Rumors about the Resignation of CIA Director David Petraeus Pure Misdirection

by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Source: Veterans Today

Today, David Petraeus resigned from the CIA citing marital infidelity as the reason.  Paula Broadwell, a West Point graduate and 15 year “intelligent agent” with highest security clearances is cited by most publications and said to be under FBI investigation for attempting to “hack” General Petraeus’ email accounts. 

Stranger still and, related or not, John McCain was seen with a high ranking member of America’s National Socialist Movement.  Proof?  We have proof.

Senator John McCain with Communications Director of the National Socialist Movement. Harry Hughes, while en route to the NSM National Convention in Charlotte North Carolina, a photo taken only hours ago.

From the New York Times:

To Harry Hughes, regional director of the National Socialist Movement, the largest neo-Nazi group in the United States, Mr. Ready was “a patriot” — “a sincere and compassionate man,” he said in a telephone interview.

Mr. Ready had been a member of the movement, Mr. Hughes said, but resigned two years ago to found the U.S. Border Guard, an armed group that conducted expeditions in the Arizona desert to search for migrants and drug smugglers.

Mr. Hughes said he had joined one of those expeditions. “We’d come across people who have been out in the desert for eight or nine days, we’d give them water and then we’d notify the Border Patrol,” Mr. Hughes said.

Frankly, Harry Hughes is not an awful person and his defense of J.T. Ready is approriate. We have his autopsy records along with those of Sheriff Larry Deaver, both confirm murder and not suicide or accidental death.  Ready was exactly as described by Hughes, according to those close to him.


“John, you got some spainin’ to do.”



Just before the election, Vice Admiral Goulette was “perp walked” off the deck of the USS Stennis, 20 miles off the coast of Iran.  Goulette was commander of nearly a third of the naval forces in the Persian Gulf.  Goulette has neither been seen nor heard from since his removal from the region under force for “unfitness for command.”

Across the military, people are disappearing, quick retirements or simply “gone to lunch, don’t know if I am coming back.”

Something is very very wrong and it isn’t “Benghazi” and the “Fox News fairly tale” that has President Obama ordering the murder of an American diplomat.  They haven’t lost their minds, they never had minds to begin with.


First of all, we  aren’t ready to throw Petraeus to the wolves.  He came to the CIA in handcuffs, historically tied to the phony war on terror, his role in the “Sunni Awakening” which paid off Baathist terrorists who are now tearing Iraq apart and his job in Afghanistan, having to clean up the mess made by Stanley McChrystal, who, with Richard Hollbrooke, know more about heroin than Arnold Rothstein ever did.

It is obvious that Petraeus was compromised by a foreign power or found to be involved in something so serious that he would destroy his career and reputation in writing rather than some other consequence, typically “suiciding” or arrest.

We share friends and all I know of Petraeus makes this, the most obvious conclusions, very difficult to believe.  He is a man of humor and insight though very ambitious.

Who could have “set up” the Director of the Central Intelligence Agency?


Perhaps there is a real story though so unlikely that no one will ever believe it, that two West Point graduates, both with strong backgrounds in overachievement, would destroy each other’s lives over a “spat” of some kind.

It is possible.


We have solid information that powerful financial forces tied to the Mexican Cartels, the Romney financial “insider” and the Netanyahu extremists are gunning for the US, perhaps literally.

We have found Israel’s fingerprints and those of extremist groups in the US along with traitors within the State Department behind the Benghazi murders.

We tracked down the security detail, through a large and respected London based contractor to a small subcontracting firm that gives an address in an rundown farm building on a moor in Wales.

Something is very wrong there.


We will wait a few days before hanging General Petraeus “out to dry.”

First come the lies, they are flowing now.

In a few days, I will cajole or pressure the truth out of someone.

Then, depending on what it is, I will or will not be able to print it.

Welcome ot Amerika.


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3 Responses to

  1. DrinkDeep says:

    hmmm…there’s an interesting discrepancy here that no one seems to be noticing/mentioning – it could just be a matter of bad sources, but interesting nonetheless –

    Yesterday, NewsMax published an article with the following quote:
    “At some point after Petraeus was sworn in as CIA director on Sept. 6, 2011, the woman broke up with him. However, Petraeus continued to pursue her, sending her thousands of emails over the last several months, raising even more questions about his judgment.”

    Today – at almost every news source – the story has changed (how Bengahzi of them!). Now it’s suddenly the girl that was chasing Him..and to add more spice, reports are that She was sending ‘threatening’ emails to another woman who she apparently saw as competition? And Clapper was the one who knew, and kept everything quiet? Didn’t we read this week that Clapper is on his way out too?

    Oh, and the other, Other woman is not his wife. oye…gonna be some chilly nights on the Potomac this winter –

    Seems like they’re salvaging him for some reason – he resigned from Intelligence (no pun intended), but he’s Still a general, and still in the military if I’m not mistaken? I wonder if they’ll ship him out sometime soon? I feel sorry for “the chick” as she’s being referred to…I don’t believe this story they’re painting about her, as if she Were harrassing a General you can bet she’d be facing some charges – but according to the FBI none have, or will, be filed.

    It’s amazing how the media is lapping this up – I sure hope there aren’t any cigar stories on the editor’s desk

  2. General post,

    First of all, it involves the “sexual expression” of infidelity publicly portrayed as some sort of “deviant” behavior. THAT’s an Illuminati tactic. That’s where their minds are and irretrievably so! General Patraeus had sided with Dempsey against Israel leading us all over the cliff into Armageddon–the Zionists version of “The Final Solution.” Now we have old regulars cavorting with DHS “suspects.” Here the rules are being broken. Who are the only people who think that they can “break their own rules?” Look at the pattern of deceit: Bibi Netanyahu is being portrayed in the media as “repentent” and humble and, in the background, THIS is happening.

    Again, I smell pork (or, you can call it “White Steak” like the Israelis do). Still–it IS what it IS and it is NOT another thing!

    Not to say that there’s a Zionist in the wood pile (or behind every tree) but, if YOU were the director of the CENTRAL INTELLIGENCE AGENCY would YOU send love letters to your back room sweetie via “E-MAIL?” Of COURSE, you wouldn’t and neither would General Patraeus.

    OPINION: The President is getting ready to rein in the crazies and probably has powerful interests behind him and it looks like Bibi is trying to head him off at the pass. Why am I suspecting this as a scenario? Because it is being “done on the cheap.” Who are the only “factions” that are just plum out of cash? Yeah, right, go figure! The problem is, Bibi is riding a “Dark Horse” and the Prez is coming at the head of an armored column.

    Will Zionists ever learn?

    Yes, ethaos, you’re right. I guess not; they won’t. BUT! … what happens to organisms in Nature when they cannot adjust to their changing environment? Yes, extinction. Sad. Watch the little buggers explore the wisdom of separation–“…springing up in rows to give birth to insecticides and other small dying creatures.” [Firesign Theater]

    No. This is not a coded message.

    Love and Light,

  3. Sunscape says:

    There is something deeper going on as to why Petraeus has resigned. And it hasn’t anything to do with his loose pants zipper. No doubt more information about this will come forth in time.

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