Op-Ed from SaS: On Introspection

SaS shares his thoughts on our role at this time concerning the cabal and their murderous response to Neil’s statement and the public’s approval of the President’s diplomatic initiatives: too much momentum was building towards change, and they’ve tried to put a monkey wrench in the works. They will not succeed. They cannot succeed. Our personal responsibility now is to help the efforts of these good men and women by doing our own inner work.  Please, read on for some suggestions . . . ~J

Brothers and sisters, suffer me that I may speak, and after that which I have spoken, consider the value of my thoughts as they are of your own making.

When we examine the elements that serve our consciousness, we are engaging in an act of introspection.  Our rational aptitude will find itself vaguely tied to our very human feelings; emotions, after all, are a wellspring of powerful energy and we know them to be a product of a purposeful and stable state of mind that chooses to follow the logic of the moment.  In a spiritual context, introspection is relevant only to our philosophical disposition reflected in our behavior towards the world around us.  If we continually externalize the elements of our human condition, contrasting them against the backdrop of privilege, continually categorizing them as a flow of events outside of our immediate control—and hence, concern—insight, as it is developed through introspection, cannot be considered a component of our decision-making process and we will have violated The Law of Confusion!  We are operating outside of the boundaries of our own “Free Will.”  Think about it.  That’s why “culpability” is often thought of as anticipation; something that manifests itself as an assumption meddling with sources of knowledge that are strange to us—secrets, esoteric agendas, conspiracies, and unfathomable expressions of dark power.

Left to our own peculiar policies for personal conduct, our minds would make the quality of introspection unique and distinct from other thought processes.  Introspection can influence our sensory, bodily, cognitive, and emotional aspects in ways that seem foreign to “the other.”  As humans, we have toyed with introspection through philosophical discussions for thousands of years and why wouldn’t we want to review our own thoughts as Plato was once reported to have advised?  It makes sense that, if we are to remain submerged in a sea of ignorance, our perception of the Cosmos would naturally be a place where your next step might prove to be your last.  Hostility; we have this bad habit of “fighting for PEACE!”  Chaos; our thoughts gravitate toward the event that propagates the greatest level of cognitive dissonance.  Savagery; we understand that grizzly bears are apex predators—that they can eat you—we perceive them as soulless animals who like to rip and tear and gulp down their food in a gluttonous frenzy.  For reasons unknown to us, we can’t seem to identify this degree of understanding as something common to every other animal we know just as well.  Barbarity; we peruse the “news” and shake our heads at the level of inhumane, animalistic, degenerate violence that is often displayed by today’s “freedom fighter.”  We view the rich imagery that, carefully constructed, reveals smiling faces poised behind the shoulder rest of an anti-personnel weapon; cigarettes smoldering in their fingers as though they had just finished a rigorous sexual encounter with some hapless whore who pursues sex for nothing more than the sake of whoring!  How macho!  How tantalizingly reckless they seem to be.  As Doctor Carl Sagan once wrote, these are all the shadows of forgotten ancestors.

And then, without much thought, we cast our integrity away to the passion of the moment to fall in lock-step behind them, throwing the entire weight of our national prestige and treasure behind their feckless acts of rapacious violence and abject stupidity.  Get the hell away from me!

These people may indeed be expressing a negative polarity in service to self.  They may in fact be inseparable from the notion that we are ONE.  They may have once suckled at their mother’s breast and expressed their curiosity as their infant eyes fell captivated by the beauty of their natural world.  Yes, little family, once they were human—as many of us might express the understanding of that conditional experience—but they allowed themselves to be drawn into the meme and it makes no difference that they didn’t know.

They reveled in their heinous acts of molestation, pillage, murder, and rapine desecration.

Where is the revelation of “Truth” in any of that?  How in hell can anyone see through such darkness to ascribe this aberrant behavior to an incredulous and incongruent pandemonium of good-for-nothing religiosity?  Actors on a stage?  Really?  Is that what our hearts tell us in the press of sudden realization?  We’re all actors on a stage bound by the unfathomable cruelty of some long-forgotten agreement within which we all consent to savage one another for the sheer sake of entertainment?  Yes, brothers and sisters, entertainment!  That’s what I said!  Entertainment!  What lesson can anyone possibly learn from murder?  What possible advantage can any consciousness gain from annihilation?  How can any of us profit from these dark and menacing associations with the “absence of Good?”  There is no principle in these actions.  They teach us nothing!  They don’t even demonstrate the “undesirable.”  What can any one of us “create” from “nothingness?”

Now, to where are all of us being led?  The press, our useless politicians, our unconscionable social commentators—pundits by the thousands—are all crying out for “Gun Control!”  Let’s go one better!  Let’s STOP MAKING GUNS!  LET’S STOP CONSTRUCTING THE ARTIFACTS OF WAR ALL TOGETHER!  LET’S STOP ENGAGING IN THE ELEMENTS OF CONFLICT AND CONTROVERSEY!  What might our world look like in the absence of all that unproductive, useless hardware, and mindless sophistry?  Ah!  But “THEY” don’t want you to go all the way toward a common-sense resolution to this devastating social upheaval, do they?  No!  They just want more “Gun Control.”  And why is that, little family?  Why, so they can have all of the guns while you are left barren and defenseless against the onslaught of their planned barbarity.


You don’t need a god damned gun to conceive a better world!  We can all wake the hell up!  Can’t we?  Couldn’t we all agree that we need to pay attention to what Neil Keenan and others like him are doing to CHANGE the Human Condition?  We must all intersect a pensive self-examination of our dilemma as it has become apparent to each one of us.


If a solution to violence could be so straightforward, why then do we continue to manufacture the articles of violence and promote aberrant behavior as “right-minded” thinking?  Why do we lionize degenerate monsters and elevate their mindless cruelty to the level of human virtue?  It isn’t the manufactured properties of our misery that vex us, little family, it is that we have yet to regain our sovereignty as thinking, infinitely powerful, eternal, and immortal creator beings!  THAT’S the god-damned problem!  We are the CAUSE—not the guns; not the weapons of mass destruction; not the capital punishment; not the gallows, the firing squads, the electric chairs, the LETHAL INJECTIONS, the ritual beheadings!  We are the CAUSE!  We must fix the god damned problem, brothers and sisters, and NOT the blame!

Would it help if we spelled it out for one another?


Stop engaging in useless arguments and embrace the Ascension Dialog!  We’re all human beings and we all want to rise up out of this self-imposed Abyss of Ignorance and dark, brooding, irrational nonsense!  Never mind “keeping it real!”  Misery isn’t a natural feature of the World that our Mother—the Earth—thought to construct for us so stop insisting on a reality that only exists in the minds of our tormentors—those who have chosen to explore the “wisdom” of separation.  It’s obvious to all of us that we don’t want to go there so release them!  Let them go their way!  WE MUSTN’T CONTINUALLY COMPROMISE THE LAW OF CONFUSION (or The Law of Free Will if you prefer) by dogmatically subscribing to all of their bullshit philosophy and deviant psychology!  Jesus!  Break it off now!  Don’t attack each other in your commentary as though The ONE might pass judgment on “the other” for their mere presence on the pathway of life!  There is no judgment—no “Judgment Day;” no “Divine Comedy,” and no “Inferno” to consider as you formulate your vision for a better world!


Trolls should be subject to our collective scrutiny.  You all know their objectives; paid or self-appointed, their hostile tongue and aberrant, offensive use of gratuitous vulgarity and withering rudeness is objectionable to our mindset!  WE ARE LIGHT WORKERS, little family, and they are useless to our progress.  Don’t go off on some philosophical diatribe in an attempt to find some way to include them in a cooperative analysis either!  The reason why their prattle is so repugnant to us is because they don’t want to be included so let them have their way and shut them out!  Remember, the Golden Rule works in two directions like everything else in this cockamamie Third Density, three-dimensional orgasm of duality.  As they do unto YOU, so they would have it done unto THEM.  They want to ostracize so accommodate them!

Step 2:  While tragedy should engender our compassion, we must not allow it to deter us from continuing on our path toward enlightenment.  Focus your thoughts and formulate your vision for the future by associating your developing ideals with the inspiring and positive work of “the others” like Neil Keenan, David Wilcock, and Jean Haines.  See the Creator!  See the Creator in everything that your mind engages and learn to identify those aspects of our reality that are purposefully placed before our view to demonstrate the obvious—what we don’t want from life!

Step 3:  Divest yourselves of the influence of cabalistic memes.  Contrasts cannot catalogue and separate us from each other.  There are no such distinctions as Communists vs. Capitalists, Liberals vs. Conservatives, or Republicans vs. Democrats.  There are no categories such as “Blacks,” “Whites,” “Hispanics,” or “Orientals”—all the pseudo-intellectual social engineering claptrap you see on an affirmative action questionnaire.  We are all human beings.  Learn to tolerate those who object to Unity Consciousness—they’re entitled to embrace dissimilarity if they chose and more than welcome to the sorrow it provokes but never lose sight of the fact that we are all ONE.

Step 4:  DO YOUR INNER WORK!  (And to whom am I alluding?  We all know damned well who has been telling us to complete this task–make no mistake!).  Granted, my essay “The Nature of the Thing” might have seemed tedious for many to read and digest but it demonstrated the mechanism of a sophisticated meme with which the cabal governs our “perception” of reality and so controls our actions.  It was a difficult subject to research and write about because the subject itself is so complex!  However, that’s exactly why the cabal employs it!  It is sophisticated enough to permit them to disguise its doctrine inside of a requirement for intellectual labor and, by doing so, “hiding” the truth of its intent in plain sight!  They are already familiar with human sloth.  They know that, having been manipulated, coerced, browbeaten, and emotionally hamstrung by a deficient educational and communications regime; most of us loathe any activity that requires a disciplined and thoughtful analysis.  Now, I’m not the only Editor who engages in such meticulous and tedious examination.  Kevin Barrett’s article, “Who Really Killed the Connecticut Children?” immediately comes to mind!  The ONE is attempting to “talk” to us, little family!  It is trying to move the information to us in ways that are too numerous for us to fathom but it is making every effort to inform us nonetheless.  Learn to move with the flow of that information as it will arm us with the “Truth” and, eventually, the 100th Monkey phenomenon will take place in a “Singularity” of awareness that will completely devastate the Cabal!  Just do it!

Step 5:  Having freed ourselves of the Cabal’s already tenuous grip, we should feed ourselves with positive thoughts, formulate constructive ideas, and hypothesize benevolent ideals.  Avoid controversy!  This is not to say that you shouldn’t keep yourself well informed.  What I mean here is that you must LABOR to develop and perfect your capacity for discernment.    Not just the “analytical” kind of discernment that we engage through the scientific method; we must also understand the importance of developing “connections” to the Source through the evolution of heartfelt desire to expand our consciousness, thereby tapping into the powerful discerning properties of the All-Mind.

Yes, my darlings, INTROSPECTION!

Don’t dwell on irrelevant aspects of our collective reality that serve no useful purpose.  These elements cannot help us to navigate our way toward the gateway to Enlightenment—a portal that will lead us all out and into the “undiscovered country.”

Step 6:  Emblazon these three “mantras” in your minds:

(1)  As has been taught by Charles Hannel in the book “The Master Key System,” teach yourself to be whole and to acknowledge your humanity.  Repeat this affirmation daily, until you have memorized it thereby instructing your subconscious mind to believe it!

”I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious, and happy.”

(Frederick Elias Andrews)

(2)  To engage in the “Creative Power of Thought,” you must have a mind free of meaningless drivel and useless distractions.  Again, on a daily basis, memorize this admonition once penned by George Mathew Adams:

“Learn to keep the door shut; keep out of your mind and out of your world every element that seeks admittance with no definite helpful end in view.”

Can you begin to understand why assailing each other with meaningless ridicule—projecting humiliation on one another as though you were so embroiled in self-righteous indignation that you could not see the light of day—is so completely irrelevant?  What purpose does it serve to be mean-spirited—to lash out at your brother or your sister in enmity with viperous, cruel, and thoroughly inexcusable behavior?

When you savage “the other,” you savage yourself as well.  No “Good” can come from such behavior when a simple kind-hearted invitation to explore your point of view will do well enough.  Cruelty is a waste of time and energy.  It achieves nothing.

(3)  Zingdad has encouraged us on many occasions, to remember WHO we are—that we are ONE and that we are something more than an element of the Cosmos wandering aimlessly through its sheer immensity.  There is purpose in our existence.  We are Sovereign Integrals of the One Creator/God!  Learn this affirmation, repeating it continually until it can slip off your lips as though it were the elements of the very air that you breathe:

“I am an infinitely powerful, eternal, and immortal creator being!” 

This is an affirmation of your existence, your value as a human being, your personal power and social standing within the vast community of sentient beings that populate every level of our awareness.  Stop thinking of yourself as a victim and you will soon find yourself exercising “Free Will” as it was born to you!

Step 7Practice Gratitude!  Let the Universe know you are grateful for those “things” that you can share with each other in harmony, tranquility, equity, and happiness.  It is now, always has been, and forever will be the Ideals that we can consummate in a “knowing” of collective delight that make us human.  Reach out to “the other” in Agape′ (Uh-gop′-ay; which from the Greek is translated to mean: unconditional love).  This is the training of our consciousness in a proclivity toward heartfelt consideration.  Yes, dearest brothers and sisters, we must learn to be considerate of one another and that can only come when we acknowledge our “Unity Consciousness” as something more than just the phenomenon associated with this coming age of Aquarius.  In doing this, we can now look out through “the other’s” eyes—we can walk in “the other’s” shoes.  We can feel the hurt their hearts feel and know their apprehension as they navigate their way through all of this confusion.  And, in that moment, we can say to one another:

“Be still!  Release your fear!  I am here!  I will always be with you and I will never harm you.  I will lift you up as I ascend, my beloved, and I will love you forever!  We are ONE!” 

Can you not now “feel” “the other” reaching out to you?  Can you not “discern” their anxiety as the veil disintegrates and the barriers between you vanish—every one?  So long alone and abandoned by our own intellectual abstractions, The ONE now invites us all to embrace each other.  Yes, I know, little family, it is startling to discover that you ARE the Creator but this trepidation will soon pass as you abandon destruction to participate in the power and the joy of creation!  As you learn to open your heart, remember that “the other” is not an “object” within the context of your worldview.  See the Creator.  “The other” is you—your reflection in the fabric of space/time—an aspect of your own consciousness!  Train yourself to think in this fashion, my darlings, and behold the only thing that is greater than your Self!

In Lak′ech Ala k′in.

Love and Light,


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9 Responses to Op-Ed from SaS: On Introspection

  1. mike says:

    This the second article today that has so much insight and thought provoking that I have read. Some may say that you are a little long winded but for me it is a joy to read these words of wisdom like a book you can’t put down it just resonates so much with me because these are the thoughts of my heart. I always enjoy your impute Brother. And I get Blessed when ever I I read your commentary. I hope the rest of you get what I do because there is so much Love in this even the rebukes Thank you so much and Thank you Jean for the forum for this. Love Mike

  2. Peacer says:

    What do you mean when you reference “their murderous response to the Neil Keenan video” ? Are you suggesting the school massacre was a direct response for the Neil Keenan video? Or is there something elsewhere that I did not read? Please clarify if you have a minute … or send us to a reference/explanation link. Thanks much.

    • Jean says:

      Peacer, we do not know this for a fact, but I don’t doubt it one bit. Have you read about the Satanic cults of the elite that abuse and murder children, all documented fact? If you will check the Updated post Update: A Culture That Condones The Killing Of Children And Teaches Children To Kill and read the following statement, you will have some idea about their regard for children, and I believe they know well how it terrorizes us: “As tragic as these shootings are they need to be put into perspective as to what’s going on across the world everyday.

      The Illuminazis murder a child every 4 seconds of every 24 hours through malnutrition and related illnesses caused knowingly by their enforced debt/interest money control around the globe. Until ‘We The People’ regain control of the world there’s going to be 27 children murdered every 1 minute 44 seconds of everyday!

      Or put another way 5 more murders in the time it took to read this comment!

      • Peacer says:

        Yes, Jean. You are so right. I have read much about the savagery against children by these sick souls. So I am not unprepared to believe that the massacre is by them, on the contrary have been letting my circle know it is precisely what I think. I was just not clear whether it was independent of Neil’s statement or actually in response to it. Either way, of course, the same savagery against the most pure life…breathakingly sad. Thanks for everything.

  3. David Gál says:

    I am grateful for the depth of thoughts that this message carries, yet they all seem so profoundly unequivocal. I am indescribably thankful to think about all these as my own ideas, thoughts and principles of introspection, and every other aspect of approaching these themes. The whole message resonates with the awareness of love. Thank you once again for sharing. I would like to translate this very “awakening” message into hungarian if I get an affirmation from the author.

    In La’kech Ala K’in

    • Brother David,

      You have my full permission and blessing to use this article in what ever way you feel you must use it to help our progress as a family of Sovereign Integrals.

      Love and Light,

  4. pete spencer says:

    You Know this is happening and its not the adults that is going to push this agenda, it’s going to be the kids, our babies, that push this through. My 7 year old after hearing about the school shooting said, ” why do we have war? who wants war, it doesn’t make sense!” from the mouth of babes.

    Life is a lot more clear cut when your young, there is no wisdom to fall back on just common sense. Bless them!

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