Note from ~Jean

I went out to the store today, and by the time I got home things had begun to visibly change. First Poof, then Palestine, then Bradley Manning.

I’m back up, for now anyway, because it looks like I can publish the facts. If I’m publishing facts that are showing things moving forward, then I don’t have to rebut all kinds of rumor. That got pretty heavy for me—because I have a pretty good sense of what is merely rumor.

In the future, I doubt very much I will be publishing as much, only what I deem significant. 


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23 Responses to Note from ~Jean

  1. Letscreatetogether says:

    Gee, how did I know this? Again, dejavu.

  2. bacalove says:

    Jean, We are glad you are back. Your work/service is invaluable.

  3. Paul uk says:

    Hi Jean.
    Glad you are back, but look after yourself.
    Lots of Love
    Paul UK.

  4. David Gál says:

    I am so glad you are back again 🙂

  5. jeanie says:

    I am happy you have returned. :))

  6. sarah says:

    Missed you too….

  7. Sarai says:

    I’m glad your back, I missed reading your posts!

  8. susan says:

    Glad to have you back whenever you feel moved Jean. Much love!!! And I am also LOVING Drunvalo’s new book= excellent and a very important read for those interested

  9. mc says:

    sounds good to me… “only what I deem significant”… discernment is in the West

  10. Benjamin Hunt says:

    You are very loved Jean. I appreciate all the hard work you do and I know I am not alone with this thought. I was so glad to see you in my email!

  11. maurburns says:

    I always look forward to your posts Jean. Welcome back.

  12. ickytwerp39 says:

    Glad to see you posting again. I personally liked your willingness to post a wide variety of viewpoints. Like your art too. Especially one at the top. The impressionist one’s were also very good.

  13. rotty05 says:

    Happy to see you’re back–missed your posts. Love and blessings!!

  14. Purpleskyz says:

    Yeah! Glad you are back! I missed you…..

  15. Nicki Tompkins says:

    I love your plan, Jean, “to publish facts that are showing things moving forward”. I believe this will help me/us to continue to raise and maintain our vibrational frequencies due to the excitement of such events moving us into the Golden Age. Love you much, and glad you’re back!

  16. Martha says:

    Thanks for posting these, Jean. I look to you as a sort of barometer of Truth…& BTW I kindled Drunvalo’s latest book–looking forward to his new insights. I was at his program in NYC yrs ago–when he just came out with the book about heart-centeredness,,,Thought after your being keen on him I’d give another try…;-)

  17. Sunscape says:

    We welcome you back, Jean, and look forward to your postings of truth demonstrating that change for the better is indeed coming forth.

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