Child Sex Rings Reveal Unspeakable Acts of Power Elite (Videos)

Source: Activist Post
Wednesday, November 14, 2012

One of the most difficult things to convey to people who are relatively new to information that appears in the so-called alternative media is just how diabolical the controlling elite really are.

People can seem to accept that the world is run by a bunch of ruthless bankers, or perhaps they realize that presidents and national leaders are puppets to corporate interests, or perhaps they even have come to grips with the fact that “The Elite” are willing to destroy nations and people to consolidate power and form a one-world government. Poison the planet with depleted uranium? Yes. Poison the food supply with GMO’s? Definitely.

But one topic that has been routinely shrugged off as manifestly impossible is that those at the very top of the pyramid, including well-known politicians and public figures, have engaged consistently — and on a widespread basis — in the organized sale, rape, torture and murder of children. Frankly, we had a hard time fully believing it ourselves until recently. But the evidence has become so overwhelming that we must have the courage to look into the very worst cesspit; one which better belongs in paintings of Hell’s torments, not on the evening news.

According to, 800,000 children under the age of 18 go missing each year globally — 2,185 per day. Their hotline received an average of 580 calls per day to this point in the last quarter of 2012 — 3.5 million calls since the organization’s inception in 1984. It is clearly an epidemic of staggering proportions.

When Fritz Springmeier and David Icke began talking 20 years ago about organized pedophile rings and mind-controlled sex slaves (often with overtly Satanic themes) within the highest levels of society, most readers met them with serious doubt or outright dismissal. We would be very unwise to dismiss their research now.

The Jimmy Savile scandal has taken center stage in bringing these r
evelations to a wider audience, as it is embedded within Britain’s BBC corporate media itself where they were forced to lamely issue an apology that the original Newsnight investigation into numerous claims of sex acts with children was dropped, all the while insisting that “there was not enough evidence to say whether sexual abuse or harassment at the corporation was ‘endemic.””

David Icke certainly has a different take on it. According to Icke, Savile “was the child-supplying fixer for the rich and famous in politics, entertainment and royalty” and can be linked to a massive child abuse scandal in North Wales. (Source) Icke’s 1998 book The Biggest Secret details a seemingly unbelievable number of prominent U.S. and UK political leaders who centrally figure into these scandals. Icke details how Savile is indicative not of a single evil person using their position of power to destroy innocence, but is indicative of an entire lifestyle embraced within the top echelons of society.

Savile’s close connections to the royal family cannot be denied, and even skeptics have to wonder how people in the highest positions could not have at least known and covered up the details of what was taking place.

Savile himself would boast about his connections to the royals and it was publicly acknowledged that he was a regular visitor to Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace (where Princess Diana lived after her marriage ended with Prince Charles), and Highgrove (the country estate of Prince Charles).

Savile told Esquire: ‘The thing about me is I get things done and I work deep cover. I’ve known the Royal Family for a million years.’ (Source)

As Icke highlights, one of Savile’s own nephews, Guy Mardsen, is now discussing what happened at Savile’s “paedophile parties” with many children coming from orphanages or children’s homes.

To those who still think Icke might be crazy to suggest something much larger, The Telegraph just released statements from the former policeman who exposed Savile. He says that Savile “engineered” his show specifically as a vehicle to gain access to children.

I believe he engineered his programmes within the BBC and Radio Luxembourg in order to gain access to children.

The classic examples are Top Of The Pops, Savile’s Travels, Jim’ll Fix It – all of them gave him access to young children. That’s why there were so many victims. (Source)

At least 300, and many more inquires.

This is not the only scandal that large news outlets like the BBC have failed to cover. Sian Griffiths, a local council official in North Wales, collected details about allegations made between 1991 and 2000. The stacks of documents she reveals in the video below is beyond shocking, but nothing more so than the evidence of a coverup which followed the mention of high-profile figures who attended child sex parties. (Source)

Video: Child abuse the BBC has failed to report about

The Jerry Sandusky case in America has every indication of, again, not being one demented predatory individual, but a systemic acceptance of a severely twisted lifestyle. As vile as he was shown to be, the fact that he could conduct his activities so openly over at least a 15-year period forces one to question how many others might have been involved. Some have speculated that his sexual acts with children dated back to the 1970s. Penalties were imposed on Sandusky and Penn State, but it was his connection with Second Mile (whose motto is “Providing Children With Help and Hope”) that becomes even more disturbing. A child prostitute later came forward to give the following account which implicates another school and shows the abuse to be much more widespread:

In the email to Poly Prep, Bucceroni said he was ‘a child prostitute’ and was associated with a pedophile ring that included Sandusky, Foglietta, now-deceased Philadelphia businessman Ed Savitz and former Wharton School of Business professor Lawrence Scott Ward, who is serving a lengthy prison sentence for trafficking in child porn and smuggling photos and videos of himself having sex with a teenage Brazilian boy.

‘(Between) 1977-1980 I was a child prostitute associated with a tri-state (NYC-NJ-PA) pedophile ring. (During the) summer of 1979 I was brought to the State College area by Ed Savitz for the purpose of child prostitution with Jerry Sandusky at a Second Mile fundraiser,’ Bucceroni wrote in the email. ‘Due to time constraints, Sandusky became unavailable and I was introduced to Phil Foglietta by Ed Savitz & Jerry Sandusky. Foglietta was introduced to us as Coach Phil who coached youth football in NYC. Foglietta agreed to pay $200.00 for child sex and followed us back to a Philadelphia hotel, myself and another child prostitute then engaged coach Phil in child sex. (Source)

Here is a graphic showing only what was proved to have happened at Penn State.

Systemic indeed. Australia has now launched its own investigation into child sex allegations that comprise “churches, state care facilities, schools, charities, child services agencies and police.”

The prime minister’s announcement of a judicial inquiry follows allegations last week by a police officer of a cover-up by the Catholic church into child sexual abuse in the Hunter region, north of Sydney.

‘I can testify from my own experience that the church covers up, silences victims, hinders police investigations, alerts offenders, destroys evidence and moves priests to protect the good name of the church,’ he wrote in an open letter to the New South Wales state premier, Barry O’Farrell.

Fox, a veteran of decades of investigations into child sexual abuse, said he had ‘irrefutable’ evidence of a cover-up involving a number of diocese bishops. ‘It potentially goes even higher than that,’ he told ABC television. (Source)

This is on par with what we already know about institutional child abuse that has taken place within the Orwellian-named “Child Protective Services.” A range of studies have shown that at least 28% of children put into state care wound up being abused, with numbers much higher in certain states. And in Arizona alone, 500 of 4,000 children were sexually abused while in the care of the state. (Source and more studies here)

But one group really shows the scope of child sex slavery, abuse, and every vile activity imaginable: DynCorp. DynCorp is responsible for recruiting, training and deploying civilian peacekeepers and police trainers to 11 countries, including Haiti, Bosnia, Afghanistan, and Iraq, for the Department of State. (Source)

Whistleblowers, Ben Johnson and Kathryn Bolko
vac, were both fired after attempting to stop DynCorp employees and supervisors engaging in sex acts with children. These children had been purposely kidnapped from other regions to serve as sex slaves. No one was formally prosecuted, even as more reports came out that DynCorp was part of a large network of child prostitution involving international aid workers.

More recently in Afghanistan it was revealed by a WikiLeaks cable that DynCorp threw “boy-play” parties for new Afghan police recruits. The exploits of DynCorp — funded by the U.S. taxpayer — is perhaps the supreme example of the predators stalking this planet. Here is Donald Rumsfeld stammering through an attempt to explain the continued governmental support for DynCorp:

An excellent two-part report “Children Under Attack,” about the systemic abuse and coverup, can be found here.

It seems that every rock overturned reveals worse and worse. The Jimmy Savile scandal has opened up a door into truly demonic realms. The overwhelming amount of testimony across the board paints a picture of widespread torture and rape of children that produces a cognitive dissonance in any normal human being.

The realization that there are individuals in suits, crowns, and uniforms who are literally blood-drinking psychopaths that would make notorious elites like Elizabeth Bathory and Vlad the Impaler blush, is almost too much for an innocent mind to comprehend. And, yet, it seems to be so vast in numbers that it would appear to be the norm rather than the exception of a just a few demented people — especially since the protection and cover-up for these groups is clearly vast as well.

We are programmed to fear the next Ted Bundy, or “lone nut” stalking our neighborhood, but we would do better to scrutinize more closely those to whom we pay our taxes and falsely look up to as protectors — they are stalking the planet … and they are doing it in packs. These are “people” who have no problem lying their country into war, bombing the innocent on a routine basis, and tanking economies on purpose. It is a matter of policy to starve entire populations into submission without a second thought. And apparently that’s the least of their crimes.

However, before we can council our children, as adults we need to grow up ourselves. It is not a type of awakening that should produce fear and paranoia, but rather an admission that we are much better, and more capable of directing the course of our lives and communities than those who have been officially charged with the task. We also must admit to ourselves that the strangers to whom we have acquiesced our power are being revealed as stranger than we ever could have imagined.

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21 Responses to Child Sex Rings Reveal Unspeakable Acts of Power Elite (Videos)

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  11. Lenore says:

    It’s an up hill battle….for instance in the case I referred to….the woman who was my client…her parents were in local government….and from the time she was little, her father pasted her around to different men and himself for sex, who were in his secret group…… until she was old enough to attend these sacrificial rituals and the punch line is……..all her father’s friends were policemen….officials in government…..Professors….all “honored citizens in our society”….THIS IS HOW THEY DO IT AND GET AWAY WITH IT” it’s a network……. who’s going to believe a crazed child or insane women over a PHD….or Police Chief ……or Fire Chief…..or Doctor….etc….the answer is NO ONE….no one will believe the women or child… will be said they’re making it up for attention….or some such thing……this is why is so difficult to prosecute … it’s going to take dedication and evidence revealed publicly to a lot of people, fast before anyone can stop it or spin it…….

    I’ll bet you that Jerry Sandesky sex sandal was the tip of the iceberg on a huge network of people using those boys… a “University with coaches and teachers”……and God knows who else…..protecting their activities….and rituals……I’m sorry to say, and remember they usually secretly video tape what ever goes on and use it as black mail to prevent anyone from talking….this is how they do…..

    And yes Crowley, was the one who influenced everyone in this time period that was into serious studies of darkness….he wrote all the how to manuals in detail……researched all the old hidden techniques of Egypt, Italy etc, experimented and put it all together in volumes…..and I have to say even White Magicians studied and referred to his texts, cause the applications where effective and accurate, and could be used for good, God and the Goddess and well as Lucifer and the Demon cults…’s very unsavory grown up stuff……

    And for you information Crowley died addicted to heroin, destitute..poor……with nothing to show for…..crazed bitter old man…..they all die like that….who serve the dementors 🙂
    You go Harry!!!

  12. bacalove says:

    Wow! Rep. Cynthia McKinney is sorely missed! They had to get rid of her. Once I picked up an Alexister Crowley book from a friend’s library. It talked about taking children and using them in sacrifice for their blood. I got so scared I immediately took the book out my house and threw the book away and never returned it to the friend/acquantance. I am so glad this monstrous activity is finally coming to light and getting the attention it deserves.

  13. Julie says:

    they have gotten away with all their horrendous crimes for so long they really dont think we can stop them and i actually wonder myself if we can. all these inquests etc are run by dark cabal freemasons etc,,, they always manage to cover them up as they are trying to do now, although i really think the floodgates have finally opened this time hopefully but it is hard to believe we will get those at the very top. My other worry about austerity financial etc,,,is that they actually plan and enjoy watching us uprise in the streets its all part of the plan of NWO. I trully believe its all tumbleing down at a rapid rate now way too much is coming out all at once for them to control. also remember they have sold their souls to the Devil so our future can only get better (brighter) not so sure about theres BYE BYE darkness hello LIGHT,,,,,,,,,,

    • amosouldeer says:

      Julie, these are skerletons in “our” cupboards. Self-righteous disdain in itself will do nothing to further the resoluition of our ‘darker side’. This situation is an invitation to recognize, accept and pardon all aspects of our complicated, collective consciousnerss (today, somewhere, women and children are being killed, maimed, razped, etyc. in ‘youir’ name (via ‘your ‘army) “hidden from vierw”. It is wake-up time, but there is no awakening before, first, passing through the darkness of night … 🙂

  14. Lenore says:

    Let me simplify this for you and I’m sorry to have to tell you….this is about extractions….of astral energies for demons that the elite serve….that have given the elite and wealthy their power, as hard as it is to believe……believe it ….it’s a network of compliance……
    All Luciferian activity is based on satisfying hungry demonic beings, that linger around the ones they have empowered in this world…(remember Spider man, the father who had that demon within him telling him what to do…its’ just like that)
    And it even goes all the way up to ritualistic torturing, sexual and otherwise with certain terrorized death as the intended outcome.

    It is attended, in ceremonial garb by the covens and groups established. I personally know this to be true, as I had a client many years ago, who grew up in a family highly place in society and she was force to comply to these rituals and witnessed the worst of them….she was on the run…by the way, when I met her…….

    Their “Demon Gods” they feel they must appease, so they can stay in the positions on earth they’ve risen to.
    But more effectively they also understand and are told, if they don’t do what is expected of them, what they have witnessed in these rituals will most assuredly happen to them….so they’re well aware of the consequences…they are trapped, even those that want to get out……don’t…..because of extreme fear……

    The underworld astral devils feed off the innocent terrorized emotions of these poor children who go thru these rituals…and it must be children, because their terror is like caviar to these creatures….it’s pure and unfettered…….I’m not theorizing here…….

    Remember the McMartin Case in LA….well, they found the tunnel systems, under the school, the children were taken thru, drugged, so they could be driven to different locations for rituals…the children were telling the truth, but a court of law disproved them….and it all went away…to get set up again in some other preschool….that’s how they operate……it is the very worst of things……..

    • amosouldeer says:

      Quite so, Leonore. Furthermore more, let us not overlook the fact that the perpetrators of these acts are, themselves, “victims” of cleverly crafted mind-control. Until and without full innerstanding of all aspects of this, “our”, situation, its resolution shall remain further delayed…

  15. Roberto says:

    This info needs to be spread further. The satanists/pedophiles will then have no place to hide.
    Is it any wonder that the elitests band together to protect their crimes. Time to tie them all together – the Elite, the Zionists, the NWOs. They are the same.They all follow the same creed do whatever you want, but make sure it is kept secret. Control the police, “child protection agencies” judges, media.

    A large enough outcry will bring them out in the open and then the public will find out that their so=called leaders are at the head of this horrendous abuse of life – from the youngest to the oldest.

    • Ed says:

      This shows what you are about!
      How about Muslims who are very involved in this for centuries?

      • Jean says:

        Ed, maybe this comment also shows what you are about. We are talking about the Western world, our governments, our churches, our institutions that have affected our lives, or so I thought. The only thing we can change is ourselves, and I think that will be a full time job . . .Hugs, ~Jean

  16. amosouldeer says:

    Yes, this is an invitation to reappropriate our own sovereign integrity and emPOWERment and assume response-ability for all thoughts, words and deeds committed in OUR name.
    It is time to come out of hiding (from behind Elitist leaders) and dis-cover our real identity.

  17. Patricia Maas says:

    The writer is correct. As more of the truth comes to light about the child sex rings and their connections to the elite and political uppercrust, the question will come to the many parents of missing children, “Is that what happened to my child?”

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