to believe it?

    • Cindy says:

      To Edwin…..just a reminder….it does not matter what anyone else believes and no one is here to convince another….all that matters is what YOU feel in your own heart, see with your own eyes and know to be your own truth. That said,….I do believe that our united feelings and visions will be the creative force of the change. Much Big Love, C

    • Ohnwentsya says:

      I do agree with Cindy, but wanted to share with Edwin a few of the physical 3d reasons I feel that Obama is of the Light. Not to debate it, but because it seems to me that many people have lost the concept of how to tell if someone is a good person. It is easier to mudsling and have it stick in our negative society than to admire someone genuinely because of their good actions but actions for the good as well as a person’s energy when you encounter them really do tell you what you need to know.

      Of course we also have to take into account for those in positions to be under pressure from the thugs and criminals who’ve been controlling our planet that ALL of their actions may not be their own free will choices.

      President Obama has shown thru his actions over a lifetime that he is a kind caring person who dedicates his life to helping other living beings. Even tho the cabal mudslinging machine has twisted a lot of those actions and claimed they mean he is a communist, the fact remains that concern for those less well off than yourself is a Light centered, heart centered thing no matter how the bad guys try to spin it.

      Both he and his wife took jobs, and volunteer opportunities that involved helping others, and improving the well being of the less fortunate members of our society, when they could just as easily chosen the Mitt Romney path of cannibalizing others hard work to turn the biggest profit, to focus on money and their own enrichment at the expense of others which is the path of service to self otherwise know as “the dark”.

      When you read of people who interact with the President personally, even those who disagree with his politics he is respected because he is a kind, polite and and respectful person. He treats others with respect beyond what is required of him because that is his nature, he appears to genuinely care about others feelings, even when those others are being really unpleasant to him.

      He came to DC with the intent of getting rid of the partisan bickering, divisiveness and gridlock and he very obviously acted on that goal from the start which put him behind the eight ball politically because his opponents took his sense of fairness and wanting to work together as weakness and exploited it fully by becoming the party of NO in order to ruin him and aovid a 2nd term of his presidency, no matter what the cost to America.

      Instead of being shocked at the nastiness and lack of concern for regular people shown by this concerted opposition designed and stated in public to be just to destroy President Obama, people have so often bought the spin paid for by the seemingly endless coffers of teh elites who designed this strategy;people don’t examine the persons actions to see if he is good, they listen to lies and claim he is bad.

      Despite this insane and obvious plot, President Obama used what “political capital”he did have to make sure the weakest and most vulnerable members of our society were given a chance by getting a health care bill passed. It wasnt the bill he wanted, or I wanted-it was a republican designed bill from teh 90’s, nearly identical to the plan Romney passed in massachussetts, but it still is helping and will help so many people who lacked access to health care, to medicine etc and will REDUCE overall spending on healthcare by allowing the poor to get normal care instead of burdening our emergency rooms.

      There is a lot more like this, but this post is already too long, so I wil just add the one recent and obvious action that stands out to me.

      Most likely at great risk and cost to himself from the cabal President Obama has resisted the incredible pressure to go to war against Iran. War is wrong, expensive, stupid and it causes incredible human suffering and damage to the environment. It is inexcusable in the modern era that nations still waste resources that could help people and the Earth by murdering and destroying one another.

      The prevalence of war in the last 200 years has been solely due to the power and control of teh cabal and their minions. It is well documented in Noam CHomsky’s work, in Derrick Jensen’s work, and many other historians work as well.

      They murdered a lot of people already to keep that control adn war machine moving, so it is not a small thing President Obama has done to resist them on this-and it has a very big result in less suffering and horror on this Earth.

      I do see the many ways he has been pushed by the cabal, or even made poor decisions on his own but none of us are perfect and we know We are of the Light. None of us faces the incredible pressure he is facing and do not know if any of us could do as well under such pressure.

      So given that set of facts, and my own lifelong study of the fields I am discussing(history, politics, psychology, the cabal etc) I feel very very confident in my assessment based on 3d facts, as well as my own higher level awareness and heart/gut feeling about it, that President Obama is of the Light. He is a good hearted, caring person who is doing the best he can in a very difficult position-I know I could not do as well as he is doing.
      I hope that gives a better idea of why many of us feel so strongly about him, even beyond our ability to trust our own connection to our higher selves/Creator/Universe and the inner awareness that brings.
      Love and Blessings,

  32. Ohnwentsya says:

    I’m not sure why that comment showed up here-it was in reply to a rather mean comment I received in email from someone called theo-I just hit reply in the email, sorry for adding it here;-/

    • Jean says:

      No, his comment was posted here, and I simply removed it. We do not need such negativity here. I simply won’t have it. There are ways to disagree, and there are ways to disagree, and this individual apparently does not know the difference. Love and hugs, ~Jean

  33. Ohnwentsya says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to practice unconditional love and compassion for all living beings. I pray that the Light of Christ reaches into the darkness in your heart and helps you to heal and ascend. I hope you will not be so cruel and nasty to everyone who disagrees with you, as many would be driven down by the hurt feelings you have just provided to me, and that is not helping all living beings to heal and ascend.

    I hope that as you progress on your path you will soon learn to recognize that the ability to view different perspectives respectfully and with kindness, compassion and generosity is part of the learning we have undertaken. Even as Jesus himself said whatsoever you do unto the least of my brethren, this you do unto me. Did you think of hurting the heart of another living being when you wrote those unkind words?

    Calling people names like “paid shill” is not useful, it is not true, and it is not kind, so what is the point in doing so on a blog based on Love, Light and bringing in the golden age of peace?

    I was trying to introduce some levity, and remind people that our President is not all powerful, he is a man with a true heart who has sacrificed much to work to help us all. He has had to face a ridiculous amount of nastiness and cruelty similar to but far worse than your negativity and hate filled comments toward me, but he continues to do what he can within incredible limits imposed by the cabal, and the sleeping souls who follow them.

    That you cannot see his Light, or do not wish to, does not mean it is not there. Creator knows who has chosen the Christed path, or the path of cruelty; it is not our job to judge others but to walk our path and give as much Love, compassion, kindness, healing, Light and acceptance as we can to all living beings.

    The Bible tells you not to judge others, and much that has been written recently on this blog and others like it reminds us to leave judgement to Creator and work on our own path, spreading our Light and Love to all.

    I will pray for you.

    • Jean says:

      Thank you for this enlightened response – and I think it does not really matter whether or not Obama is of the light or not . . . ! Love and hugs, ~Jean

  34. Nick says:

    This is truly an excellent speech which, if it were given by any President, would go down in the annals of World History, resonating thru the future centuries as The Speech which signaled humanities turning point from blind slavery to the money lenders to that of mastery of our own planetary destiny. Michael, you are to be commended wholeheartedly. This is a brilliantly written piece, made even more so because you acknowledged the hidden, suppressed technologies which, when brought into the light of the public’s attention, will transform this planet into a truly new world of abundance, health, the elimination of war, a lasting permanent peace among all, and the ability to explore both our inward selves and our outer, planetary history among the civilizations of the stars. Bravo, Michael!

  35. Eagle says:

    Michael and Jean, thank you for sharing. I have tears in my eyes and await the speech for all to hear from whomever delivers it. It would be nice if Obama read this. It would clear up many things about him. I am envisioning this speech being read sooner than later so all of humanity can move forward with our shift. Some think we are not ready for this, but I think we are ready. There is good in all people.. If those behind the scenes truly are ready…let’s get this moving….We are ready to help those that are not.

  36. mhenrydunn says:

    The nature, character, history, birth, upbringing, and presidential eligibility of Barack Obama are beside the point of the speech. It could be given (with only slight adjustments) by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (General Martin Dempsey). It was written, it is true, with Obama’s style and character in mind (the Lincoln quote for example), but my goal was to write a speech announcing a great victory of freedom for the world, including a brief and reassuring historic overview, as given by the spokesman who would be the most reassuring symbol of continuity amid upheaval for most of the world (our American partisan insanity, and birther madness notwithstanding). My goal was to create hope and generate vibrational momentum towards the realization of the global transformation.

    But we will all be better off if a speech like this one is given by the President of the United States – think of him what you will.

    If General Dempsey gives such a speech, announcing an interim government, the world would view it as the first coup in American history (well, at least the first visible one, as the years 1865, 1963, and 2000 come to mind as the occasions of non-military coups), and the myth of American democracy would be shattered. If Dempsey gives it, the majority of Americans who voted for Obama (present disenchantment notwithstanding) will likely conclude that the rightfully elected president has been deposed by the military in what will look at first like a Tea Party-inspired coup. If, however, Obama gives it, and announces that the election process has been corrupted for decades (including his own election in 2008), and that paper ballot elections will be held shortly, then a peaceful transition becomes more possible – especially if the announcement is accompanied by the reassuring and happy news of debt forgiveness, release of global funds, and development of free-energy technologies.

    However, such a speech can only take place either before November 7th because of military intervention to suspend elections, or in the wake of an Obama victory, even if tainted.

    It goes utterly against the grain for me as an American to wish to halt a presidential election, but if the elections proceed as scheduled, that course is rife with peril. For they are tainted, and will be fraudulent, and whatever the outcome, upheaval will ensue. And there are grave risks here, the worst case scenario being one in which Romney is (fraudulently) pronounced the winner, in which case any such speech by Obama will be viewed as de facto announcement of a dictatorship by the losing candidate. As Romney is the candidate of the Bush cabal, the banksters would then have millions of rightfully outraged American voters on their side as they attempt to foment civil war. This is the scenario that must be avoided at all costs.

    It may be that my estimate of Barack Obama is in error, and that he is merely the cabalist tool now condemned by former supporters. My intuition tells me otherwise, but I am merely one person, and do not have all the facts.

    In any case, his power at this time is so much more limited than we can imagine. He cannot effect this transformation on his own. He can only be (if indeed he is) a figure of integrity and humility in the wake of the Shift, not the principal actor who accomplishes it. It is up to the Pentagon patriots, the oathkeepers in the agencies, the law enforcement officers, the US Marshalls, and the calm and centered, patient militia (let us hope that they are so!) to make this change possible.

    And, of course, it is up to all of us to calmly share what we know, and to be of service to our communities where we can.


    • Cindy says:

      Thank you once again Michael for sharing your enLIGHTful thoughts. My focus will remain with the vision you so graciously presented and one which I too have intuitively held for some time now. We all are more powerful than we give ourselves credit for and what we THINK and how we FEEL can change every thing for the good of all.
      Warm Blessings of Light and Love,

    • Jean says:

      In case those of you reading this comment do not realize it, the author is the same person who wrote The Global Announcement! Hugs and thanks, Michael. ~Jean

    • kibitzer3 says:

      Well, you just gave yourself away,, didn’t you, Michael.

      You made it all sound so “reassuring” and ‘from the Light’. But “birther madness”?? The phrase, and political position, earns you no credit in my book, or respect from me. Either a person is for the whole truth of things or they are not. You are not being a truthseeker with that attitude. You are being a political partisan. As such, your ‘speech’ is not being a source of inspiration. It is being a source of propaganda, passing itself off AS a source of inspiration.

      So-called ‘birthers’ are passionate about their country (believing that a terrible wrong has been committed, against the Constitution, and therefore not just agains the principle of the rule of law, but against the nation). It would appear that you are, too (in a cleaned-up way). Prove it, by stepping back and looking at the whole picture; not just from a doctrinaire leftist position. There is plenty of blame to go around on both sides of the political aisle. Lightworkers have work to do to bring this country back together, and that’s not going to happen by taking partisan sides on the issues. It will require deep listening, and then coming from a higher place than just the level of the problem.

      I may appear to be coming from the latter level when I react to what I take as, shall we
      say, ‘inadequate’ statements on this ‘natural born citizen’ definition issue. I admit that I am being partisan there. But I am being partisan to the Constitution, and the Founding Fathers; not to the Republicans. They have their own set of vices, and outright crimes. It’s time for the truth of ALL things to prevail; and to bring in the genuine New. Not just another nugget of fool’s gold. And to do that, the American form of government – and that of other nation states around the world – may well change. But it has to come from a place of integrity – a spiritual place. Not a place of the same old, same old. Of the shadowland that we now have to grow out of.

      And HAVE to grow out of; to say, have the opportunity TO grow out of. If we will just let Truth prevail, in all our dealings. With each other. And with ourselves.

      • Jean says:

        . . . AND YOU, my friend, are being incredibly judgmental. Since when is perfection required of us? Are you sure YOU have all the answers? He who is without guilt, let him throw the first stone – or something like that. If you seek perfection, I suggest you seek it first within. . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Eagle says:

        Well said Jean. Not all people are aware of the cabal, the handlers, the crimes against humanity and are so dedicated to the right or left they don’t understand any other way. This is not about left or right and never has been. It is about all humanity and all life.

      • mhenrydunn says:

        I have no problem with a pursuit of the truth regarding President Obama’s birth. As I said above, the speech is not really about Obama, or his eligibility. It is about energizing a vision of the global transformation toward which so many are working. When I used the phrase “birther madness” I was addressing what I see as the misplaced focus on an issue that appears to have so little substance, and which is, to me, merely another symptom of our “partisan insanity.” I have no interest in pursuing the question. I will say that if Obama was white, if, say, his father’s name had been Barry O’Bannon, a white Protestant Anglo-Irish subject of the UK, it is safe to say that the question would never have come up.

        In any case, I am happy to withdraw the phrase. No offense intended. People of integrity and good intent can disagree about such things. Given his mother’s presence in Hawaii at the time, and the notice of the birth in the local papers, I see no merit in the pursuit of this issue. Others do.

        Meantime, a great shift is waiting to happen, and needs our energy and focus. You obviously feel passionately about this issue. If you can indeed prove that Obama’s citizenship is a fraud, by all means do so. Most Americans regard the case as closed, but that doesn’t mean they’re right.

        But for me, the issue has nothing to do with the speech that I hope some American leader gives soon, or with the global transformation that we can help to bring forth.



      • Ohnwentsya says:

        As to Obama committing an offense against the Constitution, I still cannot understand HOW. He was born in Hawaii, to an American woman which makes him a natural born American. His birth certificate has been certified as real by multiple people, and in fact to many many people it seems strange that our German born pres was never forced to show HIS birth certificate but even after having his privacy so invaded (as has no other president in our history) he is still blamed for something I cannot fathom what he has done other than to be a mixed race non-white person sitting where some people simply cannot stand the idea of a non-white person being.

        The Constitution has been shredded by Reagan, Bush I(the German born non American who apparently violated the Constitution more ways than we even realized while we were complaining about it back then), Clinton, and BushII(with loads of help from Cheney the NWO master who has been around violating our Constitution and anything else he could from Nixon on)

        I think we all agree the rule of law, democracy and Constitution are good things, but I don’t think any of us except the two original commenters about that have any clue what the problem is with Obama, or how he violated anything simply by becoming President, (other than the KKK rule that no one non white should ever have any power.)

        From the first mention of people wanting to see his birth certificate it seemed to me motivated by both partisan desire to disqualify a good candidate and incipient racism, neither of which comes from a spiritual place or leads us anywhere good.

        When I first encountered Obama I thought him TOO far right for me, too mainstream, not enough of an environmentalist. I’m more of an Indigenist Green than a democrat and he does not live up to my partisan political desires, but he is obviously a good caring man who has the best interests of the people at heart.

        (I say the above as a dedicated practitioner of ahimsa and nonviolence who has just watched a debate where he said all sorts of things i would never say-but I don’t have to agree with him all the time to see he is a good, caring person who has done a lot of good for the people, even if the Bison did not get the good outcome I was praying for)

        I don’t see how a persons birth even GHWBush’s German birth, makes a big difference to our rule of law. Did you notice that Treaties are Laws? Did you know that the United States of America has BROKEN **Every Single Treaty** they ever signed with the First Nations? EVERY ONE.

        How are such *consistent* and damaging violations of the rule of law not the downfall of the Constitution and the rule of law in the US? What about all the violations of the rule of law to Hunt and persecute socialists and anarchists and put them to death?
        What about COINTELPRO an ongoing horrible, violent and destructive violation of the rule of law?

        To be honest the United States has NEVER obeyed the rule of law except when it suited the interests of the ruling elite to do so. I mean from the minute they signed the thing, not just recently.

        There is a reason we call the US President Town Destroyer, and if after a genocide of between 38 million and 150 million people, plus the extinction of so many species, destruction of the lands and ecosystems of our peoples resulting in ongoing poisoning suffering and death-we can accept and be at peace with, be friends with, work with the colonizers, how can a bunch of ordinary white Americans not get over Barack Obama becoming president?

        As far as the law says, and as far as anyone I know can tell, if you come out of an American’s uterus, what else are you going to be except a baby American? Its not like tigers give birth to squirrels after all;;-)

        ( I have seen no dispute about the fact that his Mom gave birth to him. Stanley was his Mom, Stanley was an American therefore Obama = natural born American.)

        If you have to split hairs with an electron microscope to prove how it even violates a law much less damages the integrity of a document designed to give power ONLY to land owning white males, it seems more of an exercise in futility than an effort to come from a spiritual perspective in healing our world.

        (at least in my opinion-but I am a girl who carried my copy of the US Constitution everywhere with me and quoted from it directly so much I was kicked out of high school civics class…..)

        ok sorry to go on about it:-( I just go on about things when i really cannot understand. thank you to michael for your explanation-and I apologize for my long additions to the discussion on Obama’s birth for some reason I thought I was on the thread about why people were planning to arrest my President-which I still do not understand:-/

        I look forward to hearing this speech or one very like it soon, and I do hope it comes from Obama and that it comes completely peacefully.

      • theo says:

        Perfectly put. And truly so. Be you blessed, kibitzer3.

    • kibitzer3 says:

      This is my last comment on this thread, because we’re getting off topic, but I need to say a couple of things in response to Michael and Ohnwentsya, for clarity’s sake.

      Michael: I appreciate your last comment, and want to acknowledge that. I don’t agree that the issue would never have come up if Obama had been a white man; and that’s certainly not where I’m coming from regarding it. But I hear you in your desire that the ESSENCE of your contribution is what you “hope some American leader gives soon” I totally agree with you in that. Movement needs to be made in that direction. And I never meant to take exception with the essence of your contributiin to ‘the cause’. Apologies if that didn’t come across as clearly as it should have.

      Ohnwentsya: (1) Nothing was said about the curious background regarding Bush I because it wasn’t known about at the time. And anyway: Two wrongs don’t make a right.

      (2) You still don’t understand the issue; but I understand how part of that is due to misleading information ‘out there’ (undoubtedly due to political reasons; since both the Democrat and the Republican Parties want the issue obfuscated, each for their own purposes). But for your, and everybody’s information: the definition of a ‘natural born
      citizen’ – as opposed to just a ‘citizen’, or a ‘native born’ citizen (which just means born in the country), or a ‘naturalized’ citizen – was quite clear in the minds of the Framers of the Constitution who put it in there as a specific requirement for that particular office, and that particular office only. It meant to them – and there has been no amendment to the Constitution to have it mean anything different in our day (although some efforts were made to that end; all to no avail) – that the candidate had to be a citizen by virtue of both jus soli – i.e., born of the soil – and jus sanguinis – i.e., born of the blood: that is to say, needing to have two US. citizen parents. So that the candidate would not have dual loyalties or allegiances (and ESPECIALLY not to Britain; with whom they had just fought a war of independence). The evidence is clear, for anyone who wants to look into the matter.
      Keys to that evidence: (1) The letter from John Jay (who subsequently became the first chief justice of the newly created Supreme Court) to G. Washington, presiding over the Constitutional Convention, recommending that that term, and condition, be included in the constitutional document that they were coming up with, for the particular office of the presidency; (2) the Framers turning down Alexander Hamilton’s first draft that only required that person to be a ‘citizen’, and opting for the more strict requirement of the candidate needing to be a ‘natural born’ citizen; (3) the evidence that the Framers were familiar with and were using de Vattel’s tome ‘The Law of Nations’, which defined these sorts of issues, and were not going by the common law of England (‘The common law of England” – which refers to natural born SUBJECTS, which the former colonists were no longer by then, were now free and clear from such rule and subjection – “is not the common law of these states”: Founding Father George Mason during the debates in the Virginia Ratifying Convention); (4) the statement by John Bingham, the chief framer of the 14th Amendment (which made the citizens of each State also citizens of the United States), who affirmed that a child “born within the United States of parents not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of the Constitution itself, a natural born citizen”. And the list of clarities and confirmations goes on. Thus, the point of contention about Obama is not really as much about where he was born as who his parents were; and according to his own affirmation, his father was a Kenyan; which made the father a British subject (at the time); which made the son a British subject also. Yes, his mother was an American citizen (although there is a question abut her age, as to whether she was old enough legally to confer American citizenship on her son); but he was born with dual citizenry, meaning, in legalese, dual allegiances, and therefore was never constitutionally eligible to run for that particular office in the first place. Which some people have been fighting about for years, trying to bring this matter to the attention of a basically uncomprehending public, many of whom seem to think – or at least, choose to think – that this is just a ‘racist’ thing.

      And now I rest my case, and let’s move on. We all know that we have important work to be about. Let’s be about it. Time’s almost up, to help as many of our fellow citizens ( 🙂 ) as possible ‘see the light’, and join the move up in consciousness to a new level – THE new level to allow as many as possible to engage in Ascension into a brighter future than is facing those who don’t choose to engage in a Change for the better. A great gift we have been given. May we engage in this process with all due gratitude, for life with meaning.

      • Ohnwentsya says:

        Thank you for the clarification, but the US does not allow dual citizenship, and a child born on US soil to an American mother is according to much (conflicting with the examples you presented) case law a natural born American citizen. That is what I meant about splitting hairs with an electron microscope;-) I understand the issue very well, it’s just that well informed and educated Constitutional attorneys, judges, law professors etc disagree on the hair splitting differences and what they might mean, when for all practical purposes thus far in our history being born on American soil to an American mother(no matter what her age) has been enough.

        If President Obama had in fact acted with a divided loyalty, had before running for president lived in Kenya or Britain and showed any active interest in loyalty to those states then I might see the point in hair splitting but he has not.

        And the fact of the country never having followed the rule of law except when the elites feel it is in their interest is much more significant than things like the age of Obama’s maternal parent.

        If people are willing to spend a lot of energy fighting the US tendency to ignore the rule of law, the Black Hills are way overdue to be returned to their rightful owners and we could sure use all the help we can get to enforce the rule of law in that case;-)

        Or even more to the point of what we do as lightworkers, the egregious violation of the rule of law in turning the four corners area into a “national energy sacrifice area” with mile long piles of uranium tailings along the only water source, thus causing insane amounts of cancer and death to the mostly indigenous population-with hordes of children under 10 years old dying of leukemia every year.

        I feel in my heart that fighting such obviously harmful violations of the rule of law is more important not only to preserving or reinstating some sense that the rule of law matters in this country, but more significantly to the lives of the people being destroyed by it.

        But I agree the overall point of Michael’s beautiful speech is ideal no matter who gives it, and and I am keeping it in awareness and prayer each day.

  37. Peter H says:

    What a clever way of moving our focus forward to realise that such a victory speech by Obama would not be that much of a shock, but what a release!

  38. Lars says:

    WOW i love it – sending Love and Light to all of us !

    Lars from Hamburg-Germany

  39. Shanyn says:

    To Michael: BRAVO!!!! Thank you for writing this beautiful, informative and most eloquent speech. I am a Lightworker and certainly “know” the contents of your words, and it still brought me to tears. Your writing was profoundly and accurately written. Our beautiful President when re-elected, needn’t add a thing to your speech!;-) I kept thinking this could actually be said in a matter of less than two months! Thank you again, you wrote (said) what we needed to say and hear. Much Peace, Light and Love to you.

  40. Dan W Raciak says:

    Fantastic read!!! How great would it be to hear this speech over the airways? Thank you, Michael. Bless you.

  41. Kevin says:

    Excellent piece! Well thought out and executed! Bravo! If I could add just one thing……
    You should add a Part II — part 2 should say that UFOs are real and that Galactics now surround the Earth and that the Galactics (our brothers and sisters) are going to help us Shift into the next Age. And that a Shift (of some sort) is about to happen near Year’s end.
    Excellent work!!!

  42. Nicki Tompkins says:

    I loved this speech and think that each of us should put ourselves on the presenter’s podium. After all, we are co-creators with the Divine Source, are we not??!! Besides, I envision a world without governments. We won’t need them in the Golden Age. Love y’all and great work, Michael!

  43. Megan Reid says:


    Please check out entry for 19th October at “Before it’s news” website. It lists an article on the calling for everyone to march on Washington DC on 5th november 2012 to assist with making mass arrests!!

    This is serious stuff!! You probably know about this already but I just wanted to draw everyone’s attention to it anyway.

    Lots of love and hugs

  44. Stephen Nalty says:

    We don’t have long to wait now for a speech such as this to be given by someone who IS in a position of authority & willing to do what Is best for everyone & Mother Earth. I can only hope that it will be Obama. Coulove

  45. Ajna Andy says:

    Michael you have helped bring us to the precipice of this announcement no doubt! Wonderful!! You have helped me focus on something tangible on this Oct 21 ‘coming together day’. I suspect Prez Obama has already seen this 🙂 Thankyou soooo much!!!! And Jean, I have just discovered your blog and cant wait to read everything 🙂

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  48. dan cope says:

    I will believe it when I see it.

  49. GHISLAINE says:

    Ce texte est d’inspiration divine à n’en pas douter. Il suscite l’espoir et je souhaite que ce message soit révélé le plus tôt possible par votre président OBAMA.
    Nous, du CANADA, avons le même souhait que vous.
    MERCI MICHAEL pour ce merveilleux texte.

  50. mhenrydunn says:

    Thanks, everyone…and heartfelt thanks to Jean for maintaining this wonderful site. The speech was written for the man my intuition tells me Barack Obama is….we shall see!


    • Jean says:

      Oh, Michael, we are all so grateful to you for these words right now! Our heartfelt thanks! Love and hugs, ~Jean

    • china says:

      a speech of a monk…and the rest of us do the work…you know?…right? …dalai lama mention something like that…or am i wrong?…Thank You so much for enlightening me Mike…inLove~inMir~inLight~ that is…Kiss! ~chinka~….(p.s. chinka (china) means celestial)…like the tea…hehe! …that’s what my beloved Mother, giving me this name,… told me…we are One…oh! and “Mir” means Peace….

  51. Excellent piece of writing Michael! And thank you Jean for posting it. EVERYONE I invite you to print this out — read it daily. Hold a mass vision for seeing Obama making this announcement. Put our common vision into the Field and let us watch how quickly it manifests into our reality. I can totally see/hear/feel this announcement being made — SOON! Love to all

  52. Steve says:

    nd Yes I think that you should send it to Obama to read himself.

  53. Leonard Heit says:

    BRILLIANT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Luis Magno says:

    “And let me urge you all from my heart to forget the divisions that have separated us: red state from blue, believers from non-believers, faith from faith, gay from straight, liberal from conservative.”

    It is supremely revealing that Michael leaves out the most corrupt, divisive and entrenched sociocultural duality of all: the US caste system, the privileged so-called racially “white” majority from the underprivileged so-called racially “non-white” minorities.

    • ohnwentsya says:


      Obama is not allowed to speak about that or else he will be called an “angry black man” as well as a communist and that might just be too much overall.(i dont mind being called a communist myself but i think since Obama isn’t one, it might be getting on his last nerve to hear it so much, lol)

      Once people live in abundance perhaps the need to put others down and force everyone to”assimilate” and erase themselves will soon fade, Sherriff Joe will lose his fame and people will just get along and celebrate all the beautiful diversity on Earth;-)

      also there are a crapload of poor white folks too, its all a game to keep people divided and upset. sadly for those on the bottom the “game” is all too real. (for a short while longer only!)

  55. klove says:

    Beautifully done.

  56. kibitzer3 says:

    An awful lot of wishful thinking and lack of discernment going on on this thread.

    Jean suggested that people have a go at their own such address. I did, over at my blog, at Beware: It has a different take on this subject, than this one, and the bulk of its responses at this site. But as Jean said: The more, the merrier. So to speak…

    • Luis Magno says:

      Looks like everybody else is all gaga over this hypothetical Presidential speech. Wishful thinking and lack of discernment sums it up well.

      • ohnwentsya says:

        Luis, I am curious what the lack of discernment is? As in what are you and the other commenter seeing that you feel the rest of us are missing?

        As far as wishful thinking, that is all ANY goal, hope or dream IS until people either singly or in groups, apply focus, intention, Will and action.

        The point of creating inspiring things like this piece of writing is to help people to focus their intention, their will and their actions toward positive outcomes instead of being mired in the pointless fear and drama the cabal creates to keep us all controlled.

        If you have never read The Intention Experiment or The Source Field Investigations I suggest them as good sources on the science of human applied intention and just how well it really does work, especially collectively done and the more specific the better.

        This piece is quite specific and Jean’s wonderful blog reaches quite a few people who have a regular practice of meditation or other focus training, so it is (imho) quite reasonable to think that using such a specific focus, with a large enough and capable enough group that it might have a positive outcome. Perhaps not the exact outcome of President Obama giving exactly this speech in the near future, but stranger things have happened;-)

        I would like to know what I might be missing tho as I have put quite a lot of effort into training my discernment and I was unable to figure it out after re-reading the piece when I saw your comment in my email.

        • Jean says:

          In my opinion, nothing happens by accident! Michael’s desire is our desire. He happens to have manifested it so we can all read and visualize his ideas as ONE. We will manifest this together, I do believe! Again, I think Michael – and Source, as well, who is clearly working through him. It is time . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • kibitzer3 says:

        As “the other commenter,” I’ll make brief comment to your query, ohnwentsya. ‘Michael’ was making Obama out to be this virtuous, good-intentioned, simply-liberal soul who was stunned at the extent of the corruption and ‘secret government’ power that he discovered was running things after being elected and before assuming the office proper, and has been just playing along to get along, as it were, but now suddenly is going to show his true colors. His true color, obvious to anybody who has looked into his background, is deep red. From both sides of his paternity, and from his early mentor ‘Frank’ (Marshall Davis; a member of the Communist Party, and who may well have been his true birth father. See Joel Gilbert’s ‘Dreams from my REAL Father’), and from his favorite professors at Occidental, and his training in Chicago in Saul Alinsky’s ‘Rules for Radicals’ techniques of overthrowing the established order – excuse me; of ‘community organizing’ – he became a committed Marxist-Leninist revolutionary. (See Aaron Klein and Brenda Elliott’s ‘The Manchurian President’ and ‘Red Army’, e.g..) He may have been toned down some in his growing up to the reality of things ‘on the ground’ in life, but that’s where his interests lie – to the point where even as late as his days in the Illinois Senate he was captured on a Chicago radio talk-show interview lamenting that the US. Constitution only talks about what the Government CAN’T do TO you, but SHOULD, rather, talk about what it CAN do FOR you – and that socialist mentality shows up in both of his appointments to the Supreme Court.

        You can say that that’s simply having a liberal perspective on politics. But he has given every indication, while in office, that what he MEANT by his slogans of Hope and Change was not just a reaction to the war-making and civil rights-denying excesses of the Bush II administration, but was fundamental change to the American form of government, to a doctrinaire socialist statist condition. Which is simply more of the same, only from the other side of the political aisle – big government, controlling every aspect of the life of the polity; and thus denying free will for soulular development of the individual. And to get there to try to accomplish that overthrow, he has sequestered all aspects of his background, to the best of his ability (although a lot of it is getting out, regardless of the control that the people behind him have over the MSM).

        He may well turn out to BE ‘a high spiritual soul’, in the end. But it would be from the Dark side – the sneaky, deceitful, hypocritical side of the human nature, that allows us to hone our commitments to the Light. We – Americans, and the people of the world – are faced with a threat from both the Right AND the Left: a fascist NWO from the former, and a socialist-communist NWO from the latter. Neither is the way to the future. The way to the future is neither to the Right nor to the Left, but Up; beyond the statist mentality of People Control. Beyond Force, and into Love – a freewill offering of the soul to its Creator.

        I have seen how some so-called lightworkers think that Obama is the cat’s pajamas, and is The One to lead humanity into The New. Not from where he is now, he ain’t – and where he is now is not just keeping schtum for his safety’s sake, and that of his family. HE HAS A HISTORY, that is conveniently not being looked at, by far too many Americans. And history is prologue. And for those innocent lightworkers who think that ‘redistribution of wealth’ is simply shorthand for the prosperity packages to – hopefully – manifest, rather than a fundamental plank of the Communist Manifesto, I’ve got a bridge to sell you, with that largesse about to burn a hole in your eager pocket.

        Discernment, ladies and gentlemen. Which hopefully will include as well your awareness of what a former Director of the CIA was leaked as saying, in a private setting, many years ago: “We will know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American people believe is
        false.” You don’t REALLY think that Obama is his own man, do you???

        Or Romney, for that matter. But that’s part of a larger take on this matter. The matter, of Wither Thou Goest, Humanity. Left. Or Right. Or Up.

        We have a choice to make. Make yours wisely. Not from reacting viscerally to snakeoil salesmen’s oily pitches.

        • ohnwentsya says:

          Thank you for explaining that! I think perhaps rather than a lack of discernment I simply have a differing perspective. I knew all those things you mentioned, but as a long term student of political movements I know that communism and socialism, like capitalism, anarchism etc have many different branches, facets and types. they are no more monolithic single ways of thinking than say being a christian(methodist, catholic, mormon, southern baptist, ame zionist etc etc)

          There are forms of statism fascist capitalist ala mussolini and fascist communist ala stalin that are plain awful to any perspective.

          Indeed the cabal has been playing everyone off against each other, controlling both the capitalsit and the communist states as pawns to keep their war machines humming and bringing in dollars. There was a great punk song about that years ago with reagan and gorbachev supposedly on the phone, one rambling on about starting a war and the other making fake orgasm noises;-)

          The thing is, communists/socialists, just like capitalists have OTHER types and they are, like the small business, people centered, environment respecting capitalists-the GOOD guys.
          I personally know a lot of them and they are not in league with the cabal. and as far as I can tell neither is Obama.

          There really is nothing wrong with thinking that every single person deserves to have food, shelter and medical care, its called compassion and is a required trait for anyone on a spiritual path;Obama is a very caring person so his study and fascination with systems that promise that is understandable.

          At age 11 I read ayn rand and karl marx and found them both sadly lacking. rand was childish beyond belief-if she was too childish for me at 11 i’m dumbfounded that adults look up to her. Marx meant well, but he too bought the idea that time is an arrow and humanity is “progressing”, that capitalism and communism were both necessary stages to get to a utopian state that for some reason he and the capitalist thinkers failed to notice was ubiquitous worldwide before colonization began;–)

          Obama has shown thru his actions that he is not seeking a communist state. Unfortunately the cabal gets a lot of mileage out of playing people off against one another and their 4 companies that own all the major media in the US do their bidding, and trumpet lies so many times over that people believe they are the truth.

          socialist democracy is the closest people have been able to get to the natural state we are looking at in 5d, in a world that has been so controlled and money based, where everything was made scarce in order to enrich a few. It isn’t perfect but it isn’t a horror either, the way some Americans talk Norway, Sweden, Denmark and France are identical to Mussolini’s Italy!!!

          So Obama admiring such states and wanting to see the poor in America get health care, or have enough to eat hardly qualifies in my mind for making him one of the cabal.

          I have all but the thesis of a graduate degree in globalization and international political systems so I am not at all lacking in knowledge or awareness of the facts (i’ve also read nearly every conspiracy website and book on both sides of the aisle) my undergrad degree is in psychology and i’ve done a lot of counseling so I am pretty well versed in profiling, and determining truthfulness/lies/patterns etc.

          In my estimation Obama is a good man, most likely a lightworker, who perhaps underestimated what the cabal would demand from him in his current position, but who is doing his best to resist them in as many ways as possible (no war in Iran yet, not for lack of their trying!!)

          Americans who fear communists/socialists should realize they are not all statists, and they are not all extreme. they argue amongst themselves and disagree on what is best just as do every other political stripe, but what they all agree on is that human beings deserve dignity, each person should be respected but all should also work for the group so that none will be without.

          this is actually a really really old idea, marx did not invent it;-) Jesus was big on it, but the aboriginal peoples of every land on Earth are it’s true authors. (Tho they all say the Creator invented it, they just kept it as instructed;-)

          stripped down to its bare essence i find it hard to see how anyone could disagree with it.

          Just as an example, Ron Paul is a capitalist but he is a good man who works for the people and believes truly in his morals. I feel that Obama is the same sort of creature even tho to a Paul fan he might seem not to be-but you can look thru Paul’s career and find places where he too caved on something in order to accomplish something just as Obama has, that is how washington works unfortunately.

          Plenty of people on both sides have been blackmailed, threatened and otherwise driven into doing the cabal’s bidding. Many of those who refused to be cowed are dead:The Kennedy brothers, Paul Wellstone; others were silenced thru sexual expose’s (i wonder what Clinton tried to resist them on? lol) or thru harm to their children etc.

          If you read enough you start to see who the criminals are, and who are just patsy’s, who are resisting or playing along in order to accomplish something positive. Karl Rove and Dick Cheney are definite bad guys-cheney along with bushes, kissinger, johnson and nixon was in on the kennedy plots. Elder Bush too-but GW Im not as sure, he could be a patsy because drug addicts are notably easy to push around.
          (there are plenty of dems in there besides Johnson im jsut falling asleep;-)

          anyway i hope that helps explain my level of discernment on Obama and maybe helps clear up some of this Sen McCarthy rising from the dead thing.

          I would love to hammer the stake in myself! (in case you didn’t know “red baiting” is a cabal game, and has resulted in a lot of lives destroyed and several innocent people put to death in front of their children in the 50’s for being socialists. It was a way to put thru the fascist agenda without anyone looking at what the corporate fascist stooges were up to since they were all busy hunting for communists under every bush)

          • Jean says:

            DISCERNMENT!!!! DISCERNMENT!!!! DISCERNMENT!!! This is fantastic! I really appreciate your taking the time to share this with us all. Your wisdom, knowledge, info are all so important for us here, and I hope people, especially those still working on discernment will take the time to read your thoughts and ideas . . . such value here to all of us. Thank you so much for participating! Love and hugs, ~Jean

        • Jean says:

          How different the personal emotional content of your response is from ‘ohnwentsya’. Do you understand what I’m saying? It seems to me, and I could be wrong, that you are not yet disengaged from your emotions, and so I must wonder about your clarity here.

          Have you not condemned a man because of a history that is not necessarily his? Just because we are told his parents are thus and so, etc., does that it make it his truth? I think the history you have decided to believe might largely be a manufactured one and not by Obama, either, but I just do not know – yet. I think there is also plenty of evidence to the contrary out there, and so I’m willing to wait this one out.

          Remember the saying ‘those who talk don’t know; those who don’t talk know’ . . . who is talking and shouting the loudest – and has been doing so since day one of the Obama Presidency?

          Let’s try to wait and see how this all unfolds . . .

      • kibitzer3 says:

        You’re right – I was being emotional. My Constitution and form of government is being trashed, and I am upset about that. They have a high purpose for humanity, in empowering the individual to make a difference, in his or her own life, and the life of the individual’s polity. And we ascend on the spiritual spiral individually; not as a group.

        I am particularly incensed about Obama because, as a constitutional scholar (supposed), HE KNOWS that he was not eligible for that office. He even admitted it in effect when, in running against Alan Keyes for the Illinois Senate (I think it was), and at some point in a debate Alan called him on not being a natural born citizen, according to the definition of those who put that requirement and qualification in the Constitution for the office of the presidency – the office as well of the Commander in Chief of the armed forces of the Republic, and so the constitutional Framers not wanting it to go to someone who had dual loyalties or allegiances for not having both parents be U.S. citizens – his response was, “So what – I’m not running for the presidency”. Fast forward a few years, and lo and behold – there he is. What was the difference? The difference was that – obviously (it will all come out in the end) – the Democrat Party honchos and the Republican Party honchos did a deal, to further their own ends. (In the five years leading up to the 2008 elections, both parties made a total of eight tries to get an amendment to the Constitution on this very issue started through Congress; none of which even made it out of committee. So they decided to do an end-around play, to stuff the Constitution, stiff the American public, and get away with their scam by, between them, controlling the mainstream media in the country.)

        My sense of justice (and partisanship with the Founding Fathers and the high dream of the American Republic) is offended, deeply, by these political shenanigans on both sides of the political aisle. But I’ll let my clarifying response – about the reason for my ‘being emotional’ in this matter – let it go at this; not to belabor the point. Just to close (and now shut up on the issue) by saying, Yes, indeed: “Let’s try to wait and see how this all

        And for the record: I agree with the spirit of community, and cooperation, and so forth (and with the idea of a moneyless society). But it’s the WAY we get there that matters.

        • Jean says:

          I’m surpised that you are also not emotional about Romeny, whose father was not a citizen, which means Romney is not a citizen, either. Hugs, ~Jean

      • kibitzer3 says:

        Just to reply to this, and then I’m done on the issue, here: As I understand it, the Romney family, in some sort of arrangement with the Mexican authorities, didn’t have to lose their U.S. citizenship in moving down there for religious purposes. Which must have been the case, because his father was able to run for the governorship of Michigan as a U.S. citizen. But who knows the ins and outs of this: This particular example may even have been part of the reason for the original ‘conspiracy to defraud’ between the Dems and the Repubs. Some people investigating the issue think that the reason for the Repubs to join in on the scam was that they had their eye ‘down the road’ on Marco Rubio for a candidate for Pres or VP (his father was not a U.S. citizen at the time of his birth); others suspect that the ‘trigger’ was to try to clear the way for Schwarzenegger to have a shot at the top job.

        Whatever the reason, the Repubs are as culpable in this crime as are the Dems (well;
        almost), and I for one want no part of either of them. In a just world – and I happen to think that this one is; in the end, at least – both political parties would have to be dissolved, for their criminal conduct in (at the least) this matter, and therefore the elections should be called off, at the least until a) they have their day in court, and b) new, legitimate parties are created. Never happen? Let’s see how ALL of this unfolds…

        Personally, I think the day of such political parties is over, anyway; and such ways of ‘doing business’ in the future. The near future. The very near future…But as I said: It’s the WAY we get there that matters.

        • Ohnwentsya says:

          I agree that the political parties system is on it’s way out. The nation state is dead in the water and has been for several decades, so completely new forms are about to be born. This time unlike the end of the 100 years war that led to the creation of nation states, just a few hundred years ago, we are likely to put more logic into what we create and how it works;-)

          I think the amendment thing was more to cover the fact that Bush I was born in Germany, his father was a German citizen, the conspiracy folks were unclear on whether his mother was too.

          I’m still not clear on how Obama could have been born somewhere else tho, even after reading multiple websites that claim he was. His mother lived in Hawaii when he was born and she was a US citizen, by birth.

          Any child born to a US citizen, even if it is born in another country is legally a US citizen. I have a good friend who was born in India to a Jewish American mother who was traveling at the time(it was the 60’s;-) She has always unquestionably been a US citizen, so I don’t understand what all the fuss is about for Obama? The law (to the best of my knowledge)has always stated that when an American gives birth the child is an American.

          His mother was born in the US from US citizen parents, he was born to her, while she was living in hawaii-and even if she traveled somewhere else, he still came into this world out of the physical body of an American which as far as I can tell has not been questioned.

          So unless someone has posited that she faked her pregnancy and Barack Obama is not at all related to his mother and maternal grandparents he is an American citizen. It really does not make much difference who his father is, where is father is from or where he was technically born, and I am not even sure why people made such a huge deal out of it.

          Tho it seems suspicious to me that the German guy born in Germany to German parents who later emigrated to the US and who actually worked for the CIA, (wasn’t he the head of it?) becomes president and no one says anything.

          But an American girl commits the “crime” of miscegenation by having sex with an African college student and gives birth to an American child(which is all he could be unless SHE had rescinded HER citizenship and then given birth on foreign soil), who happens to not be white and people go nuts about it.

          I mean, maybe it isn’t racism but it sure looks like it. MY grandparents were breaking that law too so I might be a bit sensitive about it, it really was an extremely dumb law.

          Considering the Constitution started being *obviously* trashed under Reagan and no one spoke up, and then the Patriot Act was like putting it thru a paper shredder, never mind that old court decision from the 1800’s making corporations into PEOPLE-I think our Constitution has a lot bigger problems than where someone was born that we could and should be raising some hell about.

          And as much as Rubio gets on my last nerve(he represents me in Congress) I can’t really see any reason other than sheer common sense;-) why he shouldn’t serve since he’s lived here all his life and he seems pretty American to me.

          It’s almost comical how some people come here and in a few generations after taking over start nitpicking who can come here, or what they can do-even beating up old Grandmothers at the border crossing, grandmothers whose own great great great to the exponents grandmothers lived here when the wooly mammoth was still grazing the great plains. If it wasn’t so sad, it would be funny.

          The document that inspired our Constitution, that is much older and still working well(originally implemented around 1100 AD) is called the Great Law of Peace. It has no providence for taxes, or minute govt control of anything. It does require nonviolence, and consensus for actions but it has never been altered in almost a thousand years. Funny enough it included women’s rights, and non discrimination against anyone (someone speaks for the trees, and the four leggeds in council).

          If he manages to negotiate this peace plan with Iran and Israel then I don’t really care if he was born on Andromeda and is wearing a fake skin he’s doing more to make things better than we’ve seen in a really long time. I want to see our world at peace, and see every living thing thriving and healthy, with no pollution, and abundant healthy ecosystems, everyone having all they need.

          I’m willing to leave an awful lot of nits unpicked to get to that point!

      • kibitzer3 says:

        Just to clarify, for the record, before we leave this: It is NOT a question of Obama not being an “American”. You obviously haven’t looked into the detail of this issue. The matter is that he is not a particular KIND of citizen; a particular kind that the Constitution requires for someone to be a candidate for that particular office – and no other federal office (except now, by C. amendment, the VP as well; which makes sense, because that person might BECOME the Pres). The person needs to be a “natural born citizen”. Which means to be born of two citizen parents – thus, for there to be no question of dual loyalties or allegiances (and thus the requirement being for very good reason; ESPECIALLY as the person in that office/position is also the Commander in Chief of the military forces of the nation). There are also the categories of native born citizens – which only refers to where they were born – and naturalized citizens. ‘Natural born citizen’ is clearly a specific category of citizen – and that’s why it was deliberately put in the Constitution for that office.

        There is all manner of evidence as to where the Founders were coming from, in the debates on the contents of the new Constitution for the U..S. (before that there was only a document called the Articles of Confederation), when they came up with that requirement. There has been some legalese argumentation over it, but the challenge has been based on 1) a discrepancy in definitions in relation to British common law, which doesn’t and didn’t apply in America (applies only to British SUBJECTS; which Americans had just fought a war to unbecome); and 2) a subsequent, somewhat ambiguous Supreme Court ruling. But the Constitution ITSELF trumps any subsequent rulings. (And anyway, there are also subsequent S.C. rulings – and the writings of the men behind the 14th Amendment – that affirm the original ‘take’ on the definition of the term.)

        You may think it’s silly to get hung up on such details; but either a nation lives by the rule of law or it doesn’t; the latter option of which opens the door to tyranny. (As Hitler famously said: “I am the law.”) And that was precisely what George II was going for when he was reported to have once said, about the Constitution and its lack of authorization for him to do something he wanted to do (demonstrating the whole POINT of having a constitution): “It’s just a damn piece of paper.” That’s what he – and the Cabal – wanted it to be. And that’s what it became, in effect, with the nomination, and election, of Obama, for his not fulfilling the type of citizen requirement SPECIFIC TO that particular office. And it has been a devil of a time trying to stuff that genie back in its box; a situation highlighted by all the Executive Orders that Obama has issued, effectively going around Congress and making what are in truth legislative decisions, not
        his prerogative as the Executive. That’s what this is, and has been, all about. In sum: the rule of law, as opposed to arbitrary law. Which invites despotism.

        Which we are seeing as we speak. Obama has become a law unto himself. Executive Order this, and Executive Order that: it is a crime, of monumental proportions. And I for one won’t have it. This is MY country. Hands, off, despots.

        And as I said above (in effect) somewhere else in this thread: A pox on both their
        houses. It’s time for the whole sorry lot of them to be turfed out, and things in this country gotten back to being administered under the rule of law.

        To learn ALL the lessons we can, from our various adventures in the realm of duality. Before we leave it behind; and go for Gold.

        • Ohnwentsya says:

          “Status as a natural-born citizen of the United States is one of the eligibility requirements established in the United States Constitution for election to the office of President or Vice President. This requirement was intended to protect the nation from foreign influence.

          The Constitution does not define the phrase natural-born citizen, and various opinions have been offered over time regarding its precise meaning. A 2011 Congressional Research Service report stated

          The weight of legal and historical authority indicates that the term “natural born” citizen would mean a person who is entitled to U.S. citizenship “by birth” or “at birth”, either by being born “in” the United States and under its jurisdiction, even those born to alien parents; by being born abroad to U.S. citizen-parents; or by being born in other situations meeting legal requirements for U.S. citizenship “at birth”. Such term, however, would not include a person who was not a U.S. citizen by birth or at birth, and who was thus born an “alien” required to go through the legal process of “naturalization” to become a U.S. citizen.[1]” (from Wiki)

          I had researched it, and upon looking it up again I find the same thing. The Constitution does not define it, but the definition, copied above from Wiki, is exactly what I thought it was. If a person is born to an American they are an American-there is nowhere a clause requiring both parents to be American, only that the person be a natural born citizen which can include a person born on American soil to foreign parents.

          Some people don’t like this, and are attempting various legal arguments to overturn it, or say it was not so, but that does not invalidate both law and legal precedence and history. My father-in-law is a Constitutional Attorney so I have spent a lot of time discussing these sort of issues.

          Since the clause was meant to prevent foreign influence, it is hard to see how Obama is breaking the spirit of the law, even once we see he is not breaking the letter of it. He did spend some time in a foreign country as a child but so did many other presidents, and hopefuls including Romney.

          He was raised by an American mother, and American grandparents, for most of his life in the US and attended US colleges, and made his home here. His views as stated in his books and public statements accord closely with a large number of other Americans, and are not at all foreign or exotic. Despite the insane claims about him being a muslim, his views are actually really mainstream liberal views no matter how much hardline conservatives want to demonize them. (if he were a muslim i think his support for a woman’s right to control her own body might not be nearly so evident;-)

          It is sad that in recent years the polarization manufactured by Newt Gingrich’s assertion that working together, compromising and getting things done for all Americans was somehow a crippling problem for the republican party-as the reps refused to work together back then, both parties became more and more polarized and opposed to one another, refusing to meet in what used to be the middle, even tho what we call the middle has been dragged far to the right of what it was.

          It is ok to disagree with one another, but I think it has gone way too far at this point. The rule of law is a good thing, but it has been abrogated horribly for decades before the Obama administration and many of us have been calling attention to it since Reagan, even during Clinton so at least for me it is not a partisan thing-tho it seems some ignore it when their side does it and villify the other side’s president.

          GW Bush is widely known to be the overall champion of executive order use, having executed nearly twice as many as Obama has at the same time in their presidencies. Many presidents have used the executive order, tho it’s use has become much more widespread in recent years, increasing with each president up until this one, who has used the tool so far much less than his predecessor.

          I don’t like the drones, wars, extraordinary rendition, torture or any of the many things that have been brought in during the years since 2000, and I agree that some of the executive orders under Obama such as the NDAA are utterly bizarre and uncalled for-but I honestly believe that both Bush and Obama executed many of these insane things under extreme pressure from the shadow govt/nwo people because despite conservatives fears about liberal ‘big government’ , the normal liberal take is not to have police states with authoritarian control; we consider that fascism and undesirable.

          I do not see Obama doing any more, and in many cases much less, of the bidding of the nwo than Bush. He has stopped a lot of the really bad things like torture (which violates the geneva conventions, which we signed thus making them the law in America). I don’t perceive him being a law unto himself nearly to the degree Bush was, for the most part he seems to work with both the laws as they stand and with the incredible pointless opposition he has gotten form congress(like refusing to vote on the jobs bill just to make him look bad). Given that over-the-top opposition , it seems to me a testament to the man’s patience and determination to follow the rule of law that he has NOT used the executive order as freely as Bush or more so.

          I know we (libs and cons) legitimately do disagree on social safety net programs, but I think most of us are in complete accord about things like NDAA and patriot act and other things that take away personal freedom and give it to a fascist overclass in service to corporate rule.

          I do hope we see reforms soon, but I don’t think a military coup is a good way to start them. It hasn’t worked very smoothly for the Egyptians. Also I just don’t trust people used to making seat of the pants battlefield decisions to actually stick to the rule of law cleanly. The fact that so many women servicemembers face rape and sexual harrassment and have not had good avenues to address this because it often comes from their superior officers lets me know more about the attitude we might see to the rule of law than i really want to see;-/

          I just don’t think a quibble over a person’s birth which is largely out of their control, is equal to authorizing the consistent violation of the rule of law thru things like extraordinary rendition, torture, removal of habeas corpus, indefinite detention(NDAA just *formalizes* the practice begun under Bush it does not create it), this list could go on down half the page but I figure you proly read the news between 2000 and 2008 and know what I am talking about. I don’t understand why there are plans to arrest people who have not violated any laws in visible ways, when there are not arrest plans for so many who have-who just happen to belong to the same political party as the arrest-planners.

          To me the hatred of Obama appears to be the culmination of the nwo’s long term plan to create a civil war in the US, and this so called Plan(of Drake’s) appears to be the trigger for it.

          Democrats being largely the party that pushes for Peace, protests wars etc are not likely to start a civil war no matter how bad the government behaves(see post 911 loss of our rights) but I must say that if people try removing the president we voted for in record numbers using a military coup, it is really likely that democrats will join the military who are loyal to the President and defend our country.

          Because corruption has been there a long time, and we all want it removed but I think we all respect the rule of law and want it done the right, legal, way not thru military action against a president who was legally elected by the majority of Americans.

          We don’t need to descend to the cabal’s level and play their games of ignoring the laws, and deciding the laws don’t apply to us or in this situation. I am really pretty disgusted that it has been so easy for the cabal to manipulate so many of us, first into polarized hatred of our own countrymen, then into the actual possibility of a modern, bloody, nightmare that a civil war would be.

  57. I’ve been writing this same kind of speech in my head for months on a daily basis… hoping someday to hear it ring True in the Physical. Glad the collective consciousness is feeling the same way….now to manifest it into our Reality!!!
    Thank You Michael

  58. Laurie says:

    Absolutely amazing. As I was reading, heard it in my head in Obama’s voice and it felt so real to me that it brought tears to me eyes. I hope and pray that soon we’ll be hearing a speech very, very similar to this one. You could definitely be a speech writer, Michael, if you aren’t already!

  59. Gina Ellinger says:

    BRAVO!!!! That was AWESOME!!!! Hope you send it to Obama! 😉 He already has speech writers, why not YOU? At least this one is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, divinely inspired, honest to goodness TRUTH & worded so eloquently too! NO editing necessary, it’s RIGHT ON ~ FOR SURE!!!! Wouldn’t it be wonderful if reading this re-activated his ascended self & already KNOWING the truth these powerful words touch him sooo deeeply that he feels immediately inspired & compelled to make this speech a MONUMENTAL October SURPRISE for ALL!!!! Sure feeels possible to ME! BLESSED BE! 😉 & SO BE IT!!!!

    ~~~Thanx again & again for your valuable contribution to the co-created manifestation of TRUE & COMPLETE WORLDWIDE LIBERATION!!!!!!!!!!! To 5D & BEYOND! ~~~ZoooooM~Wheeeee!!!! 😀

  60. Christina says:

    Thanks so much Michael. I believe that by delivering your wonderful speech you help to make this dream come true. Thanks for sharing it with us so we can help too with this creation.

  61. Paul says:

    Fantastic Michael. I pray this comes to passive very soon. Paul

  62. marinaalbin says:

    Perfect 🙂 Would love to see it happening will do my best to do what I can 🙂
    Thank you guys 🙂 Much love 🙂

  63. Cindy says:

    With much big love and gratitude to all….sharing another message…
    The most significant event ever to occur in your space-time continuum
    by John Smallman
    The excitement mounts as the moment for your awakening draws ever closer. It seems that you have been waiting a long time and that there have been many delays and disappointments, but this is not really the case. Time is illusory, as you well know, and so although it appears to you that dates for various events have come and gone without anything of note occurring, enormous changes have been happening on humanity’s inner or spiritual levels in preparation for the most significant event ever to occur in your space-time continuum.

    On Earth it may well seem that all is going on as usual: populations growing inexorably, also suffering, poverty, violence, greed, financial crises, and corruption – and the mainstream media confirms this for you, enthusiastically. But what is going on in your hearts and minds is very, very different. The divine field of Love is infiltrating every human heart and bringing about the most wonderful changes that are enabling and encouraging you to look for and perceive that all are one, that you are all beings of love and compassion. You are starting to recognize yourselves in one another, loving beings that you are, with increasing frequency and ease, and that is indeed an uplifting and inspiring experience. It is what happens when you stop judging!

    The love that you are, that you are offering and sharing, and that you intend shall sweep through the hearts of all humanity is extremely effective – yes, you truly do intend that, even if you are not immediately consciously aware of it. You are the Light-bearers and way-showers, which means that your task is to love everyone with whom you interact unconditionally. You incarnated on Earth to show, to share, and to extend the Light and the Love that your heavenly Father instilled in you at the moment of your creation.

    With His help and with the help of your spiritual guides you planned a life path that would inevitably lead to your doing this, but on the way you had your own lessons to learn, some of which have been very demanding, bringing down upon you crises that often appeared to be hopeless, incomprehensible, and even catastrophic.

    At first it was very difficult because you all had personal issues concerning suffering that you had experienced and for which you sought acknowledgment and restitution: the egoic mind asserting itself. However, the personal lessons or crises you experienced were the triggers that widened your perspective and enabled you to understand that your anger and need for restitution would not bring you any peace. That was a shocking realization.

    But you were also spiritually aware, or became so as a result of the lessons or crises, and you turned inwards for guidance and found it. Many of you then remembered that you had always had an indescribable yearning, a sense that you had a mission apart from the mundane earthly task of growing up and earning a living, and so you accepted the inevitable and allowed your hearts to start awakening in love. Doing so brought you to a place of peace within that is always available to you, although often you do have difficulty in accessing it.

    This was the point at which you realized that earthly tasks and ambitions, while to a certain extent necessary for survival, were not your main reason for living and that you had a much higher calling. It was indeed a moment of great import for you because it put to rest an anxiety, a strange doubt that used to seep into your mind when your life was apparently going well: “Is this really all there is to life?” At the time it made no sense, but it was unsettling. Now, you understood.

    The waking of your hearts gave you a new sense of purpose along with a sense of responsibility that you had never felt before. You were not alone, you were one with all of humanity, and yet the majority of them seemed totally unaware of this – as you had been. You began to understand that love had been missing from your lives. Yes, you had parents, friends, loved ones, children whom you cared for, but the love that was awakening in your hearts was so much more than this. It was the divine spark within that was starting to glow.

    Despite the challenges of living on Earth among so many unaware and unawakened people, you found that your hearts were expanding in love for them. You were now able to see that their anger and fear were cries for love, and you could identify with those feelings, having experienced them yourselves so many times. The larger meaning of your own lessons and personal experiences became far clearer to you. You have learned; you understand that each has her own path, and you know that your task is just to love and to demonstrate love by allowing, accepting, and listening.

    This is what ever-increasing numbers of you have been doing for the last few decades, at first with little apparent effect, but now the effects of multitudes of you living like this are rapidly changing the whole world, and the results are beginning to show. You are truly enormously honored and respected for your wondrous achievements as you continue showing the way and bearing the Light in preparation for and in expectation of the moment of awakening. The Light enveloping Earth and all of humanity grows ever brighter.

    Your loving brother, Jesus.

  64. Cindy says:

    BE-YOU-t-FULL….I will hold this message in the vision of light as truth for the good of all…(((<3)))

  65. skybliss says:

    Michael, Right-on-The Spot!!!

  66. Barbara E. Parton says:

    I pray for “this story” to be the “true” story. One that will be told for generations to come that this was our time. This was our time to lead from our hearts with love, conviction and courage for what is “ecological” for all beings. May all beings now know peace and harmony between Heaven and Earth.

  67. DavidG says:

    This speech would have far more credability comming from anyone other than Obama. I just don’t see how he could fit in the line, ‘Sorry about all the Drone attacks, I just got carried away, my bad!’

  68. Daniel Xie says:

    Since not everyone can trust Obama, do you mind if I write one with Ron Paul making the speech? It’s a hypothetical “what-if-Ron-Paul-won” inaugural speech.

    • Jean says:

      Have a go at it, of course! The more, the merrier 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

    • Kathy says:

      How about not only Ron Paul but a Group of well known People. All walks of life, etc. We tend to believe more than One Person. Great Ideas from everyone.

    • Karen says:

      I am not American but if I were to hear that beautiful speech, I too would like to hear it from Ron Paul. I personally do NOT trust Obama. My eyes were watering the whole time I was reading this, wouldn’y it be amazing !

  69. Alex says:

    Fun read!

  70. Dee says:

    Michael this gave me chills when I read it. Thank you for writing this and
    sharing it with us all. xoxo Dee

  71. donet2012 says:

    Amazing speech. What an inspiration!

  72. MeherBaba22 says:

    I am sending this to everyone already.
    THANK YOU Michael, with all my heart.
    and Thank You Jean & sweet members here, you make my days bright & full of ever growing love for all humanity.

  73. Cosmickatt says:

    I also truly enjoyed the piece.. although there seemed to be one thing out of place. If the speaker was President Obama, he would not be using the word God as he doesn’t believe in the Christian God or Bible but rather Allah from the Koran. The President would simply eliminate that word. If Mitt Romney were to take office, I feel that he would simply eliminate the thought of ever giving a speech of such great importance. Remember, he hangs with those “big dogs” so to speak. On another note, it would be wonderful if one of our Presidents in the near future did address this issue. With the way the World is today in the communication sense, you’d think that more people would know of these shadowy organizations and do something about it. Anything can be done with great numbers of people behind it. Great writing and again thanks for putting it out there!

    • ohnwentsya says:

      I’m not sure where you got the idea that President Obama is a Muslim, but he is a lifelong Christian, so he would most assuredly give the speech as it is written. He has often used the word God in his speeches already. In fact much of the good work he has done in his lifetime was inspired by his faith, and his understanding of what Jesus asked us all to do in regard to the poor, the ill and the unfortunate. He mentions it in his books-I’ve only read one of them, but if you have not read either you should check one out. His writing is as beautiful and easy to read as his speaking is to hear;-)

      To Michael-thank you for writing this!! It is beautiful and I too hope we hear it, or something like it from him very soon. Now that we all have your wonderful example to focus on, it seems a lot more likely!

      • Jean says:

        Yes, thank you for straightening out the fact that Obama is a Christian. . . and I, too, am delighted with Michael’s words, which couldn’t have manifested themselves through him at a better time!! Hugs, ~Jean

    • theo says:

      Let’s face it, there IS but ONE GOD, no matter your names.
      And HIS NAME should stand in each and every sentence,
      since He is the very SOURCE of this Plan for Salvation,
      eons long we were ALL DEEPLY SLEEPING.

  74. purpleskyz says:

    Well done!

  75. Nora says:

    Thank you Michael!

    I feel sure it is on its way!

  76. lisa mary says:

    Really cool post Michael, .Good Job
    Nokia Operating System

  77. Duane says:

    Wow… really nice Michael… a beautiful example of manifesting. Wouldn’t it be awesome to hear something like this issuing from BHO lips in the next few days? Peace and love to you all.

  78. Kathy Kelley says:

    Thank you Michael, BEAUTIFULLY said! I am deeply touched and humbled by the work of many people behind the scenes that no doubt risked their lives to bring this to an end. To you, the unknown heroes both galactic and earth dwelling, thank you does not even begin to express how I feel. Now, onto our quantum leap to our earth’s ‘Golden Age’. Love and Light to all…..NAMASTE’

  79. Johanna says:

    Amazing……absolutely amazing, Michael…!!!

  80. Nancy C says:

    I simply loved your speech. I’ve been pondering why your speech felt so very, very “real” to me and I decided it’s partly because you’ve mastered Obama’s style. It also names the evils the cabal has done but in a loving, non-divisive way. In David Wilcock’s opus The Source Field Investigations he takes about “multiples”, the idea that many people scattered throughout the planet simultaneously come up with the same inventions because they are all plugging into the same external “Source Field”. I think it’s very possible that the speech is “out there” in the Source Field and you plugged into it.

    Love to all,

  81. Yvette says:


  82. Jean Hart says:

    Bravo Michael!! Magnificent, succinct, fully encompassing. Thanks Jean, for posting this! I am holding this piece to be in our near future! Blessings!

  83. mayasoma says:

    just what I wanted to say… must go Viral, immediately! God, is this day finally going to be ushered in? My heart leaps with HOPE!

  84. Brigitte says:

    Michael, this is divinely inspired! How can we thank you enough for this excellent piece of writing?! I sincerely hope that this speech will be made by Obama as in my eyes he is the ‘rightful’ person to do so (I am not American and do not reside in your beautiful country ). This speech is/would be truly for all citizens of the world.
    We can make it happen – THIS MUST GO VIRAL !!!

  85. kibitzer3 says:

    Good overview, Michael. But you forgot his P.S.:

    “Oh – just one small point, in closing this address.. If you DO ask me back to be your REAL president, you will have to authorize a tiny Constitutional amendment. No big deal, REALLY. But in all honesty and transparency, I DO have to point out to you that little matter. A mere detail….”

    – nope. Undoubtedly too much to hope for. We’ll have to wait for the Truth & Reconciliation process for that ‘little matter’ to be taken care of.

  86. Edwin says:

    AWESOME… really and truly AWESOME.

  87. Macsupt says:

    Wow! I’m impressed and very thankful to Michael for putting together such a knowledgeable and extremely well worded exemplification of a speech we all hope occurs soon. A speech such as this is long overdue and I sincerely hope the President follows this example! Once again, so very well written and right on the money! (no pun intended)

  88. Ken says:

    Wow! That was great! I would love to say that I heard it here first. No matter what transpires this news strenghens my resolve. Are the synchronicities that we have all been experiencing a harbinger of things to pass? Time will tell and I will do my part to manifest this dream of ours! Let go of the bank and enjoy the ride friends! Great job Michael!

  89. Peacer says:

    Well done. I would only add that in addition to the control of currency as their main means of controlling … how critical that they also controlled the currency of information by owning the media…who would never expose the truth to us.

  90. Freddie says:

    Michael: Beautifully conceived and presented. Let’s hold this as a statement of the highest and best good for all, through the coming days of transformation. Jean – as always, thank you for posting something so uplifting and positive.

  91. rayofdawn says:

    I love it!

  92. Bilyah says:

    AMAZING!!!! So beautifully written Michael – and I think perfect timing… Thanks for posting Jean!! I will be holding this and visualising it’s unfoldment 🙂

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