An Uncontainable Thrill – by Andrew Cohen


The ultimate spiritual revelation is that there is no other. There is only One. When any individual goes very deep into a meditative state, momentarily transcending the separate self-sense or narcissistic ego, this profound singularity at the level of consciousness itself is what he or she will find. There is an uncontainable thrill in those moments when the nonrelative nature of consciousness actually becomes apparent. It’s as if the water boils over the edge, and the individual suddenly finds himself or herself overwhelmed by the absolute dimension of Being. That is the revelation that enlightens: Consciousness is One without a second, and I Am That.

—Andrew Cohen

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3 Responses to An Uncontainable Thrill – by Andrew Cohen

  1. mike says:

    The mind would like to think that forever, eternity, is a long, long time.

    Actually, eterntity is no time.

    When you begin to see what you are… reality… you see that everything around you is created by your heart, everything springs forth spontaneously and direclty from your heart.

    After you get over the giggles and the awe… deeper and deeper realizations pour in which lead you to a much deeper understanding of how to navigate and create through this reality more conscioussly.

    Time is a biggy.

    If everything is a dream, then since “everything” includes space and time… that too disappears when you enter the heart.

    In the heart, you embody a dimension which is outside of time.

    When you touch this space, you have a sense that it is ancient. Eternal.

    It is not sperate from you. You are it.

    This space is the invisible string which connects all Universes, and all time.

    What the ancients knew many thousands of years ago is that the Heart of the Galaxy, the Heart of the Sun, The Heart of the Earth… and the heart of each human being, are intimately connected.

    It is for this reason why it feels like the entire Universe is alligned and in order when you reside and see through the heart … becuase you are in communion with it.

    You are tapped into the same frequency.

    We are now rapidly approaching a very magical time which the ancients have prophecized for thousands of years (2012 and Beyond)

    Our sun is coming into directly allignment with the core of our galaxy.

    Very soon there will come a time when the heart of our Galaxy, our Sun, and our Earth will be very connected.

    When this happens, creation is inevitable. If you are sensitive, you can feel it… something is about to be born… something ancient.

    The best place to be during this “time”, is in your heart.

    – Silent Furnace

    PS. There is a way to access the field of the heart, there’s science and structure to it…

    But you have to be willing to see certain things, and let go of certain beliefs, which will alter you forever… And this is what the Heart Creation Master Course is all about.

    If you missed it at the webinar, you can still grab the whole course here, with the bonuses included, click click the image or link below.

    I am not try to sell this fellows material just read what he has to say.Blessings.

  2. Belle says:

    This happened to me. I was able to consciously stay there. One day it hit me and I felt so alone at first then all the worries I had went away and I realized that I was it. There’s nothing or anyone but you. Now everyone I look In the eyes has my reflection…I’m in two worlds literally I can tune in and out. It’s subtle but profound walking around your own body. I smoke and clouds fill the sky…

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