The Daily Bell: Lloyd Blankfein: Let’s All Compromise to Support the Status Quo

Neil Keenan is now actively engaged in going after Blankfein and his ilk and will soon have much to say publicly. Please note a previous article by Neil in response to another of Blankfein’s ridiculous statements: 

Neil Keenan says, “Blankfein, we’re coming after you!”, August 22, 2012: “This is absolutely the most absurd statement ever made by any banking official!” … Continue reading →
Thursday, November 15, 2012 – by Staff Report

Lloyd Blankfein: Let’s All Compromise to Support the Status Quo

Lloyd Blankfein: The Business Plan for American Revival … There is a huge amount of investible cash that is now sitting on the sidelines, waiting for sensible reforms … Relations between the Obama administration and large segments of the business community have been strained and unproductive. But the election offers an important opportunity to forge a more productive relationship. By electing a divided government, Americans didn’t choose two years of squabbling and inaction until the next election—and the country cannot afford that. Both parties will have to compromise to make progress. – Wall Street Journal

Dominant Social Theme: Let’s get the US moving again.

Free-Market Analysis: Here comes Lloyd Blankfein to try to make amends for his ridiculous statement not so long ago that bankers “do God’s work.” He’s head of Goldman Sachs, perhaps the most powerful mercantilist banking firm in the world.

The operative term is “mercantilist.” Goldman Sachs is no more a Wall Street firm than GM is a private car manufacturer. Goldman is an operative force of what we call Money Power and is by design so intermingled with the government it is hard to tell where the company leaves off and US fedgov begins.

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One Response to The Daily Bell: Lloyd Blankfein: Let’s All Compromise to Support the Status Quo

  1. Theta Bill says:

    Any good lawyer first defines terms: The above comments are useless until we define “Bankers are doing God’s work.” Mr. Blankfein, please define God. I doubt most of the readers of this blog have the same, or even similar, defination.
    cf: “It depends on what the defination of ‘is’ is.” William Clinton

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