Ben Fulford: Why the West lost to China and what it can do to recover, November 20, 2012

A few years ago the conventional wisdom in the West was that maybe China might surpass the United States (a sub-section of the West) in 50 years. Now, any serious thinker understands that China is top dog and the West is in deep crisis. The Western nations have lost their moral, financial and political leadership of the world.

This week we will look at why the leaders of the Western world nearly destroyed their own civilization. Then we will then try to figure out what to do to restore Western vitality.

The causes for the Western decline were years in the making. The results manifested themselves over a very short period. Our ancestors would have recognized the situation had its ultimate origins in moral failure on the part of our leaders. Here are the seven deadly sins of the West:

The pride that kills

Westerners as a whole are perceived by other peoples as arrogant, and rightly so. My own initial reaction to living in Japan was typical. Anything that Japan did that was different from how it was done in the West was wrong. I was constantly preaching to my Japanese friends (many soon to be ex-friends) and telling them what to do until it slowly dawned on me that I had more to learn that I had to teach.

The Western (especially US) leadership has been doing the same: telling and forcing countries to adopt two-party Democracy and the “Washington (read Wall St.) consensus” on economic management. What they failed to realize is that ever since military defeat in colonial times other countries and cultures have been diligently studying the West and drawing their own conclusions.

The West, meanwhile, never thought that perhaps they should be studying other civilizations for clues on how to improve their own. The result is that other countries, especially in Asia, have combined the best of the Western with the best of their traditional culture to create a vital new hybrid, leaving the West to catch up.

Sloth: the laziness that saps strength

At some hard to define point over the past few decades use of phrases like “protestant work ethic,” to describe hard working Westerners has been replaced with phrases like “couch potatoes.”

Westerners somehow thought they could let other countries do all the real work while they sat back and gave orders. The following joke sums up the situation fairly well:

“How many Anglo-Saxons does it take to change a light bulb?”
Answer: “Two, one to mix the martinis and another to look up an electrician in the phone book.”

This laziness resulted in over 30-years of merchandise trade deficits in most Western countries and the bankruptcy it has now led to.

Greed: the love of money over life

Perhaps the greatest sin among Western leaders. Enough has been written about the sins of greedy bankers that I do not need to say much. However, what many do not realize is that the love of money has literally made most Americans slaves to an artificial intelligence. Fantastical as it may seem, most of the profits generated by Wall Street are generated by artificial intelligences known as trading programs that have greed as their prime directive.

They rule Wall Street. Wall Street in turn is ruled by a single concept: seek money. The fountain of money, the Federal Reserve Board, functions like a single non-human mind run by massive computer networks. Most politicians and top military leaders in the US receive bribes and take orders from Wall Street and so in effect, they pillage the planet on behalf of an artificial intelligence motivated by greed.

Perhaps the best example of a black hole of greed sucking life and vitality out of the United States is Walmart. In order to maximize the “profits” or money for Walmart, the middle-class in the US and its industrial infrastructure have been decimated. The six members of the Walton family now have more money than the poorest 100 million Americans.

Wrath: the cruelty that destroyed Western moral superiority

There was a time when the West was seen as the champion of human rights and morality. Now the West is rightly seen by the rest of the world as a collection of rogue nations. The murder and pillaging of millions of people in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya are just the latest atrocities carried out by the fascist regime that took over power in the West after 911 in 2001. Western military forces now kill non-combatants, women and children in order to help fascist oligarchs steal their resources? Whatever happened to chivalry?

Gluttony: the West is literally eating the world

Westerners, the majority of whom are obese, have destroyed vast areas pristine wilderness to satisfy a lust for ever more food. The destruction of tropical rain forests for agribusinesses like cattle ranches and palm oil plantations are the single greatest reason why Western civilization has wiped out 30% of all land species on earth in the past 100 years. Overfishing is helping accomplish the same things in the oceans.

Greed for unnecessary food is wiping out variety in life that took billions of years to evolve. Hopefully the Chinese will do a better job of preserving global biodiversity.


Mistaken Malthusian fears of overpopulation have led Western rulers to do their best to divorce sex from procreation. Sex as a loveless non-reproductive sport is promoted through ubiquitous pornography. Homo-sexual marriage (that cannot produce children) is promoted while polygamy (that produces lots of children) is still criminalized in the West.

The result is that Western countries now all have shrinking, aging populations. The West is losing the battle of evolution which is won mostly in the bedroom.


The rulers of the West have been trying to start World War 3 and destroy 90% of humanity because they could not stand the idea of other cultures and nations surpassing them. It was their jealousy of other civilizations that led to their current international isolation.

So, what can the West do to recover?

Unfortunately, the first thing the West needs to do is what heroin addicts have to do to break their addiction: go cold turkey. In this case it is money addiction that needs to be cured. Money has no meaning unless it is backed by stuff that actually exists in the real world. That means Westerners have to start making stuff again. That means working again. To reverse what the Asian bar girls say: “No honey, no money.”

The West also needs to drain all the fraudulent money out of the political and economic system until money has real value again. The United States needs to stop using the foreign owned and operated, misnamed US dollar and start issuing its own currency. The Southern European nations also need to get off the Euro.

That will mean a temporary, and very brief, time when imports will suddenly become expensive. That is the pain.

Then there will be plenty of local manufacturing jobs as people buy local and exports are competitive again. There will also be plenty of tourist business creating jobs. That is the gain.

More importantly the countries of the West need to revamp their political and economic systems. They need to start imitating the Chinese and places like Singapore and create a hybrid between meritocracy and democracy.

The Chinese pioneered meritocracy with their imperial exams but, as my father once put it, “wasted it by devoting it all to memorizing those blasted ancient texts.” The British copied the system and improved it by basing the entrance exams on more modern and relevant topics. The Chinese then re-adopted that system and started adding their own improvements.

The new Chinese system combines meritocracy with real time democracy. Their leadership responds to opinion polls and blogs on a daily basis because they know that to do otherwise would lead to a loss of the Mandate of Heaven.

This system is still being tinkered with and improved but there can be no doubt the world’s center of economic gravity has shifted to China and will continue to do so as long as their system of government remains superior. However, the Chinese know from their own historical experience that a single central source of power, no matter how competent or benevolent, leads eventually to stagnation.

The West needs make sure we do not end up with a one-China world by setting up its own competing meritocratic systems. The pentagon is one example of a successful Western meritocracy that can be used as a model for a new system. The main, and fatal, flaw of the pentagon was that it was parasitical and not self-supporting.

The legal system remains perhaps the healthiest remaining part of the Western world but it too has been seriously undermined by corruption and lack of accountability or transparency.

Democracy was also a very good system in the past. It worked very well in a small city state where the rumour-mill provided freedom of information and town meetings could be called spontaneously in response to needs. However, it has been debased in most of the modern West by bribery, fraud, censorship, brain-washing and an inability to respond in real time to the emerging group-mind that is evolving on the internet.

That is why a new future planning agency needs to be established from the ground up so that it can incorporate the best methods and models from throughout the world and from the historical past.

If it is done right, the West can fully harness it’s still superior science and technology to help create an ideal world in harmony with nature and all humanity. What are we waiting for?

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47 Responses to Ben Fulford: Why the West lost to China and what it can do to recover, November 20, 2012

  1. Vivek narain says:

    Though china was in dumps throughout the first half of 20th century,i distinctly remember the dread of west towards the sleeping dragon. The tales of dr. Fu manchu described the power and advanced superiority of the chinese protagonist at the the early years of 20th century,similarly flash gordon yarns portraid the powerful intergalactic adversary of chinese ethnicity. China has always menaced the western psyche even in its worst years.

  2. geno123 says:

    MONDAY, JULY 2, 2012
    Falling Star
    The Chinese economy is slowing and is likely to slow a lot more. Get ready for a hard landing.
    After three decades of annual growth averaging 10%, China’s bullet-train economy is slowing markedly. Economic problems in Europe and the U.S. are stunting export growth, long the primary driver of China’s economic miracle. Growth in industrial production has likewise been decelerating for months. This year growth in gross domestic product could slip to 8%—and it may get a lot worse from there. Though recently announced interest-rate cuts and a ramp-up in the government’s already massive infrastructure spending could postpone the day of reckoning, to us it looks like the Great China Growth Story may be falling apart.

    Enlarge Image

    Barron’s Graphics
    A comprehensive report by Nomura Global Economics issued late last year entitled “China Risks” paints at least one scenario in which China’s growth would fall in half to under 4%.

    Already cracks are becoming more and more apparent in the seemingly adamantine façade of the Great China Growth Story that may well deter China from surpassing

    the U.S. in the near future—or ever. One can only remember the triumphalism extant about Japan’s prospects 25 years ago just before its economy went into a two-decade funk.

    Enlarge Image

    Nelson Ching/Bloomberg
    A high-speed train in Beijing: a technical marvel, but its fares can’t cover its costs.
    The most outspoken Sino-Skeptic is Wall Street short-seller Jim Chanos, who over the past several years has placed negative bets on the stocks of major Chinese banks, real-estate developers, and mining concerns, like Australia’s Rio Tinto (ticker: RIO) and Brazil’s Vale (VALE), which are major suppliers to the Chinese fixed-asset orgy. Never one to mince words, Chanos contends that China is headed for a hard landing of epic proportions because of its shaky financial system and an imminent collapse in its property market, which undergirds the entire economy. “I’m being conservative when I say that the coming bust in China’s real-estate market will be a thousand times that of Dubai,” he told Barron’s.

    Of course, Chanos has been singing this tune for years, and such apocalyptic pronouncements have so far proved a mug’s game.

    Edward Chancellor, a global strategist for the Boston-based GMO, is of a similar mind to Chanos on the subject of China’s future. “I hear all the time from China bulls that there’ve been eight economic slowdowns there over the past 20 years and yet each time China has come roaring back,” he says. But he is steadfast in his belief. “I can’t tell you precisely when the downturn will hit,” he says. “No one can. All I know is that China has all the earmarks of a classic mania that will end badly—a compelling growth story that seduces investors into ill-starred speculation, blind faith in the competence of Chinese authorities to manage through any cycle, and over-investment in fixed assets with inadequate returns facilitated by an explosion in credit.”

    It’s also of note that even some of the longtime bulls are growing concerned on the nation’s future. One is William Overholt, a respected Asian scholar who has moved smoothly between Asian investment-banking posts, think tanks, including the Rand Corp., and academia; he’s now a senior research fellow at Harvard’s Kennedy School.

    Troubling Trends

    Increased government spending on infrastructure is, for now, offsetting a slowdown in household consumption. A property bubble, should it burst, would thrash China’s economy.

    Enlarge Image

    As Overholt sees it, the economic and political reform movement of the Jiang Zemin/Zhu Rongji era (1993-2002) has flagged badly over the past 10 years. As a result, the giant state-owned enterprises—outfits like energy colossus Sinopec (0386.HongKong), telecom giant China Mobile (CHL), conglomerate Norinco and integrated steel maker Baosteel—have become overly dominant in the economy, thanks to their oligopoly positions, implicit government guarantees, cheap credit, tax breaks, and subsidized access to cheap raw materials. In the process, these national champions have been squeezing out small and medium-size companies in the more innovative private economy catering to the export market.

    The so-called SOEs boast close family and financial ties to China’s ruling party clique. Power and wealth have become one in the same—a kleptocracy of insiders skimming off part of the prodigious money flows sluicing through the Chinese economy through relatives strategically placed in state companies, consulting firms, and various financial institutions.

    Unless this blatant favoritism is curbed by the incoming administration of Xi Jinping, says Overholt, China faces the prospect of long-term stagnation—a prospect potentially far worse than that of Japan some 20 years ago.

    Japan entered the economic dead zone at a time of broad and robust affluence, with per-capita annual income some eight times that of China’s $5,000 and far more technological sophistication. “The bulk of Chinese high-tech products and indeed exports that come from foreign companies with plants domiciled in China, and they don’t have to stay there,” says Overholt.

    “I’ve been championing the China growth story in various academic papers and publications for 30 years,” he continues, “including a book called The Rise of China in 1993, but I don’t want to be a permabull when a great historic trend may or may not be changing.”

    Could China be nearing the point at which so many high-octane growth economies suddenly decelerate or even contract? Back in 1994, economist Paul Krugman wrote a prophetic essay entitled “The Myth of Asia’s Miracle,” which among other things took a close look at both Japan, then in decline, and China, then leaving Earth’s atmosphere and blasting off into space. A Nobel Prize winner (and an often polarizing pundit from his perch on the op-ed page of the New York Times), Krugman maintained that the extraordinary economic growth rates in places like China largely reflected the brute mobilization of surplus farm labor into vastly more productive manufacturing jobs and huge spending on capital equipment and infrastructure—”expansion of inputs,” as he put it—rather than a focus on efficiency, innovation, and ultimate economic return, or “growth in output per unit of input.”

    Such state- or party-directed human wave attacks work for a time, yielding large increases in output—think of the Soviet Union in the 1950s or Japan in the ’50s and ’60s. But eventually those economies hit the wall of diminishing returns and never quite caught up to developed economies grounded more in free-market principles and less dominated by selfish special-interest groups.

    China has been on a ferocious ascent in investment spending on industrial capacity and infrastructure, flying higher, faster, and longer than any Asian economy in the past. The nation’s investment-to-GDP has been above 40% for the past decade, even topping 50% over the past two years, according to the Nomura report. By contrast, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Thailand had lower ratios than that during their periods of rapid economic takeoffs and hit the wall in terms of investment growth after seven to eight years.

    Of course, consumption is the yin to investment spending’s yang. And here the Chinese consumer has suffered mightily, accounting for just 35% or so of total spending, while U.S. consumers’ spending comes to nearly 70% of GDP. Consumption in China is hobbled by myriad factors. Chinese are heavy savers because of the necessity of paying for the bulk of their own medical costs and retirements. Meanwhile, interest rates on bank savings deposits are kept artificially low by the government, well below the actual inflation rate.

    Enlarge Image

    The Aizhai suspension bridge in Hunan is part of China’s multi-trillion dollar infrastructure push.
    Despite increasing lip service given in the latest five-year plan to rebalance the economy by making the transition to consumption-led growth, powerful special-interest groups stand in the way of such a change. The state-owned enterprises and other state-dominated joint stock companies, which have enormous sway in the Communist Party, account for more than half of employment and fixed-asset investment in the nonfarm economy.

    Those businesses don’t make especially good use of their resources, either. Based on what economists call total factor productivity, which takes into account managerial skill and technological innovation in addition to labor and capital investments, the state companies measure far below the private sector in efficiency. That’s despite such special advantages as low tax rates, government-mandated low costs of capital, access to underpriced resources like water, energy, and land, and light enforcement of environmental protection and workplace safety rules. In all, it’s an increasingly weak use of labor and equipment.

    Infrastructure, the other major area of China’s investment boom, may similarly be running into the wall of diminishing returns. GMO’s Chancellor talks of a highway system with sparse traffic, local airports running at half-capacity and the rapidly expanding national high-speed railroad system, a technical marvel that can’t charge ticket prices sufficient to pay for itself. He terms China a “Field of Dreams” economy built on the shaky premise of build and they will eventually come.

    There are other signs of a serious misallocation of resources during the recent infrastructure building frenzy. Kenneth Lieberthal, a political scientist at the Brookings Institution and a longtime China expert at the University of Michigan, points out that much of the investment funds pass through local government fronts or investment vehicles that in turn spend the money on all manner of facilities from fancy government buildings and roads and bridges to special development zones and high-end shopping centers. There is no overall regional planning, rendering many of the facilities redundant. Even worse, says Lieberthal, most of the building was financed with three-year bank loans on projects with insufficient cash flow to service the interest, let alone principal repayment. “The mismatch means that these loans are going to have to be rolled over for years,” he avers.

    Nowhere is the overcapacity controversy more pitched than in the urban real-estate market, where mountain ranges of large apartment buildings sit empty in cities all over China. To hear Chanos tell it, this is the bubble of all bubbles. He and other skeptics love to talk about “ghost cities,” like Ordos in Inner Mongolia with its virtually empty streets, shopping centers, and unoccupied apartments for more than one million residents. Satellite images of other cities tell a similar tale of vast new unoccupied developments. Developers in Shanghai and Beijing regularly put curtains up on new luxury high-rises to mask their sad see-through state. (For more on China’s housing woes, see “A House of Straw?”.)

    THIS ALL HAS OLD CHINA hands like Peterson Institute economist Nicholas Lardy concerned. He points out that last year residential construction accounted for 9.2% of Chinese GDP. Compare that with 6% in the U.S. at the peak of its housing boom in 2006. Among major countries, only Spain has hit that level—right before the housing collapse in that country.

    Lardy and others fear that a major decline in residential real estate and underlying property prices could severely damage the Chinese economy. (Average new-home prices in some 70 major Chinese cities fell monthly in the eight months through May.) A falloff in demand for steel, cement, and copper would lead to heavy layoffs. He reckons that some 25% of all Chinese steel consumption goes into residential real estate.

    According to Lardy, nearly 20% of Beijing residents own two apartments or more in the city. Thus any precipitous slide in the property market would have a tremendous negative wealth-effect in an economy whose consumption spending needs to be nurtured, not impaired.

    And, of course, the financial system could suffer mightily from a real-estate slide, even with the conservative loan-to-value ratios of most mortgages. Local governments typically raise 30% to 40% of their annual revenues from land sales—the state technically owns all land—to finance their operations and capital improvements.

    Property also constitutes the collateral that underlies the local government funding vehicles that borrow from state banks to finance infrastructure projects. State-owned enterprises and, indeed, the state-dominated banking system have all been drawn to real-estate speculation like catnip. Fitch estimates that some 35% of all bank loans in China are exposed to the vagaries of the Chinese property market. And that number doesn’t capture all the commercial and industrial loans that companies borrowed ostensibly for corporate purposes and then diverted into real-estate development.

    IF DEMOGRAPHICS ARE destiny, as some social scientists assert, then China has reasons for concern. Because of more than 30 years of its one-child-per-family policy, its population is rapidly aging. In fact, its working-age population is projected to begin a long-term decline in 2015, with the all-important entry-level cohort of 15-to 24-year-olds falling the fastest. Already, average wage levels in urban areas have been rising by double-digit rates (a 13.3% increase alone in 2010), a sure indication that the flow of cheap migrant labor from the hinterlands to the cities is slowing.

    Just as problematic is the widening disparity between male and female births. Last year the gender gap was 120 boys to every 100 girl babies. So, according to the Nomura report, not only does China face the likelihood of a “quite sharp” slowing in economic output in the next five to 10 years because of an aging population but also perhaps higher crime rates from a growing male population without marriage prospects.

    IF THERE IS ANYTHING that inspires confidence in China’s prospects, it’s the supposed strength of its financial system. The banking system, which controls some 90% of all financial assets, is mostly state-owned with a dollop of American and other foreign investment. Chinese banks report a negligible amount of nonperforming loans.

    And even if they were to get into trouble, the central bank, the People’s Bank of China, is sitting on $3.2 trillion in foreign reserves (mostly earned from China’s positive trade balance with the U.S.) that could be deployed to head off any bank run or other financial emergency. Chinese national debt, as officially reported, sits at around 50% of its 2011 GDP of $7.3 trillion, compared with a U.S. debt-to-GDP ratio of more than 80%.

    But appearances can be deceiving, says Victor Shih, a political scientist at Northwestern University who has a host of sources inside and outside government in China and has burrowed deeper than most other Western observers in all manner of government reports, corporate financial statements, bank filings, and bond prospectuses.

    His conclusions are several. First, when one tallies up all the liabilities direct and contingent of the Chinese central government, indebtedness of the state-controlled banking system, various government entities like the Ministry of Railroads, state-owned enterprises, local government loan investment vehicles, and considerable cross-holdings of bond debt by SOEs, China’s government debt-to-GDP triples to about 150% and is rapidly rising.

    Enlarge Image

    Philip Gostelow/Redux
    Kangbashi, China, built for a population of one million, is inhabited by just a few thousand.
    Secondly, nonperforming loans in the financial system are dramatically higher than officially reported, because the banking system, under orders from authorities, masks that total by sedulously rolling over bad loans. For example, even the $500 billion of bad loans hived off by authorities to facilitate the initial public offerings of the giant state banks Bank of China (601988.China), China Construction Bank (601939.China), Industrial & Commercial Bank of China (601398.China), and Agricultural Bank of China (601288.China) now sit chastely in various asset-management companies, mostly bereft of any write-downs or of substantial recoveries.

    Peril for China’s banking system lies, ironically enough, in a liquidity crisis that might ultimately expose many of the rotten loans like so many stinking, beached whales. Any faltering in the China growth story could cause corporations and investors both on the mainland and offshore to run down their renminbi balances through simple balance transfers and clever invoicing to move funds offshore. There was such an outflow in the latest monthly figures for April, when some $11 billion worth of renminbi left China in excess of the sums flowing in from overseas as a result of the nation’s continuing positive current-account balance and foreign direct investment.

    Capital flight by corrupt party members and other wealthy Chinese could also shred China’s vaunted safety net of $3.2 trillion in foreign-currency reserves. Northwestern’s Shih estimates that the top 1% of Chinese households have amassed liquid and real-estate wealth of as much as $5 trillion. The gambling mecca of Macau and leaks in the banking systems afford plenty of ways to get money out of the country.

    Only a major political upheaval would likely trigger massive capital flight. Yet the authorities seem to be running scared, spending more on internal security than national defense in the past two years.

    RESENTMENT CONTINUES to grow over widening income inequality, Internet censorship, and the state’s thuggish suppression of dissent. To many, including the Chinese middle class, the system is rigged in the favor of a new hereditary aristocracy, the “princeling” descendents of leading party figures, and other insiders.

    And even Chinese research and development consists more of theft of intellectual property, industrial espionage, and cyber attacks on Western companies than genuine collaboration with foreign concerns.

    Fatefully, the Chinese government has tied its very legitimacy to its ability to deliver unending, hyperthyroid GDP growth, a task that figures to be far more difficult in the years ahead. Indeed, many say that anything less than 7% could create unrest if the economy fails to produce enough jobs to accommodate the millions of citizens migrating to cities and industrial areas every year.

    Perhaps the new administration of Xi Jinping, which will take over late this year, can make many of the structural reforms to rein in powerful special-interest groups and introduce more fairness in the functioning of the nation’s political economy.

    To that point, the saga of Bo Xilai, the disgraced party boss of Chongqing Province, may be revealing. One way to read it is that Bo was vanquished from his post and membership in the Politburo as a signal that epic corruption—and his wife’s apparent complicity in the murder of a European associate—will not be tolerated. Another is that it was out of fear of his inordinate political ambitions; his late father was a close associate of Mao and a veteran of the Long March.

    All things considered, the odds in favor of fixing China seem long indeed.


    Copyright 2011 Dow Jones & Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved

    • Akskd says:

      Speculators have been predicting a China collapse for decades. And now, it’s the end of the year and China is nowhere close to collapse. China has a long way to go and many problems to fix but to doubt that they can ever be fixed is ridiculous. You cant keep 1.4 billion people from trying to improve their livelihoods. China will surpass the US, and India one day as well. To think that the world as it is now is what it will always be is one of the greatest fallacies of all time.

  3. alternatives 101 says:

    Yes, Ben is right …..

    Why the EU violates basic economic theory….taking away one of only two tools a country has to keep its economy strong…. It’s own currency is beyond me.

    The sooner souther euopean countries have their.currency back the sooner the value falls and the sooner they can make income to manage their debt that would be less valuable as soon as the currency value falls.

    All they want to do is make slaves of them all.

  4. letscreatetogether says:

    For myself, it is the usual nonsense from BF. Lots of spin with little said. I did like the little bit he exposes of himself and his father though.

  5. Teasy says:

    Be aware of the ‘shills’.

  6. gary says:

    this does sound a bit too down to earth and ‘sensible’ for ben… maybe on meds? His usual paranoid ranting is different. it is true though, even the workers in the west are generally lazy compared to foreign SLAVES… and I don’t blame them… as usual the middle class want to waffle crap while slaves work to death… I don’t think this is Ben and it really offers NO solutions in this post. China is a production economy for one reason only… it is a SLAVE nation run by the same Globalists who run the USA… so the post is wrong!! corrupt chinese bullshit…

  7. Darrel says:

    Never heard of this Ben Fulford guy until now… all I can say is he doesn’t know shit about geopolitics or how super systems work at all.

    So China and the Pentagon are shining examples of “meritocracy” and “democracy?” Since when? Pretty much never, that’s when. But who can resist buzz words like that? With words like “morality,” “consensus” coupled with religious concepts like “the seven deadly sins” to go along for the whole PR ride I’m sure it can be pretty irresistible.

    Then the Japan statement? What does he know about Japan? He never really elaborated on whatever it was he said to “disrespect” them so.

  8. Anne says:

    Truth isn’t a waste of time…no one who knows Ben’s work thinks this comes from Ben…the truth of it is important…where’s Ben and who’s supposedly taken his place…is that not important…it is to me. I thank you for all you’ve done to keep us up to date…maybe rather than leaving you should simplify and leave out a lot of what isn’t going to help us if we read it…just a thought.

  9. Suzen Caring says:

    Democracy…..hmmmm…..the U.S. was conceived as a Republic based on the ideal of liberty and individual freedom, so that no man could coerce or force his rule on another man. Democracy is the right of the majority to force the minority to its will. Is that the kind of world we want? Unless we understand the meaning of the word, we should not use it. I, for one, choose a world where every man is free to what he wants, as long as he does not encroach on the life, liberty, or freedom of another. Government should only exist as a voluntary organizations of individuals working together on behalf of the whole to manage that which is beyond the individual. It is all spelled out very well in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. There were very few things the federal and state governments were allowed to do, and only on behalf of and at the behest of the People, who always retained their unalienable rights. Give me back the Republic, please!

  10. Chris (Holland) says:

    THANKS Ben, good article!

  11. Adrian says:

    One of the better posts in the series, in my humble opinion.

    That said, the author has no clue about the seven deadly sins, and is force-fitting recent western history into them in a way that can only be described as, well, western.

    The history is accurate enough, but the rest is pop-science.

    The conclusion is more statist claptrap, as if collectivism and lack of freedom were somehow synonymous with evolution.

    That notwithstanding, true freedom and authentic evolution await those who can stomach a deeper knowledge of the seven sins, first and foremost in themselves.

    The good news is that that path requires no government.

  12. douktris says:

    Reblogged this on Douktris's Blog and commented:
    Add your thoughts here… (optional)

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  14. ickytwerp39 says:

    I didn’t see any news in this post.

  15. Leader says:

    Definitely NOT the Ben Fulford that I know. What’s up with that?

  16. ff says:

    All this pro-China ranting is making me sick. Excuse me, I have to go vomiting now.

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  18. justme says:

    hmmm, seems in reading the comments beofre I posted mite have been a good idea…
    I should have made my point clearer…Jean, I truly hope you see the point of this post…apologies if you don’t…and PS, the tower of Babel has truly got me…
    What are you looking for in Ben Fulford, in the Beatles, in Sas, in montague keen, in Jean for that matter? A saviour? a matyr? what?
    Just as you don’t see the people of other countries, they don’t see you…they will always percieve what they perceive, through media, social networking, heck, this type of site…..what we see is what we see, and sometimes it is agendas that don’t fit with our own reality, people that don’t see the world as we do…sorry, I do…and I is you and me…but our heart feels their agendas, and knows what is right and what is wrong…that is the point….
    The whole point of this is to learn, is it not? Am I crazy here? I may well be…
    We’ve read Mayan stuffs, Drunlavo, Hopi prophecy, Egyptian glyphs, we’ve studied meditation, yoga, astrology and astonomy, numerolgy, Blue Kachina, comets, the Bible’s revalation, the list goes on…
    we have been pi$$ed off by the bl00dy wars different parts of the world, povery, starvation, total untoward behaviour of other humans….and (ALL OF US) we’ve shown compassion to the victims, we’ve cried for the poor souls who have been victims of destructive anger….I put it to you, this shows YOU have a damn heart, a conscience, a reality of what you (each of US) believe it should be like….hold on to that..,.hold on for one more day….
    There were people in the 60s who cried for the same thing, in the 5’0’s, the 1st century, this is it….it don’t change, this is the test, is it not, please tell me I’m wrong…yes, we can complain, we can whinge, we can say how hard done by we are…but SH!T, so can the chinese, the russians, the loving jews, the palestinians, the french, the world…I’m sorry, but is this not how you feel?….is it really going to be how the WEST WAS WON…
    Lets pretend, if the world was at peace, totally…and everyone, everyone, was in unison, would we need politics…would we need money…would we need anything other than food, shelter, water and LOVE?
    I will refer to the doomsday prophecies, the mayan prophecy, the blue kachina, the planet X, the galactic alignment, whatever else takes our fantasy…are you gonna die? phsically? are you, are WE, gonna die? Is the next dimension, or whatever it’s called, new Jerusalem, going to change US? at what cost?
    I have read this, and many other sites, that tell me we re-incarnate, we come back, to experience what we didn’t learn…so, why not go out on a limb?
    I’m really aologetic on this, but I truly feel this is the point….above
    Okay, who the heck am I….nobody, really nobody to you….that is the reality of 3D….in my opinion, that is the point….ok, aaah, I was handed a copy of the Bible less than twelve months ago, never read it in my life, never wanted to either, religion to me was the epitomy of evil…12 months before, I left my wife because I just couldn/;t relate to her anymore….I, well, had some moments, I spent the best part of 6 months with a literal knife to my throat….why? I have a 19 y/o and 15 y/o who I just couldn’;t accept that I could possibly do that to…how could a father leave his own children….but adults grow apart, nothihg wrong with that….in this reality, I couldn’t believe that I could be so cold, that I could possibly leave my kids and move on with life….but, at the same time, I would be dead now if I didn’t….I have money, and I’m not ashamed to say I have a bit of it…..but it wasn’t making me happy….all I did was worry about which property project was next, and let me tell you, I couldn’/t give brass rasoo (how do you spell that) who bought that damn thing, as long as I made money, so that my partner could be happy…isn’t that what we’re supposed to do?…happy families?
    Well, not me, I left, and night after night, I held a knife to my throat threatening my own existence….what happened?
    My soul took total control…total…I can’t explain it, nor do I even want to…it, just is….
    my ex-partner has a lot of my money, weekly too, and i havent beenhappier,….becauseI realise it donsnt matter…I have a roof, food, love for my own self and love for every other creature in this world…
    So, enough of that, I have got through it, oh I AM happy, I SO have nothing left my soul other than wanting to help…..tell me, are you willing to die for your cause,actually, what is your cauase… coz, I hear alot of complaining, a lot of how hard done by WE are….a lot of how the world is SHT….and it isn’t…but, what are you (WE) gonna do about it…complain for the rest of [Y]our existence? We have, as a human race, compained for centuries, I hope you have read the histories..
    or are you willing to let someone else judge? yes, God….the creator, the omniprecent…is that the word?
    Positve energy gives, north pole, male, penis, etc, negative energy receives, south pole, female, vagina…but we all, as humans, have both polarties…see, in my opinion [this is my opinion, please, my opinion, my opinion]….males don’t allow themselves to recieve too well….female energy…they can’t let themselves behave using the feminine side, it’s, well gay in our society….so they may feel as though they can’t connect…for whatever reason, their’s to explore….this is why they cry for their momma’s, they cry for the energy that momma gives them…she don’t judge him, the energy that’s feminine….
    The Bible speaks of Jesus, advising his deciples of the fact there will always be poor poeple, that is the work of God….I believe (my opinion again, soz) that He is saying you must accept what God has given you, you must accept it….that’s how you grow, learn, and know that it’s all about showing the light…
    He also says the the rietchious man is the one who seeks wisdom, and when he learns, teaches others….I hope, I truly hope, I’m helping…
    Love and Peace….
    For what it’s worth I’m a 40 y/o male living in Melbourne Australia, and I too, do not like what the World has become, but I believe in God, and that Jesus will come…21/12/12 or whatever…sacred Geometry isn’t just a 2 dimensional drawing…I believe it’s about connecting the dots…
    If I’ve offended anyone by my post, I truly apologise…but if I did, FU, and smile

    • Jean says:

      JustMe, your post makes my work here worthwhile! I get so tired of reading critiques of the various posts that say so little and seem to me to be a waste of time: ‘this doesn’t sound like Ben’, etc. In my opinion, these people are clearly not focused on what matters. You are. Thank you, thank you, thank you! May I suggest you download Drunvalo’s new book? I’ve just posted info about it. . . in my opinion, the info in it is make-break stuff. Sadly, most people here will go right by it. Remember, also when you think of the drastic changes you have just made in your life, tough changes – I know, I walked out of a life 15 years ago – that you are now loving yourself. You have set the example, and maybe your children will come to understand what you did – and maybe they won’t. At least, you’ve given them a choice, a choice they likely never had before – to learn what it means to love yourself. When you begin to love yourself, other things can begin to happen. . . a fact I think you are discovering. . . Hugs, ~Jean

      • justme says:

        Jean, I appreciate you loving comments…

        I just read your latest post, and all I can do is say thank you, thank you for everything you have tried to do, for me, and all others who come here…thank you

        Your thoughts come from your heart, this much is obvious, and while I haven’t always agreed with your views, I truly do respect them, because they’re yours….

        To all others I have enjoyed reading, don’t forget, that running from place to place, person to person in the search for peace will not help, find a bathroom, look in the mirror, and find your heart…and love that damn person from here on in, cause it’s the only one you truly have…

        Some say simplicity is an advanced course….I don’t believe them..

        Love and Peace…

        PS: Jean, I’ve already ordered Drunlavo’s book… ; )

      • Leagree says:

        Jean: You come across very arrogant and judgmental in relating your opinion about the different posts to B. Fulford’s article. Then you acknowledge justme’s unintelligible rant about who knows what… as more ‘meaningful’ than people questioning or challenging the authenticity of BF’s article. I think you have a ‘spiritual’ double standard… I guess I could rant about my life experiences but I’m reading BF’s article for ‘information’ not spiritual inspiration.

  19. justme says:

    mmm, sorry Jean, but this was us in the sixties, and still, today, it resonates…

    It’s nearly time…

    Love and Peace

    PS, I was born in 72

  20. mtjoeng says:

    not only do I agree with B.F that

    americans & westerners in general
    are flabby couch potatoes that watch porn 24/7
    and stuff their obese babies in a carton box
    in the back of their trailer

    on the other hand

    the new china Fuhrer Xi Jinping’s
    little uppity niece Hiu Ng
    invited to her wedding Maurice Strong
    well known Rothschild boy, pedophile suspect,
    and wrecker of the United Nations
    and all nations’ environments,
    au contraire to his CO2 craziness

    moreover, the latest addition to the Bank Of China Board of Directors,
    is the Dutch ex Director of the Central Bank of the Netherlands,
    Nout Wellink, another Rothchild boy, absolute incompetent,

    and suspect in the entrenched peadophile ring that runs Europe

    perhaps, indeed, B.F has been replaced,
    like the rather tall mr. Putin,
    who of late, seems rather different than the mr Putin
    from a couple of years ago

    but perhaps B.F,
    just needs to work out more,
    loose a couple of pounds,
    get a haircut (and a shave),

    wash the sleep from his eyes
    & wake from this bad nightmare
    so to reacquire some saneness

    (this is all in jest of course)

  21. Leagree says:

    I agree with a number of the posts on this site…this does not sound like BF. Comparing the US to China is ridiculous. China has no bill of rights, no social welfare system, and the internet is not free. It’s overpopulated and has become the most polluted country in the world. There are no labor unions to protect the thousands of young people working in manufacturing jobs (Apple Computers) who are treated like cattle and are just as expendable. And no government regulations. The reason they have to take daily polls and respond to the people is because they are not free to voice their complaints about the government. And China’s economy is tied to the US economy. Without Americans buying all of their garbage…they have no economy.

    • Debbie says:

      This article of ben’s, IF it is BF, doesn’t make sense. Check out Bloomberg Businessweek, November 19 and see the article “Corporate China’s Black Hole of Debt”, reads companies liabilities now exceed 120% of GDP, says “China has already tipped over the precipice into a very bad debt crisis”…these heavily indebted companies are state-owned and the banks that lent to them are state-controlled, too….sudden bankruptcy of a giant state coporation looks likey and very bad for China.
      So, China is hardly a country that stands as the new shining beacon on the hill to be admired. They have done some things right but they have problems….Does BF know that because so many people live in poverty in China that China recieves foriegn aid from the taxpayers in the USA? Corruption in China’s government is so rampant that it is every bit as bad or worse than the USA….
      Yes, America and the West are not in good shape but China is hardly the country we should aspire to. America is still full of great people working very hard to raise their families and have a decent life…’s our morally bankrupted political parties and federal government that is destroying us…spending all our fortune on endless wars for the prupose of expanding the corporate/central bankers empire, is to balme….we need to drain the corporate money/bribes from Washington DC…BF got that right. And Americans need to be reminded we were the world’s biggest creditor until Bush/Cheney took control and with their wars based on lies took us to the world’s biggest debtor…$158Billion alone spent in 2011 for projects in Afghanistan. All America needs to do is get out of the ME and stop being in the business of war in order to set America right again. Obama refuses to do that…
      Personally, I think BF must be dead and the PTB took over his column. This is very fishy.

  22. Loco Pepe says:

    Oh no!! Seems like Ben was kidnapped and “replaced”

  23. TEKOLOTL says:

    “There was a time when the West was seen as the champion of human rights and morality. ” I would like to know when in the past two centuries this was!!! If you speak to the descendants of the First Native Nations who came in contact with these same western “powers” or the enslaved Afrikans who were brought here by force to work at gun point, and speak to them about human rights and morality, they will laugh in your face and then slap you silly!!! These descriptions of the west are nothing more than a figment of the imagination!!! There has never a time that they have been looked at in this way unless its they themselves appointing themselves in such a way!! NON-SENSE BEN!!! That statement along proves just how arrogant you ARE to disregard the pain and suffering of hundreds of thousands of lives!!!!

  24. Lynne Rassbach says:

    This doesn’t sound like anything I have seen Ben write before. Hmmm….

    • Dave says:

      Hmmm is right Lynne!! The White Dragons are about helping the US and the world come back from the mess that the Cabal created. They need to be Spiritually and physically removed from all offices of leadership!

  25. Sopra says:

    That’s what i called a wonderful article!!

  26. sharir27 says:

    One more thing to say: GMO foods are causing the obesity also. There is less nutrients in the food, thus, the people eat more for their bodies to get the nutrients. Then, they get sick, go to big pharma, and get a “pill.” That pill does nothing but cause more harm. Not all American’s are fat, either. But usually, the people who can eat the better food do. But, look around at our food prices. Can the poor buy good food? They make just enough not to qualify for “food stamps” but not enough to buy quality food.
    These are not excuses, but FACTS. After all the hormones, pesticides, and all the other things being added to our food, fluoride, vaccinations, chemicals sprayed in the air… what do you expect? Our legal system is really messed up, because they seem to believe that we don’t need to know the truth about these things. We have been the “test subjects” for more years than I have been alive. It is SICKENING. People want change, they want to know the truth. But they have been indoctrinated in every fake thing you can think of through fear and manipulation. Ben, you lived here, you KNOW the truth.

    Plus, we have WAY too many people in the prison system right now. Most are non-violent, but it works for the corporations who make money off of them. We do not want to get free things from other nations. We are a good people, but the politics and media is lacking what is really needed for change.

    • kibitzer3 says:

      What is “really needed for change” sharir27, is the planetary recognition of the spiritual factor in human existence; not more of trying to solve problems on the level of the problem. Which includes merely religions. But that whole picture opens this discussion to another level. To another dimension, as it were.

      But we need to go there, to find our ultimate answers.

    • Dave says:

      Good points sharir27!! The reason why the US and the entire world is in the present situation is extremely complex. I can assure you that most of what is happening in the world can in some way be traced back to the elite fake Zionist Illuminati ( Not Jewish people) . The US has been taken over and most don’t even know it!

      Come on Ben you are the one that has been leading the charge against these guys. Americans are doing the best we can with all of the craziness happening in the world.

  27. White Feather says:

    I don’t know who this is, but this is not Ben Fulford. He would speaking at the level of Chinese politics and naming names, not making these broad generalizations. I can’t imagine he cares a flip about homosexuals and certainly wouldn’t blame gay marriage for population reduction!! Actually many adopt, father or have their own biological children either before or during their marriage. This sounds like some ultra right wing nut….

    • sharir27 says:

      White Feather, I think that you are right. Ben never talks like this, and if this is him, he has made the people follow his posts not too happy.

      • White Feather says:

        And the stuff about American arrogance offending the Japanese sounds like it came right out of a travel manual. I teach for a living and if a student had written the other stuff Ben is known for and then handed me this…I would definitely call him in for a plagiarism conference.

    • White Feather says:

      Go back and read several of Ben’s posts. Always there are references to individuals and rival organizations, not “the British” or “the West”. He never speaks at the level of countries without mentioning leaders and factions and he never dis’s people like this. Total disinfo here.

      • sharir27 says:

        So the question is, what happened to Ben?

      • Dave says:

        Good points White Feather!! Check out the below excerpt from the above post. The writer is blaming the (West). Ben knows that it is the cabal that is trying to start WW3. Come on! the only envy comes from the Cabal!!

        The rulers of the West have been trying to start World War 3 and destroy 90% of humanity because they could not stand the idea of other cultures and nations surpassing them. It was their jealousy of other civilizations that led to their current international isolation.

    • Lynne Rassbach says:

      I would agree, White Feather. The “Lust” portion of this topic is rhetorical and false. Let’s throw the decades of Pedophilia in for objectivity…

      • white feather says:

        Sites get hacked all the time. My guess is this one was.

      • o says:

        I doubt it was hacked, all it is is a WordPress blog like this website besides I’ve seen Ben make generalizations before. It’s a stereotype that all westerners are fat and lazy but it’s true to an extent in that we have higher obesity rates than the rest of the world and the media and the FDA are only helping junk food companies make us fatter.

    • MousePie says:

      My first thought, also.

    • BrotherJay says:

      The last two have not sounded like Ben at all.

  28. sharir27 says:

    I would love to reply to Ben…
    First of all, there are MANY Americans that are NOT lazy. We work 40 hours a week… but there are others looking for work. Don’t you think if there were manufacturing jobs in America, people would be working them? It’s not about laziness, it’s about NO jobs because China will work for less money. Take a look at Bain Capital for instance.

    Not all American’s are lazy or full of want what other’s have. American’s give more money to charity than many parts of the world. We know how to LOVE as well, even if our LEADERS don’t. We want the corruption and wars to stop. There isn’t an American I know that likes killing. We want to get back to where we once were, without the wars.

    How can that be achieved when we have media bought and paid for by the Zionist movement? Most people don’t know that our media is controlled. But they are waking up, slowly but surely. We didn’t destroy our country. Most people were not even born when they were arranging America’s demise.

    You can say whatever you want Ben, because I believe in free speech. But don’t tell me what “I am.” I love humanity and I know it can do better. We, together as a planet can do better. WIthout the controls of large corporations who buy the politicians, there are many things that can be accomplished.
    Thank you

  29. Ben’s most sensible epistle for a very long time…..

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