The First Annual Great Canadian Frock Off

Posted on November 29, 2012 by itccs

Where You get to help Name, Shame and Expel notorious clergy persons in your Neighborhood!

Toronto and Vancouver – November 23, 2012

In the wake of growing revelations of hideous crimes and their coverup by mainstream churches across Canada (and elsewhere), we’re pleased to announce the commencement of The First Annual Great Canadian Frock Off.

This nation-wide community event is your chance to publicly identify, defrock and permanently banish child raping priests, corrupt clergy and other wolves posing as sheep in your communities. It’s prompted by the refusal of the courts, the government and the police to arrest those in the churches who are proven criminals and a threat to our children and community.

The process is simple: you submit the names and addresses of suspected or known criminals among the Christian clergy, and we’ll investigate and take action.

Once the guilt of your nominee is established beyond a reasonable doubt, our Frock Off Action Group (FRAG) will perform citizen’s arrests on the guilty clergy person, strip them of their robes of office, and publicly banish them from our communities – all on film, before a world wide audience!

This year’s Nominees represent all three of Canada’s most notorious mainline denominations: the Roman Catholic, Anglican and United Church of Canada. They are:

Priest Glenn Dion is confronted yesterday by native protesters outside Holy Rosary Cathedral in Vancouver. Photo by Jason Payne, The Province

1. Glenn Dion, alias “Glenn the Snatcher”: The head parish priest at Vancouver’s Holy Rosary Catholic Cathedral, Dunsmuir and Richards st. According to church staff and diocese sources, as of January 2012, Glenn has personally stolen more than $650,000 from the parish funds, including by taking a personal cut from every collection of every Mass. Glen is also responsible for covering up his theft by firing staff, abusing and threatening others, and issuing fraudulent statements and doctored accounts.

2. Russell Crossley, alias “Russ the Rapist”: This retired United Church clergyman formerly of Metropolitan United Church in Victoria, BC is a convicted serial rapist who is still on full pension and benefits from the church despite having served prison time for having serially raped women and underage girls in United Church congregations across Canada for over thirty years. His actions were known and protected by top United Church officials since 1962. Russ still “ministers” part time with local churches in Victoria and has never faced de-frocking or even penalties or disciplinary action from the United Church.

Bishop Bob Bennett

3. Bishop Bob Bennett, alias “The Midnight Shredder”: Bob is presently the Anglican Bishop of Huron Diocese in London, Ontario who is actively obstructing justice, destroying and concealing evidence and silencing witnesses to crimes against humanity in two former Indian residential schools run by his church. Bob is sitting on documents known as the “G 12 Collection” at Caledonia College in London proving that his church planned and committed murder and genocide on generations of Mohawk Indian children at the Mount Elgin and Brantford Indian residential schools. Bob has also fired and silenced clergy and staff in his Diocese, and lied to investigators about his knowledge of these crimes.

These are but a few of the hypocrites and criminals in robes who will face official Frock Offs and FRAGing in the days ahead.

Please send in your nominees for community de-frocking to this email. Nominations close on December 31, 2012.

ITCCS Central

The International Tribunal into Crimes of Church and State

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One Response to The First Annual Great Canadian Frock Off

  1. honestangel2012 says:

    I’m so happy to read this, I’ve been following this case and I’m really excited to see this ingeinius way to expose these rapists and child murderers,they are the lowest of the lowest in this world. Thank God,he is taking care of these inhumane men. And the poor little children will get thier revenge,for those awfle people ruining there lives. I don’t know how we could ever make this up to them,Those so called priests and the like, took feelings from these kids that can never be replaced.Love and Light to everyone who has been hurt by these monsters……Honestangel2012

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