I AM: A Shady Acres Film – A beautiful treat for you – thanks to a reader, C! If you are on the Path, I regard this film as a MUST VIEW!!! ~J

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18 Responses to I AM: A Shady Acres Film – A beautiful treat for you – thanks to a reader, C! If you are on the Path, I regard this film as a MUST VIEW!!! ~J

  1. Raine says:

    While sitting inside today with rain and wind from Sandy, I watched this in pure delight…….we are the change, and it is happening…..so happy to be a part of this beautiful group, thanks Jean for all you do! XOXOXO

    • Jean says:

      I’ve watched this twice now, and every time I come away with more/different info. It’s a very special film, I think . . . Love and hugs, ~Jean

  2. Kathy Kelley says:

    What an inspiring, heart warming, eye opening journey. the research is fascinating. I learned an awful lot. Thank you Jean, I needed that!. I embody all these principles but have been directionless and frustrated as to what, my part, in this is. I have so completely rebuked structured society that my education is, very thorough and well rounded but erudite. It has made it exceedingly difficult for me to find gainful employment as a result. I have taken my GED and scored at 80+ percentile with social studies and science in the 98 percentile. (I took it 11 years ago at the age of 40 with a 7th grade education) I have a natural gift for psychology especially with regards to hopelessness. Overcoming personal tragedy has helped that blossom immensely. I dream of being employed in such a profession based upon my abilities and not my educational background. I am sliding into one of my ‘feeling frustrated and helpless’ mental traps so I am going to write a bunch of feel good notes and deposit them in some mailboxes. Jean your blog is like a treasure chest filled with priceless gemstones that are free for the taking. =) Namaste

  3. deborah duda says:

    Bottom line human fear is “I’m separate and alone in a hostile world.” That’s the one that must be transformed. Humankind is in the messy process of transforming the motivation for our actions from fear to love. When that happens, were home free. Then then we live the truth, not that the ends justify the means, but that the means create the end.

    My work and first book were about making friends with death and dying. Coming Home, a Practical and Compassionate Guide to Caring for a Dying Loved One. New book coming out next month, I think, is an expose of the suffering addiction. The most widespread, most pernicious, least recognized addiction of our times is suffering. We’ve bought it – that’s our lot. We need to bring this sad habit into the lopen so we can heal it. LIghten Up, Seven Ways to Kick the Suffering Habit. http://www.deborahduda.com.

  4. Cindy says:

    IN JOY I AM 🙂

  5. Gary says:

    Picked up a copy at Whole Foods last month. Great message.

  6. James Freeman says:

    Thank you for so freely sharing this moving film. Thank you to all the beautiful people that put this inspiring video together!
    I suspect that it is not just the empathy and love for others that pulled us to relate to this showing, but the feeling of freedom that is expressed with the openess and the truth without restrictions that we can relate to that seems to be so lacking from world leaders today.

  7. Anon says:

    🙂 I AM 🙂

  8. susan says:

    This movie is so uplifting and just plain fun. I love this guy. Thanks for the reminder. After three days of trauma training, this could be the ticket tonight ❤

  9. Marina says:

    So true, everything, thank you 🙂

  10. ExtrovertedOne says:

    I have been wrestling with this “demon”, if you will, for quite a while. You see, just like Mr. Shadyac, I am also a filmmaker (an animated filmmaker) and I have been working and striving to get my next film done for the next film festival, or for the next studio, all to get exposure or money. The acquisition of material things has always been drilled into my head all of my life. I just can’t ever see myself living in a big mansion, or having a private jet, or anything else of that nature while there is so much suffering in the world. Watching that part in the movie where Mr. Shadyac was showing us his former domicile (his mansion) filled me with revulsion. As I have always wanted, I have wanted to share my creations with the world for people’s enjoyment. Making money was always a necessary evil. However, as we all know, the time of this fiat currency is coming to an end. This film has reminded me of that, as well as reinforcing what I have known for years-that we are all one people, and what hurts one of us hurts us all. So, I feel I have the right (now, after seeing this film) to not listen to those memories in my head about being a good, responsible capitalist. After all, capitalist greed is killing people. True, I have to make money for now, but not forever 🙂

    • White Feather says:

      I like to watch HGTV because I love good design. But lately that channel has been showing the most stomach turning Houses. An entire wall of obsidian…to match the extensive bar top…PLEASE!! That money could feed a small country for a year. I wouldn’t even want to know someone who used their wealth in that manner, much less visit their home..People having a million dollars to spend on a second home in Italy and having to cut corners and decide whether to buy the one with the pool and the ocean view or settle for the 5000 square foot villa…PLEASE!!! Who the hell are these people!! Love animation BTW! I wish people like yourself would help develop games for the xbox that encouraged the building of a better world instead of violence.

  11. Stardust says:

    I saw this a few months ago on the Gaim website. It’s fantastic 🙂

  12. lecox says:

    I haven’t time to look at the whole thing now, but this looks good!

    • Jean says:

      This video may help you intellectually understand and so provide the gateway into your right brain. It is perfectly beautiful, and right to the point. In fact, it’s probably one of the most powerful presentations I’ve seen for understanding how/why our emotions and feelings are important and how they do create our reality. It conveys so clearly the connection between Science and God, of which we have been deprived by the false matrix. I strongly suggest is as a MUST VIEW for everyone on the Path. Love and hugs, ~Jean

    • lecox says:

      I have now seen the whole film and I enjoyed it very much.

      However, I got the basic message of this film over 30 years ago. I ignored the advice of my father concerning “financial security” so thoroughly, in fact, that my poverty sometimes worries me a bit now. I began working for my church when I was still quite young, and because I was never much interested in financial success, I never pushed for it. Yet I now live at a level that could easily endanger my health if I fail to apply what I have learned with some skill. For me, it is closer to the edge than is comfortable for me. Yet I am well aware of how much farther into the discomfort zone most people on this planet live.

      I have never sought scientific validation for the spiritual. And though I hope that making that connection will “provide the gateway to the right brain” for those who need it, I am not interested in my brain in any way. Like those in whose footsteps I follow, I am interested in how much I can accomplish for Mankind without spending an inordinate amount of time fixing my own self up. The knowledge I have been studying is potentially quite powerful, as it not only provides a basis for understanding on many levels, it also provides a basis for action, or what we call “technologies.”

      I would really like to be able to discuss those technologies with people outside of my church, but for that to happen, they must be studied. My current objective is to interest people in studying those technologies.

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