Ben Fulford: Will there be a coup d’etat in the US during the next couple of weeks? – October 22, 2012

The people in charge at the US agencies and military know the presidential election scheduled for November 8th will be a fraud and a sham no matter what the outcome. That is why many reliable sources are saying US militias and reserve troops were put on alert last week. They have either started to mobilize either to pre-empt the elections and put the Joint Chiefs of Staff in charge of an interim government or to get ready to act in anticipation of post-election violence and chaos, depending on who you talk to.

In any case, it is no coincidence that both the US and China will be selecting a new government on November 8th and there is a lot of plotting and speculation going on beneath the surface as that date approaches.

In Europe as well, there are signs of a fundamental struggle reaching a climax as the IMF and certain governments face off against the bankers over control of the process of money creation.

A lot of shadowy organizations have also now informed the White Dragon Society that, should they stand in the way, certain prominent individuals around the world are scheduled to die of stroke, heart attack, cancer or bullet wound over the coming weeks.

The murder of CIA “ambassador” Stevens in Libya, was a part of the ongoing battle. According to the gnostic illuminati, Stevens was murdered because of his role in smuggling the nuclear weapon into Japan that was used in the 311 tsunami and nuclear terror attack.

It is true that there is a resemblance between the Stevens who was implicated in the nuclear attack on Japan and the one killed in Libya. However, the Stevens in Asia was supposed to be a British SAS trained former senior Hong Kong police official while the Stevens in Libya was CIA.

There is a deliberate fog of disinformation surrounding this death but what is clear from public statements is that the Obama faction failed to protect him and the Bush faction are furious about this fact. It is also well known that there was no US embassy in Benghazi and that Stevens was involved in some sort of violence related clandestine work.

This is also linked to the upcoming US “presidential election” farce. Plenty of insiders have forwarded information showing links between Romney’s Bain capital and drug money laundering, making it clear Romney is the Nazi candidate. On the other hand Obama is seen by many right wingers as the foreign born Muslim communist candidate. As mentioned before the Queen and the Pope have been funneling billions to Obama while the Bush folk finance Romney.

In either case, there is expected to be widespread violence and rioting if either Romney or Obama win. The obvious answer to most intelligent observers is that neither of the two gangster front men should be put in charge of a United States government that desperately needs its biggest overhaul since 1776.

The next few weeks should show if the US military and agencies are staffed with men or mice.

In Europe as well, the signs of a major split between two powerful factions are everywhere to be seen. When even establishment worthies like UK Telegraph columnist Ambrose Evans-Pritchard start writing about IMF plans to eliminate debt and dethrone bankers, you know the struggle is taking place at the highest levels of power.

However, the Atlantic-centered debate between the people who want governments to print money and use that to eliminate all public and private debt, and those who say people must pay what they can to the bankers forever, forgets that the rest of the world is also involved.

In other words, plans like the Wanta-Mitterand protocols that call for the creation of trillions of dollars of government-controlled money forget that the Atlantic nations as a whole have been borrowing from the rest of the world for 30 years and will not be allowed to print their way out of that accumulated external debt. The solution cannot be made by North America and Europe without the agreement of their external creditors, especially in Asia.

The Chinese, for example, are being asked to buy US external debt and finance US consumer lifestyles but are being prevented from making job-creating direct investment in the US. This is not a realistic long term scenario.

The fact remains the Southern European nations need to abandon the Euro and the United States needs to issue a government greenback separate from the international US dollar. That is the economic reality.

Meanwhile, more information has emerged during the past week about the incoming new Chinese government’s plans. Essentially, the new regime will focus on increasing Chinese soft power and pushing for the right to allow Chinese companies to make major investments and acquisitions in Europe, the US and Japan.

In Japan the plan is to buy an ailing major company that is listed in the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and revitalize it as a way of getting a say inside the board-rooms of Japan Inc. If such a buyout attempt is rebuffed, the Chinese will retaliate against Japanese companies operating in China, according to a Chinese government agent.

It is likely that a similar approach will be made towards Europe and the US. In other words, the Chinese want to buy real things that exist in the real world and will not buy paper, government or otherwise.

The Chinese will continue to have a policy of strongly fighting any attempts at bullying while simultaneously offering win-win alternatives. Such Chinese investments should be welcomed so long as they benefit the people and governments of the host country involved.

The long term case studies for cooperation they are holding up as examples for others to follow are Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, Vancouver and (to a lesser extent) Japan.

In Japan meanwhile, there are also many plans for fundamental change. The ruling Democratic Party of Japan is expected to lose most of its seats in the yet to be scheduled but soon promised general election. The Liberal Democratic Party is expected to get a big boost but fall short of a majority. That is expected to leave the new Japan Restoration Party as the king maker in a coalition government with a big reform mandate.

The Japanese underworld, for their part, are promising that any members of the old regime who try to block the reforms will begin to “suffer from strokes and heart attacks.”

The Japanese Imperial Household is planning to move to Kyoto as a part of a shift of some government functions to the Kansai area in Japan once the Atlantic power struggles settle down.

The new international economic planning agency is expected to be one of the center-pieces of the shift. Such an agency would help solve various nationalistic and historical problems by providing a neutral ground for elite government officials to make plans for the planet as a whole and not just their particular region.

It can also now be reported that the Chinese, the pentagon, the Japanese government and other groups all support the creation of the new international economic planning agency. Such an agency would work in harmony with existing international organizations.

We can also report that Neil Keenan is now in Asia working with the Dragon family on setting up the new international financial system.

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46 Responses to Ben Fulford: Will there be a coup d’etat in the US during the next couple of weeks? – October 22, 2012

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  2. gw says:

    The coupe has already happened. There is no sovereign United States America. It could be said that with the Citizen’s United decision, we reached the point of no return but either way, our government and political process serves only to insulate capitol from accountability.

    Interestingly, ten years after the Soviets went into Afghanistan, there was no more Soviet Union either.

  3. Jonathon says:

    Hmmmn your speculation and analysis is very interesting, however, I personally believe that this gun controll business is much more likely to induce a fullscale coup de tat, I have a hard time thinking of a soldier or policeman throwing an individual in jail for owning a semi automatic. There is already a military uproar, people are already pissed off just by the thought, there is no way any non-socialist will take this laying down.

  4. chris says:

    one would like to see the white dragons get rid of all the new world order scum,for the sake of humanity,people are dying because of these bastards and the sooner they are taken out the better.if you genuinely have the power to get rid of rothschilds and the rest of them then do it.

    • Cort says:

      I have been reading this blog (and most interesting, comments) for awhile. Everyone is looking for an outside source to save us! Take personal responsibility. Title 28 clearly shows that the “U.S'” IS A FEDERAL CORPORATION!!!!!! Ever thought that “the color of law” against a “living man” is FRAUD!!! Just something to think about. Not that I expect any of you to actualy look into what I just said. You go and vote for your new master. Btw, were not special!!!!

  5. vernon williams says:

    The protocols of the wise men of Zion surfaced around 1880, (Luciferians) The contents is evident that everything they professed has and is still occurring to the present day, here is one ! “It is from us that all the engulfing terror proceeds, we have in our service people of all opinions, of all doctrines, restorating monarchists, dema-gouges, socialists, communist, and utopians dreamers of every kind, we have harnessed them all to the task each one of them on his own account is boring away at the last remnants of authority, is striving to over throw all established forms of order, by these acts all states are in torture, they exhort to tranquillity, are ready to sacrifice everytrhing for peace, but we will not give them peace, until they openly acknowledge our internationally super government, and with submission, to produce the possbility of the expression of such wishes by all the nations, it is indispensable to trouble in all countries, the people relations with their governments, hatred, struggle, envy, and even by the use of torture, by starvation, by want, so that the people see no other issue than to take refuge in our comp,ete sovereignty in money, and in all else, but if we give the nations of the world a breathing space, the moment we long for is hardly ever likely to arrive.. When we have accompliseh our “Coup` d`etat, we shall say then to the peoples, everything has gone terriblly badly, all have been worn out with the sufferingsa, frontiers differences of coinages..Then the herd will exalt us and bear us up in their hands in a unanimous triumph of hopes and expectations….

  6. sfhsdr says:

    What Ben is talking about is basically just centralizing power even more, even if the agency is set up for good intentions, it will be infiltrated and exploited. De-centralization of power is the ONLY way to prevent those who seek to abuse it.

    • Jean says:

      Ben is not the last word. He is one human being, like you and me, who found himself in the middle of this, and he is doing the best he can to report. I do not think, however, that Ben has all the answers. Hugs, ~Jean

  7. eldondowns says:

    I remember long ago the ETs said there would not be a 2012 US election. We’ll see.

  8. sfhsdr says:

    ‘providing a neutral ground for elite government officials to make plans for the planet as a whole and not just their particular region.’
    wow, sounds like a good idea…. NOT this is exactly what the NWO wants, create a crisis that can only be solved by creating a new and even more powerful agency that can now dictate policy on a global scale. Fuck you Ben.

  9. Dawn says:

    SaS, go ahead leap, your insight and conveyance of it, is needed now more than ever. When you resonate with so many, it isn’t likely by chance.

  10. DavidG says:

    Stunned at Sunset, I am very interested in YOU. The way you think and articulate is a notch above normal, I hope you don’t mind me saying that.

    If more of us were functioning in your vibration I think that would be a good result so I have this crazy idea. We listen to David Wilcock, we listen to Drake, we listen to Ben Fulford and we also listen to Jean. All of these people are trying their best with what they’ve got and together they have drove people forward in ways they might not even realise.

    The SaS interview. Could be conducted by Jean or maybe David Wilcock. Either way it could be an interview to gain some perspective into the SaS way of thinking. I am very certain such an interview would be widely appreciated and would perhaps even shift humanity that bit further.

    • Jean says:

      David, you are very perceptive, but I must inform you that SaS prefers to remain anonymous. No matter what I say, I can’t get beyond – I’m only support, I want no compensation of any kind, I just want to help. I’ll answer questions here related to light work, but nothing more, please. SaS is a great help to me. Maybe one day, David, but not now. It’s a nice thought, though, and thank you. Hugs, ~Jean

  11. johnf says:

    I blame my self for believing a lot of these negative people posting dates with catastrofic (sp) events and nothing happens.

    • Stunned at Sunset says:


      Don’t do that! There’s nothing wrong with YOU! Remember what Ben:Stewart says: “Information is neither good nor bad but what we make of it.”

      When you find out something is not a “universal truth,” chalk it down to your journey towards “Enlightenment,” gird yourself, clear your mind, and just keep moving forward, upward, and on.

      You are becoming wise, my brother. It’s good to have your company on this trip.

      Love and Light,

  12. Raine says:

    This site had predicted that the financial collapse would happen before the 21st, that bells and whistles would go off after July 4th, and that the election will not happen,…if it does Jean, I would not make any more predictions… offense…..but nothing is as it seems, and these days to predict anything when we are meant to create, is foolish……

  13. Merkabaman says:

    I do not understand why these sites supporting ascension also support the drivel that this guy spews! Really, what a load of psycho babble BS. I mean that with LOVE AND LIGHT.

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  15. Stardust says:

    Interesting! I like this line the best “The obvious answer to most intelligent observers is that neither of the two gangster front men should be put in charge of a United States government that desperately needs its biggest overhaul since 1776.”…

    My sentiments exactly. I tell everyone I know to “either vote 3rd party or don’t vote at all”. I don’t think many people listen to me though…LOL

    • Brian says:

      I agree, this is the only way our votes will matter.

    • josh says:

      Although, if i were going to vote, the 3rd party is the only one i could morally or ethically vote for. The change we are looking for, is not in choosing a “leader” to lead us. I think real change is going to happen when we realize we dont need to be lead like cattle. Once we realize we are the change we are looking for things will change. Just a thought on that.

  16. Suzy says:

    Sorry miss spelt, Olympics.

    • Stunned at Sunset says:

      Dearest sister, no worries for your spelling. You’re absolutely right! “Just get on with it!” Keep thinking that positive vision and it will soon manifest itself. It will.


      • susan says:

        My sense is that things will unfold long before that…. just a hunch… hope I’m correct!

      • Suzy says:

        Thanks SaS, I liked your ‘rant’ as you put it. It’s a shame people can’t see the bigger picture but alas I think some are asleep. All I hear on the news (radio) is ‘this one killed that one’. We know at least that people are being manipulated so that goes part way for us to know what is really going on.

  17. Suzy says:

    It reminds me of the Olympis,remember them? Nothing happened even a teency little thing, all that hype. They are just messing with us to ruin our lives, best we just get on with it!

    • Chris (Holland) says:

      Suzy their was a UFO at the Olympics……

      • Suzy says:

        Oh sorry forgot about that, might have been the big air balloon ( I forgot the details about it now). At least their wasn’t anything to bad except for those opening and closing ceremonies, very weird.

  18. Stunned at Sunset says:

    General post,

    Listen to what Michael Krieger and Max Keiser [EPISODE 356: October 21, 2012] say about the “decision” that has been made by those powers opposing the Western Cabal. Think back to Neil Keenan’s earlier posts. Recall the description of the nature of this paradigm as David Wilcock described it in his dissertation on financial terrorism [FINANCIAL TYRANNY (Parts 1&2): February-April 2012].

    Many might want to argue the point to the contrary and I really hope that I’m wrong but I don’t think that there will be any intervention from anyone anywhere on this planet or in this galaxy for that matter. The U.S. elections will proceed, the oligarchs will dominate our immediate future with their rancid influence; I believe that Romney will win the Presidency. He will implement more of the same repugnant programs of economic, social, and political repression. The Nation will object. A few more years and then, the United States will be allowed to collapse in upon itself and, as our economic, military, and political prowess evaporates in a sea of debt and hostile, world-wide opposition, this present “system of government”—the one that everyone is complaining about—will wither and fall from the pages of our collective history.

    The transition will be non-violent. The common folk will prevail. They may not necessarily own the means of production but they empower it through their perseverance, their conviction, and their labor. Without such empowerment, our nation would have perished long ago. The oligarchs are an arrogant lot who lack more than just numerical superiority. They have always lacked “perspective.” They generously bestow upon themselves a grand and imperious, self-indulgent sense of self-importance; they fancy themselves clever and cunning. It is all a pathetic delusion. Having had hundreds of years to evolve and build upon the present paradigm, they’ve been capable of creating nothing more than global catastrophe ad nausea. It has all been so unnecessary; they could have dominated this planet’s human population for millennia had they understood their own human nature and pursued its noble attributes instead of its baser instincts. Ah, but they’re stupid and stupid is as stupid does!

    The lives of the common folk continue in their excellent consistency. Men and women are born, live the lives allotted to them through no particular magic, preponderance of influence, or inherited largesse and yet they prevail. They build fantastic futures for themselves and for their families and, in the fullness of time, for those few who cannot.

    No. We will just return to a democratic constitutional republic as though these past 100 years had never happened. When we are, once again, a free people, our national destiny recovered in the strangest twist of fate, we will once again be as all of us had always intended. There will be a great confluence of ethnic and racial diversity the energy of which has always been bound by goodwill. Our individual hopes and dreams will again be aggregated into a common national objective for we are a people unified through the context of our common language; a lexicon rich in metaphor—a dream of national collective progress based in individual achievement.

    There is no need to take up arms unless you lust for human blood. There is no requirement for retribution. Those who have offended our good nature will, themselves, be affronted by their own lack of vision. We should want no more war for war—far from the greatest human achievement—lacks the light of wisdom and the power of creation. War resolves nothing; it destroys. There is no love in war; there is only dark, unfathomably seething hatred and a loathing that brings with it annihilation like the scathing hot wind that precedes the flames of wildfire. There is no amusement in human conflict; it is not a pleasurable experience. It murders women and children robbing our species of its proclivity toward inspiration. It diminishes more than our numbers; it depreciates our humanity and denigrates our presence with the stench of useless, unnecessary death and destruction.

    All of you are in control of everything that will happen to the good of humankind. Just think about the happiness you’d all really like to have and stop stoically abrogating your divinity with inadequate arguments that underwrite the evil inclinations of a few of us who have many lessons yet to learn. We don’t have to convince anyone but ourselves that life is worth living and you don’t live life by dying. You live it by savoring every moment of awareness. We have to have the faith of a child and the good sense of a wise old grandparent. Our time has come upon this planet. We are to demonstrate before the whole of Creation just who we really are.

    We are not chattel.

    We are not slaves.

    We are not brigands.

    We are not bastards.

    We are family.

    Forgive me. I’m on a rant again, aren’t I?

    Love and Light,

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  20. Raine says:

    He probably made an error…

  21. Raine says:

    Yes it is….but Jean and others have mentioned they don’t expect it to happen, or it will be delayed because it is so fraudulant…….

  22. Nora says:

    ???erm…. isn’t the US election scheduled for Tuesday Nov 6?

    • Jean says:

      Nora, and all – Ben lives in Japan, he’s right in the thick of things, so, yes, it’s the 6th – and let’s forgive him the mistake, which might only be a typo 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  23. Bernice says:

    How can we take this as Truth, when he gets the date of the US election wrong?

    • Jean says:

      Bernice, Ben lives in Japan, on the other side of the international dateline. He is right in the middle of what is going on. Please, cut him a little slack for getting the date of the US elections wrong. In fact, it could only be a typeo . . . Remember, we are not the center of the world – thank God – not anymore. Lot’s of lessons for us to learn as a result, and I hope we can learn them . . . as we take a back seat to others who are quite capable of leading, as well. Hugs, ~Jean

  24. Raine says:

    If nothing happens over the next few weeks, and the election comes and goes I really am going to take a break from these articles, as it will take forever to clean this mess up if we just wait on new elections and new people to get in as Alex suggests……

  25. Raine says:

    Did Drake have his Sunday radio show? I wonder if there is a new update, as he said things would be happening by today at the latest…..these are really desperate sick people that is for sure who love money and control so much killing and torturing people are just a game to them……

  26. demondancer1 says:

    more confirmations from over seas. Should those who feel a need to attack the messengers attack him to or just Drake?

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