Was the Titanic deliberately sunk by JP Morgan? (video) . . . the answer is ‘yes’. . . .~J


Which Ship is This?

The First “9/11″ Scale Conspiracy

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Source: Veterans Today

We thank readers (of www.sott.com) for the video referral.  Though entertaining and enjoyable, there is a dark aspect of this century old mystery.  If “they” could do then what we see them doing, and a very strong case is made, what is done now?

As Veterans Today is in the business of examining such things, the history of conspiracies is very much “up or alley” as it were.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

As hundreds of millions await the end of the world, supposedly only a bit over two weeks away, there may not be another chance to put our “Titanic lore” in perspective.

You can’t do that if we are dead, either a planet splitting event or a mass of brain sucking zombie Martians.

Once, long ago, I read a paper that brought forth the hypothesis that Moses, in order to have crossed the Red Sea and to have been “lost” for as long as is represented in Exodus, had, if one were to accept what was supported  as “conclusory proof,” the real “holy land” or “Israel” was actually Yemen and not Judea.

However, this is not “one of mine.”

I have enough areas of commonly accepted history that, at least I believe, can be totally debunked with little effort.

In fact, the average professor of history, is subject to instantaneous humiliation at the hands of any cable TV junkie.

Anyway, enjoy the video and enjoy the holidays.

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6 Responses to Was the Titanic deliberately sunk by JP Morgan? (video) . . . the answer is ‘yes’. . . .~J

  1. isabee says:

    Would it not have been a relatively simple thing to check / to prove by photos or by making an inquiry, in later years, that the former Titanic, renamed Olympic, did not have any the repairs it should normally have had after having collided with the Hawk and also, that its propeller would have been totally undamaged, unlike the real Olympic – (O-limping) ? The real tragedy is the loss of so many lives, which was unintended but still a fact – and obviously, the second in command pretending to have spent over an hour in the freezing water is a total hoax, how could the inquiry commission beliebe this? Yet another scandal involving Lloyds and J.P. Morgan… No wonder the lookout-boy took his life in later years! He knew too much and could not live with it and felt responsible, unlike all these scheming scumbags who inscenated the whole thing.

  2. lambert says:

    Are there any books out on this matter and if so or there any ducuments to back this claim up?

  3. gdazer says:

    Some of the most powerful people of the time were assembled for this rendezvous. Seems obvious to me that if you get them all together on the pretence of a free ride on a brand new ‘unsinkable’ boat, then something dastardly and dubious would result. And so it proved..

  4. Nora says:

    It was an insurance scam amongst other things and J P Morgan was behind it – he was behind many other things detrimental to mankind.

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