Ventura Busts Tesla Ray “Death Ray” Secret – by Gordon Duff

Just like vomit, is the way the ‘real’ truth is coming out. In order to get well, we must get rid of this sickness, and we also must know what has been causing it! I do not report this because it makes me happy to do so. It is an incredibly unpleasant task, but it seems like it has become part of my job here. The sooner the truth gets out, the sooner we can get better. ~J


9/11, Shuttle Disasters, Murders Attributed to Directed Energy “Death Ray”

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Source: Veterans Today

Jesse Ventura’s television show, “Conspiracy Theory” has done it again.  Ventura has stumbled on a government program that many of us have long heard whispers about.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Ventura presents a list of murdered scientists, shows the weapons used, microwave “heart attack generators” and weapons capable of destroying cities or even massive steel high-rise buildings.

Ventura interviews an fascinating group of scientists who tell of a massive conspiracy, hiding the capabilities to hide murders at will, destroy cities, even continents.

We now have to reassess shuttle disasters, several inexplicable airline crashes, certainly 9/11 and murders, not just of scientists who worked on directed ray projects but evidence from Iraq and Afghanistan that directed energy weapons have been used there.

This may well be one of the biggest secrets of all.

The key to it all is the Serbian inventor, Nicola Tesla, who claimed he invented a “death ray” over a hundred years ago.  This would seem outrageous if he weren’t accepted as Einstein’s equal by most scientists and historians.

The electricity powering most of the world today was based on Tesla, not Edison.

Nearly everything we use is based on breakthroughs or stolen Tesla research.  Tesla’s history is, in itself, one of the most mysterious and challenging aspects of modern history.

Where this goes, Ronald Reagan and his Star Wars program is now clear.

It succeeded, this is why we hear nothing, success beyond imagination, or as Ventura’s team calls it, “Tesla 2.0.”

The theories of Dr. Judy Wood are examined, who has long claimed that 9/11 was the result of the use of directed energy.

Also, Jesse Ventura abandons his belief in the “nano-thermite” theories espoused by some scientists who claim this material was the only possible means of causing the destruction seen at ground zero on 9/11/2001.

What is proven, here and finally, that the events of 9/11 were, without any doubt, a government conspiracy, one made possible by scientific breakthroughs that have turned America into something indescribable.

America spent over one trillion dollars to develop “after next generation” technology, one Reagan himself alludes to as “planetary protection” from a possible alien invasion.

What we got instead was pocket killing machines and the ability to cause natural disasters on command, any type, earthquakes, weather changes and, of course, terror attacks of any imaginable size that can never be investigated.

Then there are the murders, so many murders.

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42 Responses to Ventura Busts Tesla Ray “Death Ray” Secret – by Gordon Duff

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  2. Paulg says:

    It’s funny how there are so many people out there that dismiss these type of reports so as to not ruin their own paradigm of life as it stands today.
    I mentioned this to a close but blinded friend of mine who thinks that none of this information is going to help in any way.
    Keep searching , keep asking questions and the truth will be revealed.
    As for schools not teaching the right stuff, I agree.
    My daughter is only In year 8 and so far the home work she gets is utter rubbish.
    They are setting up our young for a big fall and the schools don’t care.
    Some of the stuff I have seen in her homework is do far out of the norm that even I had trouble deciphering it as not only was the info misleading, it was also incorrect and had no relevance to what it was supposed to be.
    I believe that if people really paid attention to what is going on there would be mass havoc and that’s hard to control so they don’t want us to know.
    Jessy Ventura has a lot of videos out there.
    Some of the first ones were creating a huge stir so the powers that be are also controlling him as well which means, if they allow him to continue it means that he isn’t getting too close to the truth or what he had got to say wont harm their agenda.

  3. ExtrovertedOne says:

    Brigitte and Debbie:

    I most wholeheartedly agree with what you said about people having different perspectives, especially people from different countries. All I’m saying is that WE DON’T KNOW if Obama is good or bad at this point (Debbie) and we should NOT make judgements about people until we know all of the facts. As I talked about previously, being coerced into doing bad stuff (i.e. having your family threatened with extermination) is not something that ANY light worker can deal with easily. HOWEVER, we don’t know, so also as I said earlier, we should wait and see.

  4. bacalove says:

    July Matthews Messages:

    Remember that this same cabal killed Meet the Press host Tim Russert because he was about to tell all he knew about 9/11. Says Matthew:

    “The greatly respected journalist Tim Russert was investigating too deeply into areas where dark minds were operating and like many others who also ventured into those pits of deception and corruption and could expose the facts, his life was abruptly ended. In this case, technology that can kill a body instantly without contact was used; in other situations fast-growing cancer has been technologically caused. In neither type of death is foul play normally suspected, unlike the suspicions aroused by claims of ‘suicide’ or the unlikely ‘accidents’ that befall people who uncover what the Illuminati and those they influence want to keep hidden.” (6)

  5. Re Obama: Just before his first trip OVS I asked Creator to build a quantum construct, (I’ve done this before in other times other journeys this life) to Protect him and his whole Family. It was a simple prayer for his safety. What happened next was nothing short of Electric Jolt high powered energy Zap..yah like sticking a finger in a Light Socket. What I saw within this expanded vision moment was the whole family, Michele’s mom included, holding Hands like a string of Paperdolls..within a field of intense (Plasma Like) Blue and White Light…the Structure was very pointy…. like star points and their eyes were like Wheels of shiny Light. So he is protected and has been given this information long ago.

    Just thot y’all should know
    AS ((( ❤ )))

  6. Brigitte says:

    Extroverted One, this is exactly what I meant: wait and see…… please do not condemn him and his deeds before he is able to show his true face. And maybe, just maybe it is possible that people from outside the box see things differently then when one sits inside? This does not mean one is right and the other one wrong. Just different perspectives.

  7. ExtrovertedOne says:


    We, this little family, all have the right to exercise our opinions here, and we certainly appreciate yours. However, as a non-American, as you say, I do not believe that you have the proper perspective on Obama. His actions over his last 4 years in office have proven only one of two things. One, that he IS in fact a light worker, and has been coerced by the cabal to do certain things that he wouldn’t otherwise do (sign the NDAA, for one). Or two, he is a WILLING part of the cabal, and is doing these evil things because he wants to. He is either a light worker, or he is part of the most evil and vile group of people on earth. He has shown us that his intentions are rather nebulous at this point. I believe that we need to wait and see as to who Obama TRULY aligns himself with.

    • Debbie says:

      EX..please tell us exactly how his actions over the last 4 years in office have proven that he is a lightworker…..I would like to know, because I see four years of Bush Term#3 with more killing, drone attacks killing 33,000+ innocent people (according to dennis Kucinich), the signing of NDAA and (un)Patriot Act #2………….if this is what a lightworker looks like, then I think we have to redefine the word………….

  8. Brigitte says:

    Why do some in this group go on and on and on about Obama no,Obama yes? I, as a non-American do believe that he has your country and your country men at heart and even the world for this matter. Please give him a chance to truly show what he isall about. Maybe just a year or two more? He definitely has more power now then before he was re-elected,ob has he not? The chance of Romney coming into power sends shivers down my spine. Yes, I do like Ron Paul very much and maybe he would/could have done a good (better???) job. But he also would have to take time to do it. Would he been able to change your government? He also would have to swim against the terrible difficult tide in D.C. I still think that a pairing of Obama/Paul would have been an interesting one but it seems this was just not to be. We will never know why.
    Dream your own intentions into becoming the future and DREAM BIG!

  9. Franz Glaus says:

    Here’s the problem with your theory, Jean. “Obama” is a manchurian mannequin. He doesn’t do anything he’s not told to do. He’s a product of the CIA, the bad part. I cannot see how you can justify pinning any hope on this empty droid.

  10. White Feather says:

    Debbie between the NDAA and giving Monsanto Policy maker Michael Taylor the FDA, I don’t see Obama as the solution either. I would also add that I don’t see the presidency as a solution. We need to remake congress and at least that has started. I didn’t vote for either Obama or Romney..and it felt really good to for once be able to vote my values.

    • Debbie says:

      “How could the Universe put a man of mixed color in the Office of President, a man who is, nevertheless, seen as a representative of black people, and do something so cruel to them”……..this is an example of Jean’s fanciful thinking…taken from her long pro-Obama ramble………..god love her, I know she dreams of a savior given to us from the Universe, perhaps she see’s the Universe as a place full of pink fluffy poodles floating on puffy clouds making it’s grand decision for the good of the people of the earth….it’s wishful thinking and leads us nowhere….constantly fooled by one “savior” after another, one snake oil salesman after another……..the facts are painful and difficult…..she does not want to see the history of who and what made Obama, how he got to this POTUS, the unsavory people and deals that put him there, his generational connection to the CIA – without a doubt the very heart of darkness – there he is, smack dab in the middle – little more than a figurehead…a man who can’t even speak without a prepared speech and teleprompter……..I don’t know why so many people need a guru ….an all knowing (usually male) who holds all the secrets and will magically come along and make everything all right…………I have read so much about Obama’s past and what got him here that I would say the likely hood of him doing something great for the people (as opposed to doing great things for himslef and his masters – the ruling elite – which ever gang of thugs that is) is just plain off the charts, a trillion to one. I have been with Jean’s blog since May 2011, I have followed her down her many paths of searching………I love her and what she wants for all of us….the same thing I want…………peace and human decency for all and from all…..but I have also witnessed her getting hung up on one after another phony idea….she buys into it….she writes of her conviction for important dates, periods, when there is sure to be a big transformation, the dates come and go, she is sure there will be no election, feels it deep inside, and then the elections come and go……..she printed Michael Moore’s letter that exposed just how very, very little Obama did for the good cause for 4 years…….in another four years I believe we will see just that much “good” again….as he makes himself and his friends very rich at our expense and shows us that we the people just wasn’t a cause profitable enough for him…………maybe he really does hate Netanyahu – but he has an administration full of Israeli dual citizens…Obama might just be a smooth talking, cool as a cucumber psychopath who fooled a lot of people….including jean. If this country and this world is ever going to be fixed it will be do to the will of the people who finally rise up and insist on a change in spite of people like Obama, Netanyahu and all the other con-men. I’d love to have this wrong, but common sense and reason tell me that I have it right. Funny how ancestory proves it out…all of these men are related….Bush, Cheney, Obama……..even Romney. Deception and lack of empathy for people is in their DNA…hardwired.

  11. Debbie says:

    Jean..I know you have issues with Alex Jones…and I don’t always like him…but the interview is about Peczenik and what he has to say……….granted AJ dislikes Obama….but in reality, if we take Obama at face value for what he has actually done…it’s not been good….you think he is turning this all around…..but we don’t really know what he is doing…who he is working for-many out there are saying Petreous was part of the good military that was going to take the bad guys down..but we can’t believe that and we have no proof that either are good, honorable men…for him to turn on the Bush cabal and clean house is just kind of unlikely….I think Jesse Ventura had it right…they are just members of different gangs, thugs, I think you are hanging your hopes on Obama and it’s very doubtful he is going to save anyone but himself………..haven’t we all had enough of all these hoaxes, these rumors…maybe the truth is they are all members of the same dark cabal – just warring among themselves………that’s the most likely truth. Face it, they are all murderers…we know that much…will you trust a murderer? Ever?

  12. White Feather says:

    I agree, but I don’t think we are talking about JUST the CIA, FBI and Military. If a man in Vancouver can develop this grade of weapon in his home workshop…and given that decades have gone by during which this technology had time to leak out,… I’m thinking it is now in the hands of many, even private individual groups.

    Wouldn’t it be fairly easy for the White Dragon Society to have their own weapon? How about Monsanto? What about the company that MAKES the weapons for the military. Wouldn’t they like to rule the world sans a few generals?? It would also be in the best interest of these groups not to use their weapons until push came to shove and then defensively.

    I think the real fear these groups have about Iran is not that it intends to do anything nuclear but that it has the same weapons they do. If anyone pulls the trigger in a way that threatens another another weapon holder there is going to be either a real mess…..or something more frightening to an army…the thing Tesla wanted to give to the world…the thing Bell mentioned before he died…Total Defense.

    I don’t pretend to know what the truth is either, but its an interesting thought! Maybe that is why there is so much talk of bio-weapons..because they know the conventional ones are limited. Whatever happens the next year will be very interesting.

  13. DrinkDeep says:

    Jean, I agree with you about Alex – he’s (not just almost) insufferable these days. The thing I found interesting in the Pieczenik interview was that he said “I have been working with a group of generals” other words, he was saying the HE (Pieczenik) is working on the coup.

    All of these guys – Pieczenik, Duff, etc. – say one thing this week and another next week…you made an interesting point when you said something the other day about them intentionally putting out disinfo (many people on the net consider VT a notorious disinfo site…I find their articles interesting).

    I have no beef with your support of Obama, but I do have one question – during the first term, one of the common things I heard was that his family had been threatened and that’s why he was doing what he was told. Are you saying that you think the situation has changed, and that the threat no longer exists? He’s certainly still surrounded by Bush operatives…and the next (currently Acting) CIA head was not only with Bush on 911, but he was in the situation room during the infamous Bin Laden photo op.

    What really drives me nuts is how many incumbent Congressmen were voted back in – that Boehner and Pelosi, Reid and McConnell are still the mouthpieces. Regardless of president, I sure hoped we would see a little rotation on the Hill. I wish they would outlaw 24-hour news channels altogether.

    I’m sending best intentions to ALL of these leaders in hopes of creating a little sanity where apparently none exists

    • Debbie says:

      Does anyone recognize this? Found it posted under the name VALIANT…I am not familiar with it…Native Indian maybe? Interesting words:

      Over and Over again…
      We’ve waited, we’ve hoped
      And still nothing…

      One thing that remains true is the Earth is active,
      She’s active because she isn’t happy…
      So few are…

      So here it is…
      I’ve tried helping all that I can but there is only so much that I can do.
      Everyone can see how strange things are,
      Something isn’t right.
      Big changes should have happened already…
      But they haven’t…
      They haven’t because The World Powers, aka Big Brother,
      Refuse to yield, refuse to accept changes that don’t involve wealth,
      Power, and elitism…

      Big Brother instituted a Time Loop…
      Trying to maintain their system of things foolishly the only way they know how.
      How they did this exactly, I don’t know. I only know that it was done.
      This technology was supposed to have been surrendered, abandoned…
      All that I know is that the consequences of this Act will be dire…

      What does this mean exactly, this Time Loop thing?
      Big Brother reset a time band…
      The effects of this are history repeating itself…
      You will see this by experiencing frequent feelings of déjà vu…
      Seeing a lot of things happening over and over…
      It will become more and more obvious over time,
      But more extreme as well.

      By creating this Time Loop, they thought they could buy time to ‘fix things’ their way…
      Insanely, what they’ve actually created is a very dangerous situation.
      History will not only repeat itself, but it will repeat itself in WORSE ways…
      Yes, Big Brother, you’ve screwed up again.
      I don’t understand why you couldn’t just accept a better way of life by helping people
      Rather than protect your own assets and power and ultimately, your superiority complex.

      You see, The Powers That Be, The Higher Forces upstairs, don’t recognize your changes
      With respect. You simply can not reset time, The Mayan Calendar Clock…Duh.
      The Earth, The Heavens, aren’t happy.
      You simply can not control nature this way.
      The Earth will now react more violently towards your attempt of control…
      An example of this was Hurricane Sandy…
      It was targeting a facility that orchestrated this recent Time Loop…
      The weather will continue to react violently, even uncontrollably until it breaks the cycle of
      The Time Loop…which, it will…

      You’ve created such a mess Big Brother, I can not even put it into words.
      There’s nowhere to run now, nowhere to hide anymore…for anyone.

      One thing I can clearly state is that The Earth’s MAIN TARGETS now are those
      That are trying to control her in any manner of ways. And that includes EVERYONE involved in this as well…

      One true Hope is THE FIVE, The Hand God, his special Five Children…
      But they’re still young and I don’t know if they’re ready.

      There is also the override button…And The Magic Box…
      You see, the override button is a person/persons…
      All that I can say about that is, that if something happens to one of these persons..
      Then WHAM…all bets are off…
      Big Brothers’ control is officially obliterated…COMPLETELY….
      With no options or negotiations whatsoever.

      You see IF something happens to one of these special people…
      A Magic Box will open…
      This is not an actual box per say, but a metaphor…
      Think of it, if you will…as Pandora’s Box…at this point in time…
      Once it’s opened, once it’s activated, all hell will break loose.

      Honestly, I am not even sure what The Higher Powers think of Hope at this point…
      They are aware of all the possible angles of course, and in all manner of ways in which
      Hope could have gone…
      But I believe for a better solution…
      So apparently, the rough route was chosen…and things aren’t going to be easy.
      Maybe it was always meant to be this way, who knows.

      Get a generator…
      Always take precautions…pay attention to repeating events…
      Don’t trust the weather…
      And PRAY.
      I hope in whatever way I’ve tried, that at the very least my artwork that I’ve shared can
      Help all of you somehow. If there is anymore I can share, believe me I will. I know we could all use the extra help right now.

      Dear Mr. Spacemen, you’ve had so many chances to step in, to step up…
      I mean, it’s ridiculous…
      Don’t be afraid of the plague…Don’t speculate on the laws of intervention…
      But most of all, DO NOT just sit back and watch the show…not at this point, not now, not with what’s happened at this point…Because for even you, there will be a price to be paid…
      And I doubt you’re prepared for what that price is.

      That’s all for now.

    • Jean says:

      DD, I don’t know any more than anyone else what is going on with Obama. Yes, of course, it is logical, though, to think that his family was threatened. I have a little different view, though, because I also think he was being protected. Obama as a NINE on the Enneagram scale is the most powerful – we are talking energy-wise now. NINEs are the most powerful because they can hold their energy; they do not have to put it out there. EIGHTs and ONEs (and I am a ONE), find this much more difficult, although because they are near to the energy of a NINE, they often develop this skill. I think I’m getting there, because I’ve learned we must wait and be patient, because as I see it, the collapse will happen when everything is lined up properly a and not before.

      I really get upset with people who one week after Obama is elected expect to see a change. He’s hit with a massive scandal that I happen to think was initiated by Bibi to cover his going into Gaza, and they want immediate change. The wheels of change grind very slowly – a tough lesson for me to learn, as I’ve waited since about ’04 for this change to happen. That was when I began to see the disaster towards which we were headed. it’s only been recently that I was able to come to the conclusion that their is not going to be a sudden flip of the entire system. We may get our energetic upgrade, but we will still have to change/create a new system of life on this planet.

      Back to Obama; I’m sorry, I got off track. Obama had to sit and wait for four years. If he hadn’t they would have been able to crucify him. People didn’t see – and a huge number still don’t see – what many here on my blog are becoming aware of. He couldn’t go after them then; people would have really gone into denial and labeled him crazy. I think he did the Machiavellian thing and brought his enemies close – and then let them all hang out there. All he tried to do was to hold the planet together. People needed to have the change to get the awful, ugly picture.

      if he had stood up there, refusing to let people die unnecessarily in the smaller picture, the planet, in the larger picture, could well have been destroyed. (Also, we do not know what people’s soul plans are. Perhaps they agreed to die in order for the truth to come out.) He held things together, while the cabal exposed themselves. I think we couldn’t expect more.

      If the Dragon Family hadn’t come in to help him financially, I believe we would have been in grave trouble. Romney’s gang had every intention, I think, of stealing the election. The fact that there was hardly even a rumor of it tells me I’m close to right when I say they say the writing on the wall and did not bother. Someone cared very much that Romney was not elected. They knew the planet would not survive him . . .

      Now, if I am correct, Obama is free to move ahead and help us all, and I’m guessing in a somewhat educated way that he is getting lots of help. I think he is enticing Bibi into a huge mess, one that Bibi won’t recover from. I believe he has absolutely no intention of supporting Bibi in any way – or in any way more than he absolutely must – because Bibi threw him a curved ball – and right now words are cheap, and Bibi screwed Obama royally. He deserves whatever comes his way.

      Obama has to be very careful. One obvious problem is that we still have troops in the Middle East, who could be in harm’s way. The troops have been coming home – quietly, but they are coming home. How many troops does he want at home before this thing breaks? I haven’t a clue, but I dont’ believe our boys, a huge percentage of whom wanted Ron Paul as President, will go against the people of this country. All of Drake’s talk? I’m wondering what his actual intentions for the use of the militia were/are. Could they have been drawn into a false flag situation? (Drake has ties to the illuminati that he has never disavowed.) If Obama is cleaning house now in the military, then maybe he is doing so with the idea of using the militias in a proper way, and with the ‘good’ military supporting them. I think he can’t do anything until the military is cleaned up and he is assured of their complete support – and this takes times. A few generals is huge, but it might be the tip of the iceberg. Can you see my thinking?

      He’ll need to make cabinet changes – again time will be needed to do this, and I don’t believe one word of what the press says at this point in time about who will be filling the slots. He may have to keep some of the cabal on, but I’ll bet they won’t have an important role to play. Obama has lots more to do before he can take a stand with the power structure fully behind him. Can you see that? I think we are talking weeks, although Bibi’s intervention may have speeded things up a bit. We’re going to have to watch and see. . .

      Alex’s guest, Pieczenik, on that video acted like he had the inside picture, but I think it was the picture from ‘his’ point of view, and I don’t think it had anything to do with the way Obama sees things. I think Alex at best is being duped. I think he’s carrying water for somebody. He’s like a kid who loves being on the inside, but is so in awe of it – and the degrees, etc., that he can’t begin to see the truth. I’m not saying I see this clearly, but this is what I’m thinking. He hasn’t a clue of the deeper forces at play is maybe what I’m trying to say.

      I see people dying every single day, and I want it over, too, but the reality in my opinion is that it can’t be. I get upset when people get on here and say they want something to happen, because I want to tell them that things are happening, and they are beginning to happen faster and faster now. I’ve been watching this for years, back when no one was even near understanding what I understood, and I can see changes happening. I want to tell them to stop hollering and ask them to please look at the bigger picture, but most people haven’t had the time or exposure to this that I have had for a very long time, and they are in a process of discovery – and they need to have that experience for themselves. It’s not up to me to try to move them through it, although I don’t refrain from expressing my own opinion like I’m doing to you now.

      People haven’t thought about these kinds of things for years and years, and when they come here, they are waking up, and they need to be permitted that opportunity – and to do it in their own way. Some folks haven’t read a news report CRITICALLY for a lifetime. They haven’t questioned things for years. They need to be able to do this again, and they need to have the chance to learn to express themselves in a group in a wholesome way. These are skills we are desperately in need of, and for the most part I don’t think our parents or our corporate-controlled educations teach us these things. I don’t think they were meant to. Sometimes it’s tough on me.

      People don’t like the horrible ugliness they see; they want to avoid it, they tell me it isn’t spiritual, and we should stay in a spiritual place. But I think you can’t get to a spiritual place until you know the truth – even if it is ugly, whether it be of your own personal existence, or that of the entire planet. When I walk in the local market, I look at the people there, and I see that they are suffering, and they don’t have a clue, and my heart goes out to them. These people, too, need to have the chance to awaken . . . and I believe the Universe knows exactly what it is doing as far as the timeline for this is concerned. Those of us who are a bit ahead of the others need to develop the compassion and maturity to be able to wait so the others can catch up with us. I can tell on some days that can be a very big job for me!

      I’ve rambled a bit, but I hope I’ve given you some insight into why I think this will take time, and why I think Obama is our guy. When I get down, I stop and think: How could the Universe put a man of mixed color in the Office of President, a man who is, nevertheless, seen as a representative of black people, and do something so cruel to them, a people who have suffered so much? Instead, I choose to believe, and it is easy when I look into his eyes, that he is not black and not white, but a mix of the two. In other words, symbolically he no longer fits duality, but UNITY consciousness. Even in his physical being, he represents all of us. . .

      Anyway, it is going to happen, and everything is moving in perfect Divine Order. We can learn our lessons on the way, or not. . .

      Love and hugs,

  14. mike says: .Everybody needs to watch this all the way through. Try to keep an open mind.

  15. Nancy C says:

    Let me make sure I understand this correctly. For roughly a century “they” have had access to Tesla’s Death Ray technology that can “hide murders at will, destroy cities, even continents “. The article points out the machine has already been used in weather events, earthquakes, 911, plane crashes,and “heart attacks”. But is this really new information? Those of us in the “conspiracy community” have long known these events were manufactured (but probably not to the tune that whole continents were on the table). Furthermore, for decades this “Death Ray” technology has been in the hands of people/entities that have openly stated they want to reduce the population by billions while themselves hiding out in underground or off planet bases.

    So why are 7 billion of us still here? Who or what has been protecting us? What events might have been tried and failed or were foiled. Actually, those were my first thoughts, not fear or anger, when I first read this. Could it be that something is letting us and “them” know we’re on a different time line.

    • white feather says:

      Nancy I’ve been thinking about those things and it makes me wonder considering all the muders as well as the guy in Vancouver. Add to that the Keshe stuff being accepted. By this time that technolgy must be in quite a few hands. I think the murders may be a sign that things are falling apart. Could there be a war going on in the THEY faction that has them vying for control by killing each others scientists??

      • Debbie says:

        white feather

        thank you for comments…please when you have the time…about 35 minutes, have alook at this interview Alex Jones did with Steve Piezenik – the man has quite a resume, holds 2 Phds and has worked deep in the government, listen to what he has to say ….there is a war going on within our govt., the CIA, the FBI and they are like gangs vying for control, and something to think about—he tells us that our military is becoming more and more mercenaries – a very AWFUL turn….and he provides many details to us…..I think you’ll find this well worth your time:

        • Jean says:

          While I agree there is a war, I don’t think Piezenik has the picture. Here is my comment White Feather that I offered before,so that you have some comparison if you should choose choose to watch the video: Alex Jones, as I see it, was shocked and floored at Obama’s win. His site has been filled with total hatred of Obama. Do you remember the sick, ugly caricatures of Obama? Now we are seeing more of his hatred coming out. I am not going to have the time to listen to all this video (44 min.) right now, but why don’t you all listen to it and see what you think? I don’t think Alex has anymore of a clue what is really going on behind the scenes than anyone else. If anything, I think he is being used, but I don’t really know. I don’t care how many degrees someone has – I’m talking about the guest, because this is not beyond most people’s ability to understand. Also, I don’t think Alex has any ability to hold his fire and wait and watch. Immediately, he has the need to yell and holler, and that puts people off for starters. He doesn’t give anyone a chance to think for themselves. As I see it, he shuts people down and doesn’t invite them calmly to think for themselves.

          If you will step back and try to listen to the facts as offered by the guest – because I have already heard a couple facts that I question, and try to hook what you hear into what you already know. There is a lot of good info that I’m hearing, but even so my sense is that Obama is cleaning house. He’s now free to take control, and he’s doing it. For instance, the enemies are not, in my opinion, the mercenaries: the criminals cannot afford any longer to pay them. Those kinds of people won’t work for you unless you pay them. . . I think he’s wrong about Dempsey, and remember it is this man’s opinion – and who, exactly is this man anyway. He’d fire Dempsey, fire 600 generals: remember Dempsey told Netanyahu there would be no war with Iran, and for his statement, they tried to assassinate him – almost on the spot. This man in my opinion, this guest, is only capable of seeing the very superficial. He assumes that Obama followed willingly on Bush’s heels, and I never, ever thought that.

          My reading has told me that this was a battle between the Bush cabal, of which Stevens was a part, and Obama took them out, probably much to Bush’s surprise. The CIA – remember Father Bush ran the CIA, has been out of control, and Obama said, “Enuff!” We all know that Hilary is cabal, but I think Obama brought her in – like he brought in Geithner and so many others and let her hang herself. People weren’t ready to see anything of the truth four years ago. If Obama had not let the corruption and criminality become totally visible, there would have been hell to pay if he had tried to clean house back then, or else they would have killed him for taking away their power, and they would have waited out the election cycle and been right back in there. The public is behind him now because they had four ugly years of seeing the truth play out in front of their eyes, as demonstrated by our election. The mistake I think Alex is making is to jump to the conclusion that Obama is one of them. I don’t think they have read the information properly, because their biases have locked them out of seeing the truth. And as always, I’m not saying I have it right, but this is what I’m thinking and have thought for a very long time.

          I think Obama is cleaning house and getting rid of the Bush cabal. Alex is not able to be objective, because it should be pretty clear if you’ve followed his site at all that he intensely dislikes Obama.

          I’m not saying I have this right, but I hope I’ve given you some food for thought. Don’t buy into Alex’s feelings, his anxiety, his crazy, unnecessary excitement. Alex is being used and is carrying somebody’s water . . my opinion. . . The guest is now speaking of Petreaus, but did you read Steve Lendman’s blog last night? A different picture about Petreaus comes from Steve, and it’s the picture I remember seeing when he was promoted – a brown noser.

          Here’s my final word on this: start to put your own facts together. Listen to your heart. Make your own decisions, but be prepared to modify them as you learn more. Watch when your ego kicks in, and learn to shut it down. Use these kinds of situations as opportunities to practice.

          I’m sorry, but I can’t stay on this any longer . . .


          PS – Note the new headline I’ve just posted, Obama Tells Progressives He Won’t Budge On Bush Tax Cuts. I think you are going to see more like this. He’s got our attention; we’re awake now, and we aren’t going to listen to disinfo spewed out by the cabal. We gave him our mandate as a nation, and I think he’s going to use it. ~J

  16. white feather says:

    BTW..Judy’s videos are being taken down for copyright violations. It is a familiar tactic if you follow the work of Dutchsinse or Shelialiens. They took Dutches channel down again today..Who complained??? One of BPs contractors. Lovely honest people I’m sure….as their well..leaks into the gulf…again.

  17. cosmickatt says:

    The small laser that John Hutchinson was demonstrating can be bought from a company called Wicked lasers. They cost 299.00 each and are identicle to what John had shown Jesse. These were not made by John. These are nothing new and I’m suprised that Jesse would not research this before airing the show. The death ray they are investigating is not suprising. Lasers from small to large scale have been used for many years, so create a death ray would be plausable.

    • amosouldeer says:

      The most deadly ray in existence is free of ‘charge’ – uncritical thought…

      • Jean says:

        . . . and let me add to that something that I’m just coming to understand on a personal level: the greatest ‘power’ on the planet is our onw power of intention! My ears danced when they heard Ron LaPlace, who teaches for Drunvalo, say that! Hugs, ~Jean

      • Debbie says:

        jean…had to laugh, my mother used to always tell me that the road to hell was paved with good intention….I think we need something more than the power of intention….

        • Jean says:

          Debbie, ‘intentions’ and the ‘power of intention’ are two different things here. It is the power of intention that the indigenous use to ‘pray rain’. They access the source with it, the quantum field, and they change reality. That is slightly different from our intentions, which make me think of my many failed New Year’s Eve pledges … 🙂 Hugs, ~Jean

      • Debbie says:

        from wes penre paper:
        This is one big reason why I’ve said for so long that people need to stop watching the news and read the papers, or at least keep it to a minimum. Headlines and a few subsequent lines in the paper is enough to understand the overall purpose of an article. Same thing goes with new technology, like the latest cell-phones etc. Aside from being tracking devices, they are also altering your frequency, so that you will be more receptive to what the Elite wants you to do when time comes. HAARP is another great example, where the government, via a giant power station in Alaska, is sending out ELF (extremely low frequency), which will have a large amount of people vibrate in a frequency range which is meant to be common to all, a frequency which can then be used (and is already used) for programming. This is done in combination with the Media triggers mentioned above. Then, when the perpetrators so wish, they can use this frequency to steer the masses in unison into a devastating war. Hitler did something similar, less sophisticated but very successful when he managed to manipulate the majority of the German people to go to war.

  18. Leagree says:

    Here’s a link to one of the better video interviews with Dr. Judy Wood on her evidence related to the 911 attack. After viewing many of her interviews, I’m now convinced that her work provides the best explanation for what happened to the 911 towers. What is even more profound for human beings everywhere on this planet; is that her evidence is undeniable… and that the demonstration of the technology used on the towers (911) is the equivalent of an alien ship landing on the white house lawn. There is no room for ‘beliefs’ about a group of people who are using advanced technology to control and destroy us…they exist and 911 is the proof.

  19. Debbie says:

    I saw this show…everyone needs to see this show! But here is my question for Jean and everyone….all this is coming out, in your face, proof…no longer conspiracy theory but conspiracy truth………….and where does it go? We see it, we’re angry, we’re sad….but then nothing happens, ever… one makes a move against the perpetrators…no one really does anything and then it fades away………..the dark ones own the media, owns the Judges, owns the Congress and they skate way above the law…………this is our government…the killers, the thieves, the drug runners, the Monsanto/FDA….literally attacking and assaulting we the people day in and day out……….and NOTHING ever happens…, Jesse Ventura – one of the real heros….writes his books, does his TV show and there it is…laid out in black and white, the evidence is there…..but they go on…evidently HAARP was used to engineer Sandy so that government could then push through $300 – $400 billion in carbon taxes………that’s what they want….and so it goes…..we are the prisoners of their lies, their massive cover ups, their forced drugging (flouride), their death by diet foods, their unmitigated corruption and criminal activity…chemtrails and HAARP …killing us off….and we sit on the sidelines watching them do it……the Federal Government, the Military Industrial Machine, the Shadow Government bringing upon on death and destruction and poverty.
    Yeah, tax us some more because they need bigger and better death rays………..

    • amosouldeer says:

      Maybe because this is ALL just a fiction book, film, (tele-visuion) show, Debbie. And while y/our attention remains riveted on Jessie’s Ad-Ventures, David’s Icke’s irks, what are you NOT “experiencing”, you the co-creator of ALL that you (& me too !:) perceive, be it as a single or one of simultaneouis multiple realities ?
      Put another way, in the beginning (for argument’s sake, let us say 320 0.00 thousand years ago), ‘we’ decided to create from Source (that’s ‘us’ folks – god-head) a laboratory experience (life on Earth) in which we would explore duality. It was our creation. But it was a bit like deciding to play hide & seek; if we closed our eyes, counted to ten then re-opened them to find eveything as it was, there’d be no fun.
      So, we decided to ‘forget’ that we were god-creators. We pulled a veil (the ‘Veil of Forgetfulness’) over us, giving ourself the ‘mission’ to see if we could find ourself back to Source. We also decided to add a special ingredient into the mix : “Free Will’…and somewhere further up the line, the inevitable occured. Some bright spark decided to employ threir free will AGAINST common interest.
      You know the rest.
      Now all that is needed is and to focus upon who/what you really ARE. …In place of falling into diversionary traps designed to prevent you from dis-covering your true identity, which shall never reveal itself to you while you are focussed upon how you came to foget, who was involved, and what part they played, and whether or not they are nice/did a good job, etc.
      Because EVEYTHING has been and is an integral part of the Whole (failing which, there could BE no Whole 🙂

      • David Gagin says:

        It’s not a created fiction when there is blood on the streets, and real people are dying. The practical and physical reality we face has bared its bloody fangs. Tell what you just said to the Palestinians who are being murdered by IDF with massive application of indescrimant weapons in heavily populated cities. Tell that to the family in Maryland that was terrorized by an FBI terror squad that raided their home with shots fired (See ABC NEWS). In theory maybe you’re right. It just seems inappropriate to poo-pooh someone who doesn’t follow New Age rhetoric and sees what’s going on where the rubber meets the road.

    • white feather says:

      Debbie I was always a big fan of Tesla and never believed that the only major technology given to the average person over the last 100 years since he invented SO many things should be stereo clap-on lamps and cell phones. Logic would argue that science would not just stop with nuclear power…basically an invention of the 1940’S

      The problem with people is that they are still being given a 1950’s education. Our children are being taught antiquated science so they have no basis from which to work when trying to understand things like energy weapons. These companies virtually OWN many universities through their research grants and you can bet they hand pick who gets to work on these projects. Sadly they aren’t chosen for their dedication to mankind.

      To make matters worse the corporations are now taking over the K-12 schools as well. Has anyone ever asked who creates the tests that students failed to pass…leading to teachers being given impossoble standards to meet and creating a system that destroys creativity in favor of memory exercises. Yes there is a conspiracy to keep people beleiving that this is all…magic!!..and it is run by the same ” THEY”..that Dr. JUDY talks

    • lecox says:

      The evidence that this is part of what the government/military is hiding from us is very convincing. But I’m not totally convinced of these details simply because this data IS being allowed to get out.

      What I see is a group trying to convince the public that they are invincible and no matter what they do, they will get their way. And I don’t think we should go into agreement with that for one second. Even if it is more or less true in the physical, we still have our spiritual existence and our basic integrity which is a part of that. So, in the end we can create a future without all this deception and so forth between humans.

      What people like Jesse say they are trying to do is “wake people up.” Well, a lot of us are already awake. But even a lot of the awake share Debbie’s question: Okay, so what do we do now?

      I have answered that question for myself, but I really can’t answer that for you. There are a lot of ways to fight tyranny, and doing it at the spiritual level is only one of those ways. That is the way I have chosen. It consists mostly of getting information out, getting people better-educated, and offering them tools they can use to become more confident as beings.

      For the most part, this TV journalism that is mostly just alarming is not going to help us with this process.

  20. Bly says:

    I forget the proper term for this, where actual clandestine technologies or operations are put into movies or tv, but something eerily similar to what is described by Duff and in Ventura’s Conspiracy theory show was in the movie “Under Seige: Dark Territory”. It was capable of taking out cities, passenger airlines, and even a stealth fighter jet. T.h.e.y., as Kay Griggs calls them, love showing their hand to the sleeping masses.

    • Debbie says:

      from wes penre papers:
      This is one big reason why I’ve said for so long that people need to stop watching the news and read the papers, or at least keep it to a minimum. Headlines and a few subsequent lines in the paper is enough to understand the overall purpose of an article. Same thing goes with new technology, like the latest cell-phones etc. Aside from being tracking devices, they are also altering your frequency, so that you will be more receptive to what the Elite wants you to do when time comes. HAARP is another great example, where the government, via a giant power station in Alaska, is sending out ELF (extremely low frequency), which will have a large amount of people vibrate in a frequency range which is meant to be common to all, a frequency which can then be used (and is already used) for programming. This is done in combination with the Media triggers mentioned above. Then, when the perpetrators so wish, they can use this frequency to steer the masses in unison into a devastating war. Hitler did something similar, less sophisticated but very successful when he managed to manipulate the majority of the German people to go to war.

      • Mark in Cental Texas says:

        ah yes, right on Debbie … the combination of technology, printed & digital media, and ELF influences causing people and machine to act in a reprogrammed manner, as evidenced by the outcome from the latest national election where, manual, electronic and digital voting machines automatically defaulted to the something other than and not the chosen by the person casting the ballot …

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