Not so noble, or peaceful: EU Nobel Peace Prize disappointment

Published on Dec 10, 2012

The European Union’s three presidents are in Oslo to receive this year’s Nobel Peace Prize, on behalf of the group. It’s being given to commend the EU for fostering peace. But not everyone agrees – hundreds marched through the Norwegian capital in protest. RT’s Peter Oliver looks at why many believe the EU doesn’t deserve the prize, and why the whole Nobel institution may need a rethink.
With the EU mired in economic strife, it’s hardly looking peaceful with anti-austerity protests and riots. RT talks to Max Otte who’s a business professor and an independent investment fund manager.


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7 Responses to Not so noble, or peaceful: EU Nobel Peace Prize disappointment

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  6. Not a big surprise when you look at all the peace prize winners of the past, examples like Arafat and Obama for all the peace they have given the world!

  7. General post,

    Gaggh! Argggck! Huey-barack! coch! coch! vomit, vomit!

    Kind regards,

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