Kay Griggs: Colonel’s Wife Tell-All Interview 4 of 4

I first posted this video back on 9/21/2011, and I want to thank P. for reminding me of it – for those who have not seen it. I’m adding the other three parts today to the original post. ~J

Posted on September 21, 2011 

While I haven’t been able to watch all of this video as yet, I think it is going to be of great value, so I’m posting it right away. Thanks to my ‘silent’ friend for bringing this to my attention. ~Jean

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29 Responses to Kay Griggs: Colonel’s Wife Tell-All Interview 4 of 4

  1. I found Kay Griggs’ YT videos only this week and admire her forthrightness and spunk. In the last 2 years I’ve learned ALL cousins are Illuminati and I am descended from Illuminati as well. Apparently, only my mother, her parents and me chose to be christians. Both my mother and maternal grandparents are deceased, leaving me alone to deal with all this knowledge. Sadly, my mother’s brother and his family as well as my sister are part of the organization. Like Kay, I’ve learned we are of Hebrew lineage yet my cousins attend Methodist, Catholic and Seventh Day Adventist churches, which makes them “crypto-jews.” Among them are lawyers, bankers, nurses, artists and school-teachers. The book Kay cited in one of her videos – though during her interview she forgot it’s title is Stephen Birmingham’s, The Grandees: America’s Sephardic Elite, published in 1971. You can find it “used” on Amazon. This book will blow your mind what it reveals about America’s founding families.
    Also, if anyone reading this knows how to contact Kay, I would enjoy speaking with her. At one point in an interview Kay begins to relate the story of a woman having the last name of Sullivan when she is interrupted and never again mentions the name. My stepfather’s family name is Sullivan and I now know them to be crypto-jews as well and wish to know if Kay’s “Sullivans” are related to his family. To this end, I have checked to be notified of follow-up comments via email and new posts via email.
    Since 2006, I see no new information regarding Kay on the internet, which saddens me. At a time when more people need to speak out about what’s coming to America it would be nice to have a spokeswoman. One internet radio news channel I found, Daryl Bradford Smith’s iamthewitness.com, which interviewed Kay, has neither any recent (2014) news nor any information how to contact Mr. Bradford Smith. If anyone knows anything about how to contact him, please advise me.
    In closing, I will state that my cousins are evil, evil, evil people who will stop at nothing to get what they want and they want money and power. If you personally are not part of this organization, please know that what is happening IS biblical and it is crucial for you to READ your King James Bible in order to best understand what is happening as well as to defend yourself against our enemy, Satan-Lucifer.
    God bless, Cynthia Hoffman
    PS: Where I presently live, ALL my neighbors are satan-lucifer worshippers. I have documented the pagan idolatry around me on my YouTube channel, dagnyatl (the last letter is a lower case “L”), please watch my videos for your edification.

  2. Jean says:

    Sorry, jesus_loves_you, I’m not crazy about this langauge going all over the planet. . . Hugs, ~Jean

  3. David says:

    Where can I obtain a copy of all eight hours of this interview on DVD? I would like to view the entire interview, and watching via an internet connection is not an option for me. Also, has anyone transcribed all eight hours of this interview?


  4. keepkelb says:

    Believe her interviews were very well done and her information well protrayed. They well described a system in place, that can create great harm. There is more to what she has so far revealed. What she has revealed should make every American demand/insist that our military and intelligence agencies be transparent, investigated and prosecuted, when crimes such as these are revealed. I thought she did an excellent job at portraying these abuses, especially given the material, years and people she needed to cover. I wish her continued strength, survival and decency. She deserves it. I thank her for portraying this much needed and covert subject matter.

    • Jean says:

      Yes, everyone needs to take some time with Kay’s words. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • keepkelb says:

        Agreed, Jean. I think they explain how the illegal experimentation came into being and the coverup continued. It is in mindsets of these people Kay described. Thank you for your comment and please continue to read our pages. Thank you. Lynn Bowne Weed Co-Chairwoman, Kelb, Inc. keepethicallightburning.org

        • Jean says:

          Lynn, I was interested in your company and website, Keep the Ethical Light Burning – http://keepethicallightburning.org/articles/ – so I had a look. I think it’s worth sharing a bit of info on it here:

          Mission Stmnt
          KELB is formed to effectively deal with unauthorized human subject testing and its victims. We are especially concerned with this problem, as it has occurred from 1948, WWII — through the present. Our concerns are the programs of the intelligence/military community and the covert secret programs, they formed and operated on unsuspecting Americans up to the present.

          These include such revealed and exposed testing programs as the MKUltra Project, Project Pandora, Bluebird, Artichoke, the biological and chemical testing programs and other programs of this nature.

          Many of these nonconsensual tests, beginning in 1948, were performed on American children. Our goals are exposure, including journalistic exposure, location of victims, research into civil action concerning abuses of law and ethics, education, support for victims of these nonconsensual tests. We seek effective ethical and nonpolitical oversight of the entire military and intelligence community, as it currently exists. We want to put an end to the potential for recurrence of these heinous experiments and the illegal coverup of these acts.

          It is illegal to experiment on anyone in this country without his or her informed consent. 45 C.F.R. 46 clearly states that the informed consent of the human subject is necessary before any experimentation may take place, legally. The Nuremberg Code established at the close of World War II is the international legal standard for human experimentation. Violations of international law, clearly stating that human experimentation can only occur with informed consent.

          Our mission is advocacy for victims of these illegal programs and exposure of their plight. We also intend that survivor/victims we work with, be made whole.

          Many thanks and hugs for your efforts on behalf of humanity!

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  6. A remarkable and corageous woman is Katherine Kay Griggs and YES after 5 years of in depth research I do believe and trust in her accounts and story of the corrupt mindset within the Military Industrial Complex, Government and covernment agencies. She deseves our moral support and understanding and caring for going on the record to bring this out into the Public domain. As a saying goes “Nothing is as it seems, and nothing is ever just one thing either”. The damn NWO warmongering topside down freaks must be exposed continously to protect all civilians and innocent military personell global. Our sons and daughters, wives and husbands and grandchildren need our protection from these crimminal and abusive sexual predators. I have shared to various links and sites of Kay Griggs story and videos and shall continue to do so regularly until some pro-active results are forthcoming and these critical and serious issues are tackled head-on. The world at large must know this and effect change to this diabolical systematic destruction of soo many lives and damaged human beings and innocents murdered for a sociopathic, hedonistic narcisstic elite minority who just want to rule the world like all ego maniacs.

  7. Bob says:

    ‘Great’ interview, watched and listened to, the whole 8+ hours of this (sad and obviously) painful (to her) affair Great ‘observation’, too, by the way, from reader Arwen!

    I couldn’t see anything being ‘personally taken’ by Arwen, at all, my self. 🙂

    People should listen with open minds and not cause irrelevant diversion or distraction, by ‘personally’ picking on (‘attacking’) a “messenger’s” PERSON or ‘integrity’! Next time, LISTEN to the MESSAGE instead, and we may ALL become more aware and awake, already.

    Ever tried (personally) to sit in front of a camera for 8 hours naming names of perpetrators of the most heinous acts of perversion and deception, and not forget the odd name here and there, knowing you are likely/literally putting your ‘physical life’ on the line? Hmm.

    Let’s all in future, learn to be SLOW to speak, and QUICKER to LISTEN, and the whole world will be changed in the ‘twinkling of an eye’, for the better and highest good, of ALL.

    But please don’t take MY word for this; get to know this, is your OWN ‘personal’, experience.


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  9. Arwen says:

    “southerners seem to be that way”-?? Excuse me? We are unable to focus in making a single point? Or we are all on antidepressants? Wow, are you prejudiced.

    • Jean says:

      May I suggest that you don’t take everything personally? If it makes you angry, you may well miss the larger point of her entire story. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • Arwen says:

        I am only “angry” at ignorance and prejudice. I understood Mrs. Griggs just fine. Apparently “Michael” could only focus on her background. If this type of prejudice is routinely ignored, then we have all missed the point. I’m surprised it didn’t bother you. I’m also surprised that you defined my questions as just taking prejudice personally. Kay had a lot of information to get across. That should be the focus. Maybe you missed the point?

  10. Brian Wallace says:

    Eric Hufschmid. This is the guys name who interviewed this amazing lady.

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  13. Larry Cox says:

    Eight hours of raw footage! Holy smokes!
    It’s way too much for me to digest at one time. But I did look at all of part one.

    This woman sketches out the situation pretty well.

    It’s worth contemplating, not just reacting to. Because it goes very deep.

    We have people in the US who think that there are military officers who still believe in the basic ideals outlined in our Constitution. But when you get rid of all these party boys, who’s going to be left? And what happens if we don’t get rid of them? After all, they’re the ones with the weapons. So they more or less control what happens in the physical, until such time as the spiritual gets strong enough to undo the physical.

    Our work is cut out for us.

    • justme says:

      Now this is what I have been looking for. Jean, thank you so much for posting this.

      I am intrigued, who were the journalists interviewing her, and where did this piece end up. Obviously this is the unedited version (which makes it all the more authentic in my opinion – just seeing her initially scatter from topic to topic wanting to say everything at once confirms this for me).

      Does anyone know?

      Thanks again Jean (and the other piece on dual citizenship was very factual too, ta)

      Love and Peace

      • MIchael Merkabaman says:

        Wow, you are so much kinder than I am! I had trouble following all her scattered babbling.
        I actually found it painful. the damage that was done to her has made her unable to focus in making a single point, But aristocrats and southerners seem to be that way. Shw seems like she is probably on anti-depressants as she seems so out of touch and disconnected. I only watched the first 2 hours and it was like she never finished a thought.
        I certainly heard enough to appreciate and understand how the shame and power controls these poor powerhungry psychopaths.
        Love and Light,

        • Rosie7 says:

          She is clear as a bell and not babbling as you state. Quit trying to make her look damaged. She is fully in control of her faculty.

  14. White Feather says:

    I would imagine there is a pool of women who like powerful men in uniform and know when to stay out of sight. I would also assume they have no interest in being a traditional loving wife. As she said, one of the Generals had a wife who was a prostitute.

  15. lainski1 says:

    Whitefeather, i do not know if she is alive and well but i do know that she got divorced from him and he remarried. Can you imagine someone else marrying him? The new wife should have done some vetting. I wonder what has happened to her.

  16. lainski1 says:

    these interviews with Kay Griggs should go in the history books. She is from an aristocratic background & she is telling the story of something that is so far out of the realm of the way she was brought up, and she tells it very eloquently. If you want to wake up. These interviews explain satanism & perversion at the higher realms of our military, DC, the Vatican, the Royals etc. There are evil creatures running every institution on the planet. We need to get rid of them.

  17. White Feather says:

    This is a great interview Jean. Not only does it cast light on the levels of psychological control in the military but it suggests that something similar might be behind bizarre behavior we have seen in non-military people. Her testimony also suggests that it was very important to keep male homosexuality socially unacceptable because they have used the threat of exposure to blackmail so many people. Make it okay to have had experiences and those people may well have tales to tell. I wonder if that is why J Edgar Hoover was chosen for his post, way back when. Do you happen to know if this woman is still alive and well?

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