Revolt! Michigan Wars Against the Corporate Mob



GOP Tries To Burn Down America

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor
Source: Veterans Today

The scene is Lansing, Michigan, where the GOP dominated legislature tries an 11th hour assault on the states workers, small business and middle class.  Michigan has always been “mob run” and governor Synder is as “mobbed up” as they come.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

Fox News, front for Wall Street “banksters” and organized crime, has again turned against Americans, this time in Lansing, Michigan.  The Michigan legislature, under GOP control due to gerrymandering, has voted to abolish union rights through passing what is improperly called “right to work” legislation.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

In the background, Fox News cameraman is heard screaming:  “I’ll kill twenty %$##@’s, I gotta gun….”  This is considered, by Murdoch and his bloodsucking friends as media comedy.  Watch Crowder saved from a well deserved beating.

A similar move in Ohio, when put to state referendum last year, lost 67 to 33% in a statewide election.

Several “wing nut” and “lunatic fringe” websites have shown their “NWO” colors by promoting Fox News’ carefully edited “provocateur” video.

We strongly suggest readers to look for any site carrying the “Steve Crowder” video and boycott them and their advertisers.

Chances are they don’t need the money anyway, if you get what I am inferring.

What is happening in Michigan, a rigged legislature trying to overturn an issue already rejected once by voters, is what would have been the “law of the land” had Romney been allowed to enter the White House as something other than a guest.

If you were wondering when the revolution would come, open your eyes.

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