Ben Fulford: The Pentagon and agencies choose Obama, the Chinese military stick with Hu

Barak Obama’s victory in the electronically rigged US presidential election means he will remain the spokesman for the pentagon and the agencies over the next 4 years. These same agencies recently have actively leaked information about Romney’s drug money laundering and other criminal activities in a clear sign of a military industrial complex revolt against the Bush Nazi faction, according to CIA and other sources. The Dragon family also supported Obama because he agreed to go along with their agenda, according to White Dragon Society sources in Indonesia.

A push by libertarians and milita movements to write in Ron Paul, meanwhile, was squashed by higher military ranks because of Paul’s proposal to close US bases world-wide.

However, the biggest losers were the Zionists who were hoping Romney would help them realize their dream of starting World War 3.

In China meanwhile, the old guard kept Hu Jintao in charge of the military to make sure incoming leader Xi Xinping keeps within the consensus of a peaceful rise of China and does not provoke unnecessary macho violent incidents.

The big changes as usual, remain under the surface as a consensus on the shape of the new financial system slowly gels.

Here the Lee family, the one that has traditionally worked the closest with the Western committee of 300 secret government faction, is emerging as a pivotal force. The models they are holding up for future US/China/EU relations are Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and Vancouver, Canada. These regions have also successfully and harmoniously integrated the strong points of both Western and Asian culture while avoiding pervasive corruption.

There is a general consensus among both Western and Asian secret government factions in favor of the formation of a new world economic planning agency run along the lines of the meritocratic bureaucracies mentioned above that have merged the best of Western (Roman) legal culture with Asian (Chinese) bureaucratic culture.

There is also a consensus that such an agency would not be a world government but simply an agency in charge of development projects too big, international and ambitious to be carried out by individual governments or corporations.

However, before that can happen, the bastions of the old regime such as the BIS, the European Central Bank, the UN, the IMF, the World Bank and of course the Federal Reserve Board, need to be subjected to a final charge of the Bastille.

To this end, the pentagon and agencies have agreed on the need to start creating government issued “greenback” currency in lieu of the US dollars issued by the privately owned Federal Reserve Board. If the US government did this it would be able to rebuild US infrastructure and finance ambitious development projects such as the high-speed rail network proposed by Leo Wanta.

Before that is possible, though, the new greenback has to be decoupled from the international currency wrongly named the “US” dollar. If that happens, the greenback would plunge in value compared to the international dollar. This would generate a huge increase in US exports plus investment into the US manufacturing and tourist industries.

However, it would also mean the Pentagon would find it prohibitively expensive to maintain much of its overseas presence using devalued greenbacks. That is why the White Dragon Society has proposed that Asian countries, including China, hire the services of the pentagon for worldwide police and security work. This has been already been agreed to and test projects in places like Afghanistan have begun.

The unsolved issue remains deciding who would take over control of internationally traded US dollars. No US dollars have been created since 2008, which is why the US currency has not collapsed despite announcements of quantitative easing that should have been hyper-inflationary if the announced numbers were for real.

The problem is deciding on a new management structure can be put in place to manage the international trading currency formerly called the “US” dollar. The general consensus is that it needs to be merged with the Renminbi, Ruble and other currencies.

In Japan, meanwhile, signs of fundamental change continue to proliferate.

In a sign Japan is beginning to unravel the disastrous Wall Street and Nazi imposed economic policies of the past two decades, the Japanese Finance Minister, its Economy Minister and the Governor of the Bank of Japan all issued this unusual policy statement on October 30th:

The Japanese language version of this release is longer and more detailed and makes it clear the Japanese government has decided to end government debt slavery. In essence the Bank of Japan has started to print yen to use to pay down existing Japanese government bonds and reduce government debt.

The White Dragon Society has proposed that independent Japan’s ruling Democratic Party merge with the resurgent Liberal Democratic Party and place itself under the strong and charismatic leadership of Osaka’s Toru Hashimoto.

The Japanese imperial family, for its part, is seriously contemplating moving its headquarters from Tokyo back to Kyoto as a move to transfer some government functions towards the Kansai region. This would be in preparation for the establishment of the new economic planning agency.

The Japanese underworld is also undergoing fundamental reforms. All of Japan’s yakuza gangs are now under a single umbrella and will become a semi-autonomous semi-government agency somewhat like the CIA is in the US.

The new leadership is strongly opposed to the distribution of drugs but this is causing friction with gangs like the Inagawa who traditionally earned a lot of money selling drugs brought in through US military bases. To help generate funds and make up for lost income, the White Dragon Society has proposed that marijuana be legalized in Japan and sold by yakuza companies. In exchange, yakuza groups would continue to obey current directives not to sell hard drugs like amphetamines, heroin and cocaine.

The Yakuza and right wing groups have also formulated a new general policy towards China which can be summed up as follows:

“If China is a beautiful woman, make love, if it is a fat man coming to rape you, fight.”

The Chinese, for their part, are planning to bring plenty of money to Japan in search of investment opportunities. They are looking for a company listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and one rumour has it that Sharp is one of the companies being eyed.

The Chinese will be doing the same thing all over the world as well and all cou
ntries should welcome them so long as their presence is constructive and beneficial.

The old regime may still try to provoke conflict in a desperate attempt to stop all this friendly activity. Whenever they do so please remember it is better to make love than to make war.

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30 Responses to Ben Fulford: The Pentagon and agencies choose Obama, the Chinese military stick with Hu

  1. Floyd says:

    The way that I see it is, why don`t those giving info use woeds that we all use in every day talk. I read things that I try to understand but cant because I have to get the Dictionary out to look up aword that I have never seen before, then till I get that meaning into the the info that I am reading I done forgot what I was reading. Or I could ask someone that was neerby and get what they think is being said. So my question is why don`t they use words that we all can understand so that we are all seeing the same thing. Insteed they use words that can mean two different thing or more, or should I just stop reading and trying to understand what they want us to believe and not giving us the truth of what the truth really is?

    • KenDo says:

      It’s very frustrating to live in the”age of information”, when so much of it is delusional.
      It seems to be a poular way to imform these days is to just keep telling the same lie over and over, and over again until people believe it is the truth.
      I guess our on going education in this life is to continue developing the skills to decipher the truth from the delusion, which by defition is a low grade form of insanity.

      • Raimundo says:

        The best way to understand this for me is to just let it flow. Trust, believe and most of all “know” that things ultimately have to change for the better at some point. As far as Ben and others that appear to be on the mission of major change we should applaud their efforts even their obvious intentions but lets not condemn them because its not happening fast enough or understandable enough for us to digest. I think the change has already come from an worldwide desire by most people of the earth to want peace. I think this is why we even have a Ben Fulford WDS and any other factions of change. Its not Ben thats responsible or that we have to depend on for this accurate up to date information it is us. It is our hearts that have brought about this phenomenom. Search your Heart for the answers they are there. What do you want to see happen in the world. Then you will know the outcome. You are the one that’s “Ben” important. If Ben is really sincere, if WDS is really sincere,if you are really sincere and i am really sincere and the rest of us all across the world are really sincere about peace love and unity then this is only a matter of time. How much time-its based on the sincerity. It could happen overnite as the love increases and the fear dissipates. Your thoughts!

  2. Theodore Stillstands says:

    AFC999. You have written my thoughts. I feel gullible sometimes during my search for Truth. May reason and perception perhaps even intuition be my guides. To those who anticipate the grand Awakening, let me say… it’s going to take an ocean of pineal juice! I would love it to happen but it’s incredible. In regard to BF, he is becoming a recognized name in the alt-news field, but if he wants cred, he should explain better, do follow up pieces on previous discoveries and not contradict himself (or explain why why contradicted). Same goes for the Keenan story. Cliff-hangers and diversions are the stuff of movie serials that keep you interested and coming back for more. Re “Brighter Days”, it sounds like a work-camp slogan. I’ve been waiting to see it happen… insert emoticon for yawning HERE. Love to you all!

  3. Ilex says:

    Don’t forget, Ben is just the messenger. He’s been doing this a long time, doesn’t retrace where’s he’s already been, knows factions on all continents of which there are over 4000, the power factions are about 1500 and he’s dealing with all of this from multiple countries, multiple factions, multiple everything. Of course some information he can simply not release or there would be more murder attempts at him. I think he’s got a lot going on and tries to update the countries that he knows best, China, EU, Japan, Indonesia, Russia and the US – that’s a lot!!!!! As stated earlier he’s got to watch his step as well, many would like to see him dead. Don’t look too far into this information, you are aware of what is going on, just put this into the puzzle and it all makes sense.

    • afc999 says:

      Dear Ilex…yes I know all that, as do all who have been trying to follow his blog for any length of time (along with multiple other alternative sources).

      I’m glad it all makes such good sense to you. If you wouldn’t mind, maybe you could simplify it for those of us to whom it doesn’t make a lot of sense, at least in terms of “the agenda” and the timing of it, since those of us who’ve been here a long time haven’t seen happen or happening those things that we were assured would be happening already a long time ago now. Hence the questions and the confusion. But again, since it all makes sense to you, could you enlighten the rest of us, please? Thanks so much.

      • KenDo says:

        It would appear that a union of the minds is in order.
        afc99 has very well thought out linear logic and probes the darkness with great eloquence.
        Ken also poses important questions to where the answer may be.
        According to the practice of the Lotus Sutra-
        we are all one entity, and based on the simultaneity of cause and effect, are experiencing the present expiation of collected fundamental darkness from the remote past in order to purify our lives and seek our inner enlightment.
        The reflection of our life condition present and future is manifest in the environment of our planet.
        The practice of chanting Nam Myo Ho Renge Kyo to the True Dai-Gohonzon of Nichiren Daishonin was revealed from the hidden depths of the Lotus Sutra for this time period.
        This practice connects us to and accelerates the process of eliminating negative Karma and achieving our enlightenment.
        We are the light.
        The more the Lotus must struggle through the muddiest, mirkiest depths, the more beautiful the bloom.
        The causes we make today secure our eternal future.

  4. Bly says:

    Obama agreed to support the White Dragon Society agenda. Obama knew that doing anything significant, in favor of humanity, prior to the election would end up killing his chances of getting reelected where he now has the chance to truly make positive change.
    Remember the Law of Attraction, what you put out into the universe you bring back to yourself. Trust in the Universe, trust in the unconditional love our Creator has for us all and the divine decree that humanity will be liberated. It is all about losing the negativity, amd simply trusting in the grand plan of our Creator. We are all exactly where we are supposed to be. We are eternal beings incarnate here on earth to learn amd grow spiritually and also help raise mother earths/Gaia’s vibrations as she ascends into the higher dimensions. Lose the negative thoight patterns, and transmute them to love and send them out to the cosmos. Love is the only way, and just never never forget that this is simply a learning experience as we are here incarnated in the lower frequencies. The Light has won, and this will all be irrefutable very very soon. I love you all, and send my light to you in an effort to rid all negativity from your thoughts.

    • Jean says:

      Bly, I’m interested in how you know Obama agreed to support the White Dragon Agenda. Has been said that? I don’t remember . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • afc999 says:

        Jean…from Ben’s first paragraph above–

        “The Dragon family also supported Obama because he agreed to go along with their agenda, according to White Dragon Society sources in Indonesia.”

        He does say the “Dragon family,” not the “White Dragon,” agenda specifically, though I would think and hope they’d be very similar. But once again, what is that agenda? Agendas have timelines and specific goals. What are they? If they’ve been stated, then please someone state the most recent ones again, as I’ve lost track. If there are NOT specific goals and timelines, then there is nothing that can or should be called “an agenda”…just hopes and wishes. If they are more than that, then we should be seeing progress, since this agenda has been spoken of for quite some time now. What exactly is the progress? What are we looking for or what should we have already seen? When? Where?

        • Jean says:

          They are not the same, and that’s why I asked: No one really knows who the White Dragon Society is . . . and I thought you might know 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

  5. DavidG says:

    The term ‘Wolf in sheep clothing’ comes to mind. An empire collapsing and a whole new one rising. As always the overcomplication creeps in to bedazzle the mind when all along the answers are simple.

    So long as there is money there will be control and subsequently crime and corruption, therefore the only real answer is to cast away the concept of money.

    Of course there would need to be an interim period which would involve 100% debt forgiveness and the release of subdued technology. No mortgage and no utility bills is a very good start! Release the humans – simple.

    • Sunny says:

      DavidG, I couldn’t agree more. It’s all smoke and mirrors designed to confuse and create negative emotions. As soon as money came on the scene we “bought” into the idea that we’ve become separate. We wanted this experience and we’ve played it to the max which is now unfolding. We release ourselves when we no longer feed the 3-D illusion we’ve created. Simple actually but we’ve done such a good job creating the veil of illusion that many of us vigorously defend it. We keep getting on the ride because it’s so familiar. The wheel is spinning faster than ever or is it?

  6. Cathleen says:

    I’m on the same page there with you afc999. What are “brighter days ahead” supposed to look like? Will BHO trip and fall on his pointy little head over Benghazi? Is his arrest eminent? How ’bout the rest of his Administration? Will be actually be able to clean house and start fresh? I’m feeling more subjugated and oppressed than ever after last night’s reelection and our country seems even more divided than ever. I don’t want to feed the negative here, but these things are now very real and very much in our face not to mention woven into everything we do in our everyday life.

  7. Danny boy says:

    Dont forget the happiest people you will ever see are also living in poverty in Asia and Africa… like big groups of school kids in Thailand who all wave and say hello. In the mighty USA or UK they would proabably stab you and steal your shoes… 😉

    I think Ben is reasonably consistent when talking about the financial sphere. Dont forget living in Japan he has to rely on his contacts for info.

    Dont shoot the messenger. 😀

    O yeah and even the Queen has a nice side… (maybe) or (not) 🙂

    • afc999 says:

      Dear Danny boy, well then I have no doubt that this week you will be selling all you have and giving it all the poor and will then be joining them so you, too, can belong to the “happiest people you will ever see”…yes? 🙂

      Ben isn’t just the messenger, he’s also the creator of the message (pieced together supposedly from information he receives). If the message is unclear, it’s not particularly useful, and actually causes confusion and frustration. If the message is simply as Jean puts it (to paraphrase) that, “all will be well…don’t worry…be happy,” then there is no reason for any other messages, nor any reason to subscribe to them. Just say that and I for one will stop reading them. Unfortunately, many have been telling us for that for a long time now, and so far, they’ve been wrong as the atrocities simply continue, with no end in sight.

      And if you find his messages “consistent” then please do us (idiots?) here the favor of connecting the dots for us. Show us the dots and connect them to the last four or five messages so we can see the rational connections and outcomes. That would be greatly appreciated.


      • Ken says:

        Hello afc999, what are you looking for? Is there something inside you nudging you to seek out the truth of your existence?

        Do you believe you have spirit guides? If so, do you think if you go within to seek the answers, validation and direction you desire that you will receive it? You have this within you but there may be some prepatory work that needs to be done to understand the principles behind this. Perhaps I’m speaking to the choir.

        It appears to me and I may be wrong that you are witnessing the birthing pangs of your journey from out of the old paradigm that doesn’t work for you anymore and you are searching to find your truth and direction. If so, welcome to the evolution!

        As I enbarked on my journey of enlightenment and truth I learned of the tools the elite have used to keep us subservient to their whims and desires. Once I awoke from this indoctrination and planned manipulation we see the walls of deceit, lies and subjugation that have been built to keep us enslaved. We then see how life should be for Gaia and her inhabitants and participate in bringing that about. This is a revolution of the mind as we first have to break down the walls we have built limiting ourselves and then we break down the walls of the elite and regain our power as sovereign human beings.

        There is a lot more to this and in my estimation we have to recognize, develop and nurture our innate spiritual consciousness to move in the steps required to understand the shift that is taking place.

        The only person that is going to save us is ourselves but I believe the journey first begins from within. This understanding and knowledge comes from research and awareness. May I recommend a video by Ian Lungold who will help explain what I’m talking about. It is a good starting point and if it resonates with you it will move you to gather more information. Good Luck!

  8. afc999 says:

    Hi, Jean, thanks for your attempts at comfort, but WHY are “brighter days coming?” What does “brighter days” mean to you, exactly? What do they look like…I mean in real life terms?

    If fulford and others are trying to keep us “informed” then why can’t they at least put their information in some kind of form that makes ANY kind of sense, that has some kind of flow and follow-thru. If he is trying to encourage us toward “brighter days” then what exactly should we be looking for?

    Were I writing something like this, and my purpose was to keep my readers informed, then I would be connecting dots, making sure they understood exactly who it was I was speaking about, and how the new information connected with previous information given. Yet that almost NEVER happens with fulford. Even when I think I understand something and put some dots up, by the time the next “edition” comes out, I not only find myself unable to connect the dots, but I can’t even find the previous dots. Or dots that used to be on one side of the equation (eg, “good guys”) have somehow magically appeared on the opposite side, or the “good guys” and the “bad guys” are now working together against the “other” bad guys, or so it would seem. It would be better to hear, “I don’t know what is going on here or there, or what happened with this or that, or why this or that didn’t happen as I was told, but I’ll find out”…than to just go on as though nothing was predicted / promised to happen, when it doesn’t happen. Credibility is damaged and finally lost.

    And then on top of fulford, we have Keenan, and we’ve got Duff and Wanta…and we have the White Hats and their stories…and yet never do their particular stories seem to stay intersected, let alone united, for any length of time, to create any kind of unified “movement.” How is that? It is very hard to understand how any of us can “help” as we are told to do, as we are reprimanded at times for NOT doing, when we don’t even know what’s going on. How can we inform others, who could then inform others, when we are left with what reads as nearly total gobbledygook??

  9. afc999 says:

    How totally and utterly confusing!! Part of me wants to say the whole thing is an evil hoax as NOTHING has continuity, NOTHING said ever seems to have follow-thru, no timelines met, NO consistency of who’s supposedly who or who are the “good guys” and who are the “bad guys.”.

    So, “the Pentagon,” or some group within the Pentagon? or the “good guys” within the Pentagon, or is it the “bad guys” within the Pentagon…or who the f in the Pentagon??…and “the agencies”–which agencies??…the CIA?…who are a part of the Bush Cartel as far as I’ve known, along with the ESF, the drugkingcartelmoneylaunderingagency of all timel!!…which agencies wanted Obama??? Well so did, as fulford declared, Q Eliz (Battenberg, or whatever her name was, of Germany) and the Rothschild Illuminati Cabal. So who’s working with whom? Who’s who in this mess??

    What’s true, and what is simply an ongoing story????? There is absolutely NO consistency or flow between “episodes”…no confluence, at least none that is followable (by me). Maybe the rest of you follow this ongoing nightmare of a supposed history, but after reading these things for several years now, it has the character of a bedtime story, made up as it goes each night by our story tellers, ben et al.

    Who sent Evil SuperSandy the HAARPy to attack the eastern USA? Was that the Bush Cartel? They already knew that Romney would lose?…or they thot somehow that could influence the “electronically” already pre-determined outcome for Romney? Do they still have and will they still have control over this unbelievable weapon?…or do we have others working for the supposed “good guys” (whoever they are) that can stop them? Would we have weather wars between the two groups?…oh, now wouldn’t that be a treat to be caught up in that!!! Not…

    So the Marxist Obummer is better for us than the Nazi/Fascists-supporting Romney? And what is it exactly that the Obamanation agreed to do?…what agenda?…EXACTLY!!! What the hell_o power does he have (other than IMO totally Unconstitutional exec. orders that have ripped apart Americans’ liberties)? Does the Dragon Family or the WDS care at all about Americans’ rights and freedoms? I HIGHLY doubt it…look at how the people live in the countries where these Families live in disgusting wealth, and where these supposedly “good guys” allow the Communist parties and other sick dictators for decades to maim, kill, destroy, emprison, torture, terrorize the poor people all around them. Who says these people are good??? Show me any proof. It sounds more to me that they want their own form of one world govt. And then we read,

    “Before that is possible, though, the new greenback has to be decoupled from the international currency wrongly named the “US” dollar. If that happens, the greenback would plunge in value compared to the international dollar.”

    And what would that “plunge in value” do to the middle and lower classes of this country? Do they care?? And what would the “new greenback” be backed by? Now, if the fraudulent “debt” that is “owed” to the bankster cartel was simply repudiated…as in a bad loan to a convicted criminal…then perhaps our govt would have some stability to be issuing money again, but it would need some backing…gold, silver, something…or sooner or later we’re back to the same control by some cabal creating the money.

    Sorry…just pouring out my frustrations as I see NO line of thot to follow and NO evidence of anything “good” happening for the working people of this world. Just talk talk talk talk…words words words words, with VERY little identifiable and confirmable action by supposed “good people” on behalf of WeThePeople, of ALL countries.

    • Jean says:

      Yes, I hear your frustations, and all I can say is that I ‘know’ there are brighter days coming . . very soon. Maybe it’s good to get those frustrations out of your body . . . and if you can, let them go as you try to keep yourself in a positive place . . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Steve says:

        Very good advice.

      • afc999 says:

        @Jean…just want to say I absolutely love your site. I just found it about a week ago, and really appreciate your gathering together so many of the (for the most part…we all have our biases 😉 ) good alternative site posts so I don’t have to keep jumping from site to site. These articles show up in my email in a readily recognizable format and I can pick and choose with a simple click, with just enough of a teaser to have a decent idea of the topic. Truly a beneficial service you provide here, Jean. Thank you…jt 🙂

    • Cardillac says:

      I agree totally afc999- I feel just as frustrated as you do- I guess the only thing we have left is to believe the positive will overcome the negative, as Pollyana-ish, serendipitous or Deus ex Machina it may sound- what other choice do we Peons have?

      hope you are well

    • Steve says:

      Well said this convoluted twisted mess we are in will take more than Alexander”s sword to cut this knot

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  12. William says:

    I have dollar bills in my pocket that were printed in 2009. Just sayin’.

  13. wrecks says:

    Make love, that is where it is at…
    Now we will see how much love Obama will offer the country and world

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