Ben Fulford: Putin, George Bush Sr., Saudi King Abdullah and Venezuela’s Chavez all reported ill during same week; Big oil involved

December 3, 2012

Last week there were a flurry of reports, all officially denied, that George Bush Sr., President Vladimir Putin of Russia, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia and President Cesar Chavez of Venezuela were all suffering from serious health problems.





Most intriguing of all is the article in the Houston Chronicle, linked in the widely read Drudge Report, about Bush’s health. If you click on the to the article above, the James Bond theme song starts playing and a video ad appears for the latest James Bond movie with a subtitle about Bush’s hospitalization at the bottom of the video (or at least it did at the time of writing this article).

White Dragon Society sources say that the Pope, the Rockefellers, The Queen, Obama and others decided to gang up on the Bush brothers who have now lost the ongoing power struggle in the West.

These reports coincide with a major move to start shipping North American oil and oil products to Asia as a substitute for Middle Eastern oil. It is also big oil’s plea to Japan to agree to a gradual transition away from oil and into new energy sources.

The effort to start shipping North American oil to Asia comes amid a glut (thanks to new technologies) in North American fossil fuel supplies. That is why it seems to be no coincidence that the heads of biggest non-North American oil powers (the Bushes control Iraq) all got “sick” simultaneously.

In this context, North American LPG and LNG is being offered to Asian buyers for long term contracts at a 30-50% discount from Middle Eastern prices, according to a major Japanese oil products importer.

Until recently the Japanese were forced to pay the highest prices in the world for oil and had to rely on the Middle East for almost all of it supplies. Any attempts to buy from elsewhere in the world were ruthlessly suppressed by Western oil oligarchs.

Negotiations have just started and the shift will take a few years (the time needed to build pipelines) using current technology.

Perhaps the sudden change of heart has to do with the fact that devices like this one are now available at Japanese electronics markets:

Here is a link to where you can actually order one of these devices online (if you can navigate through the Japanese):

The item is in the bottom right corner of the page. A Japanese reader of mine brought one of these generators to me and demonstrated it so I can say I have seen it with my own eyes. It runs for 120 hours on a small bag of salt water. Maybe soon, instead of charging the batteries for your mobile, you will just say “pass the salt.”

The sale of these items is linked to a recently held meeting of the heads of the secret society known as the Yatagarasu or three-legged crow that decided to make Japan an independent country and end 66 years of military occupation of Japan. The members of this group, who wear black veils to hide their faces when they meet, voted overwhelmingly for such a move. The presentation of evidence that Japan was attacked, for the third time, with nuclear weapons on March 11, 2011 helped clinch the vote.

Since the Japanese have long had alternative energy technology available to them they have now decided to go full speed ahead and start developing it.

Needless to say the fossil fuel giants, and the pentagon they pay for, are pleading for 100 years’ worth of oil based industrial infrastructure to be given time for a smooth transition. It has been informally agreed that for now at least, the new technology will be used for purposes, like turning deserts green, that current energy technology cannot accomplish.

The Nazi Zionists and their proxy country Israel are also now rushing to try to set up their Middle Eastern kingdom before they lose all control of their US puppet state. The third paragraph from the bottom of this article on the Mossad-linked Debka report basically admits this:

“recognition of Hamas at the expense of Fatah in Ramallah as part of the burgeoning Sunni Muslim Middle East axis, which is strongly though silently endorsed by the US and Israel.”

Needless to say, in their version, the “Sunni Axis” would be under the thumb of the Nazi created Muslim Brotherhood.

The rest of the world is sick and tired of Zionist war mongering and the financial net against these thugs is getting tighter by the day. That is why the move away from Middle Eastern oil has begun. It is also why the “financial crisis” continues unabated in the Zionist controlled nations of the West.

In that context, the latest intelligence on the new financial system reveals that the US dollar is here to stay even though the soon to be restored Republic of the United States itself will start issuing its own separate (and devalued) greenbacks.

The reason for this, as mentioned before in this newsletter, is that most of the dollars ever created are not owned by Americans. Any attempt by the US to unilaterally devalue the US dollar would lead to other countries to devalue by the same amount, making such a move impossible. Let us face the facts; the US dollar is no longer American. The yen, yuan, ruble and other currencies will continue to gain in importance over the coming years but they will be part of an international basket with the dollar acting as a sort of averaging point between them. That average will probably slowly shift towards the Chinese Yuan but there will not be a “one world currency” as envisaged by the New World Order gang.

The historical rights of the original owners of the world’s treasures, mostly Asian royal families, are being reasserted and they will continue to act as caretakers for the gold and treasure that now back the de facto international dollar.

The story being told to me by highly placed power brokers is that there will be no big announcements of these changes but that future generations will look back and see that a mental pole shift in the human collective conscious towards love and harmony took place around about December 21st, 2012.

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20 Responses to Ben Fulford: Putin, George Bush Sr., Saudi King Abdullah and Venezuela’s Chavez all reported ill during same week; Big oil involved

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  2. lecox says:

    It is not clear to me that Fulford’s data is reliable.
    Nor it it clear to me that anyone else’s data about “the shift” is reliable.
    To the extent that it is getting play on the internet, in TV programs, and more importantly (because of audience size and type) in popular movies, indicates to me the possibility that it is an orchestrated ploy. The whole thing, hook line and sinker.
    I am glad that the wait will soon be over.
    I think the 2013 scene will be much the same as the current scene.
    The forces of freedom ARE making advances. But only because of the hard work and sacrifices of people who have a clue of what freedom is really all about. These beings are few and far between, and do not seek praise or thanks. They just want to have people to talk to and work with in the generations before us. Do you?

  3. Danny boy says:

    The sea salt lamp is mighty cool.

    The 3 legged crow…. sounds very Japanese. I dont think Ben is pulling this stuff out of his ass… but who knows!

    I do know i want one of those lamps if they work as stated. 😀

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  5. Zany Mystic says:

    “White Dragon Society sources say that the Pope, the Rockefellers, The Queen, Obama and others decided to gang up on the Bush brothers who have now lost the ongoing power struggle in the West.”

    Meet the NEW THUGS… worse than the OLD THUGS! I’m all for “clearing the deck”, raising our frequency OUT of the chaos of control and manipulation for profit. These are not “nice people” with big hearts. They are nasty, self-serving creatures with no conscience OR heart, that might as well be from the Black Lagoon… or Alpha Draconis! Too little, too late. Their hubris will be their downfall, regardless of slick Bond movies and media control. Good bye to bad rubbish!

    We have FREE and ABUNDANT resources, energy sources and more… and will again, when we move into our inner chambers of spirit and commune on all the subtle levels, with All That Is. WE, who align with Gaia-Sophia and the higher dimensions, are not remotely interested in the elite’s vanity plays. Let them duke it out with each other in a world they created on another dimension… far, far away!

    Zany Mystic

    • DavidG says:

      You just wrote very elegantly what I was thinking. Whoever wins the thug dispute and calls themselves royalty is simply pathetic these days.

      • Jean says:

        David and Lance, I think the Rockefellers are taking down the Bushes and Rothschilds, and Obama is their man, or has been, anyway. Perhaps now he is supported in his efforts by the Dragon Family. My personal opinion is that all three of them cannot go down at one time. Chaos would result. I think the word for right now is gradual. The change will be ‘gradual.’ The Shift in oil sales the glut on the market, and the lower price in the US will cause huge changes and will bring down the Middle Eastern kingdoms, and this will crash the Rothschilds. (As far as I can guess, the Bushes are already done.) By then, Neil Keenan likely will have filed his lawsuit to bring down the Fed, and that will deeply affect the Rockefellers. This that I am suggesting is just the tip of the iceberg, and I don’t think anyone knows exactly how this will play out . . . but the possibilities are amazing and interesting. Just think on this a bit. Hugs, ~Jean

      • DavidG says:

        I think if the truth were known then all three could very easilly go down all at once. I also think gradual is not going to be an option. We are or we are not free. Why do we hold secrets from each other, why do we pay goverment to hold secrets from us? For our protection.. yeah right. Tippy toeing has had it’s day. Time for truth and embrace is here.

        • Jean says:

          The reason for gradual is that the Dark is still dangerous. . . I think it’s unwise to release all that ‘danger’ at one time. . . Hugs, ~Jean

    • DavidG says:

      What is dangerous is that we maintain this enviroment of servitude. For any Mother or Father who have their beloved children ‘serving’ in foreign lands should say to their kids – “C’mon home, we aint fighting this shit no more. There is zero support and this is yet another Vietnam.”

      The only danger is we keep on believing in crap.

    • Birgit Jonas says:

      I so much agree with your comment. Yes. Let´s all light our heart´s fire to ascend. Just watched this:, from about 37 min Drunvalo Melchizedek starts talking, made a few things clearer to me – Namasté

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  7. ethaos says:

    Imagine a world where weapons were impotent against truth!!!

  8. mtjoeng says:

    business as usual
    the Fulford campaign disintegrating before our eyes
    and my advise to all those ‘not connected to the high and mighty’
    (you know: the peadophile lucifer satan scum)

    just keep pushing for a true revolution
    that involves the complete reset of the money system
    that is the – real – proof for a turnaround

    this – apparition of a – sell out
    can be dismissed, straight into the dumpster

  9. Nick Kosonic says:

    I’m assuming Ben means future generations on another 3D level? As it is!!!!

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