Info on Drunvalo’s Galactic Message, planned for December 21, 2012

Start: December 21 2012
End: December 21 2012
Global Internet Broadcast
Global Internet

Galactic Message

imgres-2On December 21, 2012, at 3:40 am MST we will begin the broadcast from Sedona, Arizona preparing you even deeper for the moment when the Earth, the Sun and the Center of the Galaxy align in a straight line linking them together. At that instant in time, exactly 4:11 am Mountain Time, USA (11:11 Universal Time) the heart of the Earth, the heart of the Sun and the heart of the Center of the Galaxy will link in love and sexual energy, and from this union, birth is inevitable. Humankind will begin to change in deep inner ways that will culminate over a nine-year period of time in the Birth of a New Humanity. And you will be there during conception and feel the joy of new life.

A few minutes before this cosmic union, I will lead us into a Sacred Space/Tiny Space of the Heart Meditation, where you can personally feel the union and remember your intimate connection to all life everywhere. The moment of union will last about eight minutes, and then slowly subside over the next three days. This connection can only be felt and experienced in two places in the world, Guatemala and the Four Corners area of the US. Through my heart, I will attempt to reach you personally wherever you live in the world.

This is the reason the Maya sent some of themselves to Hopi land long, long ago. So they would be in the physical location on Earth to receive this sacred energy of consciousness from the Center of our Galaxy. According to the Maya, it will not happen anywhere else in the world.

Further, while we are in meditation and during this eight-minute energy stream, I will ask the Center/Consciousness of our Galaxy to give us a message for our new time on Earth. I cannot promise it will answer; we can only pray that it will.

Links to the Event times will be Announced
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You can see more at:

Click Here to Access More Information on the Galactic Message

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One Response to Info on Drunvalo’s Galactic Message, planned for December 21, 2012

  1. susan says:

    Thank you Drunvalo. You are a beautiful soul, a man of great Heart and integrity. No wonder why the Maya decided upon you to get their message to the masses…… thank you, thank you ❤

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