Jones and InfoWars Increasingly Cited as “Fox News Lite” (video)

Source: Veterans Today

Assessing Alex Jones, Is He Entering the “Pop Culture MSM?”

By Veterans Today

A video analysis of Alex Jones accounting for statements made that are grossly in contradiction to reality and fact.  Is the once seen as independent and influential Jones serving an agenda.

For open discussion, please comment on the video below at Veterans Today [or here, of course . . . ~J]:

YouTube – Veterans Today –

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12 Responses to Jones and InfoWars Increasingly Cited as “Fox News Lite” (video)

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  2. Danny boy says:

    Alex see’s his role as an alarm ringer. He sure is good at that!

    I take the points made and indeed many media commentators say the same blah blah. Seems obvious to me Israel is in serious need of some wing clipping.

    However Alex makes very good points (usually way ahead of the pack) on issues like vaccines, climate change, TSA’s prisoner training and eugenics (not many people touch all these, certainly not FOX!!!). He also has many varied guests, many of whom (Webster Tarpley springs to mind) disagree and argue with Alex.

    He also lets many, many comments saying very critical things about him and his sites get published.

    But yeah, too much fear not enough solutions…

  3. David Gagin says:

    Suzy’s right, of course; the observation I’d make is that TV media, to include their news programs have suffered a scorched earth policy, that goes back decades, and it might even be safe to say, it was set up for propaganda purposes from day-one. Thus, it isn’t possible to nail down the truth 100%, but it does my heart good to see this young man who can see the hypocrisy and obfuscation in spite of their efforts to skew the truth to match the agenda.

    I listened to Alex Jones. I’ll admit that. I’ve even defended him. But you can only take so much of the rants, the hyperbole, the dramatics, and the one-sided 2D view that Alex promotes before you give up and turn him off. My turn around was that Alex dwells on the negative to a very large extent, but refuses to give credence to the positive, even though we see so many things happening that reveal the NWO agenda is imploding.

    If anyone starts to doubt him, why, he comes out with another “bomb-sell” video of deeply researched material, that we just have to have, and because it supports his operation.

    I have wanted to ask him, “Alex, what would you do if the NWO did collapse? What would become of your operation when you and crew didn’t have any more fear porn to dispense? What would you have to say to us after that which we’d continue to listen to? You always say, your existence depends on us, the listeners. What if all that came to a screeching halt; would you continue to rant about the TSA and the police/nanny state hegemony over us? What if all that was removed Alex? Would you STFU then? When the Federal Reserve is forced to close its doors, will you hang up your bullhorn?”

    The answer is: Probably not because then freedom would become an illusion to him which he must expose and won’t rest until he does. The people who have become awake to the matrix are now looking for answers, and objectives and they know damned well that the liberation of Earth has a staggering number of facets beyond the Alex Jones position on things. Alex isn’t addressing it, and the people who ARE doing things, like the nation states group, and Neil Keenan and the patriots behind the re-declaration of liberty he doesn’t give the right time of day to even though he has the venue, already established, to make something of it.

  4. Suzy says:

    Not sure if Ry has it all right anyway by looking at his other video’s. It’s all a propaganda war and we had better keep an open mind. His idea’s and opinions about Syria are a bit off but you always find an element of truth in the disinformation that’s spewing out everywhere! To actually know what’s going on you have to have links to these places to see the bigger picture and not just rely on the MSM and alternative news that basically have the same agenda anyways. Just my two cents.

  5. Kevin says:

    While he’s got some great stuff he does, theres always been something behind him…he takes on everything except the Vatican

  6. debbymanynations says:

    Reblogged this on cedarridge2007.

  7. Barbara says:

    Jean, I’ve never posted anything anywhere before, what I would like to say is MeherBaba22’s comments above express exactly how I feel. I also send you love and gratitude and wish you peace happiness and long life doing what you choose… Barbara

    • Jean says:

      Barbara, thank you so much for your kind thoughts and for taking the time to share with us. Everyone’s energy, everyone’s ideas help to create change. Hugs, ~Jean

  8. Alex says:

    Ahhh.. Alex Jones is a good man. No one is right all the time. Alex is no exception.

  9. MeherBaba22 says:

    Jean, Dear God I am so happy you are able to give some time again right now to your blog here.
    I wonder if you have even the remotest clue how deep & serious valuable the things you choose to include here, and especially your personal insights & comments to such, are to so many who never say anything, but come to see every day.
    I understand, perhaps better than many, the need to be moving on into your other work, but I can’t help but feel both a bit relieved, and also deeply sincerely grateful, that you are continuing at the moment to post things here that can be infinitely valuable in ‘opening doors of understanding’ for those who are either questing and/or struggling to understand so much more in this significant time of change.
    In all my life, honestly, I have never seen anyone do a finer job of giving people a solid chance at discerning for themselves ‘the bigger pictures’.
    my statements are not meant as flattery, simply a long term observation & personal experience. I point a lot of people your way & have been doing so for a long time, I suppose for the selfish reason that by doing so you make my own work with them so much easier. The ‘lights go on.’
    The work you have done here only God Himself could know the full value of, but I feel like I at least have the inkling of a clue, and it is vast.
    Perhaps there was or would be a better post to attach this note to, the feelings have been there a long time, but I will trust that now is good & here is fine & I really needed to say those few things to you before you & I & we all move forward on into the new life that is unfolding already.
    With great love and gratitude to you for being here with us & being you, oh so ever true,

  10. sharir27 says:

    I have always felt that Alex was disinfo. He is loud, and uses fear to get people to follow him.
    I fell off the bandwagon before I got on. 🙂

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