11/17/2012 — 6.1M earthquake in Tonga — EIGHT 6.0M+ in the past 7 days

“GOOD NEWS! The 9.0M+ earthquake which showed up on the USGS feed —- most likely some kind of anomaly or error in the feed … there is the possibility it could have really happened — at a large depth not producing any tsunami.

NO waves detected.. NO charts showing any movement (aside from the other regular EQ activity)… NO reports from locals.. NO msm reports…

All that being said.. something caused a 9.0 and a 5.0M to show on the feed.. then it was revised to a GREATER than 10.0M.. then disappeared off the feed.

Too strange.

Published on Nov 16, 2012

NEW Dutchsinse youtube channel here! :http://www.youtube.com/DutchsinseReloaded

A noticeable unrest taking shape over the past 14 days — past 7 days having EIGHT 6.0 magnitude and greater earthquakes.

Here is my most recent full length earthquake overview:
Here is the update from Dutch’s FB page:

Oklahoma had a 5.6M today — which was wiped off the map (linked below here on facebook w/ screenshots and the data from IRIS).

Something going on? Lets hope not.”


Use the links here to monitor earthquakes nationally, and internationally:


Full website post on the subject:


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