Ben Fulford: Bush The Boogey Man Plays HAARP As Halloween Approaches – 29 October 2012

High level pentagon sources contacted the White Dragon Society this week to warn that the massive storm hitting the US North-East this week was a HAARP attack by the Nazi faction of the Western oligarchy. At the same time, the deep sea drilling ship Chikyu has been spotted off the coast of Aichi, Prefecture near the Nagoya headquarters of Toyota Motors. Nazi representative Richard Armitage and US Assistant Secretary of State for East Asian affairs are in Tokyo now warning a massive new earthquake attack on Japan will take place as soon as they leave, unless they get their way, according to Japanese security police affiliated with the WDS.

Lord James Sassoon has also been making astronomical bribe offers to a variety of Japanese politicians, right wing power brokers and gangsters as he tries to keep the Sassoon Asian empire afloat. A top source at the Bank for International Settlements also contacted with WDS with a combination threat/bribe.

A group of young Chinese generals and industrialists too have come forward with offers of heavy support during the past week.

All of these moves are signs of intensified power jockeying in the run up to planned government changes this fall in the US, China, South Korea, Japan and elsewhere.

The Nazis under Bush are insisting that their man Romney be put in power during the November 6 (not 8 as erroneously reported by this newsletter on previous occasions) “election” or else they will wreak steadily intensifying havoc. Other threats believed to be connected to the Nazis include a warning to hit Geneva with a tsunami caused by a landslide and to hit the US West coast with a mega-earthquake.

They have targeted the North East of the US with a storm as a show of power and as a sign of their opposition to the Eastern establishment and their man Obama, the Pentagon source says.

Of course neither Obama nor Romney has more than 15% support in the real world (as opposed to the Stalinist “polls”), making it a perfect time for an independent candidate like Ron Paul to kick both bums out.

Some of the Nazi demands were hand delivered to this writer in a letter written by a person believed to have been close to post-war Nazi Fuehrer Admiral Canaris. The main demand of the letter is to allow the free energy technology to be released to the people of the planet.

Free energy, if used for constructive purposes, would allow for an era of unprecedented growth and prosperity for the planet and the WDS has always supported it. The problem is in that years of research on this subject, nobody has been able to show this writer personally an actual working free energy device. If the Nazis have free energy technology they should just go ahead and release it.

Of course the existing energy industry accounts for a huge percentage (some estimate as high as 70%) of global economic activity and a smooth transition to the new technology (if it really exists) is recommended to prevent chaos and major possible social disruption.

The BIS source, for his part, said the Western elite still wanted a World War in order to rid the world of two-thirds of its population prior to setting up a world government according to a 1973 Club of Rome plan.

The map in the link above shows the end game of the BIS led group, this source said. The titular head of the BIS is Ben Bernanke. This BIS source also said the US Federal Reserve Board was already being shut down and that all its powers and staff were being transferred to the US Treasury Department. There was also a hint that vast funds would start to flow towards the WDS if it went along with the program.

Of course since the US is no longer a democracy, transferring Fed powers to the Treasury at this point is a bit like changing the titles on the name cards but leaving the usual suspects in charge.

The Asian power brokers who approached the WDS representative in Indonesia last week were more of the mind to replace the entire top management of the planet and bring in new blood with new ideas.

Certainly a lot of us wonder why a bunch of 80 and 90 year olds who seem to have secret access to life prolonging medicine (denied to the rest of us), should be allowed to remain in charge.

The general impression from the flurry of contacts and threats last week is that there are now three main factions battling for control of the future of this planet. One is the committee of 300 with the Pope and Queen Elizabeth pushing for Obama, the other is the Nazis under Bush et al pushing for Romney and the third is us peasants who just want these murderous power games to be replaced with love and friendship.

We also need to remember that this week is Halloween. Halloween has traditionally been the time, when the harvest is just in, when the poor go to the rich and ask for their fair share so that they can survive the winter. If the 99% do not get their “treat,” you can be sure they will follow with a “trick.”

If the elite try to again use mass murder and terror to control the poor, they and their extended families will be systematically hunted down and slaughtered. The average person does everything possible to avoid violent confrontation but when you try to kill their families and loved ones, their righteous fury is unstoppable.

The general understanding of the WDS and its allies, though, is that we have a clear choice between a win-win solution for everybody and a lose-lose solution for everybody. War and terror is a two-way street, so is love and friendship.

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24 Responses to Ben Fulford: Bush The Boogey Man Plays HAARP As Halloween Approaches – 29 October 2012

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    • Jean says:

      I couldn’t imagine why you were copying al of Fulford’s posts from me – until I visited your site which is collection of everybody’s posts. . . ~J

  2. Mitzi Mic says:

    For years I keep reading all kind of articles and news and still no one has the guts
    to take these cabals down and forever. Are the people so much afraid of them?
    Ben – what happened to the mass arrest and all those promises? What are these good
    societies do? They just comment and post articles?
    I am very disgusted by all these shows just to keep us with a forever hope of better !

    • Jean says:

      Yes, people are afraid of them. They are cruel, heartless, and have no regard for life. They are also clever and entrap people into doing their bidding. Hugs, ~Jean

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  4. Stunned at Sunset says:

    Ethaos, Nora,

    I’m not challenging the two of you but your posts have made me curious. I had tried to point out the ludicrousness of Ben’s article in that the Cabal’s ultimatum boils down to this: “If you won’t let us destroy the human population, we’ll kill everyone with our technology.” Crazy talk. Why submit to an ultimatum like that? If you’re going to die anyway, start showing people on the other side that barbarity can be a two-way street.

    But, now, the two of you–if I’m reading you right–are raising the possibility of “intervention” from another corner of the struggle? One that is at once focused on the destruction of the Cabal’s resources while at the same time subverting the Cabal’s attempts to raise holy hell. Is this your contention, then? Again, it’s not a challenge; I’m just asking you for clarification because many of us, though we are aware of “intervention” underway, have not thought to draw the same conclusions. So, if the two of you are seeing this, it might be something that we could all lock on to and begin exploring collectively. In the quest for understanding, the devil is, literally, in the small details such as these.

    Love and Light,

    • Nora says:

      Hi Sas, I hadn’t read your post ~ sorry! I just popped in quick and got waylaid when I saw Ethaos’s post!
      I don’t know for sure, all I go by is instinct, intuition and feelings! And I’m on the other side of the Atlantic so I see things from a different perspective. Whenever there’s a storm on US side, we get the back-lash, sometimes toned down quite a bit, sometimes not. Today it is calm and sunny as it was last night, (except without the sun!) This doesn’t seem natural. Ethaos says he was writing his post so presumably he has power of some sort yet 6 million are supposed to be without power according to MSM, maybe Ethaos was just lucky ~ who knows ~ but he commented on the weather being just cold Nov rain! So what’s going on to cause evacuation etc? Government just been protective of its citizens? The feeling I have is the same one I got with the Colorado fires. Smells fishy again but not barbecued fish this time! So what would be the purpose in closing Wall St for 2 days? The cabal’s last stand? Dunno! The Whitehats maybe up to something ~ don’t know if you’ve seen ? I pop over there sometimes for a look-see as the comments are quite informative. Also, RemovingtheShackles had some interesting update and observations re this storm. Dunno if its an intervention or not but I do think that we are being helped everytime we set an intention to make the world a better place. My current one fwiw, is still I intend al those working against the best interstes of mankind and this planet be exposed and rendered harmless.
      In haste, ~ Nora

      • Nora says:

        oh poop spelling mistakes and omissions. and my intention should read ~ I intend all those working against the best interests of mankind etc. Sorry!

      • Stunned at Sunset says:

        I see. Well, I believe Ethaos. If he says the storm didn’t reach the levels that it was supposed to over his area (which should have been the Epicenter) then that’s the way it is because, right now, I’M supposed to be in the middle of high winds and heavy rains and I’m not. The sun is shining through rapidly moving cloud cover indicating that the storm is breaking up quickly. My local weather does not correspond to the national weather report and, according to Ethaos, neither does HIS weather correspond PLUS, as you have pointed out, HE has power in an area where millions are reported to have NO power.

        Now, the other thing is that my bank has a message on-line saying that “Markets are down” and that on-line banking will not resume until they are back up. Who knows how long it could take. However, could the apparent damage to Overlord Bloomberg’s fiefdom of New York City be intentional? Might this have been perpetrated so that exchanges could be reset without anyone interfering? I’m connecting the dots–Poofness just communicated with everyone a couple of days ago suggesting things were about to change.

        Just a thought.


      • Stunned at Sunset says:

        Oh yeah, forgot to mention that the 2 Minute news acknowledged that weather modification MUST have been employed to weaken the storm.

        More food for thought.

      • Nora says:

        Sas, I never take your posts as a challenge or anyone else’s. If someone asks me a question I don’t question their motives or take offense ~ I take it that they are asking me because they want to know. Which is exactly why I ask questions ~ I have no hidden agendas ~ I just have a desire for knowledge and someone else’s viewpoint. I take people at face value ~ always.
        Re your comments. I believe Ethaos too and you.
        In light of recent posting of Jean re Obama mutiny, I think the dots are lining up again…….. And we are still in with a chance of an “October Surprise”!! 🙂

      • Nora says:

        And here’s a strange occurrence ~ a lot of the posts by the moderators of have disappeared together with the moderators. They have encouraged Drake and Kerry Cassidy and others to network in the past…. 😮 Maybe nothing…

      • Stunned at Sunset says:

        I don’t know, Nora. I’ve noticed that your observations are always astute so the possibilities that your suggestions represent should be taken into account as we try to understand the enigma before us.

  5. ethaos says:

    The shrubbery ain’t in charge any more-

    He was just a blackmailed puppet Ben.

    If you look at the Haarpist’s targetting and realize Monsanto’s GMO does not resist drought, you begin to see there is a new player in town…

    Ben chose yakuza over cabal and considering where he lives I understand that decision. He lost all my trust with his no red from fukish.

    Sitting in the eye of Franstorm as I type I tell you this is not nature. They predicted 50-60 mph gusting winds. I saw higher windspeeds flying a kite in Atlantic City as a kid. The “Storm Tracker” pic I saw this am showed the “EYE” about to arrive here in the happy valley. Hurricane winds my arse, all it is, is a “Cold November Rain”.

    Step back a second from the paranoia and think about who they are pointing the crosshairs at.
    Katrina was New Orleans and the Cajun Queen of Libertines. This summer we had fire ravaging rich suburbs and now Wall Street is under water…

    I sit here knowing they want fear, and are getting it from too many lemmings. I thank Father Time and Mother Earth that I got smacked in the forehead by the corner of a brick wall when I was young.

    • Nora says:

      Well said ethaos! and thank you for the “Ni” clip from the Holy Grail ~ seems some of us haven’t found that yet 😀 And thanks also for confirming this whole frankenstorm thing is something else. Removing the Shackles has also rumbled that something’s not right about it.
      I caught some news last night with the arm-flapping weather experts ~ one said about 30 seconds in that THERE WAS A 10% CHANCE OF AN 11 FOOT WAVE. Do the math and you’ll realise that there was a 90% chance of it NOT HAPPENING. The same people said after another 30 seconds that the storm was 200 miles wide and about to hit within
      the next couple of hours, then 10 minutes +/- they said the storm was now nearly 1,000 miles wide and due to hit within the next half hour!!!!
      So… what’s really happening? What’s been hidden yet being played out before our very eyes?????
      In case anyone is still unaware, the media put up archive photos of all kinds of rubbish and are not averse to putting up video war games to depict “war zones” to flim-flam us (shocking isn’t it???) ~ check out a British guy Richard D Hall and his website where he exposes some of this.
      As for BF, we have no way of checking what he says and this :
      “Some of the Nazi demands were hand delivered to this writer in a letter written by a person believed to have been close to post-war Nazi Fuehrer Admiral Canaris. The main demand of the letter is to allow the free energy technology to be released to the people of the planet.” makes no sense. Why would the so-called nazis be making such a demand? I have had my doubts about BF for a while and this latest epistle is baloney imo.

      Seems a lot of sheeple will be doing some of this vvv soon for being taken in by all the BS zapping round the planet. 😀

  6. Raine says:

    Of course I realize that Debbie, I was playing with SaS and his energy in this article….sometimes we have to be a bit humerous during these challenging times….getting angry just does not do wonders for my energy…..I’ve done that already….

  7. Raine says:

    I thought Georgie had Alzheimer’s……he’s not in a nursing home yet?! 🙂

    • Stunned at Sunset says:

      Oh, don’t we WISH, sis!


    • Debbie says:

      It doesn’t stop with stop with lizzard George, surely you realize that he has his army of reptilians..just read the other story here on Savile to get an idea how BIG these mafias are…theres hundreds of them….and don’t forget all the Khazar Zionists helping out with all the false flags all over the place; 9/11, BP Oil Spill, Fukushima, Bailouts. old George got away with killing JFK and he enver looked back, just oen crime after another from then on….it’s a pretty big crime family he has working for him…so, even if the ugly old reptile kicked over tomorrow his Nazi network remains….Rumsfeld, Cheney,Obama. Romney, Clintons,Rockefellers…Panetta..the CIA parts of the FBI…..on and on it goes………….they all have to be taken down…… for old George, I hope when he dies someone remembers to run a silver stake through his heart….until the dark cabal is taken out the attacks on Americans go on and on and on…our water, our food, the air we breathe…they are poisoning us day in and day out.

      • Anon says:

        “..until the dark cabal is taken out the attacks on Americans go on and on and on…our water, our food, the air we breathe…they are poisoning us day in and day out…” – Some of us in the rest of the world, if we were heartless, might wish all these things were ONLY happening to Americans!

        We are all in the same toxic boat being steered, remotely, by the purest evil in Creation!

  8. Stunned at Sunset says:

    My take …

    So … If we don’t let Georgie run the show, he’s gonna’ destroy the entire west coast of the United States and Canada with a mega-quake and eradicate the middle of Honshu–the big island of Japan. Then, he’ll create a super-duper, mega, gargantua, behemoth, leviathan multi-storm (suitable for a movie script) and wipe the entire EAST coast of the United states off the face of the Earth.

    After that, he’s gonna’ kick the ruling elite’s ass so hard over in Europe, they’ll be wearing it for a collar for seven years and pickin’ shoe leather out of their butt cheeks for another half century!

    Oooo! He’s upset, ain’t he?!!?

    Well, I’ll be deprived of my Constitutional Rights, bread-boxed, basted, and served up brown-roasted! What’s left? Texas? We lost Louisiana a few years back, didn’t we?

    And … all he wants is for the opposition to allow him to start World War III, engender a nuclear holocaust, release deadly pathogens into the human population, dump billions of tons of aluminum oxide into the atmosphere, poison the food crop with GMOs, and saturate the potable water of the planet with PCBs and thereby reduce the global population from an estimated seven billion to 500,000,000 in just five years? That’s all he’s asking for?

    Seems reasonable.

    Jesus! Georgie! Nobody is saying you can’t run the show! We’re just saying we don’t want you to spend too much money on the “made-for-TV-version.”

    The rest of you Light Workers, be serious! Keep on thinkin’ what I KNOW damned well you’re all thinkin’! You guys and gals can’t fool me. You want peace and prosperity in our time. Don’t you … go ahead … admit it! You people all want peace and prosperity in our time–don’t you …

    Love and Light,

  9. SusieQ29 says:

    Great Article Ben. I can’t believe that the Bush Nazi’s think they can just transfer over to the US
    Treasury from the Fed. R. They are sure pushing their luck, aren’t they? All of us people as a
    whole have to remain vigilant and not be afraid, as we know that our fear is what they thrive on.
    The waiting sure gets gloomy but I hope we can all stay focused as much as possible.
    My heart and love goes out to all of us.
    Thanks for all the updates Ben

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