The BB☭’s Satanic Government-Media Pedophile Complex EXPOSED Live On Air!

Published on Oct 21, 2012 by 

UK Column TV exposes the BB☭’s dirty international subversive web of pedophile sex slave and pedophile snuff film trafficking for the whole World to take in in all its obscene horror!

FACT: The Illuminati create and use systemic pedophilia in order to bribe and blackmail power from the World’s most important institutions!

What terrible end game strategy can the NWO World hijack mafia be planning to crash Western Civilization into?!!……

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17 Responses to The BB☭’s Satanic Government-Media Pedophile Complex EXPOSED Live On Air!

  1. Juli says:

    Great article! That is the type of info that are meant to be shared around
    the web. Disgrace on Google for now not positioning this submit
    higher! Come on over and seek advice from my site .
    Thank you =)

  2. Yvonne Swaby says:

    Thank you for such great ‘eye-opening’ knowledge xx

  3. queenvictrola says:

    This seems to be an MO, abusing young boys and girls. Read about the Franklin Cover up where boys and girls were flown out of the Omaha Air base to DC where they were preyed on at DC sex parties, one of which Bush Senior attended and for the knowledge of which one young woman, who was then one of the young orphaned victims, still sits in jail without charges. This also ties into the rot of the Bohemian Grove. The use of photos from these sex parties were then used to blackmail many heads of state, corporate moguls and members of congress. Google also, The Family.

  4. Lydia Riedel says:

    Just in case you are interested, now that we have a faster internet…..

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  6. Joris says:

    see also
    He’s a high government man unill the end of this month.
    Help the dutch to get transparancy here

  7. LLB says:

    Why is everyone in Britain dancing around the culpability of the Queen? Guernsey Island is one of her fiefdoms.
    As well as, YT – “Mass genocide of Mohawk children by UK Queen and Vatican uncovered in Canada-Rev Kevin Annett”. (They hauled in over twenty feet of fill dirt to cover graves of murdered children.)

  8. Danny Boy says:

    This is IT. If this doesn’t get the Brits to realise just how far society has fallen then nothing will.

    The revealing is happening just as predicted.

    I bet David Icke’s gig at Wembey Arena is going to be a galvanising moment for many Londoners in particular. His writings and information is being absolutely vindicated with these lurid revelations. The links to the Crown and Vatican are going to be laid bare for all to see…

  9. Debbie says:

    On one hand this is mindboggling and too terrible to comprehend…but one by one they are being exposed…Sandusky, Bloy Scouts, Churches, BBC…and if you google Brice Taylor and read her interview….the US Government has been using mind controlled children for sex and worse since at least Eisenhower… we are in a time when the revelations of what these Satan worshipping heinous group are coming fast and furious…we see it everywhere we turn…….we also see beyond a shadow of a doubt that the main stream media – network and print, are nothing more than an arm of this hideous Illuminati…………they are key players in the mind control game that has been played on us……………but now it all begins to come pouring out………..just look back over what we have seen revealed to us this past year…..and that is just scratching the surface…dig a little deeper…as in the case of Brice Taylor interviews and you learn it even darker yet……………..after the planned out financial meltdown of 2008 where they stole trillions from Americans, the next plan is to deliberately cause mass starvation in the world through which they are already talking about…food shortages, Monsanto take over of the farming with their death by diet GMOs….HAARP aided droughts and flooding and let’s not forget their most recent attempt to blow open the New Madrid Fault Line for the purpose of destroying most of the heartland farming………..
    The next question is what does it take for Americans and the world to say ENOUGH ALREADY…we keep hearing about them being arrested…but it doesn’t happen, at least not at the very top……if not now, when?

  10. winwin says:

    This is right on cue with Cliff High’s prediction that a pedophile scandal would be happening in the next couple weeks. Part of that forecast however, was that the Vatican would be involved. I guess we’ll see how this evolves…

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  12. tertiusgaudens says:

    It appears more and more that David Icke`s statements an pedophilia are not exaggerated as I thought when I listened to Icke 2 years ago. And the number of revelations about to come to light will be unbelievable I guess. A little research will show the absolutely incredible involvement of national child organizations in pedophilia and child sex. The BBC abyss seems really only the tip of a huge iceberg…

    I am recently working on a commentary of the book of revelation. The work on it needs very detailed looks and interconnections. But what appears very obvious, is the connotation of the scarlet women in Rev 12 to sexual terms. The enemy of God and the lamb in the texts has sexual ambitions, and I`m not saying this to propagate any anti sexual connotations, by no means. obviously even our ancestors, the old ones, knew of possible links between the evil and the horny.

    A deep german I know well wrote an unbelievable book on the subject I deeply, deeply recommend to read: (vol. 2 you may find for yourself).

    Anyway, greetings from Germany!

  13. Stunned at Sunset says:

    General post,

    As all the web of deceit comes undone,
    Those who seek the “Light,” KNOW that they’ve won.

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