12-12-12 Through 12-21-12 by Denise at TRANSITIONS

  Well, it’s December 2012…finally. Is your mind reeling with possibilities? Your heart swelling with expectations? Your body anxious to house more of YOU? Your spirit so very ready to connect with Home in this new way? Are the many possibilities racing through your mind and heart about the grand Expiration Date of 12-21-12? Are you as ready […]

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Denise | December 7, 2012 at 2:48 PM | URL: http://wp.me/pnJS1-4UB

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3 Responses to 12-12-12 Through 12-21-12 by Denise at TRANSITIONS

  1. robb says:

    oops. i included the wrong message above: doh!

    here’s just the meditation:
    That this Awareness wishes to re-present a meditation that was given several months ago. But, with an addition. That this is the meditation of the Heart. Accessing the secret God chamber in the heart of each human being.

    That this Awareness says that indeed in the very heart of each human being is a small space. Science sees it as a microscopic space. But, nonetheless, a space that contains the spark of God. This is that which this Awareness calls the Hidden Chamber of God. And it is from this chamber that the spark of consciousness and Divine light indeed infuses the human being. The spirit, the mind, the body and the heart of each and every human being.

    That in the meditation, that one sees themselves, imagines themselves, standing a few feet in front of themselves. One can visualize, if one has the ability of visualization, a vortex coming out from the heart itself. For those who find visualization hard, simply imagine this, know this, accept this to be so, and continue the meditation in this manner.

    That one stands in front, viewing one’s self, viewing the heart, heart chakra. The vortex that extends is such that one enters into the vortex and reduces in size. The final destination being that which is a door into the heart. One comes to this door, and there, lying on a shelf beside the door, is a key. This is your key to enter into the chamber of the heart. You take this key. You insert it in the lock. Open the door, and enter. You pass down a tunnel that enters into a huge chamber, full of light. In the very center of the chamber is a throne. That you advance to this throne and seat yourself upon it.

    It is the throne of God consciousness, and this is the hidden chamber of God within the heart. The spark of God within the heart. That you sit in this throne, opening yourself up to the love, the light, the beauty, the power that is God. That you allow this energy of Divine force to enter strongly within you, charging you, rejuvenating you, slipping you to high levels of consciousness. That you then take three breaths, and as you take these three breaths, you feel within your own chest, your own heart, swelling with the love of the Divine for you and for all.

    With the final, third breath, you release this wine of energy, of love, from the heart upwards through the throat chakra, the third eye chakra, and finally up and out of the crown chakra. See this force, this energy, swirling around, creating a vortex that spins upwards. The spin being clockwise in direction. See this vortex extending from the crown of your head, ever upwards until it reaches a point high above you, and spills over onto a surface, a sphere-like surface. That the energies continue to spiral down around and down the surface of this sphere. Down the ball of your consciousness that surrounds this body and this mind of each individual.

    That this spinning energy goes down along the sides of the ball, perfectly describing the exterior of the ball of consciousness around you, and comes down back into an opposite sphere, opening a vortex, opening, rather at the bottom of this torus, this toroidical ball of consciousness and energy that surrounds each and every human being.

    That the spinning energy is again spinning inward, upward and re-enters the body of each individual, your body, as you sit on the throne. Feel it re-enter the heart and feel it again well up, allowing it to build up, allowing it to finally be released once again through the crown chakra, up and over the edge, around the torus, the torus-ball of consciousness and energy and back inside. Back into the heart.

    Do this at least one more time, three actions being that which is required. That indeed one can do this more than three times, but three revolutions of this energy will indeed open the heart, open the mind, open the energy fields, expanding them, indeed, to those new levels that are now required. That once this exercise is complete, that one can sit awhile longer on the throne of God’s consciousness and God’s heart, sparking the deeper feelings of connection to the Divine. When one is complete, one stands and leaves the chamber. Goes down the tunnel and closes the door behind oneself. See yourself exiting again through the vortex, the heart chakra vortex, and see yourself once again viewing yourself from in front of you. Thus, completing this action.

    That when this is done, simply allow the energies to be what they may be and complete this meditation when you are ready.

    mucho amore y luz…

  2. robb says:

    greetings Jean,
    sorry you’re feeling funky, energetic adjustments are hitting everyone right now.

    i read this post, and Denise mentioned Will Berlinghof, who channels Cosmic Awareness.
    frankly i decided to ignore all channeled material several months ago, as it was always about this boogie-man or that dark group, or the same old ‘you’re transitioning and it’ll get better soon’ stuff.
    nothin’ i didn’t already know, and i could get myself- from the Akashic or my Higher Self.

    but i looked at this one, Rainbow Phoenix: http://rainbow-phoenix.com/blog/2012/10/4/october-4-message-from-cosmic-awareness.html

    it’s pretty awesome. it has a meditation that is really close to what i have been led to do myself.

    briefly, i took the Flower of Life workshop in October 2010, and last May brought Ron LaPlace to Omaha, Nebraska for the Illuminated Heart workshop. yep, Ron’s a peach. i know you dig this info too, which is why i share.

    give the meditation a shot- it energized me and opened my heart up tremendously. i also felt and communicated with the energy of Cosmic Awareness in my dreams that evening, another benefit.

    there are many of us just doing what we do- no big fanfare, often no acknowledgements from others; if there is, it’s often just critical, ego-centered, baby whining when it doesn’t exactly fit their tiny box. but you have helped, are helping, and i honor your service.

    many thanks for your love, light and service.

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