The Birth of the New Human

Published on Nov 20, 2012

* with gratitude to Luca Ferretti for the Italian captions.

If you study the 12 spiritual layers of DNA, you will know that Layer 11 is the second of the divine God layers, and actually the most powerful force in the Universe, for it represents the compassion of all humanity, which is epitomized within the mother energy. It’s an energy that isn’t there unless the Human calls for it.

It is the layer activated with compassionate events on the planet, such as the death of Princess Diana, the tsunamis, or the 9/11 experiences. It softens the heart and opens both genders to common sense solutions and peaceful times. It is being stored up within you, but also controlled by Gaia. Together, it will be released when the shift needs it the most. This won’t be a catastrophe, but the birth of a new energy.

* the information above is taken from Kryon Book Twelve “The Twelve Layers of DNA – An Esoteric Study of the Mastery Within” written by Lee Carroll.

Know this, that a balanced male/female creates a balanced human. A balanced human is able to manifest. A balanced human is able to learn her/his remaining life lessors in this life time. Blessed is the human being who understands this and begins the process.

And we have 18 more years to plant seeds of new energy. Let us use them well.

And together let us affirm:

I AM a New Human
I AM willing to Evolve
I AM a New Expression of the I AM
And so I AM

shared with love …
Oribel Divine

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4 Responses to The Birth of the New Human

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  2. bacalove says:

    Thank you Jean for all the wonderful Videos you are posting regards the consciousness boost/ Initiation, Earth will be receiving during the coming alignment.

  3. bacalove says:

    Video by AcTah (Mayan Walking Teacher) explaining what will happen on the Dec. 21-23 event.

    “The Mayan elders were looking for a couple of sites to put pyramids in the northern hemisphere for the planetary alignment. So one is going to Santa Fe and I have offered to have the other pyramid coming here to Ben Lomond (Santa Cruz county). It has all happened in a few days and is really very exciting.

    The pyramids have been designed by the Mayan elders to receive and hold the incoming planetary energy so that these energies can continue to be accessed for the upliftment of humanity during & beyond the time of the alignment (Dec. 21-23). This (absorption, anchoring) is what the ancient pyramids were designed to do according to the Mayan elders.”

    • PHOENIX ONE says:

      Hi, there are lots of people asking where exactly this event is going to take place at. First, everyone thought the last pyramid was going to be placed in Arizona and now it is said that it is on its way to Santa Cruz, CA but no one knew where in there. Now after spending the whole night searching know that it is going to be placed in Ben Lomond but where, we don’t know. CAN ANYONE TELL US WHERE IS THE GATHERING GOING TO HAPPEN AT (DIRECTIONS PLEASE!!) IN BEN LOMOND?? I CANNOT BELIEVE THAT THE MOST IMPORTANT EVENT OF THE MILLENNIUM IS JUST 3 DAYS AWAY AND NO ONE BOTHER TO POST A NOTICE AS TO WHERE THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN AT??!!?? PLEASE, ANYONE THAT CARES EVEN A LITTLE, POST IT!!!! I ALREADY HAVE A GROUP FROM L.A. HEADING UP NORTH TO BEN LOMOND ON FRIDAY, BUT WHO WANTS TO BE WONDERING AROUND TRYING TO FIND IT???

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