Ben Fulford: World intervention saves Obama, prevents World War 3, November 12, 2012

The Dragon family and governments of the non-Western world acted decisively to get Barak Obama re-elected as president because a Romney victory would have meant World War 3, according to multiple sources.

Obama was cut off of his election finances by the Pope and the Queen three weeks before the election and would have lost if the Dragon family and others did not step in and finance him, according to CIA and Asian government sources. Obama returned the favor by complying to a request to purge Bush/Nazi operatives from the government and the military, the sources say.

That is why Timothy Geithner, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and other bush operatives were fired. The purge at the pentagon and agencies included CIA Chief David Petraeus, Rear Admiral Charles M.Gaouette, US Army General Carter Ham, Brigadier General Jeffery A. Sinclair, and US Navy Commander Joseph E. Darlak, according to CIA and other agency sources.

Obama now has a totally different set of handlers and teleprompter script writers than he did in his first term. The agenda he is expected to follow is to set the stage for a swords to plowshares transition of the military industrial complex.

He is also expected to oversee the dismantling of the Federal Reserve Board.

The voting patterns for Obama reflected the fact that he was elected thanks to non-Europeans. He got over 70% of Hispanic, Asian and Jewish votes, close to 100% of African American votes and only 39% of European American votes. There was also massive support from the 180 nations of the world that are sick and tired of never ending American and European war-mongering.

Obama is now a high priority assassination target of the Nazi/Bush faction, according various sources.

The situation may actually lead to civil war against the Bush Texas stronghold. Since Obama got only a bit more than 30% of the European American male vote you can be sure there are lot of upset white men, many of whom belong to militias, who might fight with the Nazis, creating a potentially volatile situation.

The White Dragon Society was not involved in the decision to back Obama but agrees with it, with some reservation, because the alternative was WW3.

The overwhelming Jewish support for Obama, despite Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s support for Romney, makes it pretty clear the Jews are sick and tired of being manipulated into fear and war by neo-Nazi Zionist thugs. The Israeli military and intelligence establishment has also finally figured out that they have been fooled into working as proxies for Nazi American and European tycoons and are no longer following the program. Netanyahu, who had his psychiatrist murdered, and was part of the 311 nuclear terror attack on Japan, will probably end up in jail when this is all over.

The Bush faction CIA agent “ambassador Stevens” was definitely behind the nuclear and tsunami mass terror attack against Japan on 311, according to MI6 and gnostic illuminati sources. He was tortured for 8 hours after his capture in Libya and spilled the beans on the plot to start WW3 with a false flag attack against US forces in the Persian Gulf. While he was hung out like a worm on a hook he reached out to various places asking for help which also helped reveal the network he was working for, they say.

Admiral Gaoutte, who wanted to help Stevens, was taken away in handcuffs and has not appeared in public since his arrest, meaning he is probably undergoing intense interrogation, pentagon sources say. Gaouette was planning to attack his own fleet and blame it on Iran in order to start a war, according to these sources.

The White Dragon Society also received a direct call from a senior pentagon general warning that Hurricane Sandy was just a foretaste of what would happen if Romney was not elected. Now we shall see what retaliation the Bush Nazi faction carries out now that their people are being purged following Obama’s victory.

There are also mass clouds of disinformation being put out now and it will take some time for it to clear up and reveal more about what is really going on.

For example many sources say George Bush Senior is senile and in a wheel chair and that Jeb Bush now runs the clan. However, Neil Keenan says Bush recently got a $5 million rejuvenation treatment in Hong Kong and is still fully in control.

This sounds far-fetched but Japanese military intelligence sources say former Japanese Prime Minister Nakasone recently appeared at a funeral looking far younger than his 94 years making many speculate he had been “replaced.” Other well-known gerontocrats like David Rockefeller also occasionally appear rejuvenated as if they had undergone some sort of treatment.

The other disinformation surrounds what CIA Chief Petraeus was up to. Some pentagon sources say he was planning to install himself as a Roman style emperor after killing Obama and staging a coup.

Others say he was a patriot who was fired to prevent him from testifying about what really happened to Stevens.

What is clear though is that the mass firings announced by Obama mark a major change in the US power structure.

A lot of Japanese power-brokers have been deeply upset by the Romney defeat, notably Junichiro Koizumi’s and Yasuhiro Nakasone’s people. That means that well-financed attempts to set up a new Nazi puppet regime in Japan are now doomed.

This is already becoming visible. Tokyo Governor and well-known China baiter Shintaro Ishihara resigned to start a new national political party after his son was defeated in his effort to take over the resurgent Liberal Democratic Party. However, Ishihara is not finding any followers and has committed political suicide. The moves to place charismatic Osaka major Toru Hashimoto, an Ishihara friend, as a new leader of Japan are also now being put to an end.

Instead it is now looking likely that the Liberal Democratic Party and ruling Democratic parties will merge and choose a new leader through an open and fair election.

The Chinese leadership transition is also still underway but the emerging consensus is that democratic and other reforms that the new generation carry out will resemble the Singapore model more than they resemble the US or European models.

The Europeans, for their part, still do not have access to printing presses for new money and the result is a slow implosion of government function and society in many of their countries. Money will flow again when the wars and terror are stopped.

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  1. Arjsto says:

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  3. ammamaw says:

    you know – I’ve been reading all the cabal/conspiracy/NWO stuff for SOOO long. Still am. And the conclusion I’ve come to is this – it’s all bullshit. We HAVE to feel that we’re on the ‘inside’, that we KNOW what’s going on & will come down. I guess that’s just what humans do, since basically we’re pretty damn powerless to change much, in spite of Deepak, Marianne, ‘Archangel Gabriel’ and the rest. Not to mention the fact that quite a number of clever humans are making a nice living off the fear and ‘channeled’ predictions, thank you very much. Somehow when things don’t unfold as we’ve believed or said, it kind of gets brushed under the carpet & we go on to the next prediction.
    We really don’t have a CLUE what’s happening & what’s going to happen – on December 21, 22 or any date past this very minute.
    So interesting.
    Perhaps this will be deleted, even, for it seems important not to give voice to the ‘doubters’.
    Anyway, blessings to everyone. Whatever will happen will happen. Let’s ride it the best we can.

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  6. TexAnne says:

    Yes! For once, a President who is obvously IN LOVE with his First Lady, and she with him. Now, finally, he can speak his truth more freely, bring to public dialog much that we haven’t been able to discuss freely.

  7. Southbay says:

    Well its hard to prove anything from what he says. US elections were almost always rigged. Even some of states announced outcomes before they even looked on those counting machines, im not even talking about physical votes, they probably dont even exist anymore. Romney would start WW3 for sure, but who says Obama wont? So far he didnt do anything, he is not telling the truth at all. He is better than Romney, but i dont trust him.

    I have no idea whats going on in Asia to be honest. Im from Europe and things are still crap here, i am not a negative person, but i wont believe in Bens words until it starts happening. Nothing in my life is getting better, nor my state nor Europe. Elite of my country is still pushing this united states of europe train like crazy, debt is growing and nobody is doing nothing. Seems like some people will revolt sooner or later, but thats what elites want to see from their golden castles.

    The start of new golden age may be coming, but that might mean mass genocide and then those 10% of poeple would live in paradise with all those technologies. Its all just a point of view.

  8. Birgit Jonas says:

    Yes, Kathy Kelley, I also looked at the man and his family and you can not act this loving relationship that they do have. Also when I hear him speak, he does have concern and love and lots of humor and to my discernment – he deserves and needs our support and that enough of us wake up to truly step into our sovereignty and be responsible grown-ups. He does not need us as sheep.

  9. cosmickatt says:

    Thank you and well said DaveLight.

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  11. 4 GRAMA says:

    Mass firings by the Obama administration,where and when please?!

  12. live oak says:

    I’m in the wrong place. I despise kenya boy and what he’s done to this country. I can’t believe the comments I’ve been reading. it’s so sad.
    Goodbye and best of luck.

  13. live oak says:

    I will never trust kenya boy ever for any reason. I hope and pray for the best for my country that love with all my heart and soul. I want America and the world free, but kenya boy is not part of it and never will be. He is a destroyer of all things good in this world.

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  19. “Julie, I know for a fact that Ben has sometimes put out disinfo to confound the cabal ”

    Thanks, Jean, that helps. Ben is totally awesome so it’s hard to sometimes read things that just don’t resonate at all.

  20. SHAWN says:

    Obama’s mom is jewish…he is jewish. That is fact. We know who controls Obama. The bankers. We know who controls Romney, the bankers also. Obama is playing his part in case something goes wrong he can say he was against ww3 and you will all say, “that’s true, Obama was fighting hard for us.” Wow! How quickly you forget his NDAA, and new UN grab for legal firearms, after arming the people they want to sic on us per their commie plan. Bolsheviks are in place…….but so are we. hahahahhahahahhaha We’ll see who wants it most won’t we?

    • Jean says:

      Shawn, a lot of this is simply your opinion, nothing more. You don’t think Obama is going to stop this stuff from happening. He signed NDAA, but said ‘not on my watch.’ His still on watch, Shawn. Let’s wait and see. . . can you just sit with your ideas a bit longer? And the guns? C’mon. That can change in the blink of an eye. Did you ever hear of political strategy? Hugs, ~Jean

  21. LAF says:

    What I found most intriguing about Ben’s article was the mention of “rejuvenation.” I read a post on ATS (Above Top Secret) a few months ago. The poster stated that he’d met a guy years ago who claimed to be a member of Illuminati/Cabal. Among other things, the guy told him that “they” take a liquid to keep themselves in perfect health. The guy even gave the ATS poster a vial of the stuff, but he never used it. The stuff apparently went “bad” after a long period time.

    While it was a wild story, somehow it seemed highly plausible to me. No wonder these guys seem to go on forever. Castro must spike his Cuban coffee with this stuff. No need for healthcare or even the suppressed medical technology if you have this. Well, may they live long – in jail.


    • Jean says:

      LAF, it’s well known that on the other side, when we get into the higher dimension, our bodies will no longer die. We will be able to ‘fix’ them with our thoughts. Hugs, ~Jean

      • LAF says:

        Hey J – I’m a believer in reincarnation. But now I’ve had my fill – I’m looking forward to not being physical anymore. At least dream reality provides some sanctuary. So I’m not concerned about “fixing” my physical form in any other reality but Here. 🙂

  22. cosmickatt says:

    Monica, I too believe that Romney stole the Republican seat from Ron Paul. Obama received my vote only because Ron Paul was knocked out of the race. I was appauled at the fact that there were missing votes to whom I blame Romney. I almost wrote in Ron Paul on the ballot but thought that it was extremely important that Romney didn’t win, so I stepped to the left.

    • Jean says:

      There’s no question in my mind either that he stole it from Paul – and intended to steal it from Obama, but when the Dragon Family stepped in, they knew the jig was up, although it appears someone forgot to tell Karl Rove he isn’t omnipotent. This election was probably a fairly accurate reflection of Americans’ thinking, although we’ll likely never know that for sure. Hugs, ~Jean

  23. afc999 says:

    Hi Jean…I have to reply down here since it would appear you decided to remove the “reply” function from your reply to me. (Nice perk 😉 …but hey, it’s your site, and I do appreciate its being here :)…)

    The only thing you and I agree on concerning Barry Hussein would be this:

    “we are each free to make our decision”

    I look at and analyze the facts, the policies, the exec. orders, and the analysis of those in the alternative segment that have the inside knowledge and capacity to make sense of them…the proof for me is in the pudding. You seem more interested in his enneagram and base his power and tendency for “goodness” on that. His past and present history and actions sure stand against ANY tendency toward “goodness” or altruism, as most of us would define that, IMO (and many others’).

    But we can both certainly agree that we hope that some good does come from his presidency, esp. the second term, as almost NOTHING good came out of the first, though I do think most Americans just don’t get that “our” prez doesn’t have the Constitutional or even innate power to change much, as Clinton found out. They are under the thumbs of their handlers / advisors, the humungous majority of whom are not elected officials. Hopefully those who pull his strings in the second term have a more WeThePeople friendly agenda than those who handled and teleprompted him the first term. (And btw, I didn’t vote for Romney either.) His position as CIC, though, does make him an important figure in terms of NOT going to war, and permiitting or hopefully NOT permitting abuse of exec. power to initiate more wars.

    We will both I’m sure hope and pray for the best….

  24. Danny Boy says:

    Hate to be a party pooper but they are reporting on Australian ABC that Clinton and Panetta are meeting our PM Gillard today to discuss US bases here in Oz… i will see if this happens or not.

    On a better note, there are signs of real change here too.
    The PM (under great pressure) finally announced a Royal Commission into nationwide child abuse. This is after years of suspicion and police investigations mostly into the Catholic church. A very senior serving police officer broke ranks last week to expose the police and church coverups and the huge scale of the problem.

    There is also a corruption inquiry ongoing in New South Wales into previous state governments which is actually holding many ex premiers and ministers to task. They are being dragged over the hot coals in a very open inquiry.

    O yeah and we finally got hemp seed past the Aus/NZ FDA for food consumption. This means health food shops can sell seed and oil products and give our farmers a badly needed new cash crop. Not to mention its use in construction as hempcrete and for all of its other wondrous uses! 😀

    Cheers keep up the great work Jean.

    • Jean says:

      You don’t suppose that is because a NATO nation is about all who will have them anymore, do you? Aren’t they getting kicked out of Japan? I’m glad to hear your other good news . . . HUgs, ~jean

  25. Merkabaman says:

    I am confused. As I often am by your messages. I do not see anything about Clinton being fired.
    Can they really keep something like that from us?

    • says:

      I am on the other side of the world right now and have heard from various governmental Ministers that yes they were fired and in the very near future will be given a chance to resign so that the many so gracious people will never understand what exactly happened. Without hearing what I do I would be confused as well but then again I do not live in the US at this time and the rest of the world hears much of what it is we should hear. It is our media and those around the government that conceals everything from us. Remember you are in a fiefdom.
      All the best and the weather is hot and fantastic and ancient civilizations are being wiped out over here by Kissinger and his boys. What is being said by Jeanie is exactly what is being said by the Holy Elders throughout Asia and why Obama has visited them first. It just might be fact that they are on the same page.

  26. Roberto says:

    The firings, resignations, or retirings are all the same thing. The military who got it while on duty were part of a coup that we didn’t hear about because it didn’t take place. It was in the planning stage and about to become reality. Fast action cut it off at the pass.

    Ben’s explanation of what happened was pretty much what I intuited before reading this article.

    For those who continue to insist on bashing O, the game is not over and you obviously do not have the faintest notion of what it takes to stay alive in a den of vipers and still try to get something done. O kept us out of a war with Iran and WWIII. That’s one helluvan accomplishment in view of the world situation.

    I see NDAA being repealed, also Citizens United, and the Fed being taken apart, etc.
    Let us be patient. We have a road ahead of us dissolving the false reality that the cabal has put in place. We may have to do it one thing at a time.

    It’s very easy to bitch, but the question is what are you doing constructively that is undoing the cabalistic mess? Let’s pull together. We have a lot to accomplish.

  27. Jean says:

    Give me proof! Your words mean nothing without it and are a waste of our time! I have lived it. I ‘know’!
    Hugs, ~Jean

    • Adrian says:

      Which part wants proof? Benjamin offers no proof … never does. And since you’re the one forwarding his claims, the lion’s share of the burden rests with y’all.

      That Barack Obama is a psychopath is readily apparent to anyone who looks more than an inch deep at the world. Even Benjamin admits it in this latest post. He has a ‘script’ — ergo he is not speaking his mind when his mouth opens, ergo he is essentially lying to the public in order to play at the game of power.

      Government is nothing more than a license to initiate force and take others’ property w/o consent. Every other ostensible service or function is available in a free market w/o a monopoly of violence. Only psychopaths seek power over others through theft and murder. It’s not that complicated.

      As for your therapist, s/he has mislead you about what the enneagram is. Your claim would be like saying that English is a personality typing system just because a book on the subject is written in English. That’s absurd!

      You may apply English to the study of anything you like, even cooking, but that does not make the language a recipe book — not by a longshot. The enneagram has more applications than either of us can think of, psychology being only one of them. Therapists and ‘life coaches’ do a great disservice to the enneagram body of knowledge by artificially confining it to one arbitrary domain.

      Do the math. Cheers.

      • Kathy Kelley says:

        I am sorry Adrian, I beg to disagree regarding Obama. I took some time and went over some video and photos of his through the years, as well as looked at his background. I was very easy to discern that he is of the light. A couple things brought tears to my eyes it was so touching and heartwarming. Throughout my life our former CIC and first ladies relationships have always appeared to be a farce. They appeared plastic and contrived if you will. Not so this First Family. He and his family OBVIOUSLY are very deeply connected and close. He has a sense of humor (proof of mental stability as far as I am concerned) He cares about what kind of world he is leaving for his daughters and future grandchildren. Anyone who takes the time to look and intuit an answer will come to the same conclusion. I find him a remarkable man worthy of his office.

        • Adrian says:

          Your sorrow is well founded, Kathy, and begging will get you nowhere. Is that what you find comforting about tyranny? Anyways, maybe less Kool-Aid in your diet might take the edge off of your case of Stockholm Syndrome.

          Meanwhile your remarks only prove that you’re unqualified to do much more than vote and pay income tax. The fact that you find immorality (the major qualification of any POTUS) to be ‘worthy’ and ‘remarkable’ should be cause enough for concern. Critical thinking ain’t your long suit, so your ‘findings’ change nothing materially.

          What color is your Kool-Aid, anyway, red or green? Cheers.

          • DaveLight says:

            Be nice Adrian. Your cynicism and judgment of Kathy’s beliefs is unkind at the least and seems to be void of light. Like Kathy, I believe Obama will indeed prove to be the right man for humanity and at the right time. Based on your posts Adrian, I am unclear as to why you visit Jean’s site. Disagreement and challenge is good, especially when done in a spirit of love, rather than contempt and sarcasm. Hopefully you will become more enlightened by the authors and commentators here. If that is not your goal, I suggest you search for a site that is more in line with your belief system. Kathy, I am with you on Obama. I don’t like everything he has done or not done, but like you, I believe he is enlightened to some degree and is a work in-progress for the betterment of mankind. I’m continuing to hold him and his family in light and love. Peace!

          • cosmickatt says:

            I’m not sure why my comments sometimes makes it in the wrong place. Anyway, well said DaveLight. Thanks for that.

          • Jean says:

            Thank you! Thank you! Hugs, ~Jean

        • Jean says:

          Thanks, Kathy, I agree with everything you say, but we’ll soon know for sure. I doubt things will change overnight, but we’re already getting hints that things are changing, and that we are going to take down the cabal ourselves – not the ETs. It’s what we need to do for ourselves! We don’t need others to do it for us. We’re gradually getting there, and I’m delighted to see us showing up now so very strong and powerful.

          He really cares, and I think the last four years have been really tough for him, because he knew he had to wait them out. All he could do was try to prevent wars, which he did. . . and keep the financial system going so there wasn’t the chaos the dark really wants to create. While the financial system will collapse, I think it isn’t going down quite the way the dark intends.


        • Pam says:

          Kathy I agree with you.

    • Peacer says:

      Were you asking me for proof that those folks have NOT been fired? I’m a little confused…what are you referencing when you say “I have lived it.” ? Was this reply from you Jean, intended for a different comment? But if you are asking for proof about the cabinet posts the Ben asserts were vacated by a “firing,” the most official and comprehensive place to look is here:
      It lists all three of the individuals (Geithner, Clinton and Holder) as current cabinet members. So if they have been fired, I think that’s where we need some proof that isn’t readily available or published yet.

      • Jean says:

        I think, Peacer, that I replied to the wrong comment. Sorry. Someone suggested I knew nothing of Enneagrams, and because of the way it was stated, offering no valid info as to why that is the case, I didn’t post their Comment, but I did reply to it. Hugs, ~Jean

  28. Peacer says:

    Ben said “That is why Timothy Geithner, Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder and other bush operatives were fired.” Did I miss something? These folks have not been fired, though they are likely to (and have even announced in Hillary’s case) step down before long. I wonder why he would say this in such a definitive way when it is not definitively accurate. ? That’s my little “naggy” detail for today. The overall point is understood … and hoped for!

  29. carol says:

    Yes the NWO has set their eyes on Cape Town (South Africa) Had their plans worked out but it didn’t. So sorry to say there’s no place for them here. One thing I’ve read in this comments is ” South Africa is already home to a Nazi like Group who have no respect for indigenous people” and me for one take strongly offence to that. Especially if one look at the history of indigenous people and North America. No offence meant. We have a number of people wide awake here in this counrty and I see them with coming together on internet parties when we celebrate the incoming energies. And quickly out of my head “Micheal Tellinger” also from South Africa. Some of us has done all our homework and were going through tough times here as well in ex: our politics and weather. Also somebody (and theres no question who) has tried several times to cause big trouble here. But somehow it’s just not working 🙂 We are good people here who realize all is one. Blessing everyone. Were in for some spectacular times. Shine your light bright*

    • SHAWN says:

      the nazis or germans have nothing to do with the subject. People are so brainwashed with their 5 holohoax films a week since birth they still after 70 years blame nazis or germans for kicking out the bankers after they raped germany, but you were lied to and told germans attacked everyone for nothing. In school I heard hitler invaded Austria and made them submit. no they didn’t. They held a referendum and won 99.7% of the vote. Watch the film, the greatest story never told. Listen to Benjamin Freedman speech on youtube. 2hrs at least. He was at the treaty of Versailles. Listen to Myron Fagans speech on the CFR in America. They give names dates and you will see just how lied to we and our grandparents have been. Now our children are being pumped full of aspertaime which is excrement from manmade e-coli virus. It’s a Rumsfeld thing. Monsanto, The same destroyed Russia and Germany. here are quotes from 7 years before ww2 and a month after Hitler kicked out the Rothshcilds and the Freemasons. : “Hitler will have no war (does not want war), but we will force it on
      him, not this year, but soon.”
      – Emil Ludwig Cohn in Les Annales, June, 1934
      (also quoted in his book “The New Holy Alliance”).
      “We Jews are going to bring a war on Germany.”
      – David A. Brown, National Chairman, United Jewish Campaign, 1934
      Now tell me who started ww2. We’ve been lied to from day one. These are truly sick people who deserve their reputation. It is understated if anything. Here’s one to let you know who the nwo is about.
      “In this NEW WORLD ORDER, ISRAEL will furnish ALL leaders without opposition.Governments of the different peoples forming the world republic will FALL INTO THE HANDS OF THE JEWS. It will then be possible for the JEWISH RULERS (bankers) to abolish private property everywhere to make use of the resources of earth. Thus the promise of the TALMUD the Messianic time is come, JEWS will have ALL the property of the WHOLE WORLD in their hands”BARUCH be fulfilled, in which is said when LEVY 1928
      it was written in the 1800’s believe it or not but not printed in a newspaper until 1928.

      • Jean says:

        Shawn, am I correct in saying that it might we wise here, since you have so much background, to establish the facts that the Jews are not generally the guilty here, but the Ashkenazy Jews, who are not bloodline Jews, are the guilty ones? We are entering difficult times, and the way I see it, Jews have been as much manipulated in their beliefs by these sick criminals as we here in the United States have been. If we can keep these distinction clear, then maybe we can prevent a backlash against Jews, whom I believe are as innocent as most Americans are about what has been going on.

        A few weeks ago on this blog we got into quite a discussion over the fact that there is also a Jewish criminal element, much like the Mafia that exists here in this country. It seems necessary, as well, to separate everyday Jews from these people, just like we separate Italiens from the Mafia.

        Is my point valid? Do you consider it an important distinction to make?


      • Roberto says:

        This seems to be a rally hot subject, never saw so many body slams before.

        It might be good to remind everyone that WE ARE ALL GODS AND WHAT WE PUT OUR WORDS INTO – IT MANIFESTS.

        So it might be good idea to curb the appetite for painting nasty futures on the wall – because that is going to be your reality. We all get our wishes.

        Whether you like O or not focus on what you want him to accomplish in this term and then write propositions to be voted on.

        We have several rather severe priorities that need handling. We can direct O with our propositions. He even asked for that.

        There’s a wonderful article on “soldierhugs”. It was done by a woman on how we can Fix the World without tearing each other to pieces with disagreements and put downs.

  30. Allen says:

    I’m confused at how you know all of this and no one else has said a word. Obama will be proven to be in the middle of this as well. New York City is still a disaster and they are covering for Obama. This is his Katrina and the media hides it. He needs to go as well.

    • chris says:

      Totally agree with you here. I’ve done some volunteer work on Staten Island after the storm and it’s much worse than what the media portrays or shows.

    • Jean says:

      How do you know what you know? I was told by someone who is right in the middle of fighting for us, but I can’t reveal names right now. Who told you? . . Hugs, ~Jean

  31. Pingback: Fulford’s World intervention saves Obama, prevents World War 3 « GALACTIC CONNECTION

  32. afc999 says:

    Julie…the initial mild tropical storm called Sandy was “natural” and would likely have died out along the eastern coast without artificial stimulation from some megalomaniacal group. But as was pointed out by our favorite weatherman and others since, its was turned into a Frankenstorm thru the use of HAARP and other related weather modification technologies that have been developed since the 1960s(!!) by first the military, then by monied oligarch groups, esp. by the neonazi B*sh cartel, who, as stated by fulford, wanted Romney in to do their dirty in Iran to get WWIII started.

  33. Debbie says:

    afc999……you can find a link at RumorMills

    as for Obama, I would sure love to find out this is the truth….I never doubted that Bush/Nazi Cartel was running the show here – respnsible for every horrible thing that has happened from the murder of JKF to the 9/11 CIA/Mossad job.

    If Ben Fulford has the honest inside information we all won big last week….I have been so put off by Obama’s NDAA law, his 100s of executive orders shredding the constitution and worst of all his constant drone bombing killing innocent people that I gave up all hope he could be anything other than part of evil ones dark cabal…..I’d love to find out I have that all wrong!

    • afc999 says:

      Debbie, I don’t for once second believe that the obamanation has ANY scruples whatsoever about doing anything to benefit himself. If he has a conscience, it’s the size of a pea, and a small one at that. He lies without blinking. He’ll say whatever he’s told to by his uber-lords…he’ll read whatever is put on his teleprompter by his handlers. He is a puppet, going to the highest bidder, or perhaps now is beholden to the group that has guaranteed him a safe, luxurious future…ie, that can keep him and his ill-gotten gain alive and well during and after this next four years. And yes, hopefully that will be to the short term benefit of WeThePeople…maybe, at least in terms of avoiding a near-term world war.

      With God nothing is impossible, so even this man’s heart could be changed, and we can hope and pray for that. But for people to imagine that at core this is a “good” man is beyond naive, and is contrary to all known facts. In fact, this kind of thinking, wishing, assuming is what makes the sheeple of this country so dangerous for itself–it’ll believe anything, if it fits what it wants to hear and believe, and doesn’t like to be confused with the facts…at least up until now. We can hope and pray that eyes and ears and hearts are being opened to see the truth, or to put it in Matrix terms, that they will take the red pill and see what is really going on.

      • Jean says:

        I think you’ve got it wrong about Obama, but we are each free to make our decision. Obama is a NINE on the Enneagram scale. He has the most powerful energy of us all. The reason he is considered the most powerful is that he doesn’t have to put his energy out there: he can hold it until the time is right. I believe Obama has held back for four long years, until the time was right. If he had done anything over, besides keeping us out of WWiII, they likely would have killed him – although I have suspected he and his family have been protected. He had to wait until his second term, when he is free of any bonds and the need to get elected. Now, he can put his energy out there, and I believe we are already seeing it happen.

        The Enneagram, by the way, is an ancient system to understand personality. It derives from the Sufi monastic tradition in which monks heard confessions for many centuries and made some observations about the way different people carry their energy. It has only recently been written down, and guess who has kept it buried deep within their walls? The Jesuits!

        My therapist worked with it, and I have been its beneficiary. If you want to know your issues and get some good ideas about how to deal with them, study Enneagrams. They also help you understand those whom you love and work and interact with on a daily basis. . . very freeing.

        Enneagrams link: (note there is a test to find your type) This is not party game stuff. They are deeply spiritual and complex, and well worthy of your time and efforts. I am a ONE, and had all the issues of a ONE, and my therapist walked me through them. . . she spotted them right off. . . it wasn’t easy, but I did it.


      • Wennye' says:

        Before getting completely in your post, a wave of heaviness came into my Heart Charkra..I continued on and could not believe you citing Spirit’s name while typing and waving the flag, with so much misunderstanding about this being. Hopefully your veil is lifted maybe through taking your ‘red’ pill afc999. Blessings All

      • Nora says:

        Thanks for the Enneagram link Jean. I scored equally on type 5 and 9. Interesting!

        • Jean says:

          Nora, you are the one to decide which energy is really yours. There is one aspect that will be stronger than the other. It is the energetic place we visit when we are under stress in the hopes of resolving our problems NINEs are the most powerful, because they can withhold their energy. But their issue is that they can withhold their energy in their easygoing way and piggy-back on someone else’s energy until life has passed them by and they haven’t discovered who they really are. FIVEs are the observers in life. They sit back and watch from a distance, gathering information. Their gift is that they can put information together in new and unusual ways: Einstein is a good example of this. The issue for a FIVE is that they are often afraid to engage their emotions and prefer to calculate in advance the best ways to do things. Finding the courage to be spontaneous is important to their growth. It’s all interesting and I have found very valid. . . anyway, enjoy – and Hugs, ~Jean

          PS As we gain in health, we visit more and more aspects of the entire Enneagram. Jesus life was an example of this . . .

      • Nora says:

        Thank you very much Jean for the further explanation. Can’t tell you how much both those insights hit the mark with me! Shall be looking further.
        Btw,your “reply” tag is missing from under your comments so hope this appears somewhere near. 🙂
        Lots of love

  34. dawnford2011 says:

    What a wonderous moment !

  35. afc999 says:

    susan…I think I found it on the globalvoice site…an urgent message from Drake regarding the fact that 15 states have now requested secession from the USSA? Is that what you’re talking about?

    • susan says:

      It was on yesterday’s show…. as said, I was doing other things while listening but the one thing I did get was that Obama was turning a corner or to at least look to see if he IS turning a corner, similar to what Fulford said. I read elsewhere the secession of all those states was requested by individuals, not necessarily the states themselves….I am not sure where to find that link except for somewhere on the FB page Universal Voice

  36. Interesting material. Some of Fulford’s materials for me in the past were not always accurate. I do believe in Gordon Duff and a few other writers on the site. What Fulford writes in the current article has a ring of truth to it, though. We must hold Pres. Obama in the light for his safety as he takes on this great fight for humanity’s freedom. We indeed are in very volitalie and intersting times. I still have a hard time thinking Hurricane Sandy was man made and not Gaia cleansing herself from negativity. The only thing I know for certain is that God, Christ, Angels, Masters are for real. That I know.

  37. afc999 says:

    hi, susan…could you give a good link (or otherwise directions) to drake’s show yesterday, that is if you’re not talking about the radio show he did Wed., Nov. 7. If there is a more recent show, it’s not on globalvoice2012. Next one I know of is this coming Wednesday, Nov. 14. Thanks much…

  38. susan says:

    Not a big Drake fan but did take notice that he had also said in his show yesterday that Obama had turned a corner and to continue to look for signs that he is taking on a new role. As always, time will tell. Keep on keepin’ on! Love!

  39. Monica Leal says:

    You can thank US, the Ron Paul people, whose votes for Ron Paul ensured Romney lost the election. Romney fraudulently stole the nomination from Ron Paul. The number of Paul votes made the difference in the election.

    I’m not so sure about Obama though. I voted for him in ;08 and keep hoping he’ll turn out to be a good guy…but WHY then did he vote for the NDAA, raid medical dispensaries, continue bush’s evil policies like the patriot act, and continue drone strikes?

    • Jean says:

      Monica, my belief in this, based on a little fact, is that Obama had to go along with these things – and had the hope that in his second term he would be able to change them. Then, his hands were tied by the cabal. Now, they no longer are. Hugs, ~Jean

  40. afc999 says:

    Have to say that this is a much more understandable note from fulford. It at least puts certain happenings into perspective, assuming that the connections are true concerning Obama (and recent actions, such as those involving Stevens and Petraeus) and those preferring a Marxist-to-the-core president who apparently won’t be intimidated into helping start WWIII over a neo-nazi/fascist oligarchy supported ?Russian/Cuban/CIA (?faction) controlled drug-cartel connected Romney who would.

    It certainly should show to anyone, if ANY of it is true, that Obama, and the Presidency in genl, is a puppet / a hand-picked puppet position. So sad, but, of course, it is nothing new in the history of the world that the ultra-rich and politically powerful / connected run it (from an earthly perspective…God is ultimately in control, but he did charge man with the job of running it) with no concern for the earth or the other humans on it, except to see them as their personal serfs / chattel. What a mess we’ve made. Let’s hope and pray for God’s mercy.

    • Jean says:

      I believe Obama will now gradually begin to clean up the mess! His hands are no longer tied. The Dragon Family wants only peace and trade, and it seems they are supporting him against the dark. What more could we ask right now? Hugs, ~Jean

  41. majapahit says:

    for those, who might (still?) think ‘china’ is free from the illuminati pederast cartel,
    here’s a Dailymail article involving Maurice Strong (he’s alive!) attending a wedding party;

    Mr Foa’s powerful connections were shown to be on the rise when, three years ago, he hired The Great Hall of the People in Tiananmen Square to host a private dinner for Chinese and Western businessmen.

    www . dailymail . co . uk /news/article-2224730/British-businessman-Daniel-Foa-36-married-powerful-family-China . html

    ‘Buccaneering’ British businessman, 36, who has married into the most powerful family in China
    Originally from Wimbledon, Daniel Foa is married to the niece of Xi Jinping
    Mr Xi will become China’s next paramount leader in mid-November

    High-profile guests included Maurice Strong, 83, a former under-secretary general of the United Nations ..

    this is called;
    .. caught with a Lucifer in your pocket

  42. BrotherJay says:

    I think Petraeus was part of the coup that Duff told us about.

  43. While I don’t get behind everything in this report, much of it resonates with what I have been understanding even from my ex-husband who works in the postal service and has a very small connection to a connection. The discord and unrest with a Romney election was what he had been told about from his co-worker, whose brother is allegedly in the sec. svc.

    What I always appreciate most about Fulford, whether he is talking out of his ass or not, lol, is that a world picture is painted. I have lived all over the world — spent time in Asia and the EU both. One factor that is almost *never* addressed in these reports is Africa and what is up with the 1 billion people on that continent. I understand that perhaps Africa is more of a pawn and that there are not as many “major players” that have come out of that continent, but it is like an empty vortex in all writings about world change and shift, spiritual and political. There is something greatly amiss with this, for I don’t think Gaia would just ignore a billion people on an amazing and amazingly rich (in resources, in spiritual wealth, too) continent.

    Africa somehow figures in significantly into these scenarios. Why do I think this? Simply because of how quiet things are about that continent. Absence speaks louder than anything, sometimes.

    Thanks, Jean.

    • White Feather says:

      Yes. I have read that China has built cities there that are empty at this point and that Monsanto is busy forcing its seed on them, while Gates is vaccinating the people into sterility. I think Africa has been selected as the home of the “NWO” and the people are being culled. If you look at the history of South Africa it is already home to a Nazi like group who have no respect for indigenous peoples. I think weather control will be used to continue destroying the U.S. grain belt and Africa will be made to flourish. I feel we have vastly underestimated the importance of the Geo-engineering plan. If positive factions don’t get control of that and stop the fracking of our water supply and destruction of other resources like what BP did to fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, we might get peace but without the resources to live.

      • Jean says:

        I believe we have the technology to clean up this planet in months – not years, but months. As soon as this is over, it will be released. This is not fantasy thinking on my part . . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • Kathy Kelley says:

      Karin, I do believe this is so as well. Makes a body wonder doesn’t it

      • Makes a body wonder doesn’t it

        It does some days. I have to say I am coming back to this post after seeing the excellent film “Cloud Atlas” (by the creators of “The Matrix” as well as Tom Tykwer of “Run, Lola, Run”) and the insight and energy it brought to me. It (the resonance of the movie and things I saw in it) makes me see that Africa is absolutely a huge factor in all of this — I’m just not seeing exactly how, yet, but I bet in hindsight it will make me nod and say “ah ha!” a lot, lol.

        Jean — I sure hope it is “months”… I get freaked at the stuff that needs to be cleaned up! o.O

  44. markskinney1 says:

    Let there be peace on Earth

  45. cosmickatt says:

    Ecellent Article. Thanks for bringing it to us!

  46. marinaalbin says:

    I wanted to thank Dan for his weekly newletters but found out that he blocked me from his channel? 🙂
    Well, let it be 🙂

  47. Bly says:

    It appears that Obama will indeed prove himself to be the highly spiritually evolved being we were told he was by certain galactic family members. I never realised how much the need to get reelected would hinder his ability to bring change over the first four years, but now see why showing his hand too early could/would have lead to his demise without any chance to really implement change. Now that he has nothing politically to worry about whatsoever, he is cleaning up shop. Its going to be an exciting 6 weeks folk, no fear, love, light and compassion always.

  48. Kaya says:

    I’m glad I voted

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