Both the fact that Kerry even gives Tom Heneghan’s comments the time of day – and then asks the question at the end of this article that she does—Were Patraeus and Ambassador Stevens members of a very strong and substantial group working to take down the Bush Cabal?—tell me she is totally on the wrong track. For myself, I prefer the analysis of others, which says exactly the opposite is true. ~J

Tuesday, 13 November 2012 10:51

Written by Kerry Cassidy

For those who are wondering about the real story behind the Patraeus affair, here is a completely different angle:

General Petraeus has been and remains personal friends of Paula Broadwell and her husband for over 20 years.

Broadwell was trying to protect General Petraeus and Ambassador Stevens from an FBI Division 5 Israeli Mossad instigated email hacking attack against General Petraeus and Stevens as Petraeus and Stevens and other patriotic members of the U.S. military were compiling “smoking gun evidence” concerning the criminal money laundering activity of the Bush-Clinton-Cheney Crime Family Syndicate’s Omega Fund.

Note: The Omega Fund has accrued massive profits from the illegal rigging of the LIBOR rate tied to Barclays Bank of England, UBS Switzerland and Citibank of New York.” — Tom Heneghan

Tom Heneghan’s blog references links to death of Ambassador Stevens (characterized as a targeted hit)…

As we have reported in previous intelligence briefings, Ambassador Stevens was in possession of the December of 2001 Osama bin Laden aka 9/11 patsy and CIA employee Tim Osman’s death certificate.

Stevens also was in possession of financial records regarding the money laundry activities of the Bush-Clinton-Cheney Crime Family Syndicate administered Omega Fund, which was involved in launderingWanta-Reagan-Mitterrand Protocol Funds through nine (9) major U.S. banking institutions.

Again, it is important to remember that the night of the Benghazi attacks massive volatility took place in gold, silver and crude oil futures in which billions of dollars were rearranged and disguised in illegal cross-collateralized derivatives tied to Citibank and the London LIFFE Exchange.’–Tom Heneghan

This statement from a previous intel report by Heneghan sums up the link between this takedown of Patraeus just before he is due to testify regarding the Benghazi incident:

Petraeus was ready to finger current dysfunctional U.S. Secretary of State, loser Hillary RodenhurstClinton for ordering a U.S. military stand down as U.S. Libyan Ambassador Christopher Stevens was being assassinated by bought and paid for U.S. government provocateurs, as well as the rogue U.S. CIA data base aka Al Qaeda. — Tom Heneghan

To add to the complexity of what is really going on, this MSNBC article reveals that Broadwell is actually an agent

The new information offers clues about how federal investigators could connect a handful of anonymous emails to Broadwell, a trained intelligence officer who spent years working with some of the most secretive agencies in the world. –NBC News article

If this is the case, then Broadwell’s role is much more than that of a simple “biographer”.  What all of the above points to is a war with the Bush Cabal from within our government that now reaches into the offices of the President, Secretary of State and Attorney General. It also raises the possibility that there is a widening of the net around the recent reported  “coup” that resulted in:

General Petraeus’s toppling follows similar attacks by the Obama regime in the past 3 weeks that has seen the unprecedented ouster of many top US Military leaders including Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, US Army General Carter Ham, Brigadier General Jeffery A. Sinclair, and US Navy Commander Joseph E. Darlak, all of whom we had previously reported on in our reports “Obama Coup Plot Slams Into Russia” and “Obama Fires Top Admiral As Coup Plot Fears Grows.”

The focus on the so-called scandal of an extramarital affair by Patraeus, is a news smear tactic to take eyes away from the real battle going on in Washington DC.  The American people have no idea that a battle is raging to takeover the government by a least one group of the military.  What their agenda is and whether they will be successful is unclear.

However, it appears that the Bush Cabal is facing a challenge to power coming from within high levels of the military who are working in conjunction with a portion of the CIA and perhaps others.   The media blitz is the way the Bush cabal is fighting back.

This battle being fought in the public arena between the two sides is one aimed at hiding behind character assasination attacks in order to ward off real investigation into the deaths of Americans in Benghazi, revelations about Libor, the Omega Fund and much much more…

Question:  Were Patraeus and Ambassador Stevens members of a very strong and substantial group working to take down the Bush Cabal?  If so, what are their true objectives and alignments?

As this drama moves forward be aware that the players on both sides are coming forward and taking stands in the public arena.  You will know who belongs to which side or at least have a key to their allegiances by what roles they play… and the statements they make to the Press.  If only the Press were really interested in revealing the truth and the bigger story beyond the superficial red herrings they chose to follow… always involving sex and scandal as oppoesed to reporting the breakdown of the U.S., regime change and where this is all leading.

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  1. Lenore says:

    I can answer that…Kerry has a paying audience….that pays dues monthly thru paypal……it’s her obligation to come up with intrigue( as it is with Ben, who enjoys the same setup, but Kerry pulls a heftier fee) because this is what her audience comes to her for…political and ETV(off worlder) intrigues….
    So with that in mind…you probably can slap the 40% dis on her as well, and knowing her, she’ll claim she was given the info and had know way of knowing any different…she like to keep her hand clean so she can go onto the next E ticket ride…which benefits her whole business….yes remember folks….it’s a business….like any other…. 🙂
    By the way…one good tsunami with all these political characters in one place would suit me…I’m sick and tired of the bullish*t…..and don’t wish them well at this point….here we are coming up on a big energetic shift in Dec and they keep create more swill for us to swallow.
    I only wish the planet and her innocent blesses at this point(which I know is not the fashionably spiritual thing to do)
    Because these gluttons don’t deserve forgiveness it seems and will never change, even with certain death hanging over them….let the wheels of time flatten them down into the asphalt and turn to dusk….my prayer for the living and those who truly love our earth….

  2. Alan says:

    I sincerely doubt the veracity of Tom Heneghan’s “intel”. Something about the tone and the attitude sets off red flags for me. The supposed facts are delivered with a heavy dose of adjectives and invectives that seem designed to put a person into a more “reptilian” and basic state of mind, a black and white view of the world that sets people up for a “fight or flight” response. Why Kerry Cassidy is promoting his views I don’t know– maybe to teach us discernment? 😛

  3. afc999 says:

    Hey bacalove…I did like to read Duff’s stuff, too, until his recent admission that 40% of what he writes is dis-information!! Now I don’t trust him anymore…how can I / we? What are your thots on that? 5% disinformation?…ok, I’ll take 95% truth, perhaps, esp. if it’s vetted and available to confirm. But 40%??…wow…no way. That hurts.

    • Jean says:

      This is a decision you must make for yourself, of course, but I think GD does what Ben does, and I know for a fact that Ben does do this: He puts out disinfo to the Cabal. . . Did you look at the video? Did you see exactly who published it? Do you get the feeling from the sound and so-on attached that the energy was very negative?


      • Alan says:

        I watched the video myself and it seemed the intent was to discredit everything Gordon Duff puts out, which isn’t fair to him. Everybody is putting out disinformation.

        The mass media puts out plenty of “disinfo” and “lies by omission” in that it focuses our attention on one thing while ignoring another thing entirely. Government and military officials and agencies put out press releases which are then picked up by news sources and stated as fact (without any independent verification) and those press releases are probably rarely completely honest. The official unemployment rate and inflation (cost of living increase) rate are just two examples of non-factual statistics.

        Gordon Duff is honest enough to admit that disinformation is everywhere, and that even he is sometimes fed “intel” that he can’t personally verify but passes on anyway because his sources seem to believe it. The lesson I choose to learn from Duff’s admission is that much of what I believe, I don’t really know. I only believe it because somebody else said it. Even if everybody is parroting the same thing, that doesn’t turn a lie into the truth.

        • Jean says:

          Alan, thanks for this balanced comment. It’s impossible for me here to answer all of them in detail, but you have actually done the job for me. I do appreciate it. Hugs, ~Jean

      • afc999 says:

        Hi Jean…which video exactly? I’ve watch so many recently.

        W/rt to Duff, I’m not sure what to do with “40% disinformation”…what do you make of it? For instance, in Duff’s “exposé” of Romney there was information that i had heard before and had vetted, so I knew at least some of it is true. And Ben’s disinformation also makes for much confusion for everyone. Not saying he doesn’t feel he has to, but then how would one know what isn’t?

        And that obviously makes it hard to share info with people, to help others be informed, not knowing what’s disinfo and what’s vetted fact. And btw, I agree with a lot you say about Savage and Jones…SO much negativity and yelling, so much more subjective, one-sided “analysis” than fact / evidence presentation. They are hard to listen to and hard to credit with NOT having some other agenda or of not being the “tools” of some other “overlords” themselves.

  4. bacalove says:

    I am not a big fan of Kerry Cassidy, though there is some truth in what she says. I am a big Fan of Gordon Duff, he backs his info up with facts you can look up and Google. Most of us who are intuitive know that there is something else going on behind the scenes, the real story. Someone is cleaning house. I believe it will be to our good. Those who are astrologers should be able to see planetary energy that is doing the work and in what way.

  5. BILL says:

    Here comes the white dragon family to the rescue. “thanks guys” that backed Obama the last 3 weeks but with strings that he get rid of all Bush(short for Bushwacked) operatives.

  6. amosouldeer says:

    In my experience, most rats leave (before getting kicked off…3Is that a Clint’in your eye ?” 🙂 a sinking ship…

  7. cosmickatt says:

    I don’t think that some members of the White House wants Patraeus to testify to what really happened in Benghazi and felt that he needed to go. I don’t think for one minute that anyone believed that an affair was the cause for Patraeus’s resignation or firing as most put it. As far as Stevens death, It’s my opinion that he was in the “know too much” club that ultimately ended his life. The sad part of any stories of such magnitude is that money is always at the root of it all.

    Clinton is well aware of the real Benghazi story as well as Obama himself. In fact, I think that Clinton is up to her eyeball’s in lies and deceit. when it was mentioned that Obama was made to clean house after election by supporters who funded his campaign in my opinion is part non-sense. It’s my opinion that the real reason behind Obama cleaning house is directly related to the Benghazi incident.

  8. Debbie says:

    Sitting on the sidelines, I think it is impossible for us to even guess what the real story is, but what I hope is that as this scandal breaks open the truth will come out…..I have so many questions:

    Why did many in the military refer to Petraeus as BETRAY-US?

    Why would people imagine that Obama has turned on the Bush cabal when all indications are he is a product of it? I’d love to think he opposes them, but what evidence do we have?

    We have conflicting reports by many unreliable sources…..Kerry, Fulford, Duff…..the never ending barrage of dis information…….and we don’t know who is working for whom….

    But this could be the beginning of the unraveling and should be very interesting…just watch them go.

    One thing we do know, this is far more than a story about an extra-marital affair bringing down the CIA Director…………

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