UK government turns up heat on BBC over sex abuse scandal – Please note Related Article concerning THE NEW YORK TIMES. . . ~J

A pedestrian walks past a BBC logo at Broadcasting House in central London October 22, 2012. REUTERS/Olivia Harris

By Kate Holton and Michael Holden

LONDON | Wed Oct 24, 2012 9:00am EDT

(Reuters) – The British government warned the BBC on Wednesday that a growing sex abuse scandal was raising “very real concerns” about public trust in the broadcaster.

The BBC has been thrown into disarray by accusations that it helped cover up sexual abuse by one of its former presenters, Jimmy Savile, and has struggled to explain why one of its own programs dropped an investigation into Savile last year.

Police and the BBC, which is funded by the public through a license fee, are looking into allegations that the eccentric, cigar-chomping Savile, who died last year, abused girls as young as 12 over six decades. Some of the attacks were alleged to have taken place on BBC premises.

“These allegations do leave many institutions, perhaps particularly the BBC, with serious questions to answer,” Prime Minister David Cameron told parliament.

“The government will do everything it can do, other institutions must do what they can do, to make sure we learn the lessons of this and it can never happen again.”

Cameron’s comments follow a letter from Culture Secretary Maria Miller who told the BBC that “very real concerns are being raised about public trust and confidence in the BBC”.

Lawmakers and the media heavily criticized Director General George Entwistle for his uncertain appearance before parliament on Tuesday to answer questions over the scandal.

His predecessor, Mark Thompson, is also facing scrutiny over his handling of the case.

The public editor of Thompson’s soon-to-be employer, the New York Times, questioned whether the Briton was now fit to serve in his new role with such a scandal hanging over him.

“How likely is it that (Thompson) knew nothing?” Margaret Sullivan wrote in a blog post on Tuesday.

“His integrity and decision-making are bound to affect The Times and its journalism – profoundly. It’s worth considering now whether he is the right person for the job, given this turn of events.

Thompson has said he was not briefed on the high-profile Newsnight program that detailed allegations against Savile, who hosted prime-time children’s shows on the BBC, and he was not involved in the decision to shelve its report.


The furor is the biggest controversy to hit the BBC since its director general and chairman resigned in 2004 after a judge-led inquiry ruled it had wrongly reported that former Prime Minister Tony Blair “sexed up” intelligence to justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq.

Entwistle, who was announced as the new director general in August, told hostile lawmakers on Tuesday that failures at the BBC had allowed Savile to prey on young girls, but he denied he had helped suppress the Newsnight report.

Damian Collins, a lawmaker from the ruling Conservative Party and a member of the parliamentary committee which questioned Entwistle, told Reuters there were mounting concerns about the BBC and its management.

“I don’t think the director general gave a very convincing performance yesterday and I think there were a lot of questions about the decisions he’s taken,” he said.

In reference to Thompson, who was director general at the time of the Newsnight decision, he said: “I find it extraordinary that the decision to close down the Jimmy Savile investigation could have been taken without the knowledge of the director general, who is the editor-in-chief, because this was not any run-of-the-mill investigation.

“It was one of the highest importance, involving some very grave criminal allegations about someone who had been a BBC employee for decades.”

The BBC said new allegations had been made against nine current BBC staff or contributors since revelations about Savile were first broadcast by rival channel ITV.

These ranged from inappropriate language or behavior to harassment and serious claims of sexual assault. Where appropriate, details had been passed to the police.

“I can’t go into specifics,” said a BBC spokeswoman. “Where appropriate action needs to be taken and people would need to be suspended, that will happen.”

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18 Responses to UK government turns up heat on BBC over sex abuse scandal – Please note Related Article concerning THE NEW YORK TIMES. . . ~J

  1. Anon says:

    The BBC is the establishment. The Government is the establishment. Major newspapers, etc…we all know this by now. They are all the same. Rather like pointing at oneself in the mirror and telling oneself not to be so naughty.

  2. Nora says:

    At last it is hitting the mainstream, which is where it should be imo and I am very grateful for MP’s like Tom Watson ~ being brave enough to stick his head over the parapet.
    I liken the awakening process to a stream, picking up speed, becoming a book, then a river which will eventually join the ocean. I feel we are passed the stream stage, and are somewhere between a brook and a river. Looking forward to the day when we join the ocean. 🙂
    Jean, re David Icke. Yes he’s been castigated in the UK ~ probably because of an interview he did way back in the 80’s I think (?) on the BBC when he said he was the Son of God. That didn’t go down well with the Brits.
    Some of the things he puts out are spot on imo but others are just a little too fanciful for me just now. Also I feel he puts out too much of the fear porn in his interviews. I have a question with his masonic connections and masonic symbols on the covers of his books…. just my own feelings. (I know, “never judge a book by its cover” 🙂 Since finding out things about other would be gurus – I don’t particularly like that term but it will do for now ~ I have become wary about a few others. That’s not to say they are not to be listened to ~ everyone has value imo ~ discerning how to use that knowledge is the key 😉 With love.

  3. It appears more and more that David Icke`s statements on paedophilia are not exaggerated as I thought when I listened to Icke 2 years plus ago. And the number of revelations about to come to light will be unbelievable I guess. A little research will show the absolutely incredible involvement of national child organizations in paedophilia and child sex. The BBC abyss seems really only the tip of a huge iceberg…

    It is paramount that there are no coverups and that ALL paedo rings in government, the churches are all investigated. It is likely not well known in the UK, that in Canada there are movements asking for the royal family involvement to be investigated for alleged crimes that happened there.

    Icke was laughed at for years but a great deal of what he says was dismissed as the ramblings of a crazy person but he has stood the test of time and he needs to come forward with the proof that has lead to his assertions.

    Why did Murdoch and his penchant for fame at the expense of others not uncover Savile’s and others??? Perhaps NI is involved

    • Nora says:

      Indeed Tony, Savile courted fame so someone in the media and elsewhere MUST’VE known what he was doing that makes them as guilty as he was imo if none of them came forward to expose him. I hope those people are thinking seriously about that and come forward. I have done my bit to inform my friends and family in the UK about Kevin Annett and the Native People of Kanata’s decades of abuse by the hands of the churches and the crown. It needs to go mainstream. I hope Kevin et al can join forces with these latest victims.
      Keep believing we are getting there because we are. It is a painful time and I believe it will get worse as more is exposed but it is a festering wound which has to be lanced before it can heal. The more that comes out then the less it leaves hidden till there are no more secrets. In the meantime I grieve for these victims.

      • amosouldeer says:

        The whole global system -Church, Royalty, Politics, Finance, etc. – is based upon perverse, satanic principles and have been structurally & socially imposed and maintained in place through their global enactment.
        Today, everything is coming to Light.
        No stone need be thrown, nor left unturned, in order to expose and transmute past iniquities into current revelation and healing.

      • Jean says:

        Let me also say, Nora, that I think David Icke was castigated for his views concerning these pedophiles, but my sense of it is that all along he was right. It hasn’t been easy for David . . . but I think he’s had the picture for a very long time, and he did not fail to speak his truth – thank God. Everyone, if you haven’t read any of his books, they are well worth it. Hugs, ~Jean

  4. Nora says:

    “The furor is the biggest controversy to hit the BBC since its director general and chairman resigned in 2004 after a judge-led inquiry ruled it had wrongly reported that former Prime Minister Tony Blair “sexed up” intelligence to justify the 2003 invasion of Iraq.”

    But Blair did “sex up” the intelligence over the Iraq invasion ~ he told the nation that Saddam was within possibly 45 minutes of bombarding us with (non-existent as history tells us now) weapons of mass destruction. So these former director general and chairman should maybe have stood their ground.
    I hope all the other skeletons currently dangling in the BBC’s closet come tumbling out because of the Savile case and that some of them have sharp teeth to bite the Big Brother Corporation on its butt. Time to clean up the state media is long over due imo.

    • amosouldeer says:

      Yes, and while the (far be it from innocent) BBC has the duvet pulled out of its grasp….er, is sacriced on the alter of public outrage, those higher echelons who assured and continue to ‘protect’ operations – the police, judiciary, social dis-services, etc. – and, let’s not be naïve here, the Royal Family itself, remain ‘covered’ from ‘exposure’ to any implication in this affair.
      Is there to be an imminent ‘false-flag Prince-Harry-heroic-death-in-the-name-of-democracy-upon-glorious-Afgan-battlefield’ to (with-) draw all attention from the much broader (Broadmoor), demonic, satanic, necrophilic, etc. implications hiding behind this meekly mediatised ‘Savile’ Row ?

      • Nora says:

        I wonder that about Harry too. It would “solve” the question of his “parentage” for them too wouldn’t it?! Let’s have a major clean-up, no more secret societies for starters….

      • amosouldeer says:

        Lady Di went out with English XV rugby captain Will Carling for a while…One of the Prinessly progeny recently married another English rugby XV captain, Mike Tindall, too. Fresh ‘blood’ in order to sustain the genetic modifs essential to the reptoid-aristocratico-redcarpet-blood-line?

      • amosouldeer says:

        “The BBC has nine or maybe ten people ‘under investigation’, both past and current employees. The Police say 2500 victims have come forward as a result of the Savile publicity. Yet not one name has yet made it into the media or the law courts, or anywhere else.
        The most asked question on search engines is ‘who are the other paedophiles?’
        People know there is a big story here. They want to know.
        The government tries to box it all in as a problem with the BBC. But the details of the Savile revelations go far wider, children’s ‘care’ homes, Jersey, politicians, Royal connections and paedophile rings which include Police, Social workers and judges. Tom Watson asked in the Commons yesterday at PMQs what is known about a powerful paedophile ring which is associated with Parliament and Number 10 Downing Street. By not mentioning the Palace, he is out for his OBE. Jimmy Savile was a ‘close friend’ of the Royal Family – or ‘The Firm’ as he called them.

        The butler knew about the ‘Dark Forces’.”

        …Yesterday, Mike Tindall (see below), English XV rugby-player husband opf Royalty said in a ‘Daily Telegraph’ interview (24/10/2012), in answer to questions about his off-field ‘naughty-boy antics :
        “Loike Anakin Skywalker (‘StyarWars’),, not a very good guy, a borderline bad guy, I’m still not quoite gone over to the DARK SIDE.” !!!

      • Nora says:

        Re Tindall ~ his remarks have a sinister undercurrent imo. I’d rather not dwell on what he might mean. 😦
        Re the Beeb ~ they are trying to blame the Newsnight reporter ie make him the scapegoat and probably hope this all goes away. All I’ve heard from the government about this so far are typically platitudes. Entwistle the BBC CEO was “grilled” by a Select Committee allegedly. Most of it from the section I saw, was one-up-man-ship between the members of parliament imo. We wait to see how “independent” the independent enquiry is.

  5. I m so sick of these evil sex crimes by these sick,ugley,fat,old shriveled up men in our world who pray on helpless women and children. I’d like to see them tied to a tree naked,with a bunch of red ants climbiing all over them untill they die. But the ants would probubly die from touching these discusting pieces of you know what……Love and light to all of thier victims….Honestangel2012

    • Nora says:

      Savile wasn’t old and shrivelled when he started ~ its allegedly been going on for over 40+ years and over 200 victims involved, including hospital patients, children and young women.

  6. lainski1 says:

    i hope they don’t let up on this one. It is so evil and it needs to get to the core of the evil and expose it to the world.

  7. ms bean says:

    please stay on this story, because the main problem as the crown see it, is the whistleblowers.

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