Montague Keen, November 11, 2012 – Hear! Hear!


These words express the importance of what you choose to believe. You can no longer turn a blind eye to what is obviously happening all around you. The Cabal has plans that would shock you to the core. They have followed a carefully planned path to bring about the destruction of your world as you know it. They no longer want or need you. This is why they flood your air with aluminium particles and put fluoride in your water, causing illnesses and much suffering. Why do you stand idly by and allow you and yours to be disposed of in such a manner? It is time you took action to protect humanity. You were told, my dear, that fifty years ago, humanity was ready for the transition. To prevent this, the Cabal brought in GM food, chemtrails, etc., which prevented this natural process. Now you are struggling to complete this most necessary process. Are you going to allow this opportunity to step out of third density to fail as well?


This is a critical time for humanity. You do not have the luxury of time. You need to take responsibility and act now. There are so many avenues that will lead you to the TRUTH. Do not look to religion for it, you will not find it there. Look within your heart. It will guide you to the right path. They blocked your transition fifty years ago. Will you allow them to do it again?

The Andromedans tried to make themselves known to you, in order to assist you, about fourteen years ago, but the fear of stepping into the unknown prevented this. Are you prepared to be brave: confident in the knowledge that you stand for truth and light and will no longer support a corrupt regime that was designed to destroy you?

They do not hide their plans. They are confident that you are so blinded by trivialities that you will not look at what they are doing. You have so much to look forward to. It is your decision when to take the plunge. Please do not stand by and watch your planet being ruined by greed. Every soul has the divine right to breathe clean air, to drink pure water, and to eat food as nature intended.

Many of you are being interfered with, to cause you distress and fear. It just goes to show how desperate they are. Support each other. Let others know that they are not alone and that they can survive. You need each other at this time. Anything can be frightening when you do not understand it or where it is coming from.

Rediscover your own innate strength. You can do it. You just need to ask. Humanity has survived so much in times past. When you learn your true history, you will see this for yourselves. Those who are responsible for changing your world’s history will soon answer for their crimes against humanity. Their edifice of control will crumble into dust as they fade from the history of your world. In future, it will be known only as a bad episode in mankind’s evolution. The sun will shine brightly again, giving out its healing rays, and its warmth will embrace and comfort humanity as it was meant to do.

Most countries are waking up, seeing the light of truth, and following it. There will be no need for wars or armies, so the killing will stop. You are being bombarded by war propaganda, but you are aware of the futility of it all. It just happens over and over again, only the names of the countries changes. They need the blood to flow and the energy of the fear which is created by war.

Come together and ignore the false differences of race and creed. Learn who you are and from where you originate.

“Know who you are.”

It is time to speak out. The corruption that has taken over everything in your world must stop. They can no longer hide behind their MASKS. They become more exposed each day.

We are holding out strongly against World War III. Good people do not want it. There never was, nor will there ever be, a reason to declare war. Iran is a peaceful country. Many of its people are descended from the ancient Irish, and in many other countries also, they can rightly claim the blood connection. DNA does not lie, it actually exposes the REAL TRUTH. How wonderful it will be in the future, when all those who are descended from the ancient Irish will visit Ireland to explore their roots and learn their true history.

You have been told the timescale for the completion of the Transition and what must be done before it happens. The right people have come forward to help you. More help is needed. We will endeavour to bring it to you and the finance to see it through. It is a great burden for you, but you now have someone you can trust totally to work alongside you. We chose well, my dear. He is one in a billion. You are right: he returned to Earth specifically for this mission. You have worked together in the past. You understand what must be done. You have come a long way already.

THE GEO-ENGINEERING, THE UNDERGROUND CITIES, and THE GENETIC ENGINEERING, IS ALL BEING EXPOSED. Please research this for yourselves. It will explain so much. It is important to know what you are up against. What sort of scientists would plan and produce such things to be used against their own kind?

Do wish Prudence a happy 21st birthday for me. Tell her that I will be there in Spirit ! Enjoy being with your family and friends. I am always with you, as we continue to complete our work on Earth. Be happy, my dear. Nothing happens without my approval.

Your adoring, Monty.

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20 Responses to Montague Keen, November 11, 2012 – Hear! Hear!

  1. marinaalbin says:

    I’m not into a fear mongering

  2. justme says:

    hmmmm, maybe it’s better i don’t comment at all, other than commenting I’m not commenting at all…and commenting that i’m commenting that i’m commenting, that i’m not commenting at all…

    : )

  3. “You have been told the timescale for the completion of the Transition and what must be done before it happens.” That’s another thing I wish we were privy to! I do understand that the galactics and other channeled entities are reluctant to give dates, as they’re not set in stone, However, one thing that recurs to slam me back into fear (mostly financial, in my case) is remembering how often in the past I read the word “soon” in channeled messages, and that was YEARS ago! Not to mention 14 years ago, like he mentions. At least now I know why none of those channelings from the late 90’s “came true!” But I’ve been hanging on by threads as far as money goes, for years now, and with chronic fatigue, am sick and [even more] tired of that stress! I’m just venting here, hope nobody minds.

    I do glean some hope from the fact that he seems to be implying that his wife will see the Transition. She’s probably about my age. But when I read things that talk about 50 years from now I despair. I don’t even have the money to get me through January, much less January 2060, LOL! (sort of)!

  4. Qc, Canada says:

    If they eliminate the 99% of the rest – they’ll be inbreeding for the rest of eternity – imagine the result.

  5. Wide AWAKE and ready to share all truth with the world ! NO MORE SLUMBERING!

  6. Paulo says:

    I’ve translated to Portuguese and posted it in


  7. Яåℓƒ says:

    Montague has mentioned a few times previously, that the cabal (The 1% psychopaths) cannot exist beyond 2012, because of the energy change. It sounds to good to be true. Wish it is!!

    It seems the dark ones, will still be in control sadly, as 2013 heads closer.
    There seems to be no end in sight for example, on their relentless push, to shove their manipulated GMO crap onto the populace!

  8. sharir27 says:

    What to believe? The only thing I feel that I could possibly believe is the golden rule. Everything else is just details. The Source of all knows our hearts, so what else is there? THe only thing true is love.

  9. Matthew says:

    The message is OK… but a bit disillusioned by the Irish staff, I have to say!
    Lots of people/races claim the Humanity started with them!
    Aboriginal People of Australia also claiming (via Proxy) that they are the first people that have started the Humanity. Who knows?
    Does it really matter who was here first or who have done GREAT things? When looking at the current situation now, Humanity is taken for a ride by the Corrupt Governments, Representatives, Money Changers and all other cronies left/right/centre!
    May be I am not EVOLVED enough to be BLINDLY positive about the fate of the Humanity. Nevertheless, it will take a lot of TIME & EFFORT to set up a new way of EXISTENCE assuming that we will get away with just a financial collapse…

    • Jean says:

      Matthew, you need to check your statements! Have you ever read anything at all by Michael Tsarion? The Irish have a magnificent history, which was squashed by the Vatican. The Irish have been crushed and kept down by the Church because of their very ‘real’ history. They carry much of the history of Western civilization, whose destruction was begun with the burning of the famous library in ancient Alexandria. Please . . . please, try to check things out, or at least express yourself more carefully, stating that this is your opinion. . . because, while I may not have it exactly right, what you say is simply not factual! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Matthew says:

        Michael Tsarion is one of my favourites & watched hours of his presentations & videos dating back to 2000. He is BRILLIANT, I totally understand his views and all Vatican did.
        I am just trying to make a point that if we can only get away with a Financial Collapse we might have a better chance of restructuring and starting a new way of life and carry along… This might take 10 to 50 years (IMO) but at the end, Humanity will be able to survive and have a better future.
        But, what happens if Partick GERYL (or similar scenarios) is right? This is going to be an EXTINCTION event 😦
        … and does not matter who was here first or did great things, DOES it?
        Because may be thousands of years after the extinction, the new life might start with the single cell organisms and evolve… a new cycle in the Cosmic History of the Multiverse.

  10. januscatinhat says:

    Me, too. Would love to know more. But grateful help is here and more on the way; I will do all I can really, I will, but concerned may need help getting to those never heard of… At least we know we can try…

  11. Pingback: Bryan Hall - Success Coach – “CONSCIOUSNESS DOES NOT GROW FROM BEING TOLD FACTS. IT GROWS FROM THE SEARCH FOR THEM.” Montague Keen Message 11.11.12

  12. Bubba says:

    He is one in a billion? He has returned to earth specifically for this mission?
    Who is one in a billion? What is his mission and where did he return from?
    Too many questions? I don’t understand who and what is.

  13. Rogério Maciel says:

    .« … DNA does not lie, it actually exposes the REAL TRUTH. How wonderful it will be in the future, when all those who are descended from the ancient Irish will visit Ireland to explore their roots and learn their true history. …»
    Why not Discover the Real Roots ? Even Irish have to Come to Portugal and Spain to discover Their Roots !… so…

    • Leinep Noj says:

      The soul that use the body and its karmic backgroun is the issue, not the DNA.
      DNA is mortal, “we” are immortals who only use the DNA temporary. In one lifetime you are Irish in the next you are a Chinaman or whatever. Flesh is flesh, and Spirit is Spirit. Know what you are.

  14. Lynne Rassbach says:

    Thank you 🙂 My love/heart didn’t show.

  15. Lynne Rassbach says:

  16. Laura says:

    Reblogged this on Here and Now.

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